Dems Heart Huckabee

I-LIKE-MIKE.jpgBrett Grainger of the Christian Science Monitor has an interesting take on Mike Huckabee. Grainger feels that Huck's progressivism has widened fissures in the evangelical movement that bode ill for the GOP. Grainger: "Republicans can no longer take Evangelicals for granted simply by beating up the old piñatas of abortion and gay marriage. While a full-scale exodus from the GOP is unlikely, more "Bible-believing" Christians are likely to consider voting for a Democratic candidate this November than in any election since Evangelicals helped to put Jimmy Carter in the White House." Whether this will occur remains to be seen tomorrow and in November. Check back Tuesday for full coverage of evangelical data.


  1. Interestingly, there’s another potential divide should Huckabee or (to a lesser extent) McCain be on the Republican ticket: Mormons. As I’ve pointed out here, Utah Mormons repeatedly elected Democratic Governors and Senators during most of the 20th Century. According to at least one report (cited in that same post), Obama campaign personnel have been reaching out to LDS community leaders in the even that Huckabee and/or McCain are on the GOP ticket. ..bruce..

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