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Dark-skinned Satan has a long history

Satan tempting Booth to murder President Abraham Lincoln, [Magee Portrait of Booth]. Photo courtesy Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana
Satan in the miniseries "The Bible." Photo courtesy of The History Channel.

Satan in the miniseries “The Bible.” Photo courtesy of The History Channel.

(RNS) When some people recently started questioning whether the Satan character on “The Bible” miniseries resembled President Obama, others posed a broader question: Why does Satan need to be dark-skinned at all?

Religious experts and historians say the controversy points to a centuries-old tradition where dark is bad, light is good.

“It’s just part and parcel of the stereotyping and the encoding of dark and black, particularly of African descent, as negative in American popular culture,” said the Rev. Paula Matabane, an African Methodist Episcopal minister and associate professor of television and film at Howard University.

Scott Poole, author of “Satan in America: The Devil We Know,” says the linking of Satan and race predates American history.

European folklore described Satan as a black man, and the Puritans imported these notions, and raised them during the Salem witch trials of the 1690s.

“That’s an idea that the Puritans brought with them from England to New England,” said Poole. “They actually had a tendency to identify all racial others with satanic powers, satanic control.”

paula matabane

Rev. Paula Matabane, an African Methodist Episcopal minister and associate professor of television and film at Howard University. Photo by Justin D. Knight, Howard University

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, the husband-and-wife executive producers of the History channel miniseries that concludes on Easter Sunday (March 31), swiftly rejected the Obama comparison, calling it “a foolish distraction” and noting their “highest respect” for the president.

“The series was produced with an international and diverse cast of respected actors,” the History Channel added in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that anyone made this false connection.”

Entertainment writers noted that makeup artists made Moroccan actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni look darker than he usually is, with one comparing his usual visage to Omar Sharif or David Niven.

Stephen Thorngate, an associate editor for Christian Century, was one commentator who said the hubbub about Obama “isn’t the point.”

“Just don’t give the ultimate good guy fair skin and the ultimate bad guy darker skin,” he said. “We’ve been down that road too many times before.’’

Time columnist James Poniewozik noted that the Bible lacks descriptions of Satan — just as it doesn’t dwell on the color of Jesus’ skin.

“Whether or not they intended to make Satan look like Obama, they did intend to make him a dark-shrouded bogeyman,” he wrote. “And that’s the real sin here.”

Long before Obama became the nation’s first black president, white supremacist theologians in the late 1800s claimed the devil was black.

“In that kind of high-water mark of American white supremacy, even the tempter in the Garden of Eden is referenced as an African man or woman who is soulless,” said Edward Blum, co-author of “The Color of Christ.”

Jumping ahead a century, there’s another Hollywood example of a negative biblical character: African-American actor Carl Anderson portrayed the role of Judas in the 1973 movie “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

'Niquita el Godo' by an anonymous artist. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons (

‘Niquita el Godo’ by an anonymous artist. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons (

“That caused a great deal of controversy,” said Blum, whose book noted protests from black Baptists who were upset that Jesus’ betrayer was depicted as a black man.

Robert Thompson, professor of television and popular culture at Syracuse University, said Anderson’s role was an “exception” for Hollywood depictions of Judas. But white actors tend to be cast as what would be considered the good guys of the Bible.

“There’s been a tradition that an awful lot of the heroes of the Bible have been played by light-skinned European Americans, including oftentimes, Jesus, who looks much like he may have come from northern Europe than down Israel way,” he said.

In Mel Gibson’s 2004 “The Passion of the Christ,” Satan was depicted as an androgynous albino figure. “I believe the Devil is real, but I don’t believe he shows up too often with horns and smoke and a forked tail,” Gibson told Christianity Today.

Cain Hope Felder, professor of New Testament language and literature at Howard University, said the Satan depiction in the recent miniseries was disappointing given the more multicultural depictions of biblical figures seen in recent decades.

Satan tempting Booth to murder President Abraham Lincoln, [Magee Portrait of Booth]. Photo courtesy Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana

Satan tempting Booth to murder President Abraham Lincoln, [Magee Portrait of Booth]. Photo courtesy Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana

He was the general editor of the Original African Heritage Bible, which in 1993 included images of Jesus and his disciples as people of color. That was followed in 1999 by the African American Jubilee Edition of the Holy Bible, which includes depictions of a black Jesus on the cross and in the arms of Mary.

