An Unlikely Couple

Turning away from the presidential race momentarily, Al Gore is playing matchmaker to an unlikely couple: Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton. The two have agreed to appear together in advertisements as part of Gore's 300 million dollar campaign to raise awareness about climate change. Sharpton didn't believe the former Vice President was serious, "At first I thought he was kidding. When I found that he was not kidding, I said sure, and I flew down to do the shoot. And I thought it was an important statement because I think that, if unlikely people coming together can get people talking about the environment, then we would be less than who we say we are in our respective careers if we didn't try to push that conversation." Robertson said he enjoyed learning about Gore’s religious background "Well, I didn't know that Al was a boy preacher with the Church of God in Christ, but he was. That's where he got some of his skills. And he's a terrific guy.”