Pastor Bob Coy resigned Thursday (April 3) from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

Pastor of Florida megachurch resigns over 'moral failure'

Pastor Bob Coy resigned Sunday from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. (Image via Wiki Commons)

Pastor Bob Coy resigned Thursday (April 3) from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

(RNS) Florida megachurch pastor Bob Coy has resigned from his 20,000-member Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale congregation over a "moral failing."

A statement on the church's website reported the news: "On April 3, 2014, Bob Coy resigned as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, effective immediately, after confessing to a moral failing in his life which disqualifies him from continuing his leadership role at the church he has led since its founding in 1985."

A call to Coy on Sunday (April 6) was not returned. But it appears extramarital affairs may have been one reason.

Coy's church is listed by Outreach magazine as the 14th largest church in the U.S., and one of the fastest growing. The church's assets are around $135 million, according to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. It is the second-largest megachurch in Florida, according to the Hartford Institute for Religion Research.

Active Word, a media ministry that distributed Coy's Bible teachings on radio, television and digital media outlets, has also been suspended, according to a statement from the church's board. His programs were included on Trinity Broadcasting Network, a network that hosts several televangelists.

"We have confirmed that Coy has admitted to at least two affairs in the past year alone and has had a long standing 'problem with pornography,'" wrote blogger Michael Newnham. Newnham also wrote that Coy was taken off the board membership page for the Calvary Chapel Association, a ministry started by the late pastor Chuck Smith.

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale spokesman Mike Miller said Monday the church was not commenting beyond its statement.

“We’re not going to speculate on the blogs right now,” he said.

The church has 10 campuses around Florida and has hosted numerous evangelical speakers, including evangelist Billy Graham, author and speaker Joni Eareckson Tada and actor Kirk Cameron.



  1. I’m really hurt. I pray for him and his family. The devil is evil

  2. I really enjoyed listening to Pastor on the radio I’m hurt about this ,but mad at the enemy this world is crazy I just realize put Trust in God not man ,and you will go a long way I pray for healing n Restoration in his life n family Lives! !!!!

  3. Bob is a man. As many of you seem to have forgotten there was only one without sin, Jesus Christ. Jesus died for all our sins, Bobs included. I am not saying that what Bob did was right. But there is not one person on earth who is his judge. Bob did not save any person, only Jesus can do that. What Bob did was lead many people to the Lord.What ever he did outside of that he will be judged for his actions. But not by the arrogance of those misguided souls who chose to judge him.
    I thank you Bob for the peace you have given me. It is not my place to judge you, It is my place to pray for you and your family. That I do, and will continue to.
    As I said in my last letter You will always have a home in Texas.
    Your brother, Will
    Battalion Chief (Ret.)

  4. These charlatans steal money from people trying to buy their way into some kind of imaginary heaven. There are only four words in my Bible. “Don’t be a dick.”

  5. I pray for Bob and his family going through these rough times. We all fall short and sin only Jesus is perfect. It hurts as Im going to miss his preaching . with God we are overcomers! I pray for his true deliverance and any strongholds to be broken forever in Jesus name. What the enemy intended for evil our God will turn around for good to His Glory. You and your family are in our prayers.

  6. Sorry Brian…. not being a dick does not get you into heaven…. by Any religion. Faith in Christ….who He was and who He is…that’s it.

    That is why those that follow a man will get deceived… and disappointed, but those that rule put their faith in Christ will never be let down.

  7. Idle hands are the devil’s play toy. Instead of investing in time in pornography should have been investing time with God and His word. Complacency and pride are the reasons too many pastor’s fail. Believing they are above the temptation and hype of the fall. For I AM A SINNER and know that I am NOTHING without Christ. Seek first the kingdom of God and you will not have time for temptation. Just as David was idle so are too many mega church pastors. Time to get into the fight instead of standing on the sidelines in safety.

  8. Just four words in your Bible, yet you failed to live up to them.

  9. My prayers to Pastor Bob and his family and the body of Christ at CCFl. It was the right thing the pastor did to confess his sins to God and to those of whom he had also confess to. It helps, so as to avoid another major scandal in the church. We must remember that whenever such happens, God’s name is yet again tarnished and blasphemed by the world. We are so thankful for grace in this day and age. If God was still doing what He did when David sinned by telling him is form of punishment, who can stand. This is a wake up call for all of us in Christ to know that only Christ is perfect and not man, they will always fail. Our strength is in Christ, so we have to keep asking for His help everyday to keep us from giving into our sinful desires. He has given us an example in Him when he was tempted by the devil. Scripture says, we must “submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you”. (James 4:7).

  10. Further proof a story about a magic baby can’t teach you the difference between right and wrong .. But it will make you rich , if you’re willing to lie..

  11. Its sad & tragic. I hope that the church gives him forgiveness,love & hope. God bless his wife & family. We decree restoration & healing from Jesus Christ to all concerned.

  12. Scott . You seriously do not seem to understand the issues involved with porn addiction and sexual brokenness. I would imagine that Bob was consistently reading the bible and was extremely busy. Behaving more ‘morally’ is the thing that propels porn addicts even further into their addictions. Why don’t we in the church know this and talk about it? Insread we think that the religious activity of leadership and others provides some kind of innoculation against sin when often those outwardly deceiving righteous appearances are merely symptoms of covering up shameful addictive behaviors. No, behaving more, praying more is probably what Bob did on many occasions and to what effect? Rather than trivializing something we cannot fix with a three step method, we need to step back and admit the magnitude of sexual sin and brokenness in the church. It really is a moral failing, as Bob himself stated, as the explanation for this news. At this point we can only cry out to God for mercy and understanding.

