(Left) Sister Moody, and Sister Ray, begin to knock on doors to spread their mission in a Kansas City, Mo., neighborhood on Sept. 10, 2013. The sisters are carrying out their mission at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Independence Visitors' Center in Independence, Mo. RNS photo by Sally Morrow

Photo Slideshow: A day in the life of a Mormon missionary

While carrying out their mission, Mormon missionaries spend time studying, teaching and spreading their message door-to-door with strangers. See what an average day on a mission looks like for two women called to carry out their mission in Independence, Mo.

Photos by Sally Morrow/Religion News Service

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  1. I did a slide show of my son ,when he was on his mission, & presented it to pur primary & young men & women. It was a great teaching tool & helped the younger people have a better underrstanding of the daily activites of the missionay life. I still have it on my computer & my son & I have shared with our non-member friends & family (who were very supportive of him & mission!!).

  2. These sisters work in our congregation and they are so thoughtful, sweet and wonderful. We love how they serve and teach so unselfishly. We love them.

  3. Missionaries are basically recruiters for an organization/business that must grow in order to remain economically and politically viable. People are indoctrinated, become zealots in the service of this organization and they believe they are doing “gods work”. It’s a little sad and more than a little scary in this day and age.

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