Joni Eareckson Tada to Brittany Maynard: God alone chooses the day you die, not you

People Magazine cover featuring Brittany Maynard.
People Magazine cover featuring Brittany Maynard.

Photo courtesy of People

People Magazine cover featuring Brittany Maynard.

(RNS) It has been heartbreaking these last few days to hear the story of Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old, beautiful young woman diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor and given only a few months to live. The saddest part of the story for me, however, is not her prognosis, but her decision to end her life prematurely on Nov. 1 through physician-assisted suicide.

I understand she may be in great pain, and her treatment options are limited and have their own devastating side effects, but I believe Brittany is missing a critical factor in her formula for death: God. The journey Brittany — for that matter, all of us — will undertake on the other side of death is the most important venture on which we will ever embark. So it must not be disregarded or brushed aside without thinking twice about the God who alone has the right to decide when life should begin and end.

Unfortunately, three countries and five states have now determined that individuals can make these choices for themselves. This is what happens when God is removed: The moral consensus that has guided that society begins to unravel. People in this country have bought into the premise that one really is better off dead than disabled.

In the Netherlands, for instance, doctors are free to decide whether a child born with a disability should live. The government has come up with a guideline of standards and if the medical team believes that the child — or the parents — would face significant suffering, then that infant can be euthanized.

It shouldn’t be the state’s responsibility to help people who are despairing of their physical circumstances to kill themselves. Rather, let’s pour more effort into improving pain management therapies. Let’s channel more resources into the hospice movement. Let’s lift people out of depression through compassionate support and family assistance and help.

Romans 14:7 says, “For none of us lives to himself alone and none of us dies to himself alone.” Brittany’s well-publicized decision is already influencing untold numbers of despairing people that physician-assisted suicide could be the answer to their problems. This is no way to strengthen care and nurturing in society; rather, such a decision further unravels the cords of compassion that have characterized our nation for so many decades. A right to privacy is radicalized by physician-assisted suicide — it does not strengthen the common good, but only alienates, separates and dismantles us as a people who truly care for one another.

If I could spend a few moments with Brittany before she swallows that prescription she has already filled, I would tell her how I have felt the love of Jesus strengthen and comfort me through my own cancer, chronic pain and quadriplegia. I would tell her that the saddest thing of all would be for her to wake up on the other side of her tombstone only to face a grim, joyless existence not only without life, but without God.

Brittany may think her choice is a highly personal and private one, but it is not. Already, her decision has reignited hotly contested debates as to whether physician-assisted suicide should be expanded beyond the five states where it is legal. Proponents of Brittany’s decision are already using her story as a bully pulpit to advance their so-called death-with-dignity agendas.

But should access to lethal prescriptions be considered as merely another menu item available for dying patients? Is good hospice care allowing for people to control the timing and manner of their deaths? I do not believe so. Expanding hospice “services” to include an option to be put to death would not enhance palliative care, but actually interfere with the proper delivery of hospice services.

There are good laws throughout the U.S. that help people die with dignity — laws that provide advanced pain management therapies for people dealing with intractable pain. Plus, people have the legal right to refuse treatment if they don’t want it.

In addition, legalizing physician-assisted suicide in more states may send a bad signal to families who have little access to health care dollars: Would we be saying to low-income families, “We won’t provide health care for your critical condition, but we can make it easier for you to commit suicide”?

Most of all, assisted suicide poses a real danger to people with disabilities. Who is to say when multiple sclerosis or ALS is classifed as “terminal”? People who receive a diagnosis of a chronic, disabling condition often experience suicidal feelings, but later adapt very well. Working through that initial period of despondency takes a lot longer than the “waiting periods” of existing physician-assisted suicide laws.