  13. Good grief, look at those perfect white caps and that hairdo… the guy looks like one of the Bee Gees. Another mega-jerk reselling his snakeoil on Trinity BS Net. This pattern is getting kind of old, no?

    Hello mega-churchers? Give old fashioned orthodoxy a try. You won’t get designer coffee or have your ears tickled with rock music and psychobabble in an arena-sized venue. But you will find the bread of life, Christ and Him crucified, and nothing else.

  14. Sadly, I am not shocked, not surprised, rather, I am saddened for the lives of all those damaged as a result of one person’s periodic behavior.

    Look to Jesus Christ through the Word of God, the Bible, not mankind.

  15. We cannot know another man’s heart or life in detail. Any Christians not locally and relationally tied to this man have nothing to say about him or too him that can possibly come from love other than, “We will pray.”

    Pray the church have wisdom moving forward and seek to glorify God in this tough situation. Pray that Bob continues to find and experience the transformational grace of God. Pray we all find our way.

  16. Judge.not, lest ye be judged. By the measure you judge others, you shall be judged. There is need to heap judgment on this man. God has already done that and Jesus paid the price. Remember, when one member of the Body hurts, we all hurt. When we attack members, we only hurt ourselves. Let’s try praying for restoration and healing so the Body of Christ can be the spotless Bride Christ us returning for.

  17. I was shocked and disturbed by this news. However, pastor Bob is still a man. The devil knows our sinful patterns and will find endless opportunities to back us into those corners in which we are left weakened and taken advantage of spiritually. This is a great victory for satan.

    We need to remain steadfast and in prayer for him and his family. Jesus is the only man who lived amoungst us with out sin, Our dear Pastor, no matter how spirit moved he is, is still a man and is subjected to sin the same way we are. Even more so. No one but God knows when you or I mess up, in this case everyone knows. It takes true courage and repentance to step up the way he did although it doesn’t make it at all right. He’s still in the Lamb’s book of life. Let God deal with him the way He will all of us one day, and again continue to keep him in prayer and pray for yourselves to keep hope and faith during this difficult season. God bless you all.

  18. Well said, Ariane! Porn addiction is racing through the church like a forest fire, sweeping men and women and teens into behaviors they find repugnant but cannot resist. Myopic Pharisaical private piety does not help. Rather than doubling down on the old “pray more, study more, try harder” solution, we must begin the terrifying but liberating process of walking together as forgiven sinners, confessing our sins to one another (not just to God) in order to find healing. That’s easier said than done. Personally, I didn’t even consider living this way until, like Bob, I had no other option.

  19. If we really want to help Pastor Coy, we should stop watering down the truth by calling what he did a “moral failure” but by God’s description – SIN.

  20. Yes, for those commenting ‘he is just a man like us’. James 3:1- teachers are held to a higher standard!!! All this, he’s just a man…is just a convenient excuse to keep on sinning. 1 Cor. 5:12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 But those who are outside, God judges. REMOVE THE WICKED MAN FROM AMONG YOURSELVES…..why do people not understand this?????

  21. For the grace of God there goes I…

  22. How impressed I am, that, not in one comment do the writers here turn against their Pastor or say this action will lead themselves to walk away from God-from the Christ. The few times I visited Calvary, I heard Pastor Bob make comments about “a church that didn’t do it right”. He never stated what religion, but, I could always tell, he was referring to mine. I did not consider that necessary, nor did I like it. Yet, I am so grateful to God that HE will still be the ultimate leader of these people. I am impressed with their forgiveness, and, yes, God is LOVE and God is forgiveness. Prayers and blessings for all.

  23. Lighten up people…pastors are human, just like the hypocrites who pay to hear them preach what their daddies and mommies taught them to believe.

  24. This pretty much puts him in the same sexual league as most of the biblical patriarchs. Like Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived… he could have had sex with a different wife/concubine every night for THREE YEARS before repeating the same person.

  25. Obviously – spoken by someone who has never been nor has any idea what it is like to be a Mega church pastor – but instead has enough “idle” time themselves to criticize the life of the fallen in some self assured piety. Especially – with trite and pat answers such as “should have read the Bible more”. Maybe when the church (its people) stops being surprised that God is using and has used since the beginning of history flawed men and woman to do his work – which includes all of us – and that they sometimes fall – and instead – gets honest, authentic and real about the struggles of sin we all face – the fake spirituality and piety that is chasing more away from God than too him will be reversed. We should hurt for this man, his family, this church and in the same breath be gratefully amazing at how God was able to use them in spite of them being just like the rest of us.

  26. Sounds like pride and arrogance exits in both. I think that’s why Jesus hated it so much.

  27. After reading all the comments there seem to be a whole lot of people in denial! Perhaps part of the man’s problem was that he sought help for his problem in Religion!

  28. Hey guy’s my name is Angel laser I am a brother of a pastor at Calvary chapel Fort Lauderdale. And I am just here to say that we have ALL fallen short from Jesus and his love for us. And for the people who knows Pastor Bob coy. Know that he is the one of many that God has chosen to began his church. Pastor Bob coy taught us that the church started with Jesus Christ and with all the power and will in me. I will make Sure that the church will end that way. The Lords word will be preached with or without pastor Bob. But I will let you know 1 thing Pastor Bob IS and will ALWAY be my and our pastor. And for those who went to Calvary chapel only for pastor Bob. We will see but for those who went for Jesus we will stand strong for Pastor Bob our church and most importantly our Jesus Christ who has died for each and every one of us . And for those who always have something bad to say. It’s the enemy so for those who think this is insulting you or calling you out. Maybe you should check yourself. I speak love but most importantly I speak truth.

