Fired Tenn. pharmacist sues Walgreens alleging religious bias

Prescription bottle, pink pills, pen, and prescription pad on royal blue background.
Prescription bottle, pink pills, pen, and prescription pad on royal blue background.

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Prescription bottle, pink pills, pen, and prescription pad on royal blue background.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) A Tennessee pharmacist and a Baptist church deacon who lost his job after an ongoing dispute over selling Plan B contraception has sued his former bosses, claiming he was fired because of his religious beliefs.

Lawyers for Philip M. Hall of Jamestown, Tenn., filed suit against the Walgreens drugstore chain in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee on Tuesday (Feb. 11), claiming it discriminated against Hall’s religious beliefs.

Hall was fired in August after working six years for Walgreens. He believes Plan B contraceptives cause abortions and refused to dispense them. Plan B is a form of birth control that can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Many medical experts say it does not cause a miscarriage or abortion and won’t work if the fertilized egg is already implanted.

For several years, Walgreens worked out a compromise with Hall. If a customer came into the store with a prescription for Plan B, Hall would refer them to another staff member.

Things changed in the summer of 2013, when the FDA approved Plan B as an over-the-counter medication.

Hall said in the complaint that his boss informed the staff that pharmacists were expected to stock and sell Plan B. Hall told his bosses that he still did not want to sell the drug. He also contacted the main headquarters of Walgreens in suburban Chicago, to express his concerns about selling the drug.

Things came to a head in mid-July, according to the complaint. Hall claims six boxes of Plan B were delivered to the store but were mislabeled as behind-the-counter drugs. He bought all six boxes for $328.43 and threw them away.

When his boss learned what happened, Hall was initially accused of stealing the drugs. After he showed the receipt, he was then asked if he would sell Plan B.

Hall said he would not, and was fired, according to the complaint.

“He doesn’t object to Walgreens selling Plan B,” said Jocelyn Floyd, a lawyer at the Thomas More Society, a Christian legal group representing Hall. “He’s just asking that they accommodate his religious beliefs.”

Floyd said Hall got rid of the Plan B medication because it was mislabeled. She said it didn’t matter what he did with the medication.

“Walgreens is not out anything as a result of these actions,” said Floyd. “It’s an improper reason for firing him.”

Jim Graham, a spokesman for Walgreens, would not comment on the specifics of Hall’s suit. He did say in an email that the company respects the religious beliefs of employees.

“While we cannot comment on pending litigation, we can tell you that Walgreens company policy allows pharmacists and other employees to step away from completing a transaction to which they have a moral objection,” he said in an email.

“Our policy also requires the employee to refer the transaction to another employee or manager on duty who will complete the customer’s request.”


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Bob Smietana is a Nashville-based correspondent for Religion News Service and former religion writer for the Tennessean.


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  • This falls under the category of “give an inch, take a mile”

    The plaintiff, Hall was working under a reasonable accommodation to his moral desire not to do the job he was hired to do. But that was not enough. He had to act like a sanctimonious, holier than thou jerk, and go far beyond just not dispensing the drug, to actively denying it from people.

  • Hall, like so many on the religious right, especially in the South where their extremism began, survives, and grows worse, doesn’t have any understanding of human rights, including religious rights, including the right to reject any and all religion. If Hall holds the notion that he can use his employment to force his religious views on others, then he must just learn the painful lesson about the equality of religious and other human rights for all people by accepting his firing.

    This same principle holds for the owners of Hobby Lobby and other businesses who think they have the right to force their religious views on their employees by refusing the provide health coverage under the Affordable Care Act because it includes the health care of contraceptives or even abortion. Besides, such businesses as Hobby Lobby are very suspect of exploiting their religious claims only to save money by simply not providing health insurance for their employees. Consider how religiously upright that deceit is!

  • Hall had no right as a pharmacist not to dispense or deny the drug. Denying it would be not dispensing it. It is legal by federal and state law. He had no right to enforce his own laws, religious or otherwise. Hall should have gone to a bible school instead of pharmacy school.

  • Hall, and the rest of the R.R., needs desperately to understand that their religious freedom ends at other people’s doors. That he personally opposes “Plan B” does not mean other people shouldn’t have access to it. Yet, he took it upon himself to ensure that some of them would not be able to get it. It’s time for people like Hall to grow up and stop acting as if they’re entitled to run the planet just because they have metaphysical beliefs about how it should be run. I have my own ideas about how it should be run, but I claim no entitlement to run other people’s lives for them.

