PHOTOS: “Just Me and Allah” explores queer Muslim identity

Washington (RNS) Photographer Samra Habib’s exhibit, “Just Me and Allah,” opens at the Toronto Public Library on June 18. Learn more about Habib and her work by reading RNS Correspondent Omar Sacirbey’s article, and, If you can’t attend the exhibit in-person, don’t worry, RNS has you covered with a gallery of 10 images that will be featured at the exhibit.

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T.J. Thomson

T.J. Thomson is an award-winning photojournalist, designer, and writer.

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  • Too bad I am not in the Toronto exhibit. I would of loved to attend and support my Queer Muslim sisters and brothers in anyway I can.

    Leo Muslims have been in Canada since 1800’s. Also Islam is the second largest religion in the world.