  29. The decision taken by our pastor give us an example of what is the right thing to do when we make a mistake and sin REPENT and SEEK for the LORD so he can forgive , heal and restore. No just to keep walking like nothing is happening hiding our mistakes and sins.
    As we know the pastor has a bigger responsibility on God eyes because he has to lead the church so he needs to be a good example but do not forget that it is also our responsibility as the church to keep on our prayers our pastors so the enemy attacks do not touch the head of our church. repeatedly he was asking for more prayer and fasting and he was constantly reminding that our eyes were to be on God and not man..
    We love Pastor Bob and his family and we ask God’s mercy and forgiveness and the holy spirit and blood of Christ being shed in his wife’s heart, to help her to forgive and heal her heart and to their children that fill them with love and peace at this time.
    we are here to love them not judge them and we are in prayer so that the enemy does not get away with his desire to knock down our church. Calvary Chapel Church is our time to give and show that God is in our hearts that our eyes are on God and not man . and that as a church we are here to help not to judge !!!! just let this matter in God’s hand wile we do our best for our church God is in control!! and GOD is the one and only one who can judge and get it right with pastor Bob.

  30. This is in support of Bob, a Pastor I have listed to for years.
    Proverbs 7
    21 With persuasive words she led him astray;
    she seduced him with her smooth talk.
    22 All at once he followed her
    like an ox going to the slaughter,
    like a deer[a] stepping into a noose[b]
    23 till an arrow pierces his liver,
    like a bird darting into a snare,
    little knowing it will cost him his life.

    24 Now then, my sons, listen to me;
    pay attention to what I say.
    25 Do not let your heart turn to her ways
    or stray into her paths.
    26 Many are the victims she has brought down;
    her slain are a mighty throng.
    27 Her house is a highway to the grave,
    leading down to the chambers of death.

    MANY, MANY are the Victims that have been brought down. I honor his honesty with out condoning his actions. Many Pastors fall, Many men fall and the great thing about Jesus is he wants to be there when we fall cause he is the first to jump to help pick us up. I pray that if I ever fall in to sin like this that I have the strength like He did to put my relationship the Jesus first, face the music and work it out.
    Praying for you Bob

  31. Lying is sin.
    Hating someone is sin.
    Stealing is sin.
    The scripture says SIN is “missing the mark” of God’s standard of perfection. His Holiness. We can only be considered holy because HE sees us as covered in the righteousness of CHRIST!

    The term “moral failure” is simply stating the TYPE of “sin” he is dealing with. It doesn’t soften it or water it down at all!
    It simply identifies the specific sin that has made it necessary to step down from his ministry position.

    EVERYONE HAS and WILL CONTINUE TO “sin” until the day we see HIM face to face.

    Jesus came to PAY for every sin.
    Grace & forgiveness are what we have received & that is what we are called to give. If we believe what the scripture says then we KNOW the damage was caused BY THE ENEMY! He is like a vicious lion prowling around looking for every opportunity to destroy us. Unfortunately, he set up the right trap & Bob stepped into it.

    Bob is not the enemy folks.
    Satan is after ALL of us… People like pastor Bob & his family even more so because of the stage & influence he has been given by God.

    Bob has confessed & stepped down now. That is good!!!
    He & his family can begin to move forward in healing & restoration!

    Let’s not be yet another tool of the enemy. Instead, let’s be warned, walk in faith & do our best to be like Jesus, who intercedes FOR US!


  32. So true justin! Preach it brother! I found your comment on here and thought exactly the same thing.

  33. To the average Christian, forgiveness, charity and grace are only for them and not for others. If he was not a preacher, someone with self-created religious authority, those same people who are forgiving him for those sins now would be, “lining up to throw stones”. If this was a Hollywood celebrity or even one’s neighbor, the judgmental finger pointing would be rife.

  34. I don’t recall such an outpouring of support for Ted Haggard – I suppose adultery is okay as long as it’s heterosexual

  35. If I see another comment with Bob Coy and King David in the same sentence I think I am going to throw-up, OK well there I did it and I did…no way the man Coy and the King David are even remotely comparable, not in stature, not in position and not in favor with God. Coy may have been “King” of Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale, but he was a long way from King of “the Christians” or any other segment of the secular or religious community. To hear some talk, you would think he was Pope Bob. The man is a traitor to his family, his congregation and the ministry of Christ, Pastor James McDonald says betrayal is one of the worst offenses we as Christians can commit. So think about it in graphic terms, Coy would preach scathing sermons about the moral corruptness and outright Godlessness of infidelity and then go back to his office and screw the secretary. How do we know Coy came forward voluntarily? Maybe the [expletive deleted] he was screwing were threatening to disclose the relationship(s), maybe there was financial impropriety involved, I think there could be much more to the story…so you can forgive Coy, as will I, but that does not mean you ever have to associate with him, speak of him or think of him. In fact, his own church has removed every vestige of him from their website and from the Active Word, an excommunication of sorts, and for good reason, I suggest you consider doing the same….

  36. David, you are so right. I am in complete agreement with you here.

  37. I know all of the focus right now is on Bob. I do pray for him and his family.
    I also pray that any others that may have been involved also get the help they and their families need.

  38. at least he resigned and didn’t try to hide it and cover it up.. he did the right thing by resigning, not trying to say it didnt happen.

