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Kenyan lawyer on quixotic quest to nullify trial of Jesus

Dola Indidis, a Roman Catholic, is petitioning the International Court of Justice, based at The Hague, to nullify Jesus’ conviction and death sentence. Photo by Fredrick Nzwili

NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) The conviction of Jesus by Pontius Pilate may be the most famous court verdict ever — and perhaps the most consequential, since it led to Christ’s crucifixion and the founding of a global religion.

Dola Indidis, a Roman Catholic, is petitioning the International Court of Justice, based at The Hague, to nullify Jesus’ conviction and death sentence. Photo by Fredrick Nzwili

Dola Indidis, a Roman Catholic, is petitioning the International Court of Justice, based at The Hague, to nullify Jesus’ conviction and death sentence. Photo by Fredrick Nzwili

Now a Kenyan lawyer wants to overturn Pilate’s decision, though he wants to keep the faith that flowed from it.

“The selective and malicious prosecution (of Jesus) violated his human rights,” said Dola Indidis, a Roman Catholic who is petitioning the International Court of Justice, based at The Hague, to nullify Jesus’ conviction and death sentence.

Indidis, a former spokesman for the Kenyan judiciary, accuses Pilate, who was the Roman governor of Judea, of “judicial misconduct, abuse of office, bias and prejudice.”

That may well be the case, at least in the view of believers and many Bible scholars. But getting a court to rule on a 2,000-year-old case from an outlying province in a long-defunct empire will not be easy.

Indidis first brought his case before the Kenyan High Court in Nairobi in 2007, but the court refused to hear it, saying it lacked jurisdiction.

Now he is turning to the International Court of Justice, often referred to as the World Court, which is best known for ruling on territorial disputes between members of the United Nations.

Officials at The Hague would not confirm or deny that they have received a petition.

But Indidis seems undeterred and points to the example of Joan of Arc, the 15th-century saint who led the French to major victories against the English before she was captured and burned at the stake. A quarter-century after Joan’s death her conviction was overturned by a papal court, and in 1920 she was canonized.

Indidis’ petition has surprised Christian leaders in Kenya. The Rev. Maloba Wesonga, a spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, said the exercise was futile, at least from a theological point of view.

“As we know it, the trial had to happen,” said Wesonga. “We must understand that Jesus was not vulnerable and nobody can do justice to God.”

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Fredrick Nzwili

Fredrick Nzwili is a journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. For more than 15 years, he has written about religion, politics, peace and conflict, development, security, environment and wildlife. His articles have appeared in international media organizations among others; The Tablet, The Christian Science Monitor, The National Geographic and Kenyan local newspapers; The Standard and the People Daily.


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  • Kenyan lawyer takes State of Israel, Jews to Hague over Jesus’ death

    Socrates acquitted in ancient trial re-run

    JEWISH SANHEDRIN RE-ESTABLISHED – On October 13, (2004), the Sanhedrin, the highest tribunal of the Jewish state and religion, was re-inaugurated by a group of rabbis in Tiberias after 1,600 years of absence.

    [Greece met its downfall when it condemned its greatest man, Socrates. Israel met its downfall when it condemned its greatest man, Jesus Christ. Both these men were innocent and their only hope and salvation, but they were destroyed instead because the people and their leadership were corrupt and decadent].

    The time has come for the Jewish Sanhedrin in Israel to try Jesus Christ in absentia and acquit him. It’s the right thing to do and they know it. But their only concern at the moment is how and when they’ll rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem and crown their false-messiah. They’ll never learn… So, therefore, the saga continues.

  • The Rev. Maloba Wesonga has spoken on my behalf; the petitioner could be out just for fame or fun or other motives. No one may read his mind. Let the World Court rule; God is still on the throne watching, listening.

  • Since Christianity teaches that Yahweh/Jesus actually *wanted* to be tortured/killed to pay for humanities sins (that’s why He came to Earth), and that God/Yahweh/Jesus had planned this whole thing out since the beginning of time, isn’t this Christian/Catholic Kenyan lawyer actually trying to discredit or devalue God’s plan????

    I know that some of Jesus’s critics say He was on a “suicide mission” and all of that, but if that was His plan then who is this lawyer to say that he knows better???

