Phyllis switching places, Freaky Friday-style, with Nadia Bolz Weber at the C21 conference last year.

What if Phyllis Tickle and Nadia Bolz-Weber had a Freaky Friday moment?

See? Phyllis Tickle HAS TATTOOS NOW.

See? Phyllis Tickle HAS TATTOOS NOW.

I've been tweeting from the C21 conference in Denver (#C21Denver), which is a wonderful gathering of innovative Christians who want to hear new ideas about Christianity in the 21st century. My fellow RNS blogger Jonathan Merritt rocked the house yesterday with his opening speech, and the event has been filled with energy ever since.

I'll blog about a couple of the talks once I'm not trying to keep up with all the fabulous conversations here . . . but in the meantime I wanted to post this little note today to tell you the truth:


Freaky FridayThe proof is in the photographs. Behold Nadia in a tweedy suit, eloquently spouting commentary about the Protestant Reformation; see also Phyllis getting all in your face with her tattoos and glorious sewer mouth.

This conference really changes people, man.

More as I know it.


  1. Jana- What are your thoughts about Rev. Bolz-Weber?

    I think we need about 10,000 women just like her in the LDS Church.

  2. Author

    I think her voice is a breath of fresh air, and her way of integrating theology with postmodern life is inspiring.

    But instead of having 10,000 women just like her in the LDS Church, I’d settle for 10,000 Mormon women who are fully committed to being THEMSELVES in the way Nadia is, however that manifests itself from one woman to the next. I meet so many LDS women who are striving to meet some ideal archetype they’ve been socialized to emulate, rather than realizing their own unique potential.

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