Poll: Huckabee, Powell among top vp picks for religious voters

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Religious voters’ views on potential vice presidential choices for Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama were revealed in a recent poll by Zogby International for Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, the PBS newsmagazine program.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee seemed to prompt the most interest among many likely voters who are religious, gaining 46 percent of white born-again/evangelical voters, 32 percent of white Protestants, 28 percent of white Catholics, and 28 percent of non-white Protestants who said they’d be more inclined to vote for McCain if he chose him.

High percentages of likely voters who are religious said they would be more likely to support Obama if he chose former Secretary of State Colin Powell: 39 percent of white born-again/evangelicals, 49 percent of non-white born-again/evangelicals, 47 percent of white Protestants, 48 percent of white Catholics, and 43 percent of non-white Protestants.

See the link to the poll for other results, such as McCain choosing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney or Sen. Joseph Lieberman and Obama choosing Sen. Hillary Clinton.

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