  39. My heart is broken by this news for a gifted, intelligent and once spirit anointed man who has won many to Christ has been wounded by the works of our flesh that Satan loves to use to rob, kill and destroy those who have had an intimate relationship with Jesus. I now pray for protection and healing for Bob, his wife and family and the vibrant church that the Holy Spirit used him to build. God still does not want anyone to perish and I pray that Bob will humble himself, submit to accountability to people who love him and who want to help him overcome this moral failure. David, the Psalmist, overcame and became greatly used of God to protect and save the nation of Israel from its enemies. I don’t believe God wills that His body the Church discard the wounded but through repentance and prayer to see them healed and forgiven as trophies of his mercy that endures forever.

  40. Girl with pearl..I will continue to treasure every word Bob Coy has taught…and look forward to those he will speak in the future. He never tried to harden a heart towards another. I never knew I was in a mega church since it felt like he was talking to me directly. When I was in need of prayer, he directed his staff to me. He is an inspiration to thousands, even in his brokenness. God bless him and his family.

  41. Please don’t leave this church, the leadership did the right thing, the Pastor has confess & he was brought down for healing & restoration for him, his wife & family. Sin is not the problem, hiding sin is. I am sure he has helped many who have sinned to heal & restore. I am the ex wife of a Pastor who sinned & continued to hide his sin, until our church was destroyed. Pray for his wife, family & HIM! Marie from Miami

  42. I suspected his megalomania over a decade ago. It was all about the glory and recognition of himself. Now it has proven itself. This is not the devil. This is about a man who worships and adores himself, above all others. I feel so sad for the congregation that chose to follow him. What a shame.

  43. C’mon, read the news. He was hiding it for over year. And not only one (!) disact. They do investigate and suspect there are more than just two he confessed. He was shamelessly living his sin, while preaching Gods words. Yes I know anyone makes mistakes, but I find hard to believe he confessed out of purity his heart. Just the truth please. He probably was caught and confronted and had no other aleternative… Otherwise he still would of continue serving and preaching, while commiting adultery. Stop excusing double standards and false morals, covering it by His name. Normal people … They just divorce! Would be more honest of him if he did just that.

  44. Totally agree. Don’t preach it if you can’t live it.

  45. Well stated. May I say in reference to your mention of McDonald that last year his long time Elder resigned because of McDonald’s behavior in his “management” his mega-church. His sins may not have been sexual, but he is disqualified to be preacher also. I listened intently to McDonald and even tried to wade through a few of his books. He seems off the rails to me. He had heavy handed goons turn away a Christian reporter at his elephant in the room soiree’ a few years ago. The LORD is certainly shaking that which can be shaken today. Maranatha.

  46. Calvary Chapel pastors currently hiding your sins…come clean, do the right thing. If you really “trust the Lord”…then quit dodging the consequences and man-up and take your medicine. Quit playing Business with your church, quit playing Celebrity and Guru and quit hiding behind the veneer that you are something you are not. If Calvary Chapel ever wants to see a true “move of the Spirit”…it will start with Leadership coming forward and being honest about who they are, what they’ve done and then exampling true Christianity for the world to see. True Christianity is about humility…the humility that knows you are as much a sinner as the homosexual or the drug addict or the person who makes you uncomfortable because their sin is different from your sin.

  47. Calvary Chapel pastors currently hiding your sins…come clean, do the right thing. If you really “trust the Lord”…then quit dodging the consequences and man-up and take your medicine. Quit playing Business with your church, quit playing Celebrity and Guru and quit hiding behind the veneer that you are something you are not. If Calvary Chapel ever wants to see a true “move of the Spirit”…it will start with Leadership coming forward and being honest about who they are, what they’ve done and then exampling true Christianity for the world to see. True Christianity is about humility…the humility that knows you are as much a sinner as the homosexual or the drug addict or the person who makes you uncomfortable because their sin is different from your sin.

  48. I am so glad that this was expose for one reason alone. That is, as Paul had written—it now gives the church individually and as a community to: 1) to clean out the leaven, 2) to protect those victimized, and to not be so quick to restore until those fruit of repentance are clearly evidenced. To do otherwise is not God’s way, but only those who either do not really understand what evidence needs to be in place or don’t want to bother with the process it takes to insure the safety and welfare of those who had been exploited, seduced, and mesmerized by such who led everyone to believe he (or she) was that which took such little thought, care, and concern with those who was placed close to their hearts by marriage and then by the supposed calling from which they claimed to have from God.
    Sorry, but I have absolutely no sympathy for any pastor who does this. It is a choice and it didn’t happened by accident, but rather was deliberate and intentional every step of the way. Although they may have been in denial–it was due to that narcissistic state of mind that enabled them to believe for a second that it was ever okay to do and that being who they were would exceed anything that anyone else could say or do that would cause them to be held to an account.
    My heart goes out to this man’s wife and children. He is the person who needs treatment–lots of it. And this wife needs all the support and protection she can get while her husband does what he should have done a long, long time ago.

  49. How come if a non christian commits adultry it is called what the Bible calls it. Adultry. If a christian commits adultry, it is called a moral failure. We then make excuses about mans imperfections. Jesus said that even if you only think about sex with one who is not your spouse, its adultry. My bible says to judge those inside the church and to let God judge those outside.Can Mr Coy be forgiven Absolutely? Should he be in leadership? That is up to the church leaders if he can prove he has overcome his issues. Even if he nedds accountability partners. But that is a long way off, if it even ever happens. Even more damaging is what he has done to his wife and children. Does one mans sin only affect himself? Ask Bathshebas husband. I will be praying for Mr. Coy and his family.