  • Don’t do the job you were paid to do – get fired! Simple as that. Anyone who felt so strongly about not dispensing plan b, would have made customers feel inadequate and/or went to extreme measures to stop people from obtaining it. We know he did this because he spent $330 of his own money to buy the meds so they wouldn’t be available. He surely didn’t believe he was being denied his rights to religion because he knew he could refer customers to another employee. He did it to be a douche.

    Now he is going to sue a company for firing him because he took his religious rights and demanded control over others with them?.. he is such a christian that he is lying in his lawsuit by saying he did it because the meds were mislabeled… who in their right mind would spend $330 of their money to buy a medication just because it was mislabeled, while also stating he was fired for religious bias? It is a crap lawsuit by a crap man for doing a crap job.

  • yet another textbook case of Christian Privilege.

    In any other case where an employee abused their job position so as to force their superstitions on customers, the employee would simply be fired, end of story.

    But because of Christian Privilege, there is actually a discussion of whether or not failing to do one’s job and abusing one’s job position so as to force superstitions on customers is a reasonable cause for firing.

    I could see this happening in a dark ages theocracy. Oh, this was in the United States? No surprise.

  • The company gave him an opt out where he could step aside and another pharmacist can distribute the drug. But obviously that didn’t appeal to Hall’s self-righteous zealotry.

  • Says all the commenters as they get their heads chopped off for not allowing an islamist to observe his faith at work.

  • Gilcan, Hall has/had a right to obey God’s laws. All levels of Govt. in this country are now totally corrupt! From local selectman9oh excuse me, also selectwomen) right up to dear leader. It doesn’t matter to God what the “law of the land” is if the “law” is corrupt. That’s something you soul dead liberals will never understand. You think you’re going to live forever..And you’re right! But not here under the “law of the land, but in your case, in hell, unless you shake of your hubris and pride and think about what’s going on in this world. Don’t ctriticise someone like Mr. Hall who takes his eternal destiny seriously-you’ll regret it later with the countless others who “will be wailing and knashing their teeth” forever…

  • Very good analogy. They would sing a different tune if faced by a group that doesn’t cower to threats from bigots. And has the heads rolled their arrogant slurs would change to pleas for mercy.

  • Nobody asked Hall to worry about the souls of customers at Walgreens! Nobody has to care what your religion says about them. If you think they are going to hell for buying a drug, keep it to yourself or step aside. Its none of your goddamn business.

    If Hall though God’s laws were more important than man’s law he should be a good little martyr. He should gladly take the full force of the transgressions of man’s law without moaning about it or looking for excuses.

    Religious freedom means not having to live one’s life according to the religious dictates of other people. If he did not find it moral to use the drug, don’t buy it. Not living in a theocracy means you have to live with and respect people who do not share your religious views.

  • Well, well I see a lot of Culture of Death comments here. Like they are the wise and the authority of how one runs their daily life without a moral compass but in the end they hit this brick wall speeding at 200 miles per hour and they are done! It’s just plain foolishness not to have a moral compass and bathe in the malaise of Death! The living Dead!

  • Another “Textbook Case” of Christian privilege???? What exactly is in ‘text books’ these days??? Have you ever read the constitution of the United States? One can only deduce by your comment & the majority of the commenters here that the answer to that question is NO! Hall is entitled to his own religious belief. His religious belief & rights are protected by the constitution as are YOURS. Hall wasn’t telling anyone else what to do. You have a right to go into any liquor store and by every bottle of bourbon that they have- -what you do with it, is your business (other than handing it out to minors or drinking it behind the wheel). You could throw it all in the dumpster behind the building if you wanted to. . .that’s the economic system that we live under. . .the majority of the persons commenting here are simply haters- -they’ve got an agenda of their own to be sure- -perhaps it is the slaughter of the innocent, euthanizing the elderly so that they can steal their hard earned pensions, perhaps they’d like to have affirmation in their ‘relationship’ with their dog. . .the possibilities are endless- -wise up & grow up.

  • Sad. Forget about religion for a second. A medical professional who took an oath to protect life is living up to that oath and he is the enemy. Wow. The comments here illustrate the truth about liberalism – there are no oaths to live by, and really nothing to live for but themselves. These folks would eat each other alive if it benefit them. And Christians are the uncivilized…ha

  • The author of this article states: “Plan B is a form of birth control that can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Many medical experts say it does not cause a miscarriage or abortion and won’t work if the fertilized egg is already implanted.” Dear author, please take time to evaluate such claims. The “experts” admit the egg is fertilized…which means it is no longer an egg, it is a living human being with all 46 chromosomes and it is developing… so it is a life. If the sex gametes came from humans, then it is a human life. You fail to address that a human life is purposefully being snuffed-out by ensuring through Plan B that it cannot implant (by sloughing-off the uterine lining). That makes Plan B a direct and willing attack on innocent human life while experts hide behind technical definitions of miscarriage (related to implantation).
    It is uplifting to hear of a pharmacist who refuses to cooperate in murder. It is disappointing that people don’t know that supporting murder hardens their hearts to the good of human life. To not protect what is good is to cause bad will within one’s self. This makes one incapable of receiving God who is only good will. Thankfully, God is good will to those who turn away from willing evil and he can find room to live again within their good will. Peace.