Joni Eareckson Tada is an author, disability advocate and the founder of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, whose Christian Institute on Disability aggressively promotes life, human dignity and the value of all individuals from a biblical perspective. Injured in a diving accident in 1967, Tada is one of the longest living quadriplegics on record. Photo courtesy of Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni Eareckson Tada is an author, disability advocate and the founder of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, whose Christian Institute on Disability aggressively promotes life, human dignity and the value of all individuals from a biblical perspective. Injured in a diving accident in 1967, Tada is one of the longest-living quadriplegics on record. Photo courtesy of Joni Eareckson Tada

Only Jesus was able to transform the landscape of life-after-death by conquering the grave and opening the path to eternal life. Three grams of phenobarbital will provide only a temporary reprieve and will only more quickly usher in an eternity separated from God, which would be ultimate and pointless suffering.

Life is the most irreplaceable and fundamental condition of the human experience, and I implore Brittany and others considering her example to take a long, hard look at the consequences of a decision that is so fatal, and worst of all, so final.

(Joni Eareckson Tada is an author, disability advocate and the founder of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, whose Christian Institute on Disability aggressively promotes life, human dignity and the value of all individuals from a biblical perspective. Injured in a diving accident in 1967, Tada is one of the longest-living quadriplegics on record.)


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  • My attitude towards “assisted suicide” is entirely negative. If you want to kill yourself, it is an act you should do by yourself. It is immoral to drag other people into the decision.

    The biggest problem with assisted suicide is gauging the intent of the person. If the infirmity is mental in nature, they may not have the capacity to consent to such an act (which is what got Kevorkian into trouble).

    The only thing worse is using a religious appeal to chime in on the subject. Religious attitudes towards suicide are arbitrary and contradictory at best. Pretty much any time religious dogma gets involved with medical science, nothing good comes from it. Be it on the subject of abortion, life supporting equipment, or in this case assisted suicide. It creates hard arbitrary rules where flexible context dependent actions are required.

    As for the child euthanasia practices in Europe, I would lay most of the blame on these on fiscal conservatives. Severely disabled children of parents without bountiful means would likely become the responsibility of the state either directly as their wards or through disability assistance. Since such conservatives look to cut back or remove social services for the general public, euthanasia becomes an expedient viable option under the law. Indifference to the poor translates to indifference towards keeping their disabled children alive.

  • “People in this country have bought into the premise that one really is better off dead than disabled.”

    Nice try bringing “disability rights” rhetoric into it, but your readers already know that Maynard isn’t disabled. She is terminally ill and will die painfully, slowly and pointlessly. It’s best to stick to your real reasoning (“God says no!”) rather than drag in blatant canards about disabilities and laws in the Netherlands (not part of the US, in case you weren’t aware). In this case, the notion being “bought into is” that you’re better off dead now without pain than after a few months of rotting away in a bed.

    The most compelling voice on this issue belongs not to the grandstanding Joni Tada, but to Brittany Maynard. Remember her? She’s the one who is dying. Here is how she describes what lies in store for her:

    “But even with palliative medication, I could develop potentially morphine-resistant pain and suffer personality changes and verbal, cognitive and motor loss of virtually any kind.

    “Because the rest of my body is young and healthy, I am likely to physically hang on for a long time even though cancer is eating my mind. I probably would have suffered in hospice care for weeks or even months. And my family would have had to watch that.”

    Morphine-resistant pain and a deteriorating psyche. That is the beautiful plan Jodi Tada’s God has laid out for Maynard. That is what Tada, who is apparently a grand sadist, is telling Maynard she is morally obligated to suffer through for the sake of Jesus. If God didn’t want her to kill herself, maybe he shouldn’t have given her the brain tumor. For an omniscient deity, he doesn’t sound overly bright. As for Ms. Tada, I think the words of the late (and Christian) Johnny Cash apply: “You’re so heavenly minded, you’re no earthly good.”

    Religion News Service has truly hit a new low by publishing this monstrous screed. All regular contributors to RNS should be ashamed to accept money from an outfit that would publish something this sick.

  • She wants to end her life, that is her choice.

    I just think its fair to everyone that if Ms. Maynard does want to end her life, she should be the one to do it.

  • Everything in this article, every argument and allusion to what other nations allow to happen, every Bible verse raised in defense of letting “God” (as defined by the author) choose one’s time of death is totally irrelevant to the question of whether or not the individual has the right to make that choice for themselves. And if there are others who believe that is the individual’s right and their participation in assisting is voluntary, then the insistence by the author that someone should be alone at that moment is one of the most horrible of all her arguments.