  50. Thank you for that information, I only quote James McDonald because I like many of his teachings, I do not know of him personally. Is Joel Osteen next?

  51. Yes, he resigned but would not face the congregation – had a asst Pastor read some lame statement about recovery and healing…can we really believe anything this man says now? Calvary Chapel is doing all that it can to save itself and distance itself from pure evil, certainly think that is wise. You are a traitor and a coward Coy, God may eventually forgive you, as will men, but do not think you will ever be taken seriously as a Pastor, this was not just sin, as you were not just an ordinary man, you were endowed with a sacred position of trust, a leader of God’s people by your own words and your actions, you violated that holy trust, that makes you special…you choose to sin, you choose to suffer, perhaps the gravity of the suffering will fit the gravity of the sin, I hope for your sake God is merciful.

  52. Water seeks it own level. These charlatans attract their own kind who are generally all too ready to forgive them and make excuses for their conduct.
    Their “sins” are almost always of the most vulgar sort, which naturally they attribute to the devil. What a tired old un-newsworthy game. And what does it say about the God who created them?

  53. Was Pastor Bob sexually active with a young man or a young woman?

  54. First of all, all of us are sinners. We all are weak in our flesh. It comes across as being rather judgemental and arrogant claiming to know the thoughts of someone else. Just a thought. It is God alone that we are to follow. Anytime we follow man, we will ultimately be let down. By embracing the teachings of a pastor, does that negate all the lives that have been transformed and the good that has been done because of that leader? No. If we stumble or are deeply wounded because of what a senior pastor or any spiritual leader has done for that matter, it is time for us to examine our motivations and kneel before Him.

  55. Yes. In agreement. The words on this message board speak volumes. It is rather clear to see a smidgen of what is inside the hearts from the words of mankind just from these posts. It is very simple-minded of us to to even hint at the idea of knowing the motivations of others. Now really. If we had control over every single dot and tittle of our lives, would we really need a Savior? If God created us perfectly, we would have no need for salvation. It is through our weakness that we are perfected. Weakness is a common thread to all of humanity.

  56. He needs your prayers not your opinion! He led me to Jesus Christ and for that I will always be Thankful!!!

  57. Ten years ago my then husband was involved in adulterous affair while we were attending Calvary Chapel. Our son was in preschool at CCA and my husband had been a member of the choir. I reported the allegations to more than one member of the leadership team and they did nothing! I divorced my husband and left the church feeling very disillusioned. My prayers are with Dianne and the children as I know how it feels. And unfortunately Christianity takes another hit!

  58. Did anyone even think to say anything about the women in this? Do we even know if the sexual misconduct with these women were consensual? Were they doped by the so called Rock Star Pastor who promised them a bigger kingdom in heaven for following along. It is sad that this happened but lets focus on who is the real victim here. Bob Coy def. is not!!! He chose to do what he did and used the “devil made me do it” attitude. Really! is that how we hold ourselves accountable by blaming someone or something else??? Isn’t that why society is jacked up in the first place??
    He didn’t even have the modesty to make the announcement himself to his so called beloved congregation.. He had someone else do it for him. Its a sham as far as i see it. The wolf leading his sheep to slaughter. I feel everyone deserves forgiveness when they can admit that they F’d up, but according to reports he was asked to step down, Did he feel any remorse for the women he lead astray or his wife or kids? I feel bad for his fam. and I pray that they find light at the end of this really dark tunnel.

  59. Hmmmm…… guess Greg Laurie is the guy then…..
    My only question is HOW did this come to light?

    The Billy Graham wannabe should step into Chuck’s shoes now that he is cold in the grave and Mr Hot Stuff is outa the way.
    Wonder if he’ll get a new AS ABOVE SO BELOW LOGO?

  60. Agree…. and am pleasantly surprised.
    Most Calvarys CANNOT remove the pastor because the pastor owns everything.
    I am quite surprised that Bob Coy did not have things set up so that he couldn’t be removed.
    Unless…… a lot of….uh…. outside help pushed hard enough to push him out.

    Yah folks….. belong to a CalChap and all that monies is paying for and improving the pastor’s assets.

  61. Actually Will…. it IS your place to judge him…. but judge knowing that by the same measure YOU will be judged…. IE error on the side of mercy.

    Not judging is a fallacy for a Christian.

  62. May God bless you Karen.
    Sadly this is not an uncommon thing in CalChaps.
    I hear a Lady Colonel is about to come out with complaints against a CalChap pastor who covered up her sexual abuse in the church.
    Raul Ries is in hot water for the same thing.

    Google calvary chapel abuse and you’ll find out more than you wanna know.

  63. I wish the women involved in this would gain the strength to come forward and tell their story. I pray that they heal as well through this and I certainly hope that they are women over 21 and not children he was abusing and taking advantage of, which all is bad but abusing children is Worse!!!… It’s sad that people are not aware of the implications sexual abuse has on a person. Sexual abuse is just WRONG whether your a pastor or pimp, believe in Jesus or not its ALL Wrong.

  64. This is truly a tragedy and my heart breaks butHe has disqualified himself to hold this office. Although he has indeed been forgiven he can’t return to the office of pastor. This is biblical (read 1 Timothy for qualifications).

  65. Said by people who are ALREADY in a 12 Step Program doing something about their addiction. Bob Coy was NOT in a 12 Step Program doing something about his addiction.