  • Gays can get married, adopt someone’s kids, openly practice their sexuality, etc., because they claim they are being discriminated against, yet Christians can’t live as equally as Gays because they feel they are being discriminated against for their beliefs. Go figure. Real double-standard folks. It’s easier today to be a homosexual in this country and be accepted than it is to be a Christian. How’d this change happen all of a sudden? Homosexuals NOW have more civil and human rights than Christians do by the state and federal government. Take a look at ObamaCare for example and how it denies Christian’s their right to freedom of Conscience, yet homosexuals can practice their freedom of conscience all they want and are protected. Go figure folks. My how the tables in this upside down screwed up inmoral country have taking a nose dive into a sewer of scum! Now I understand why Medjugorje looms as a reality in our future!

  • Christian Privilege, the notion that being a Christian entitles you to a greater degree of rights and power than anyone else. If he was acting under beliefs as a Muslim, Hindu or Jew, you would be condemning him for not doing his job.

    You don’t have a constitutional right to deny others access to something commercially available because of your religious beliefs. Your religious freedom ends at the point it harms others. His conduct was unbecoming of an employee of the company. Hall’s entitlement to his religious beliefs stopped at the point he did more than merely step aside to avoid processing a transaction for the drug. He was an at-will employee and not doing something which would be protected as a form of religious expression. There are no grounds for the lawsuit. It will be tossed out of court.

  • Culture of death?

    You mean the people who preach that suffering is to be endured with the promise of paradise in the thereafter.

    Maybe the people who worship a figure who comes back from the dead like a zombie or ghost.

    Maybe you mean the people who preach that those who do not believe as they do are not worthy of life.

    As for moral compasses, evidently having religious beliefs means one does not need one. When one is acting on behalf of God, there is no such thing as an immoral act. Everything is permitted. To quote a recent character on an HBO drama, “If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, then, brother, that person is a piece of s–t.”

  • When someone gets beaten to death in this country for being Christian, come back to me. When Christians are unable to form families and raise children without legal hassles, come back to me. When Christians become the only recognized religion of our nation, come back to me. You are nothing but a whiner who is annoyed that you can’t use your religious faith as an excuse to bully others. Boo friggin hoo.

  • Larry. Your people are doing their best to make your scenerios a reality. Its precisely because of this that pharmacists resist killing a child for simply trying to live. Your beliefs are self serving so you ignore the slaughter of place yourself before them.

  • Its not a child. The pharmacist was not resisting killing one. A child is a born human being. The fact that you have to present the situation in such a dishonest light is the reason we have to have this discussion.

    You are whining because your beliefs don’t give you carte blanche to run roughshod over the wishes and beliefs of others. I have no sympathy for your type of self-righteous sanctimonious position. Its martyrbation. The pretending one is a martyr when they are really being a bully.

    Respect for the rights and beliefs of others never factor into your position. You are a Christian so you naturally know what is right and moral for everyone. So they have to bow to your obvious moral authority. Give me a break. Its nothing but narcissism. You can consider people who want to use the drug ready for eternal damnation, but you have no right to act on such ideas against them.

    You want to martyr yourself for having such beliefs, then do so. Take your punishment and don’t be such a crybaby. If Hall really had such a strong religious conviction, he would not be making such a frivolous lawsuit. He would accept that the laws of man do not coincide with his views and be satisfied in his eternal reward. People like Hall defecate on the notion of religious freedom by making it synonymous with imposing one’s will on others.

  • Larry. Your negative accusations about christians could as easily be turned around towards you, you demonstrate it in your response. You are the one that demonstrates narcissism, acts like a bully and a crybaby, and is self-righteous and sanctimonious. Your assertion that a fertilized egg is not a human life is wrong philosophically and scientifically, but the idea is not convenient for your selfserving position so millions die for your convenience. You are in.pain man, but you have free will. Peace.