“It’s unfortunate that the producers of this show made this terrible error,” Felder said. “They either should have taken Satan off the screen entirely and just had a voice or something. Or if you’re going to use him, he should certainly not have been black.”

Video courtesy You Tube.

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Adelle M. Banks, production editor and a national reporter, joined RNS in 1995. An award-winning journalist, she previously was the religion reporter at the Orlando Sentinel and a reporter at The Providence Journal and newspapers in the upstate New York communities of Syracuse and Binghamton.


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  • I haven’t even seen any other representational photos of this particular phenomenon in the miniseres. Is it possible this is just lighting?

  • The IMPARTIAL God of Israel who created both the pale and the coloured has already resolved this issue of BLACK IS BAD and WHITE IS GOOD . How ? THE CHRIST TO RETURN , and who HAS RETURNED, TURNED OUT TO BE AN AFRICAN, A GHANAIAN to be exact. Let all needless babbles cease, for there is only ONE RACE that matter……CITIZENS OF HEAVEN.

  • Didn’t you hear the latest bulletin from the crazy, extremist, biblical junkies? Cain killed Abel, and the punishment for that horrific deed was that all of Cain’s descendants were cursed with dark skin.

    See, dark skin is a terrible curse, where light and white skin are sigms of heavenly favor!

  • Oh for goodness sake, this production’s Satan looks that way because he’s sun/wind-burned from being out in the wilderness!


  • Actual Nation of Islam has a similar lie. They claim the curse of Cain is that he was turned white because he went to live in the Caucus mountains. I am a man of color and I just think this is a bunch of hype about nothing. They had dark skinned people playing good guys and white skin people playing bad guys throughout the series. The actor they chose to play Satan just happens to be dark skinned. You have to look over the whole of the series and not just nitpick on one thing to make an argument that the series was racist.

  • In the Irish language, a person of color is never called black. He or she is described as blue instead: the devil was seen as black. This came up in an Irish language course I took once when I tried to describe Condi Rice as a black woman and was told by the teacher the proper word was blue–gorm. I don’t know why the Irish thought Satan was black, since they probably never seen a black person before the 20th century. Part of European culture.

  • Actually, the Nation of Islam believes that dark-skinned Africans were the original people and from them all the other skin colors were developed. Yakub, a black scientist created the white man as a race of devils through selective breeding.

  • In Hinduism, Krishna is often depicted as blue; “krishna” means “dark; black”.

    I think blue and black are considered the same color in some cultures.

  • Blue is black. I had heard that, that black is sometimes mistaken for black, or equated with it. But there are two different words in Irish, and as I understand it only the Devil can be described as black, when referring to a being.

  • God, and therefore both Christ and Satan, are of no race and also all races. God also is neither sex and all sexes. God is not German, Chinese, Swahili, American, Argentinian, Syrisn, Australian, or Indian, yet He is ALL of them. He made ALL men in His image, “both male and female he made them”. We were all one race between Noah’ Ark and the Tower of Babel (in fact, we were all Iraqis, based on the most likely physical locations of Eden, Babel, and Ur.)

  • Sri Krishna is indeed black skinned, as is the literal meaning of the word “krishna”. But the blueness can be best described as the special aura of godlike persons. The Hindu tradition depicts holy godlike persons with the blue aura, and Krishna, as is known, is an Avatara of Vishnu, the preserver aspect of the Ultimate Reality / God for Hindus.

  • We are made in God’s image refers to our soul’s (our soul’s are always yearning for peace and happiness. If our earthly parents were fat, skinny, white, black, etc., we would inherit their traits in our genes. God is True Spirit, he doesn’t have physical traits. We would never refer to God as being fat, short, etc.

  • Mel Gibson had a super white and pale Satan (in the Passion of the Christ), so how about that, buttholes. And everyone always maligns poor poor Mel just because he likes to get drunk and make a fool of himself.

  • Hi, all. I think that the comment that the Bible Mini-Series as produced and created by Roma Downey is racist is without merit. Roma Downey has co-starred in a show for which she is also responsible with the inimitable Della Reese, who happens to be African-American and a legendary gospel singer as well. Also, I know from being a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild, the film actors’ union, that African-American actors and African actors are not forced to perform roles they find racist. If Mr. Anderson said, for example, that he was discriminated against as an actor because he was black, then I would believe him. People who are not black actors should not speak for them unless the actor(s) tell them that he/she/they have been discriminated against in the casting process. Otherwise, it’s just hearsay.