  • Another compassion filled Christian, lol. Telling a person that God wants her to man up and have her brain eaten away and then die an excruciating death. Hey Joni, tell us where in the bible you find that? Oh, you can’t. next.

  • Joni, when I was young I read your book over and over. I loved it and I know your story. But I’m very disappointed in this article. Brittany is not disabled. She does not have the option of finding a new way to live her life in a fulfilling way as you did as a disabled or differently abled person. She realizes that she faces an agonizing, horrible death. That is her only option. When I put my dog “to sleep” when he was dying of cancer, I knew I was doing the right thing and that it was time, because his suffering had begun to interfere with his quality of life. He was having trouble breathing and sleeping, and I did the merciful thing and let him go. We do this for animals all the time, but we force humans to suffer needlessly. Why is this? Think about that.

  • This beautiful girl breaks our hearts for many reasons. Her options are horrible. I had an uncle who died of Glioblastoma and it is a devastating way to go.

    But….The public conversation about the value of human life is corrupted by and ruined by bringing religion into it at all.

    Science Education:

    We need an army of scientists to research diseases to save people like this girl instead of talking about death!
    We need massive investment in medical research, biology and the scientific method across the country!

    We need to study Cancers like Glioblastoma and find possible solutions to this horror. Yet huge numbers of American Christians continue to spend millions of dollars on ANTI-science in the public and private sector!

    Where are the girls and boys in Tennessee and Louisiana and Texas who know science? What are their schools and parents teaching?

    Nonsense about “Creationism”
    Nonsense about “Intelligent Design”
    Nonsense about how Evolution is ONLY A THEORY!

    Tell that to the Ebola doctors who are watching for any sign of evolving attributes in that virus!

    Today in Texas we have an Ebola outbreak.
    We need science to fight this and other horrors and we waste too much time and money talking about whether a human life is valuable – when we’ve already determined that it is !

    Let’s start solving problems instead of pondering the ‘wisdom’ of God’s wonderful decision to put these diseases into humanity to begin with!

    If God valued human life so much he might have not wasted so much of his Bible filling it up with divisive, immoral nonsense and instead handed us some useful information on how to make vaccines and cures!

    Don’t waste time telling me that ‘God cares’ more about humanity than the humanists do! The correct response to this girl’s life is to double our efforts to do medical research and cut off the all the money promoting superstition.

  • Voice of Reason,

    “we force humans to suffer needlessly.”


    Because religion insists: ‘suffering is the way to find god’ (Mother Theresa).

    But if that were really true, Mother Teresa would never have said this:


    How can people stand this?
    How can people endure this transparently primitive madness? I don’t know.

    Have religious people completely lost their self-respect?

  • Why people keep comparing her situation to theirs baffles me. I am not as bold to
    say that I am sure of how I would handle a situation that I have never dealt with. I also can’t imagine dealing with this type of torment AND all the social media outrage, etc with everyone and their very loud and most times rude opinions. I do not think Brittany was looking for attention, I truly think she simply wanted to advocate for others. Also, the way many are expressing themselves is probably not pushing her toward faith if she is not a believer.

  • And thus this article and reaction illustrates the main problem with assisted suicide. The fact that its assisted. If it weren’t for the fact that Ms. Maynard wants to bring in another person to help her die, then it would just be her business and her business alone.

    Personally, I find it a bit much to ask someone else to help shoulder the moral weight of one of the most personal decisions one could possibly make.Call me a tasteless insensitive jerk, but if she is capable of making public statements about wanting to die, she is probably physically able to commit suicide on her own accord.

  • I am pretty confident that Brittany is not in the shape she was in the video. When she gets to that point it will be very bad. She is not going to be walking around, traveling and making videos at the time that she decides to swallow a pill.Good grief. This type of cancer masks the effects of drugs like morphine that normally we give to cancer patient to keep them comfortable as they pass.

  • This is a very complex issue and I too and disappointed with Ms Tada’s reply. I too read her book a couple of times many years ago and have been inspired by her life. I respect her faith and her experience of God.