  • “Things changed in the summer of 2013… Hall said in the complaint that his boss informed the staff that pharmacists were expected to stock and sell Plan B.” Did you read the article?

  • Odd that the pro-“choice” folks get upset when a pro-life pharmacist makes a choice that doesn’t agree with their pro-abortion agenda. Jeepers… he bought all the drugs and used them as he saw fit. Is there a crime in that?

  • I say good for him! I am an NP and refuse to prescribe birth control or have anything to do with those drugs. They are all abortifacients and those that disagree with that are just denying the truth for convenience sake. God does not want us using this stuff.

  • If you had a choice to stand before either group and sling your insults, there’s absolutely no doubt which one you would choose to accost. The other would deal with your attacks in a way you would not like.

  • Boy, do we need more like you. The U.S. is becoming more immoral by the day and yet we keep hearing that we are the light of the world. What blind arrogance!

  • What a mean spirited thing to say about a citizen of a once free country that allowed—-through conscience protection law—-to act according to his own good conscience.

  • Thank God there are people of good conscience who are courageous enough to act on their conscience! Only Walgreens, who denied his right to act on his conscience, is to blame here. That’s a human rights violation.

    This is about the right guaranteed by the conscience clause to act according to ones good conscience.
    I will never shop at Walgreens because they violate human rights!

  • He’s not enforcing his own rules. He wants to have his religious beliefs accommodated. Now that the Protestants and Jews have watered down their own religions to a belief in nothing more or less than non-believers, it’s easy to be so harsh with people who devote their lives to a religion.

    The non-religious in this country are the most harsh, unforgiving, meanest people there are.

  • Better, check CVS closely. I remember a long statement they made in the newspaper a couple of years back about how proud they were to sell women’s (non)reproductive products. I believe it was about the morning after pill or similar. I haven’t set foot it the creepy place since.

  • Walgreens set a precedent by accommodating his request to not perform the transaction when it was originally being sold behind the counter. Then the drug becomes an over the counter med and now they tell him he has to sell it ?? What difference does that make ? They should have stayed consistent with their policy. It does make him look difficult to his employers that he bought the boxes with his own money and then threw them away. I’d like to know if there is a policy that Walgreens has where an employee can’t buy items from their store and then dispose of them at their discretion. Ha Ha well at least he’s not a hypocrite, he’s actually living his beliefs and not talking out of both sides of his mouth.

  • I believe he was a Baptist deacon not a Catholic. Catholics are not the only pro-life people. He legally purchased the drug, depleting the store supply. It’s none of the stores business why anyone purchases any legal drug. The store has no grounds for firing.

  • God doesn’t want us using this stuff, you say?
    I thought God was ‘unknowable’.

    That is, unless there is a Parable of Contraception
    I haven’t seen.

  • Amazing how much atheists claim to know about God! Again this is not so much about contraception but most purely about the protection of life. Even you cannot deny that God has demonstrated His love for His creation! Stay on point

  • John, you are correct. CVS is no friend of the religious or even the irreligious. The place has a huge “family planning” isle where anyone can purchase the latest in condoms and other crap. I’m old enough to remember when it was, if not still illegal to sell them, then totally embarrassing to any drugstore that wanted to stay in business. I think that the solution is to look around for a small, independent drugstore-there are some-where you can get to know the staff and where in order to stay in business against the chains they usually specialize in something like sick room supplies or physical theyapy appliances, etc. They all take whatever insurance people have and you pay the same as CVS and Walgreens. BTW, most chains of all kinds wre “formed” and financed in order to drive the small business owners out. Small businesses always cretaed most of American jobs. Go figure!

  • Gilcan, you’re digging your hole in hell ever deeper. Christians are the group, world wide, BTW, that are suffering the most persecution. In this country, it is well known by the “ignorant masses,” you despise because they are believers, that Christian persecution is a reality. Just ask Obama and Holder. After all, they are attempting to persecute the “Little Sisters of the Poor,” a group of octogenerian nuns who help the sick, because they refuse to include birth control-for 70 and 80 year lod women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in their “healthcare” plans. And you expect to have your rotten world outlook taken seriously? People like you are the second most serious problem in this country. The most serious is APATHY. That’s also why you hate people like Hall…They may wake up others!

  • Sam, your comment is right on! You hit the nail on the head about most of these God-hating comments. Don’t be cowed by the haters! They need prayers.