  • Gibson made Satan a scary effeminate Gay man instead of Roma Downey’s scary hyper-masculine Black man. Now that was real progressive of him.

    How come History Channel Jesus looks even more Nordic than my Norwegian self back when I was his age?

    Nothing at all wrong with looking Scandinavian, but… Jesus was a Middle Eastern man who was out in the sun a lot, walking from town to town. It was suppose to be a documentary set in the Middle East, and the main character was…Middle Eastern.

    Jesus was not a man from Oslo on a Mediterranean holiday that takes an interesting turn of events when he accidentally blunders into a mysterious time machine set for 30 CE.

    Downey wasn’t commuted to intellectual integrity. She was instead, committed to religious propaganda..

    In which case, I could have played Joseph, Queen Latifah would have nailed the Mary role, and who else but John Cho as Jesus?

    I can see it now… Dawn French as Satan! How could Jesus have resisted a Satan with an engaging grin and a sense of humor? History would have been a lot different.if Satan had been a funny, zaftig succubus.

  • I am bright skin colour african , in my 29 to 32 Year old , I get a strong vision, and this vision it was reflected not to research about some one identity or life, but it was vision that lead me to focus to my personal identity. And this idea comes in message is written in Bible. As it written look yourself before look some one , so who are? The time I started to discover myself truly I discover a lot of secret despite human races and how the first human African Race bright colour was transformed under child birth. This so called new Satan is Product . Satan Spirit is a african man not black but multicolour skin. But his first child in existence on earth is dark and black skin colour but after time to times under the black and dark skin where others races get transformed specially under child birth. the last child of satan is White or Jews and Chinese but the arab and Somalia are in between the black and White people existences , the time I discover this true message I stated to be attacked by Satan himself at night spiritual and day time by christians people in South Africa but because my prayer ot was strong. In this regard I discover realities that is out of human mind into the world. This true discovery of true Angels and true Father God and true Jesus , all of them are African people in bright skin colour. The Angels are African Women brighter skin like sun shine and Father God is a man african in brighter skin and Jesus is same so their nose is not strait or sharp and long . But their noses if normal african. As well as they are all heart or spirit human form or nature they speak language like people on earth, and they power is connected to any bright man and woman african consciousness around the world. The truth is this the heaven don’t know or here any prayer of who ever is not look the first man and woman bright skin created in africa. In this regard of discover this messages the Bible is for dead , because humanity was lost.

  • Not black?your a jackass!MOrroco is located in Africa.white skin is a genetic mutation that happens in all life forms,albo gator much?

  • Satan has always been depicted as having reddish almost auburn complexion.hope your ressesive genetics further grease the wheels hurtling you abominations through existance.

  • Africans are an old race.while whites are really mutations of a mutation.sorry to burst your bubbles,science doesn’t lie.

  • Fyi whites have millenin,i believe kidney spots are proof of that,all life starts with an explosion of millenin.please don’t think you dont have any.

  • Are you really that ignorant? Many parts of the bible describes Jesus of a dark man. Also the whole world was once black.

  • What tha ???? You guys really belive that an evil entity is gonna walk right up to you in human form easy to identify??? First off we know the Bible was written by man and like all men personal expressions will show up in man’s writings and or art no if ands or buts and the Catholic church surpresses a lot of information and there you go ya boogie man.
    Why is it no one questions man and or the Catholic Church?

  • I think this is high time that real history is preserved. What I notice is that when the time goes by, the true history is altered to satisfy the needs of those people who change it for their own benefits. Jesus was born under Jewish nation, so He was a Jew, now the question is. Do we have black or white Jews. If there are white and black Jews, so what. Let us forget about colour, let us stick on the good things Jesus did for us. Some 200 or more people will be asking or arguing if Nelson Mandela was a White or Black person. Let us stick on the good lessons and forget about colour, because our God is the God of variety. With the aid of technology, I think our history will be captured in an acceptable manner..

  • you are insane if you think the “historical data” of the blackening of satan and eveil is accurate and needs to be said.