    I, too, I’m a deeply committed Christian but I am also very conflicted on this issue. One thing is for certain, Ms Tada has no right to speculate on how Britney will be received by God after her death. That is cruel and vain.

    The conflict for me is that suicides often happen in clusters. One suicide appears to weaken the will of others contemplating it. Maybe this will not be the case if it is assisted by a physician. I hope not. God have mercy on Britney and on all others facing such terrifying situations. God have mercy on us all.

  • As a Christian, and one who is tempted to think Brittany Maynard’s decision is probably the wrong one, I nevertheless have some questions:

    – given “only God gets to choose when we die”, how can we still be in favour of medicine being used to artificially prolong life?

    – how does the verse you quote support your viewpoint, once it is considered in its original context? can this viewpoint still be supported once the entirety of Scripture is taken into account?

  • Larry,
    I think that she has been given a lethal dose of medication (pills) she herself will administer. Also, there is a long drawn out process to get them, all designed to evaluate metal acuity and allow the patient time to ponder their decision is case they change their minds.

    This is no more of an assistance than if she would end her life in any other manner where she did it without the physical help of anyone at the moment of death.

    Although Dr. Jack Kevorkian made some errors in the selection process of who he assisted, he certainly can be credited for bringing this subject to the forefront of the conversations humans were having in America, That is because before Dr. J.K., it was a socially taboo subject matter.

    I believe we have the right to chose not to live, at any time you choose regardless of circumstances as long as you physically harm no one doing so. I also applaud states like Oregon who have put in place safeguards to help to insure that their is a socially acceptable path to do so. Purposely not calling is a legal path as suicide is not a criminal act.

    I only hope that Brittany is not feeling an obligation to go through with it because she feels pressured to do so because it has been made very public.

  • It would be interesting if it all turned out to be a hoax. Nothing like being young, good-looking and setting the date to off yourself to get yourself on the cover of _People_–an updated version of snuff porn that the politically correct can enjoy without shame. Will she snuff herself–or get a lucrative book contract and launch a modeling career?


  • @ Atheist Max

    “If God valued human life so much he might have not wasted so much of his Bible…..and instead handed us some useful information on how to make vaccines and cures!”

    Presenting what you said in the way I did above, I’d say you have made a very thought provoking observation. It should be mentioned though that vaccines and cures ‘have been given us’ by Louis Pasteur and a whole host of other great scientists and researchers. We have much to be thankful for.

  • Wow, your projection of your religion into other people (especially in a situation like this) makes me sick to my stomach. You’re delusional.

  • @Billysees,

    I am very thankful to Louis Pasteur, indeed.
    And another example: Jonas Salk (developer of the polio vaccine, and apparently an Atheist).

    If only God had said this once in his thousands of rules:
    “many sicknesses can be prevented by simply washing your hands in very hot water”

    I would gladly change anything in Leviticus, Numbers or Deuteronomy for that one useful insight.

    Instead we have (clearly ignorant) nonsense:
    “never cook a goat in its mother’s milk” – (Exodus 34:10)

    And None of these Bible lessons are useful or true:

    The Earth is flat
    The Earth is 6000 years old
    Donkeys can talk

    Bats are a kind of bird

    Snakes can talk

    Shaving deserves capital punishment
    Rainbows did not happen before the days of Noah.
    Eating shrimp is a capitol crime.
    Wearing some fabrics is worthy of death

    The mustard seed is the smallest seed. 

    People can live inside of fish without air for 3 days

    Women should feel at fault if they are raped

    Men should cut off their wive’s hands

    Non-jews are dogs

    People should execute God’s enemies

    People should judge others harshly

    People should hate themselves
    People should kill unruly children

    I would trade any of this nonsense for a single useful bit of help.

  • @Billysees,

    I will raise my complaint further.

    If God exists, he must KNOW that hot water kills germs which spread many diseases including flu virus.
    If God truly ‘loves us’ and wants humans to survive diseases without as much infection, he could have told us about hot water.

    Instead, we must believe that GOD KNEW about this simple preventative but chose not to tell us through his Bible – never once mentioning hot water as a preventive.