  • so Larry, you become a little “clearer” now…You get your morality and “inspiration” from the filth purveyed by HBO…Not surprising because you obviously have NEVER had any real moral upbringing or training. You are to be pitied not hated. In the Catholic religion, we know from the message of Fatima (look it up and don’t insult it!) that many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them. You see, Larry, prayer is the “currency” of heaven. So, I’ll add you to my prayer list. BTW, I’m also on my prayer list becuase EVERYONE needs prayers, especially in the evil world this is-but only temporarily because Gos will make His move(s) probably soon, to clean it up.

  • I thought access to contraception was exactly the point.

    Those who do claim that “God doesn’t want us to use this stuff [contraception]” seem to have no evidence for this new claim. Is it wrong to ask where it is written? It is a fair question.

    I know the Bible very well (was a Christian for decades) and I find nothing to support the claim that “God doesn’t want us to use this stuff”.

    What care does God show for the unborn?:

    “Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword. Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes.” (Isaiah 13:15)

    The Lord said…”YET WILL I SLAY even the beloved fruit of their womb.” (Hosea 9:11-16)

    Jesus agrees the meaning of these words must not to be changed. (JOHN 1:17), (Mark 10:19)

  • As alleged in the complaint. I doubt it is a credible assertion which Hall will be able to prove. But we will see.

  • Hobby Lobby is not an individual but it is a similar issue. People using their religious beliefs to attack the access of others. Corporations for profit do not have religious rights of expression. It does not exist, it can’t work without rendering every labor law null. Nobody asked Green to apply his religious dogma to his employees’ compensation. He has no business making decisions for them on such things.

    What a company does in its relations to its employees is far different than the reverse. Power dynamics control the situation far more than the people using “religious freedom” arguments with Hobby Lobby care to admit.

  • Both would try to hang me from a lightpost, if given a chance.

    I find both of them are repugnant and similar. A Christian Fundamentalist’s ideas are no better than an Islamic Fundamentalist. The only difference between the two is access to political power and high powered weapons. If Christian Fundamentalists had access to petrodollars, semtex and autocratic political leaders, they would act no differently from Islamicists. Their rhetoric is no different.

  • Its amazing what kind of heinous activities one excuses when they claim God is on their side. You have no moral background to speak of. You outsource it to authorities rather than chose to make moral decisions. Religious morality, acting out of fear of divine retribution/want of divine reward is a sociopath’s morality. That one is only kept in check from acting wickedly because they worry about divine punishment.

    Sane, moral people consider their choices in relation to their connection and understanding of fellow human beings. I act morally because I understand what human existence is like and empathize with fellow people. I understand that lying, robbing and maliciously harming others is bad for them and would not want similar acts against myself as well. Only someone without a connection to human emotions and experiences has trouble understanding such things. Sociopaths.

    Religious morality follows capricious, arbitrary rules out of self-interest.
    Invoking “hell” and “currency in heaven” shows an amoral system based on unthinking arbitrary authority. Not morality.

    As usual, “I will pray for you” is fundiespeak for go f— yourself in the typical passive-aggressive style typically employed.

  • My assertion an unfertilized egg is not a born person is simply telling the truth of the matter. What your philosophy says on the subject is immaterial since the two are not the same thing.

    I am not the one trying to speak and act on behalf of anyone but myself. The bullies, the narcissists, the crybabies are only satisfied if others follow their religious beliefs by force. I am not saying, you have to use contraception or have abortions. I am saying you have no business making such decisions for anyone but yourself.

    Nobody has to care you don’t like contraception or abortion because it is inconvenient. It is a personal decision concerning a woman’s body which your input was never asked for, nor required. Its narcissism on your part that your alleged moral high ground means you can make personal decisions on behalf of others.

  • I guess because any minimum wage worker at Walgreens can ring it up at a register. There is no need for a pharmacist’s input for an over the counter medication. If a pharmacist doesn’t want to ring it up, they can just say “go pay for it over there”.

  • I think it is funny how all you people get on here and criticize for one belief or another. Right or wrong it doesn’t matter why can’t everyone just accept the fact that everyone is different and just get along. If I were to be like you people on here I wouldn’t talk to half of my family or they would hate me. I don’t believe anyone should push their religion on other people just because they think they are right or wrong. It is everyone’s right to believe what they want so drop it and leave it alone and stop gossiping. As far as Phillip Hall goes he did the right thing by stepping aside and it wouldn’t hurt another worker to stock the shelf unless they were too lazy therefore whatever he chose to do with his money or the product is nobody’s business but his. So why can’t everyone just learn how to love and get along and stop hating and criticizing each other for choices or beliefs they do or do not make. This is as bad as taking God out of schools because of someone else believes that he isn’t real. People seriously get a life and get over it!!!!!!