  • That “Christianity teaches that Yahweh/Jesus actually *wanted* to be tortured/killed to pay for humanities sins” is incorrect. It appears to say that Jesus *intended* to be killed. He did not. Rather, Christians believe, Jesus willingly *accepted* this end. Both *to intend* and *to accept* are acts of free will, but very different in nature. A person is the perpetrator or agent or *do-er* of what he/she “intends” (“wants”) and is fully responsible for the act and its consequences. But a person is not the do-er or agent of what he/she “accepts” (allows, permits,etc.) Jesus *accepted* his suffering and death as an act of obedience to his Father, God, who also did not *want* or *intend* the suffering and death of Jesus. There’s much more to this Christian doctrine.

  • This layer is insulting The Christ. How can a mere human being like him fight for Christ? Even when Jesus’ birth, trial & death was pre-told in d Old-Testament? He should be cautioned as this is an insult on Christiandom. So, let him look for other means of cheap publicity.

  • Mr. Indidis has a point. Israel was under the rule of the Roman Empire at the time of Christ. It is the law used/misused to condemn Christ that Mr. Indidis seeks to clarify.
    If it is all right in the United States to put the founding fathers on trial for their participation in slavery–the rule of law during their lifetimes–and view their actions through a lens of post-modernism and condemn them; if it is all right to put the Constitution of the United States on trial and view it through lenses of racism, feminism and secular humanism and condemn certain aspects of it; if it is all right to put the Bible on trial in the United States and Europe and determine through a secular humanistic/atheistic lens that all Christians, Jews and Muslims who believe in the Bible are homophobic; then it is appropriate to also use historical documents and the rule of law to question the illegal murder of an innocent man who is an extremely important historical figure throughout the world and has been for 2,000 years, and request the World Court to put the Roman Empire in its role as Secular Humanists on trial.

    Perhaps Egypt should be put on trial too to explain its enslavement of the Jews and offer them compensation.

    Maybe Great Britain should be put on trial for the massacre of the Irish for 800 years and the genocide in the potato famine of the 1800s. Perhaps Great Britain could offer to pay off the Irish debt to the European Union as compensation for their crimes against humanity and Irish Catholics.

  • “Thunder will strike somone”!, there re so many people in d prison for wrong accusation, this so called kanyan, did see them, no he wants to start a race he cant finish neither doz he kno wen d race begun. I think he is way out of proportion thinkin dat he is bein practical.
    May God Help His Soul.

  • In the Garden of Gethsemane the night before his death, Jesus prayed, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.” (Luke 22:42)

    Clearly, Jesus didn’t “want” to die–but was willing to do so given that it was the best way to deal with humanity’s sin, and restore us to God.

  • This guy is just an idiot making trying to grab attention. His intentions are founded solely on his own stupidity following a book of fairy-tales written by men who thought a woman’s natural cycle was ‘icky’, the world was flat, and eating bacon was a sin.
    Whatever comes from this whole ordeal will mean nothing. other than something to laugh at… all of you who are bragging ‘god is real on his throne, bla bla bla.” just stop. you contribute nothing to this world.

  • I read this ridiculous news with annoyance that someone is even bothering with putting any effort into this, but reading your comment I hope it goes ahead, just for the lol’s. Christianity needs to be (abolished) at least taken down a peg. Such crap.

    This guy is idiotic. So is your comment.

  • lol. Finally someone who isn’t a raving christian loon. I feel like I want to support this guy like you do with kids, when you know what they’re doing is effing pointless and stupid – c’mon little fella! You can do it!

  • While he’s at it, he should try and get the ICoJ to bring murder charges against Jack for breaking and entering, as well as for murdering a giant.

  • If anyone believes that anyone would take this serious, we are in a hurt locker. This individual has to get a life. God sent his son to be killed. We should maybe take him to court for child abuse.
    Get a life.

  • It’s a demonstration of free will. Accepting is definitely not wanting. But even the bible says we must obey the laws of our community. Jesus accepted his fate to show us how stupid our laws are.

  • I have the soul of Pontius Pilate. Indidisu congratulations for his courage to mankind learns the truth from before 2000 years. I am happy I will defend to the Hague court and defend the honor of Pilate. The truth that I know and I will prove painful for all of humanity. Remember to communicate with Jesus Christ, an god – Amon.