    God is then necessarily utterly immoral.
    And why pray to a God for help, who withholds such a basic instruction even primitive humans would have dramatically benefitted from?

    Did God run out of paper?

  • That is true, Larry…. We all have free will to make decisions and choices concerning many matters in our lives, including life and death matters. And she has made her choice.

    I think it should be emphasized that it is NEVER God’s will that we die; he would rather we humans live a joyous, happy and satisfying life until the end of time on a beautiful planet called earth.

    So the statement by Joni in the title of this article is untrue, that “God alone chooses the day that you die”. If Joni would like to discuss this further with me, I would welcome the opportunity.

    So many people are of the opinion that you never know when ‘it’s your time to go,” and that is pre-destined or determined when that happens.

    What about stupid movies (not based on fact) where in cases, certain people were not killed in a certain plane accident, and death would eventually find them all, since they were supposed to die the first time!! :-O

    Nothing could be further from the truth. As the book of Ecclesiastes brings out, time and unforeseen events befall us all. (Ecclesiastes 9:11,12). God certainly does not need any more angels since myriads and myriads of angels already existed and were created by God before the earth was even made.

    I have known persons commit suicide because of depression or because of the intense pain they felt during illness. For them to make this choice was easy because it took them out of their pain or very dark hole (I am thinking of Robin Williams at this time). One cannot appreciate how they felt unless a person is in their shoes.

    The point I am trying to make is that God is not taking people that we love away from us. It’s because of time and things that are unforeseen, or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Death can also come about because of natural causes, such as old age.

    It is also comforting to know that our friends and family whom we have lost to death are not conscious of anything at all; but are just “sleeping” in death (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10).

    The great news is that those who have lost their lives, even in dire circumstances as these, have the hope of a resurrection back to life on a cleansed earth, to be reunited with family and friends, and won’t have to worry about death or anything that causes it in our world today, any more (Acts 24:15; John 5;28,29).

    This will be accomplished during the upcoming 1,000-yr rule of God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Revelation 21:1-4).

  • @ Atheist Max

    I agree with so much of your commentary, but not all.

    Stay away from the OT as much as possible and the ‘better’ things in the NT will stand out.

  • I wish you all the best Brittany! There will always be negative souls out there hiding behind God. God gave us the knowledge of medicine to save ourselves from many of Gods deadly diseases. Wouldn’t it make sense that he would also give us that same knowledge of medicine to end our suffering when there’s no cure for some of his diseases. Mankind plays god to cure and save people everyday. Its hypercritical to allow the intervening of one but not the other. Again, I wish you a peaceful passing.

  • @Karen, Haze – well said.

    If I break my leg, I don’t avoid the doctor by thinking it’s God will for me to have the broken leg. We appropriately use vaccines, antibiotics, surgeries to take some control over our lives. It’s contradictory to suggest we should have no control over death, but it’s ok to “interfere” in the disease and injury process.

    My dad recently went through morphine-resistant pain, dementia, and Parkinsons. It was terrible suffering and he was not even self-aware but just moaned and grimaced with no other responsiveness. This was not transformative or helpful on his journey. He was not in a place where he could pray or meditate or reflect or anything. It was just suffering and his death was all that brought relief. I wished sincerely I could have helped him shorten the pointless suffering.

    The article suggests that “Three grams of phenobarbital will provide only a temporary reprieve and will only more quickly usher in an eternity separated from God”. I have a real issue with the idea that an omnipotent, omniscient, loving God would punish Brittany forever for trying to shorten her and her family’s suffering in the case of an inevitable death.

    She didn’t choose to die. She is going to die. She is merely trying to have some sense of control and dignity with the fate she now encounters.

  • @Billysees,

    I understand. Old Testament is awful.
    When I was a Christian I felt that way too…. but…

    “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ – JESUS (Matthew 22:37)

    There’s the problem.
    He is talking about Yahweh.