  • Who is the sanctimonious jerk? I applaud Hall. Thank God there are godly men willing to stick up for righteousness and take a stand. And what about the so-called people who might die if this pill really works as abortifascient and stops inplantation of the tiny human being? And the women who use these dangerous pills?

  • Here we go again, the Infiltration of the ‘culture of death’ crowd pretending to be objective when in fact it is the same anti-life liberal arguments violating the religious liberty of others, forcing them to accept morally depraved unnatural and unhealthy lifestyles and abortion causing drugs.

  • Agree.. Sam great comments. Those anti-relgiious haters pretend to be open minded but we know that their real agenda is to force everyone else to abandon their religious beliefs so that they might engage in their sins without consequences (never happen) or without being bothered by those who challange their deadly agenda. But we won’t be silenced no matter the intimidation and hate.

  • “Then Judah said to Onan, “Lie with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother.” But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so, whenever he lay with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the LORD’s sight; so He put him to death also” (Genesis 38:8-10)
    It was not Onan’s refusal to raise up children for his brother (the levirate marriage law) which offended God to the point that He punished Onan with death. (In Judah’s day it was the custom of those people to give the widow in marriage to one of the brothers of the deceased husband. God had not yet instituted the levirate marriage law. God does not institute the law until Deut 25:5ff. And even if that law were to be applied in Onan’s case, the punishment for refusing to carry out that law was only the removal of the man’s sandal and then spitting in his face – NOT DEATH. (see Deut 25:9)
    The reason why God punishes Onan with death is because he purposely spilled and wasted his seed in AN ACT THAT IS MEANT TO BE OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY OF GOD CREATING NEW LIFE THROUGH THAT ACT.
    Artificial Contraception is just another way of “closing” the possibility of God creating new life through the sexual act, possible only between one man and one woman. And, when fertilization does takes place, LIFE in the form of a baby in its earliest stages (with all its DNA) begins……..and that embryo keeps growing.
    Luke1:41 When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the BABY leapt in her womb.
    Luke l:44 The moment your greeting sounded in my ears, the BABY leapt in my womb for joy!
    Luke, the physician, writes that it is a BABY within the womb. So, how can mere man contradict God’s Word?

    Plan B makes the lining of the uterus hostile to LIFE (baby) at its earliest stage. Life(baby) is aborted.

  • so sex is just for making babies? I’m not convinced that would be an honest approach to a healthy marriage. Contraception is crucial.
    I can’t understand this hatred of sex so many christians put themselves through. For no reason.

  • In other words Larry, TOLERANCE is your mantra and one commandment…That’s morality!? So, if Joe smith needs money and decides to mug someone, then let’s not judge him because he’s in great need. That’s the essence and “””logic””” of your and that of the masses of depraved indivuals out there who have helped mightily to destroy what wa sonce a beautiful society, even with ists problems. “Though shalt not practice intolerance, even if it’s evil!” That’s you Larry and the other soul-dead commenters on this site…

  • Larry, look, you know nothing about science, especially biological science. I have a doctorate in it. a fertilized “egg” is a human being. If, when in your mother’s womb, something had caused that immediately fertilized egg to die, You wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t have had to wait until you were one month post partem for an accident to have eliminated you. That’s because the fertilized “egg” was you at your earliest..Do you getta what I mean, Larry? Do you have at least the inteeligence of a first grader??

  • Hannah, you sound like a Unitarian. You know, the worshippers of TOLERANCE. The real issue here is that a man stood up for what’s right. well, you say, it’s right for him only, etc. But look at the world we live in! Evil practices have a strong ripple effect! Our money’w worth nothing, our freedoms are an illusion now, we have a Marxist governement, the ariwaves are filled with filth, childrens’ innocence is being destroyed from Kindergarten on by state mandated homosexual indoctrination in the schools! ( Here in MA, the “home” of “legalized” homo “marriage” rammed in by judicial fiat and where the peoples’ right to vote on the issue was denied by demon-craticaaly controlled “legislators) . Things will get much worse hannah if we just keep on “loving each other!” No, we have to stand up against evil if for nothing else but to save ourselves from total tyranny.

  • Its funny to hear the epithet of “culture of death” coming from someone who worships a dead man, whose religion extols dying as the way to reach pure spiritual enlightenment. Even funnier when this is the same religion which preached death to idolators, heretics, and people of a certain orientation.

  • Tolerance only goes one way for Bible thumpers. If you do not accept their views and force yourself to live by them, you are attacked for it. You have to tolerate them, they show no need to tolerate any other ideas or concepts.

