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Living on a Prayer

By rvineis — May 4, 2008
Bill Clinton asked two congregations in NC today to pray for Hillary, and to vote for her. “I just want you to pray for her and to make your voices heard,” Clinton said. “Do whatever you think is right. But don’t sit this out, because we are being called upon to return to our true […]

Bad Numbers Rising

By rvineis — May 3, 2008
New poll numbers are emerging that are show some indication that Rev. Wright’s comments have hurt Obama. Michael Barone tells a story with the numbers “Gallup showed him [Obama] tied with John McCain 45 to 45 percent before the Wright appearance and trailing 47 to 43 percent afterward; at the same time, it shows Hillary […]

Obama Denounces Wright

By rvineis — April 29, 2008

He Keeps Going and Going and Going…

By rvineis — April 28, 2008
Rev. Wright continues to dominate the media cycle with remarks made to the National Press Club. Here is the video of Wright defending the infamous “9-11 were America’s chickens coming home to roost” line. Wright went on to say that the Black Church was really the victim of attacks directed at him. His remarks at […]

Say What?

By rvineis — April 24, 2008
Nancy Pelosi sent out an uncharacteristic press release celebrating Earth Day and calling for an end to climate change. The release ended with a biblical quotation. “The Bible tells us in the Old Testament, ‘To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the […]


By rvineis — April 22, 2008
Tara Wall hopes that whoever prevails today and in November they will sustain the White House Office of Faith Based Community Initiatives. Wall’s editorial today is part of a quiet discourse about government sponsored religion that hasn’t received as much ink as the candidates’ personal faith.

Indy 7

By rvineis — April 21, 2008
The race for Indiana’s 7th congressional district continues to be one of the most interesting exercises on religion in politics this year. Andre Carson, who replaced his late grandmother in a special election last month, became the second Muslim member of Congress. However, Carson’s honeymoon may be short lived. He faces stiff competition from five […]

TV Guide

By rvineis — April 21, 2008
Be sure to check out this week’s Bill Moyers’ Journal with guest Jeremiah Wright.

Strange Beach Fellows

By rvineis — April 17, 2008
As promised, here is the advertisment from the Alliance for Climate Protection featuring the odd coupling of Rev. Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson.

Pope In the House

By rvineis — April 16, 2008
Pope Benedict XVI visited the White House today. On 81st birthday, His Holiness with was regaled with “Happy Birthday” by an enthusiastic crowd. President Bush welcomed the Pope to an America where “hearts are open to your message of hope.” His Holiness reciprocated the warm greeting and praised the United States for its rich history […]

We Can Too

By rvineis — April 15, 2008
As WaPo’s Michael Abramowitz reports, prominent Jewish liberals are coalescing in order to fight AIPAC. This new group is starting a political action committee of their own aimed at breaking conservatives’ and evangelicals’ hold on U.S. policy toward Israel. The American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) that has dominated the pro-Israel agenda will now be […]

Polished on the Mountain

By rvineis — April 14, 2008
Hillary Clinton has a new ad out today in North Carolina. The commercial features a supporter, Jewel Hodges, speaking eloquently on why she supports Senator Clinton. The endorsement seems very reminiscent of John Winthrop’s “City on a Hill” speech from 1630.

Religion, McCain Style

By rvineis — April 14, 2008
Andrea Billups of the Washington Times has jumped on the story about John McCain’s reserved discussion of religion. As Billups and others explain, McCain remains mum on his faith other than a few brief mentions of how it has sustained him in difficult times. The more interesting issue at hand is whether this foreshadows a […]

Not Relevant

By rvineis — April 13, 2008
Hillary Clinton said that the question of her church attendance “is not relevant” for tonight’s debate. Clinton went on to say “This is about what people feel is being said about them. I went to church on Easter. I mean, so?”

Rev. Wright Speaks

By rvineis — April 13, 2008
Jeremiah Wright delivered his first public sermon since stepping down from TUCC, today. He urged a congregation in Norfolk, VA. not to “quote Jeremiah Wright” but to instead “quote Jesus.” Otherwise the controversial spiritual leader avoided discussion of Obama or the firestorm surrounding previous sermons .
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