    To love God is to follow Yahweh’s rules:

    “And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God [Yahweh] alone. You know the commandments, ‘do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not bear false witness, DO NOT DEFRAUD, honor your mother and father….'”(Mark 10:19)

    Not only is Jesus directing his followers to obey the many commands of Exodus, (there are 30 commandments there, not 10, and it isn’t clear where the commandments end and the commands begin) but he goes out of his way to include Leviticus 19:13 (“do not defraud”) which opens up a pandora’s box of nightmarish implications.

    Do NOT defraud is nowhere in the 30 commandments of Exodus. It only appears in Leviticus: “Do not defraud”(leviticus 19:13).

    By directing his followers into the Old Testament Laws of Exodus, Leviticus and others, Jesus repeatedly insists on absolute obedience as a reflection of LOVE for JESUS as well as God.

    The switch appears benign in John:
    “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (John 13:34)

    When coupled with the rest, it is tribalism on steroids.

    “Love each other as I loved you” – in other words, very conditionally.
    Jesus’ love was entirely conditional and we can discuss that if you want.

    Remember, “the way is narrow.” – Jesus (Matthew 7:14)
    That is NOT unconditional love.

    Jesus is demanding of obedience and adherence to “The Law.”
    He, as Jesus, is talking about Yahweh’s Torah – the Old Testament.

  • And further…billysees,

    As I said,
    “Do not defraud” is nowhere in the commandments of Exodus.
    It only appears in Leviticus: “Do not defraud” (leviticus 19:13).

    What is the problem with that?

    Well, Leviticus 20:13 (only a few lines away) calls for death to Homosexuals.

    And if there is any question about it, Jesus made it clear with a full validation:
    “For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law [Torah] …” (Matthew 5:18)

    And then at the end of John comes the nightmare:

    “A new command…As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (John 13:34)

    “Love each other as I loved you” – in other words, very conditionally.
    Remember how often Jesus denounced his own followers for confusion and lack of obedience?

    JESUS is demanding obedience and adherence to “The Law” in return for the eternal love of Jesus.

    How heartbreaking. Right? How corrupting of love!
    People reaching for Jesus, reaching for love, but there is this terrible set of conditions, which they almost can’t see and certainly cannot obey even if they could – as they are contradictory!

    It is obvious.
    And so cruel.

  • I work in the medical industry and I think that Brittany still may have a chance to be cured. (I know… you’re all thinking, odds and probabilities, but a scared bet never won any money in Vegas.) I think that she should not “check out” on November 1st for clinical and religious reasons. I first want to wish Brittany, friends and family all the best, no matter what her decision is…making a treatment versus euthanasia versus palliative treatment decision can be as hard as getting the treatment and surviving the cancer itself. It’s not easy for all involved.

    I am a cancer survivor of a childhood cancer that went untreated (diagnosed as an infection) that was listed as uniformly fatal within 9 – 12 months in the 1984 edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. There was no cure and no real treatment in the 1980’s, (100% fatal) however, apparently my body’s immune system contained the cancer after it had spread to my lymph nodes in my neck (virchow’s node – sentinel node, left thoracic lymphatic duct) and my abdomen. The metastasized original cancer lymph node tumors quit growing and spreading and after several years (I didn’t know I had cancer) and underwent a rare malignant transformation into an undifferentiated adenocarcinoma which is similar to the glioma multiforme that Brittany has. I had the undifferentiated adenocarcinoma tumors removed and did not receive any radiation or chemotherapy which I had personally declined in 2001 and 2006. The doctor’s that treated me in 2001 forgot to scan my neck, but removed the abdominal undifferentiated adenocarcinoma tumor. The neck tumor was accidently left in and was removed in 2006. My 5 year statistical survival rate was 0% with the first cancer (1983) and 3% for the secondary cancer which is worse than the 8% for Brittany’s glioblastoma. I have my 8 year checkup this month in which my survival rate now is 99.987%. I have no tumors. I’m somehow immune to cancers that kill everyone else…in 2006, at a different hospital, the doctor called me a walking test tube and that I had their pathology lab in a raucous because I was walking around fully intact with a cancer that kills virtually everyone in 9 months. (Also, I reduced my core body temperature to below 96 degrees F. and used cryotherapy on the virchow’s node tumor prior to limited radical brachial plexus nerve sparing resection.)