    You certainly don’t believe in such things nor the concept of respect for the lives of others. Nor the idea of personal choices that are none of your business.

    My view has always been that you are entitled to your own religious views and beliefs. I just don’t have to care what they are. Nor should I ever have to adjust my life in accordance with them.

  • You are being intentionally obtuse. The only one who is ignorant is yourself.

    A fertilized egg is not a BORN PERSON. There are fundamental differences in existence which cannot be ignored, brushed aside or substituted with slut-shaming and personal attacks. Your argument is mere canned strawman material. I don’t care if you think a fetus is alive or even human. Until it is born, it is not a child, it is not a person.

    Your view depends on ignoring the most important facts of human reproduction, that a woman has to bear a fetus for it to be born. Her views always will be more important than your snide moralizing. Its her body which bears the risks and burdens. Her choice whether you like it or not.

  • wasn’t contraception created by god, too? If god didn’t want us to use condoms and birth control pills why did he create them for us?
    Your position is incoherent.

  • Its always been a measure of control. Control the act of sex, you control populations and behavior. Control a woman’s reproductive choices and she becomes less able to assert herself as an equal of a man.

    Nobody has to care what your religion says about sex and reproduction. Its none of your business. If you want to live a chaste or procreative only existence, that is your choice. Just don’t presume you have any say in what other people must do on the subject.

  • John D, Please learn your bible before you talk about what isn’t there. Read Romans 13: 1 Obey the government, for God is the one who put it there. All governments have been placed in power by God. 2 So those who refuse to obey the laws of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.

  • The Good Samaritan was from the Culture of Death?
    We know the Samaritan was not a believer in Christ. It is Jesus who tells the story – which is how we know he was no Christian.

    The Samaritans were a hodgepodge of pagan notions – few religious commitments if any.

    Yet morality was certainly not a problem for him!
    He knew the ancient golden rule; “treat others as you would wish to be treated” and he practiced it.
    It is much older than Judaism and the Analects of Confucius.
    No gods are needed for morality.

    The living death? You are hysterical.

  • Are you confused….But don’t worry that ‘dead man’ still might save your soul…Here’s hoping and praying…

  • It is astonishing how articulate and clear Larry explains his views of respecting others views to the religious folk…and yet it is as it has happened to me…it falls to deaf ears…basically because most religious people discard reason and thoughtful decisions out of their lives in exchange for blind non rationalizing nor questionable beliefs…it seems being stupid somehow makes their lives easier and not being able to think somehow gives them free mind time to find ways of how to impose their views onto others…and don’t get me wrong I believe in Creationism I just don’t believe all the human made up…so called “holy book” crap all religions claim to have…

  • Alliecat-your name is appropriate. First off I’m not a protestant evangelical moron, I’m a traditional Catholic! second, an unjust law)s) is/are no law at all….So tell us, alley cat (another word for whore, that doesn’t apply to you I’m sure,) do you see St. Paul endorsing abortions by the millions and homo “marriage?” You are a phony because you aren’t even a believing protestant cookamunga! Try a little less hypocrisy in you next comment.

  • Hey John D as a female my male husband and children would be surprised you labeled me as such. I know what the discussion is. My reference to a ‘dead man’ was a reply to the confused person, using their own words. Of course, Jesus is alive but not everyone knows that yet.

  • Of course you do and so do we. But we will not be silenced. And the intimidation and intolerace against florists, bakers, photographers, etc.all across this country are coming from the gay lobby, whether they are atheists or not I don’t pretend to know.

  • Larry…God is Love. We send ourselves to Hell. Following His path leads to true freedom. Freedom to follow a moral life as best we can. No one is perfect. We are all sinners. But God persues us all the time and waits for us. And when we’re ready He will offer His grace, a grace, that will change your life. I hope you will accept it. I did and never once regretted it.

  • @ JOHN D,

    Jesus took the kid gloves off long ago:

    “ those who would not have me as their king, bring to me those enemies of mine, EXECUTE THEM in front of me.” – JESUS (Luke 19:27)

    What could possibly go wrong with a preachment like that?

  • @JOHN D,

    I am evil? I am depraved? I am disruptive? I am immoral?
    Look at the one to whom you pray:

    ”Said the Lord….YET WILL I SLAY even the beloved fruit of their womb.” (Hosea 9:11-16)

    Were these unborn particularly evil? Why were they denied so-called free will?
    Yes, abortion should be avoided as much as possible.
    But we will get no such agreement from the God of the Bible.

  • @JOHN D,

    We have a marxist government?

