Our Professorial Values

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Wayne Baker is Sparks Whirlpool Corporation Research Professor, Professor of Management & Organizations, Professor of Sociology, and Faculty Associate, Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. His first area of specialization is “Values,” and one of his projects invites those who visit  his website to help “reshape the way our leaders understand our values: faith, family, country and the way we make moral and political choices.” He also presides over a blog entitled Our Values, which is dedicated to “promoting civil discussion of values and ethnics in America.” Each week, Prof. Baker chooses a particular subject for discussion.

Last week, the subject was the “March of the Nones,” and on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, a succession of posts put on display a host of information taken from the recent ARIS report on Nones–without so much as a link to where the data comes from. My contribution to reshaping leaders’ values, then, is to suggest that Prof. Baker acknowledge his sources and give credit where credit is due.