  • About 3 yrs ago I had a dream where I saw Satan & in this dream he was a very short black male but didnt have the typical characteristics you’d find in the average black male I denoted characteristics similar to that of a half case male although darker skinned less features , one eye was green one was brown or hazel should I say . To me instinctively knew who he was , he wore a big brown fur coat and had those very old fashioned shoes you know the ones Frank Sinatra wore the white tipped Brouges ?and carried a silver headed walking cane . In my dream he asked me to come sit down with me I need to speak to u he had been talking to others near where cars were an when he saw me he smiled took me away from the others and ushered me to sit down with him upon a wall which we did , telling me something real bad coming very soon and when it does it will mean you’ll come to me now I dont want you to be afraid because I will help you and you are going to be alright . I remember we talked for along time after that I know he was telling me things , how things are the way things are meant to be , I cant tho remember anything of what the rest of our talks in the dream was about only that something bad was coming .
    Now let me ask u this for a moment pls how many of u have ever had a dream whereby u can actually see their face in it but you’ve never in ur life set eyes upon them before .
    Now let me also ask u who’s ever recieved a very vivid dream where that very thing they said not two weeks to that very day actually occurred after the start of this that im still going through now ? .
    Im writing here because I Googled this is this description actually a very correct one ? And if it is let me ask u pls how do or would they possibly even know this ?
    Is this just a complete coincidence here ? Or it is something more cause ive found a lot of correlations even to as far as Mohammed the Muslim prophet was it ? Ive just read that before coming here .
    Anyway id just like to say here for anyone who maybe might of possibly dreamt similar ? But although I did not feel afraid after my dream infact the complete opposite infact the more I look into references made to this specific point the more it frightens me . !

  • My name is Ray. I am an annointed Prophet of G-D, by His Spoken and Light. I have seen and been rescued by Heavens Host many times. Heaven is perfect,without mutations,without Caucasous. Neither is it fully Negroid. Asiatic Black describes the inhabitants best,light skinned Ethiopioan types,with aqualine featues,dark hair and beards. Make sincere amends and repentance if you have made yourselves masters over the same.

  • Satan Was gray an it didnt look like obama get images or eyes fixed and stop puttin pll down

  • He risking wat he has to risk to make suggestions o n wats wring wit this world

  • White skin is not a mutation it it’s an adaptation to less light, Where do people like you come up with this crap??..

  • Ones behavior & actions speak louder than what comes out of their mouths! Would Yeshua approve of the current trouble makers? Would Yeshua approve of Obama’s behavior & actions? I think not!

  • Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Satan tried to divide us by color, by introducing a ‘black’ gene into the pool. There is a White Genocide going on right in front of our eyes, and it’s a global effort. It’s not obvious because it’s a slow transition.

  • Yet white people are secondary population’s much younger than white people.

    If whites didn’t want to disappear they should have stayed in Central Asia.

  • He’s actually a black and pale gray color and looks like cell from dragon Ball z and yes I’ve seen Jesus and He is light skinned

  • Omg ? I love seeing white people in fear of genetic anialation. It’s called karma.

    I don’t see what would be bad about having no more white people. Sounds to me like we would have a considerate amount of less terrorism, corruption, and greed.

    White people think they are gods gift to the planet…quite the contrary; Read your white supremacist book that you like to call the Bible and you will find that God detests the first white man, the father of the whites – Esau.

  • Mel Gibson portrayed Satan as a very white individual dressed in dark clothing in The Passion. Hmm.

  • White People are the worst and most evil race in this whole entire world! It was either Yakub(The Biblical Jacob) or Esau who is responsible for creating “The Devil Race(White People)”. It would be a tremendous blessing if all of them were to become extinct or to all perish from Planet Earth. Then the racism in the world would go down to 5% or 10% or maybe even 0% and will never be 100% again. The things that makes the white race The Devil Race is these things. 1. Using the bible in a false manner which is satanic and evil. 2. Stealing North America from the Native Americans. 3. Stealing us Black People from Africa as slaves. 4. Stealing our culture from us 24/7 but YET we supposed to be the evil people. It’s amazing how you people love putting things on other people or races like it never applies to you all. This story of a dark skinned satan is ONLY a copycat story of what The Nation of Islam wrote about whites mentioning a black scientist named Yakub creating them as a evil race of people and for people to call the story of Yakub a bunch of bull or a joke is hilarious because how do people know if that story is a joke or not just because they don’t like how the story sounds. Number one that was supposed to had happened 6,600 years ago unless you happen to be a person that has lived since then til now. LOL 🙂 Go ahead angry people and get at me because I don’t have time to read all of your angry comments which means I’m not going to bother reading them at all. 🙂