  66. Of course this happened. This is not God’s design for the Body of Christ. Read Jon Zen’s latest book, 58 to 0: How Christ Leads through the One Anothers. The one-bishop rule (one senior pastor) with much power and control is not found in the New Testament. The New Covenant is all about Christ alone, Christ only, as Head of His Church, mediated solely through His Holy Spirit. All other ways are anathema, heresy, blasphemy. Ask any authentic Christian in the underground church in China, or India, or Africa, and they will tell you the same thing. What we see in American churches with their powerful “pastors” is not found in the Bible and is wrong, wrong, wrong. So naturally you are going to have many Rob Coys having moral failures because God did not intend them to be in power positions. Christ intended His people to be all equals, all using their Gifts in the Body of Christ, all making decisions together. While you are at it, read Pagan Christianity by George Barna and Frank Viola. You people are soooo behind the times. Read Viola’s Reimagining Church. Time for the institutional church to implode so that the Body of Christ may organically bloom everywhere.

  67. Pastor Bob, as a church leader should be held to a higher standard. He hurt many people, but none more than his wife and kids. My question is: did he only confess because he got caught? The Board of Directors forced him to resign, because they have to protect their millions. If he didn’t get caught would he have resigned? You know this did not JUST happen. This has been going on for a while. He was about to be exposed. I wonder how much the woman (or man) was paid to keep quiet. I went to Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale for many years, but left due to too much hypocrisy, in the ministry and in the congregation.

  68. Pastor Bob has a lot of “cult-like” followers. In their eyes he can do no wrong (even though he has) I blame the flock for this. He has asked to not be put on this pedestal. But like sheep they just follow the heard and don’t think for themselves. Many are in such deep denial. Do the people of South Florida not realize how much money and power that Bob Coy and Calvary Chapel has? I guarantee that this is so much bigger than what the church is revealing. The truth will prevail. And the truth shall set you free. I pray for Pastor Bob and his family.

  69. His Congregation should never have been following him. If they believed in the only HIM…..they would know the way.

  70. It does not sound like these women were raped. Seems they were consenting adults.

  71. Joel Osteen is a prosperity preacher, and does not preach the WHOLE Bible or message. He is busy trying to be liked by everyone and has had THREE or FOUR opportunities to state “Jesus is THE Way, the ONLY Way” and he has never done that. He takes the “I am not the Judge” attitude.

    He boasts that he and Victoria want to build orphanages around the world. I would say with the $30-40 Million he pulls in a year there should be orphanages on every street corner in Africa.

  72. Pastors are supposed to be our example (after Christ, of course) Pastor Bob SHOULD be held to a higher standard, and not on a pedestal. Do your homework people. Dig deeper. You will see how scandal has run ramped through Calvary Chapels, world wide. Research the money that protects the pastors running the churches. This latest scandal is not new news. It’s just now getting exposed. Just like it did with his brother Jim. And thank God is. These leaders must think they are above reproach.I can’t imagine what his wife and children are going through.

  73. The hand wringing over this pastor is deplorable.
    C’mon everyone. Act like adults.

    Religion is such self-abnegating nonsense!
    And if we needed any proof just read these comments. Like a bunch of children so disappointed that their dear leader broke down and reached into the cookie jar!

    Oh, yes. Sooo disappointed. 😛
    Look folks, sex is part of life. People are not perfect. This Christian fantasy of purity is deplorable.

  74. Religion is based on lies.
    Is it any wonder that eventually a man needs something truthful in his life?
    Sex is honest. And sex isn’t wrong.
    And if it was consensual it harms absolutely nobody!

    Really you people need to grow up!

  75. Atheist Max: You have your right to not to “believe” in the Christian faith. And you are right, sex IS natural. However, even from a moral and ethical standard, what Bob Coy did was wrong. It was destructive to his marriage, his family and his church. Men just don’t know how to keep “it” in their pants!

  76. Lol he didn’t resign as the CEO. See sunbiz for the corporate filing

  77. Yeah, the joke is on us. If he hasn’t resigned as CEO, he probably won’t. He’s got PLENTY of money, and will be protected through this entire debacle. I want to hear the woman’s side of the story. Has it been confirmed that it was a woman and not a man? I’ve heard and read so many rumors about the ” other” party.

  78. I am so glad this happened such false teaching at Calvary. I remember Bob saying he begged for God to give him a ministry, he wasn’t called by God to preach. And he believed in tongues once again false doctrine. In acts every one understood what they were saying. He didn’t believe in election and preached against God’s Word. And the fairy tale of the rapture. What a false doctrine that is. I am glad that false teacher is gone. Judgement starts at the pulpit. He never knew the fear of God!

  79. Please all of you who are bashing my Pastor..yes he got into some trouble/sin/mistake-whatever you are all calling it! Take your mouth off of my Pastor!! He showed the community the love of God-and helped to restore lives of many who came in contact with Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale! He never made himself to be the ROCK STAR! He gave that title to Jesus via is sermons and teachings..take your mouth off him!

  80. God is merciful and kind..He is not like man who throws you out when you sin or make a bad decision..God loves us so much He sent His Son to die for us-in our place..God will get the glory out of this..what is sins that all of you have hidden? Take your mouth off my Pastor!

  81. I cry out to God and pray for my Pastor as I remember him..I am from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale..what the enemy think he meant for harm-God will turn it around for Pastor Bob and our good!
    **Jesus is STILL Lord!! Pastor Bob..your not alone! if you’re reading this–just want you to know I am rooting and praying with and for you! your not alone Sir! Jesus is our Savior and Lord 🙂

  82. Hey…your little comment does not apply to Pastor Bob! I can tell tell you never heard his sermons or sit in our congregation! Don’t you mention David..take your
    Bible and read Psalms 51-that God allowed him to write–leaving that prayer for us who sins/sinned–take your mouth off of God’s man..that is my advice to you! Pastor Bob is in the Palm of the Lord!! He is loved by us and God!!