    With 1% of the people holding 55% of the nation’s wealth? What sort of marxism is this? This is an extremist capitalist system of the highest order.
    The tax breaks all went to the “job creators”…. remember?

  • dear hannah…
    “why can’t everyone just accept the fact that everyone is different and just get along.”
    Indeed. But religion keeps pushing itself on everyone even though we sit quietly and do nothing harmful.
    We won’t be safe until the secularists and atheists outnumber the religious.
    It is still a long way off.
    Just look at the Arizona Senate this week making laws to hurt homosexuals. they want to role back the freedom of millions of people just because they can – it is the nature of the religious to push other people around.

  • ronnie, how do you know god is so real.? i mean – aren’t you imagining in your mind a wonderful, beautiful, loving Jesus who is perfect and forgives everyone? now how do you know that this is something real? how do you know for sure that it isn’t just in your mind only?that is what i don’t’ understand. i can imagine jesus also. I can imagine talking to him. but that doesn’t mean it is real. prayers are nice sentiments but i don’t see how they can be truly answered-and they aren’t answered actually.
    If prayers were answered ambulances would just pull up to churches instead of hospitals. you know what i mean? anyway.

  • IT is interesting that none of the commentators are actually medical professionals. Those of us who are should not be forced to perform any procedure or dispense any medication contrary to our religious beliefs. We do not, however, have the right to keep you from the procedure. That patient could have easily bought the meds from another store. Would you force a Catholic MD to perform abortions? Would you tell a Muslim she could not wear a head scarf? Would you make a Jew eat bacon? Or for that matter, a vegan eat beef? Or a member of PETA wear fur? No to all of of these, which is as it should be. Tolerance is preached for all, right? Then be tolerant of the Baptist deacon who believes it is sinful to dispense plan B. You would not want to be forced to do something on your job that is abhorrent to you. He, in turn should not be forced to do so either. I am a pharmacist. I do dispense plan B, but I respect the right of other pharmacists not to.

  • It’s hubris to play G-d.

    Hall acted to keep others from making their own choices. G-d gave everyone the right to make their own choices. For him to take that away is hubris and pride, as if he is somehow a better human than anyone else. We were all made in G-d’s image, women too.

    G-d will put into the world what G-d wants. Hall should have trusted more in G-d.

    We protect the right of each person to follow their own soul. Hall tried to take away that right.

    On another note, he wasn’t doing his job. People can get fired for not doing their jobs. If he were Muslim or Jewish or Wiccan, or even an atheist, if he did the exact same thing, he would be fired.

  • Great comments Larry. John D, I remember someone else who preached tolerance. He said things like “love your neighbor” and “love your enemy”. Wonder what happened to that guy…

  • I am actually from the town that this happened and know Hall. He has now opened his very own pharmacy called Hall Pharmacy in Jamestown Tennessee in direct competition with Walgreens. Of course this is a very small town with 5 other pharmacies so I say good luck to him LOL

  • “We must obey God rather than men” Acts 5:29 Romans 13:1 was Hitler’s favorite Bible verse. That verse is taken totally out of context by governments and tyrants. Furthermore, Walgreens is being run by “pod people” these days (Malignant Narcissists and Sociopaths) who have no empathy or compassion for their customers and are TOTAL HYPOCRITES, denying legitimately prescribed pain medication and other types of meds that are on the Alphabet Soup Agencies “controlled” list. They act like they are “gods” and are more knowledgeable about the patient than the DOCTORS who prescribed the medication. And this is happening at Walgreens all across the Police State USSA. Get off your high horse soap box you hypocrites. This man did one little thing according to his faith in a HIGHER power than corrupt govt and he is being crucified for it, meanwhile, there are THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of complaints against the Narcissist Pharmacists at Walgreens on their “Good Faith” power trips (good faith to the devil they are serving) for NOT filling LEGITIMATE prescriptions for PAIN medicine or diet medicine or adhd medicine, etc. because they SANCTIMONIOUSLY think they are “gods’ who know what you need and know that most of you are “crackheads”. YOU LARRY are the one full of “self righteous zealotry”. The narcissists always accuse the victims of what THEY in fact, are doing. Text book classic.

  • Amen. The only ones percescuted and ridiculed nowadays are Christians or professing Christians. It’s not politically correct to persecute any other group especially not the corrupt corporate owned US government and their alphabet soup agencies and all the brain dead narcissistic employees they actively seek out to employee (pod people who have no human empathy and behave like cold calculating robots that cannot be reasoned with). You can persecute anyone who has true faith in the ONE TRUE GOD, but no one else. Just makes it all the more apparent where the truth is.