  • Esau is the father of Arabs, not white people. Please grow a brain before you speak and prove you stupidity. The father of white people was Japhath son of Noah. BTW, the Bible is a bok by and for BROWN PEOPLE CALLED JEWS not the KKK. I guess you book is the Koran where Mohamed called blacks Raisin heads and said Satan looks like a Blackman. He also owned black slaves and said that one Arab is worth two Blackmen. Oh yah, he also sad that the Anti-Christ would be BLACK, have one eye and skinny long legs.

  • Odd how the writer of this crap rag forgot to mention the Koran where Mohamed called blacks Raisin heads and said Satan looks like a Blackman. He also owned black slaves and said that one Arab is worth two Blackmen. Oh yah, he also sad that the Anti-Christ would be BLACK, have one eye and skinny long legs. But then the left and their fakenews lapdogs only hate Christianity and the Jews just like Satan their father does.

  • I have news for you. The Bible is a book about Adam [the man] and Eve’s seedline through to our Kinsman Redeemer Jesus Christ. All three of Noah’s sons were the fathers of white people. How did you put it? Please grow a brain before you speak and prove your stupidity? Have you not read the Bible where it says only eight souls came off of Noah’s Ark? The beasts of the field went their own way. If you had read the book of Genesis you would know that in Genesis 1:25-27 Adam, man, mankind, black male beast & black female behemahs of the field do not have souls. In Genesis 2:7-22 Adam [the man] human, humankind, & Eve had the breath of life breathed into them and they became living souls. How are Adamic white people with souls going to father all of the black races through Adamic Ham? Yes that means the translators of the King James Bible are in error. Adam [the man] & Eve are not the mother and father of all people living. They are the mother and father of all of the Adamic white people living. The Bible is not about black skinned people, dark brown skinned people, or brown skinned people. It is about the Adamic white man and his seed line that brought forth Jesus Christ who died for the sins of his kinsman. There is neither Jew nor gentile translates to Hebrew Israelite or Greek, hellenistic, kinsman, not all other seed lines like the apostate church teaches today. They do so to take everyone’s money. In the book of Psalms and the book of Mark, Jesus refers to the beast of the field as “DOGS” and at first He tells her to be on her way, soon after He tells her the devil has been removed from her daughter. The Bible is very much racial. whether today’s Christiandom and churchism want to believe it or not. This along with the Rapture are just 2 of the great mysteries of Jesus The Father.