  83. Our Job is to pray, love and believe! Jesus is the Savior and Lord! Why the focus is on my Pastor and not ourselves..praying that we don’t fall..and ALL of us FELL in some way or other..your just not telling it.

  84. Its compassion..who are we to hold unforgiveness for someone short coming? My stomach turn just thinking about it..Our Father is Merciful and Kind..unlike men who throws you out without mercy! That’s why I love Jesus! He is nothing like man..

  85. May God have mercy on your soul..who are you to criticize a man of God..He is still God’s child.. I pray for mercy for you!

  86. Thank you April..thanks for your kind words! Jesus knows how to lovingly restore..Pastor Bob will be restored and used in a mightier way..a table will be prepared in the presence of his enemies..Lord forgive them..

  87. “Let the man who is sinless cast the first stone.” Who are we to judge?? For all who have commented here posing judgments, take the plank out of your own eye. We all are sinners. Only Pastor Bob’s sin was made public because of his position. I’m a part of this congregation and I still back it 100 percent! Pastor Bob is human as we are, capable of making the same mistakes. He wasn’t cocky or prideful in his position, he just had his demons to fight, as we all do, and he allowed the black moral areas in his life to become gray, leading him to make a big fall. God’s plan is bigger than our little minds can conceive. What the enemy meant for evil, God means for good. God will even turn this into a revival for Calvary Chapel and His people. Pastor Bob will face his consequences and move forward in the grace that only God can give. To be shocked by this pastor’s action would be to have placed him too high on a pedestal when he is only a man to begin with. God’s word will continue to go forth at Calvary Chapel! Pastor Bob may have lost a battle, but God has won the war. Wait and watch how God uses this bad thing as a stepping stone for the furthering of His kingdom!

  88. Oh please! I’m sure you haven’t even been to Calvary, yet you are making all of these false accusations! His teaching is accurate and directly from the Word of God. He fell into sin and his consequences and judgment will come from God. Judgment doesn’t start at the pulpit, it starts at the hand of God. It is not for us to judge, for we are all sinners in need of God’s grace.

  89. all are entitled to their opinions,however what does the scripture say about leadership and accountability? They are held to a higher standard than even church members, not so? Read 1 Cor:5 and 1 Cor 6:1-6. May God’s word convict and convince us of what is truth. He is coming for a “spotless bride” and His blood has made provision for that. May each one of us who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior examine ourselves daily that we may bring honor and glory to His name!

  90. I agree with you. I never heard of this minister before this unfortunate situation; and don’t know whether he voluntarily admitted his failure or was coerced into doing so; but I respect the step he took.

    He stepped down, which was the right thing to do. I don’t suggest that he should be restored right away. There are things in his life that need to be addressed and definitely healing for his family. I pray and hope that his marriage can be saved and strengthened and the Lord can get honor, despite the failure.

    This situation took me back to Jimmy Swaggart, who refused to step down when he went through his situation. I used to enjoy his singing, but NO MORE! I would not listen to him if he was the last preacher on Earth! That was wrong on so many levels. If a pastor thinks he is the only one who can lead his congregation, that in itself is a very big problem! Secondly, he did not respect the authority of his Church’s ruling body; so why should I respect him (Matt 18:17-18)?

    Sin and failure have to be dealt with. The whole idea of discipline is eventual restoration. There are many passages that deal with discipline and restoration (such as Matthew 18:15-17; 1 Cor 5; Gal. 6:1; 2 Thess. 3:14-15; 1 Tim. 5:20). This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Then there is the famous passage, John 8:3-11, where Jesus told the scribes and Pharisees, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”.

    This kind of sin is a black eye on the testimony; so we need to pray even more for our ministers – especially those that are in the public forum. We need to remember that is spite of the name of the church, those who follow our Lord Jesus Christ are members of ONE BODY. And finally, we need to minimize the emotional outbursts and stay in the Word and on our knees.

    Be blessed!

  91. Amen. He would make people who were not married but living together, stand up in front of the congregation and tell them they have to get married. He is a fraud on so many levels. I will never believe him again.

  92. lol you have some serious issues. I will pray for you.

  93. Since this news came out about Pastor Bob, it has come to light that a LOT of Calvary pastors are adulterers. I have read many testimonies from scorned wives of pastors and/or other men in ministry in the Calvary Chapel Franchise. I personally know someone who’s husband was an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale. Lying, cheating, poor excuse for a man! I knew this day would eventually come. And I’m sure this won’t be the last we’re going to hear of this story!

  94. Who are you people? Youve never sinned? He did step down on his own and how dare you judge him? At least he led millions to Christ !!!!! What have you people done for Jesus!!!! But sit on your a_s and bad mouth and judge!! If you were true Christians you would not be posting your negetative thoughts You would be praying!! SHAME on all of you!!!! You all need to get into the word of Christ Jesus!!!

  95. And what skeleton are you hiding in your closet???

  96. He always said its god you need to believe not me he was just a messenger. Who made a mistake!

  97. No these women were not raped sorry this was not the Catholic Church !!


  99. I am truly sorry for the pastor, his family and the congregation. I pray complete restoration for all of them. Marie’s comments were heartfelt and totally agree. Also, what Joel said is very profound and needs to be nailed at every church. At the end of the day, humility will separate the wheat from the chaff.