    I think that Brittany needs to consider receiving an immunotherapy treatment with transfusions from a known cancer survivor that has similar blood type and HLA profiles (to prevent host versus graft disease). The transfusion would likely consist of T-cell adoptive transfer, monocytes and leukocytes. The immunotherapy blood components would pass through Brittany’s blood-brain barrier in a way that chemotherapy, corticosteroids and other pharmaceutical products can not. I would donate my blood (O- universal donor) (for free) if it could help her, but I have no way of getting in contact with her and the medical system and insurances would most likely not allow for experimental treatments even if it’s known to cure animals in labs. There are people with her cancer that have survived more than 20 years. There are survivors and they show up as interesting cases at medical grand rounds. There are treatments available that are under review as clinical abstracts that are not known or available to the general public that could possibly result in a cure or reasonable extension of life. Some of the treatments that could result in a cure are not available in the medical industry because of the fiduciary, financial and medical risks that would involve the practitioners and hospitals that would provide them.

  • One of the problems that I see, and no one seems to be talking about it, is the idea of where we draw the line with assisted suicide. Our society still considers suicide a tragic thing (Robin Williams) when someone is suffering psychologically, but should we consider if they, too, should have the right to assisted suicide to relieve their pain? From what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong), assisted suicide in Oregon is legal only if someone has a terminal diagnosis of 6 months or less. What about someone who has a terminal diagnosis of 9 months or 2 years? And different people have different levels of pain tolerance. Who are we to judge a person’s level of pain? Where do we draw the line between “good” and “bad” suicides?

  • -Shaving SHOULD be a capital offense! (I have a big beard now.)
    -Eating shrimp SHOULD be another capital crime. (Hello?! They are the cockroaches of the sea!)
    -Wearing some fabrics SHOULD be worthy of death. (Have you ever watched a music video?)

    You must admit that God had these three right.

  • I had surgery January 28, 2010. I had a tumor that was as big as my hand and twice as thick. After examination of the tumor, I was diagnosed with Stage IV GBM (brain cancer). My surgeon did a wonderful job of removing the tumor. Then I began radiation, chemotherapy, and several other drugs. In January of 2015, it will be 5 years since my surgery. I’m still alive.
    Why am I still alive? Prayer. God has allowed me to live. I have been able to see my son and daughter graduate from high school. Then this May, I was able to see my son graduate from college. I’m very proud of my daughter who is now a Junior at Huntington University. My husband and I just celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I celebrated many other terrific events. What about the events that people don’t appreciate? I saw a beautiful sunset on Saturday. The leaves are changing color, and they are spectatular. My daughter was home from college so we went out for ice cream. Oh, I can say so much more……
    I can’t believe that so many people, organizations, and media groups are supporting Brittany Maynard decision to die!!! Why? Why? Why? Is it kinder to say – go ahead and kill yourself? I would like to say – ENJOY TODAY!!! What is happening to our society? It is better to die than to live? Sorry, my bumpy head cannot understand that idea.

  • How do I have no compassion when I think Brittany should do what she feels is best for her and her situation? If you are going to insult me, at least use proper grammar and refrain from using vulgarity.

  • This is an interesting case. One thing this case brings up are all the promises in the Bible to believers. If the Christian Bible is true, Tada would be completely healed as would Maynard. In particular is John 14:12-14 which says that Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.”

    Based on these words and teachings attributed directly to Jesus we see:

    1) it is addressed to believers in Jesus although it may be limited to male believers based on the use of “he” as well as the many misogynistic teachings in the Bible;

    2) believers in Jesus (possibly all believers but definitely all male believers) will be able to do the things the Bible claims Jesus did such as raise people from the dead, feed about five thousand people with just five loaves of bread and two small fish, walk on water, etc., plus “greater works than these”;

    3) this promise takes effect when Jesus goes back up into heaven with his father which Christians believe he already did anywhere from the day he came back to life after being crucified as is claimed in Luke and Mark to at least eight days after coming back to life as is claimed in John to “many days” after coming back to life as is claimed in Acts 13:31 to 40 days after coming back to life as is claimed in Acts 1:1-9;

    4) believers can get whatever they ask for in the name of Jesus.