  • It’s past time for negroes to except who they are. The Bible is true. Blacks/negroes are not Hebrew Israelites, they can’t be. On the 6th day of creation, in Genesis 1:24-27 The Alpha & The Omega “created” Adam, man, mankind, black male beast and black female behemah of the field, and “the races.” These “pre-Adamites”, are The Alpha & The Omega’s vessels of wrath prepared for destruction (Romans 9:22) After the 7th day Sabbath, The Alpha & Omega’s day of rest, In the words of the Epistle of Barnabas, The Alpha & Omega declares that “after I have set everything at rest, I will create the beginning of an “8th day”, which is the beginning of “another world” (15.8). On the 8th day Genesis 2:7-22 The Alpha and Omega “formed” Adam [the man], human, humankind from the “DUST” (not black mud/dirt, not brown mud/dirt) of the ground and He blew into [his] nostrils the “Breath of Life” and Adam [the man] became a “living soul & [Eve].” Adamic means: ruddy, red lips, to turn flush, able to blush in the face, rosy pink, having a fair countenance, bright as the sun, bright white, Laban, ivory, white as snow, white as milk, without spots, golden, with black brown red to blonde hair, with sapphire blue veins, emerald green to sapphire blue eyes as the fish pools of Heshbon. In other words an Hebrew Israelite-Greek-white [man]. Adamic [man] are the vessels of His love and mercy which He prepared beforehand for glory…(Romans 9:20-23, NKJV). All Adamic man is 100% pure white stock Israelite-Greek.This describes each family member in the lineage or genealogy of Jesus whether the blacks/negroes like it or not. (Genesis 10:21-24) Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel are all descendants of Adam [the man] are the 100% pure white stock seed line that has progressed through history to every Adamic white man, woman, and child of the European nations that were scattered into the Caucasus mountains in 70 AD. Negroes claiming to be 100% pure white Adamic Hebrew Israelite-Greeks simply don’t understand how they are proving to the world they truly are inferior to the white [man] because they don’t have any better sense to know they aren’t white people.The Alpha & Omega made a covenant with Adamic Abraham that promised “only” the descendants of Adamic Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel the man (not the nations, trees, grass, Pagan races, not all flesh) redemption, salvation, and eternal life in Heaven. This is very clear. Adamic man, the Caucasian race only will receive this Blessing. Blacks/negroes continue on and on about Esau but they still haven’t figured out exactly why The Alpha & The Omega hated Esau. It’s because Esau always violated the first Divine Law. It was forbidden for the Adamic seed line to lust after and marry black Canaanite women. Esau had 2 maybe 3 Black Canaanite wives. Blacks are so ignorant they don’t understand they are not a nation, they are pre-Adamites. The two nations are Esau/Edom/modern Jewry and The white Americans. The Jews are not the Alpha and Omega‘s chosen people. The true Jacob/Israel [the man], are the Alpha and Omega‘s chosen people.True Jacob/Israel [the man] are the white European men, women, and children and the nations there of. The blacks are in Matthew 13:30 in the time of harvest I will say to the Angels: Gather ye together first the tares, (pre-Adamite negro/beasts and behemahs of the field) and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat (Adamic white [man]) into my barn. Blacks/negroes don’t have “living souls” (Genesis 1:24-27) Therefore, blacks/negroes are not promised redemption, salvation, nor eternal life with Jesus Christ. FROM THE BOOK OF MOSES CHAPTER 7:22 And Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of the first man, mankind, (non-human) black male beast & black female behemahs of the field, they were a mixture of all the seedline of Adam, man, mankind (non-humans) “creations” of Jesus The Father from Genesis 1:24-27 “save it was the seed of Cain, for the seed of Cain were negros and had not place among them.”negros are sub-Saharan, & sub-human. Genesis, Moses, Leviticus, Enoch, Isaiah, even Jesus Himself all acknowledge the devils, the serpent’s, Cain’s serpent seedline as negros.“LET NOT THY CATTLE BREED WITH A DIVERSE KIND.” JESUS The Father used SEGREGATION when He “separated the sons of [Adam [the man] racially (Deut.32:8). Why not “let thy cattle breed with a DIVERSE KIND?” Do not “sow thy field with TWO KINDS of SEED?”(Lev. 19:19) Caucasians are forbidden to “AW-KAL” with Negros! The very first Divine Law was broken by Nachash when he tempted [Adamic Eve] in the garden and she did “AW-KAL” with Satan. Leviticus 19:19 Ye shall keep my Divine Laws. Thou shalt not let thy (clean) sons & daughters breed with the male beast or female behemah seed. Jesus The Father forbade HYBRIDIZATION~MISCEGENATION! Satan was a black/negro.

  • JESUS The Father called and chose ALL of the main Old Testament heroes from the WHITE, Caucasian Race — from SHEM’S line because Shem and Abraham obeyed God. “Abraham (who was Caucasian) OBEYED My voice, and KEPT my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws” (Gen. 26:5). JESUS The Father told Abraham that “Thou shalt be a BLESSING” (Gen. 12:2). “Abraham shall surely become a GREAT and MIGHTY nation, and ALL the NATIONS of the earth shall be BLESSED in him” (through him). (Gen. 18:18). In thee and in thy SEED shall ALL FAMILIES of the earth be BLESSED” (Gen. 28:14). “The remnant of Jacob/Israel/the man (white race) shall be in the midst of many people (multiculturalism) like DEW from the Eternal, like the SHOWERS upon the grass” (Micah 5:7). “They shall show forth my PRAISE” (Isa. 43:21). “JESUS The Father hath chosen thee to be A SPECIAL PEOPLE unto Himself ABOVE ALL PEOPLE who are upon the face of the earth.The Eternal did not set His love upon you (Caucasian nations), nor choose you, because you were MORE in number than any people; for ye were the FEWEST of all people (Gen 2:7-22) But because the Eternal LOVED YOU, and because He would KEEP the OATH which He had sworn unto your fathers (because of THEIR OBEDIENCE to JESUS The Father) hath the Eternal brought you out of Egypt” (Deut. 7:7-8). JESUS The Christ said, “Give not that which is Holy unto DOGS” {negroes} (Matt. 7:6). “We must LOVE our NEIGHBOR as ourselves (Matt. 19:19) In “this situation” the parable of the “Good Samaritan” shows that KINDNESS is not a matter of RACE. Our “NEIGHBOR” can be a non-Israelite [Adamic white man] who is KIND to us, no matter what RACE he belongs to. Luke 10:37 defines a “NEIGHBOR” as “he that showed MERCY” (or “KINDNESS” — RSV) “toward us.” Peter discovered that “I should not call ANY MAN common or unclean” (Acts 10:28). JESUS The Father has already done that based on RACIAL or ETHNIC background.