  100. Thank you for your comment. We are all sinners and only God can judge our lives, but when someone is being a false witness, God will somehow make the truth be known.

    When Bob Coy spoke at my church (Harvest) in CA I thought he was funny, but I did not get the vibe that he was a hold righteous man. He acturally made me cringe a few times with the words that came out of his mouth. I am surprised that if the community is really walking with God that they did not feel that vibe as well.

  101. Always is a second change, I be praying for you brother, don’t surrender eh

  102. Victims? You don’t know if the women were the aggressors! Many women in politics or church settings aggressively pursue leadership.

  103. How right you are ,maybe the sheep shall wake up now to wolves in sheeps clothing !!

  104. Yes follow your logic instead of money making pontifications.Its all just a business !!

  105. As far as I know Jesus Christ was not in it for the freebies and the money

  106. Absolutely !!! Never mind praying,his praying was on lost souls !!

  107. Oh Sorry , I was under the impression that he had a wife and family to go home to every evening !! I had not realized that he was without any Comfort ,as it were. Poor Soul,.

  108. Oh I take it that you have affairs every 6 months then and can totally emphasize with his problem ?

  109. Well unfortunately ,you may not be aware of this. But he was a Man, Or so I was told

  110. You got it in one . Clever lady . It did cross my mind how much his teeth may have cost his followers ! I wonder if he had the same set of brilliant whites ,before he left Las Vegas

  111. Yes , I think the problem was ,he just got away with it . Because he had the Power . Then he got Caught !!

  112. That’s a big rock to throw. Its amazing how the Lord is still having to kneel down and writer in the dirt. And restore and person caught in the act of Adultery. The fact that are still accuser laying and waiting stone this man. god in the flesh immediTly forgave and restored her. As he will this man. He did what requires of all of us. Acknowledge you’ve ingested poison which is sin and come to me not for an antidote but extensive treatment. Jesus said ” if any man say he is good he is a lie and the truth is not in him. Only God is good. Oh nowhere on the Bible does it say put trust in man. For you to trust in him is your error. Pray for him as he has prayed for you. You are your brothers keeper.

  113. I have but just one comment regarding your reply Vivian. I just want to point out we all might be upset here and maybe even a little angry at such neagative remarks that are being posted on here but i cant see where your ‘shining light’ comes in or where you are even in the word of christ if you can use vulgar language when speaking about a Holy God. It makes so sense to me and i don’t see where your sin is any smaller than theirs. You might want to consider praying that Godhelps you with that mouth of yours. especially if you can use such words in the same sentence with the name of my God.

  114. I knew who Mr Bobs mistress was infact she was a heroien addict and she used to be a prostitute she is truley evil…she and i lived at a women shelter and i was just gettinf to know her and she seem to really be into the word so positived well i noticed i started to see her less and less eventuly she moves into a motel down the sreet and i asked her JC how is this going to help you get ur daughter back from cps she said well i cant tell you but i know everything os going to be ok….well few days passed and next time i seen her ahe didnt look to good at all she was high she had been drinking and she said i need to talk to u ahe all this is to much for one person to just hold in…she told me how she was struggling bad in her addiction and this wwonderful family t h at tried to help her and allowed hwr to stay at their house for a short time she completly betrayed them and the guilt and ahame was eating her alive ahe told me how his wife helped her ans ahe came to know the Lord and 2 times his wife had gotten a bad feeling and she wanted to pray over JC and her own family and JC said ahe started vomiting and her body started pulsating amd convoulsing kind of like a exorsizm except her head didnt start spinning unless she just left that part out…amdways not once but 2 times on difdernt occasions this happened…The devil knew this man could do many many great things amd lead many to Jesus Christ and that is why the devil wantes to bring him down so bad and so hard and i had to pull away from JC bcos like i told her it is wrong i know ita wrong and she was doing drugs eveey day and Bob oh my goodness Bod was so lost looking i cried for this man that i didnt even know i didnt attend that church how ever his wife did volunteer at the ahelter JC ans i lived at anyways i cried bcos the devil had him so blinded by the blonde hair and slim fit body shape ans fake religion/life the enemy has him right were he,wanted him i dnt understand why we have to judge them so much more harder just bcos they are a precher they are human too…maybe if eveeyone had not come down on him so hard he would have stayed and worked things out with his family JC only wantes to use him for his money and a free home and transportation md to get her daughter back that she doesnt need sorry JC but I know you will not be able to smile and flirt and talk your way out of this one God is a good God but he is also Just amd Fair May God Keep his hand over Mr Bob amd his family and maybe even bring them back together

  115. The Devil had NOTHING t do with It, Coy found a way to feed his habit. Guys like him ALWAYS do. STOP blaming the Devil he has MORE important things to do.

  116. What everybody is failing to overlook. Yes, he sinned, it is not an excuse but he is human and as humans we sometimes sin. I would have hoped that he would have sought help from the church leaders to help him deal when it was in the temptation stage. But again, remember that what he preached was the word of God, he preached from the bible and what he preached was the truth. People need to remember that and not think that he mislead them in that area, that he himself did not follow it is a different subject.

  117. I love you pastor Bob I left calvary ft Lauderdale in 07 to go back to upstate ny I am shocked by what im reading in the 6 yrs I went to calvary pastor Bob brought people like me dealing with my own addictions to drugs and porn closer with God without Bobs words and me feeling what he was saying I never would have got thru those rough times in my life I can sit and listen to pastor bob for days on in hes a great man who made a mistake love you pastor bob and thank you for bringing me to the lord I know you will be back holy and wiser than ever

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