    Shem perpetuated the pure WHITE strain down to the time of Abraham. Abraham came directly from the WHITE race of Shem and Arpachshad known as the Chaldeans (11:28). So did his wife Sarah since she was his “half-sister” (20:12).. In the Seventh Dead Sea Scroll, commenting on Genesis 12:14 where she is described as “VERY FAIR” (literally meaning “to be BRIGHT” or “LIGHT” in Hebrew, we read “how lovely all her WHITENESS” (cp. Ca.5:10,11; Es.2:5; Lam.4:7). Yes, “My beloved is WHITE and RUDDY, the chiefest among ten thousand” (Song 5:10). “Her Nazarites (nobles) were purer than snow; they were WHITER than milk; they were more RUDDY in body than rubies” (Lam.4:7). Rebecca was “BEAUTIFUL and well favored” (Gen.29:17). Joseph was “a GOODLY person, and well favored” (Gen.39:6; cp. Jasher 44). Moses was “EXCEEDING FAIR” (Acts 7:20). David was “RUDDY (a red-head), and … of a BEAUTIFUL countenance, and GOODLY to look to” (1 Sam.16:12). Not all purebred Israelites were HANDSOME however. Jesus “hath no form nor comliness, and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him” (Isa.53:2).

    Abraham sent his best servant back to his own family and race among the Chaldeans (purebred WHITES) to find a wife for Isaac. Abraham said, “thou shalt NOT TAKE a WIFE unto my son of the daughters of the CANAANITES among whom I dwell” (Gen.24).
    It was a matter of RACE rather than religion. Recall that Laban and Rachel were both Jacob’s kindred but both also had a liking for images or false gods (Gen.31:19,30-35), so the reason for marrying within one’s kindred was not solely a matter of pure religion. If we are Abraham’s children, as all Christians are (Gal.3:7,29), we will do the works of Abraham too (John 8:39) and only take a wife of our own kindred race. Deuteronomy 22:10 says, “Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass TOGETHER.” (a marriage of different types) Leviticus 19:19 says, “Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender (breed) with a DIVERSE KIND: thou shalt not sow thy field with TWO KINDS OF SEED.” we know that “Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my STATUTES (Heb. “chuqqah”), and my laws” (Gen.26:5).

    Why NOT mix cattle or mix seed? Deuteronomy 22:9 answers, “lest the fruit … be DEFILED.” It is unlikely this command is directed against breeding one SPECIES with another because “hybridization between species — is a rare and exceptional event in nature…. hybrids do occasionally arise…. species are, however, ordinarily PREVENTED from crossing with one another by a variety of isolating mechanisms.”Even if they are able to interbreed and produce a hybrid, it is “semifertile or sterile” depending on how closely related the two species are (from pp.629-630 of volume 14, Encyclopedia Americana, ’80). Here in Leviticus 19:19, “KIND” refers to RACE! With all of the different strains of blacks/negroes all over the place…Nubians, Egyptians, Australian Aborigines, turtle Island black Indians, and the mutated black Malaysians how can you ridiculous, simpleminded, uneducated, “DOGS” think that the Christ could possibly be black and not have all of your mutations? With so many strains of blacks it is impossible to keep a 100% pure blood line with all of you mixing seeds! This is why Jesus The Father “formed” The Adamic race. Let me guess most of you idiots probably don’t know what that means.

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