    When we look around us and see sick and suffering people we realize either this, and similar, Bible promises of faith healing, are false or Christians who can help the sick and injured are so cold-hearted they decide not to help them. Our innate God-given reason tells us these Bible promises are false and empty. Especially when we realize that children actually die when their believing parents attempt to heal them based on these dangerous Bible promises ( ).

    It’s amusing and revealing to see Christian clergy who promote faith-healing, such as Pat Robertson, use doctors and hospitals for themselves and their own families.

    Christians should not be critical of Maynard. They should instead, based on their own “holy” book, heal her.

    Progress! Bob Johnson

  • Yes, people are dragged into the decision to clean up the mess. That is what happens when EVERYONE dies.

    But they should not be dragged into the decision to create the mess in the first place. I think it is distasteful and insensitive to to be imposing a moral burden on others to end your own life. If a person wants to commit suicide, they should do so by their own hand. To be responsible for the act of ending your life is a terrible burden to put on others.

  • Thank you. I, too, am a survivor — of a stage 4 head and neck cancer from which recovery was not at all expected. There is wonderful reverence for life and great value in being open to surprises, ranging from the profound to the minute. I am sorry Brittany is facing hardship but I am more sorry Brittany is being admired and touted as heroic because she is choosing to die before she is “a burden”, suffering, or “not herself”… That is not self-sacrifice as I understand it. God bless us all and help us through.

  • “This is no more of an assistance than if she would end her life in any other manner where she did it without the physical help of anyone at the moment of death.”

    Well she didn’t get the medication all by herself. She had to go through a process where government officials had to ultimately make a decision as whether to deliver the method of demise.

    There are hundreds of ways to end one’s life. It usually doesn’t require the efforts of civil servants. 🙂

  • This is why such decisions should be out of the hands of everyone but the person who wants to end their life.

    Whereas the author objects to the suicide portion of “assisted suicide”, I find more fault with the “assisted” portion. Suicide is a personal act. It should not be subject to the scrutiny of others. It is rather rude to be asking others to shoulder the responsibility of performing the act.

  • These are the people I would recommend for changing the whole approach to this issue of incureable conditions:
    * Dr. Phillip Goldfedder, Neurosurgeon turned therapist and counselor in spiritual healing he has used to more effectively treat more people than using surgery
    * Drs, Francis and Judith MacNutt, Christian Healing Ministries, FL
    Dr. MacNutt is the author of HEALING which along with Agnes Sanford’s book The Healing Light would restore the natural connection between spiritual healing with science and medicine as God and Nature intended
    * Olivia Reiner 24-hour free helpline 713-829-0899 as shared freely
    through nonprofit volunteers with

    Even if the gift of healing prayer cannot cure all cases of cancer, it has helped remove the pain where medications failed, and has cured schizophrenia, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases that medicine alone could not. Spiritual healing through forgiveness and breaking free from generational curses or karma should only be used in conjunction with medicine and never rejecting treatment that is applied at the same time. Christian deliverance is the only cure I know for occult-related demonic sickness and voices that psychiatric medications only suppress, and has saved lives from suicide, addiction and the after-effects of abuses of all kinds. Please share these links with anyone else who wants to end their suffering and be free to feel peace.

  • Hi my uncle was diagnosed with the same exact thing and also the same age. He was given 6-9 months to live. He decided to try treatment. Some worked for a little bit and then stopped working. He had many surgery’s and many different treatments. Our hope never faded. He stayed healthy and didn’t have a lot of pain for the most part. He was diagnosed in 2004 and passed away 7 years later when he finally came to his last option. He lived 6 and a half more years that he was given. In that time he got married and had two little boys. He made the most out of his life while he could wouldn’t she want the same thing.

  • Thank you, Joni! You brought out some very valid points. I so disagree with those who would so rudely put you down! It’s one thing to disagree and another to be condescending. You are so very professional and speak from experience, which most of these respondents can not do…you also speak from your heart which I know belongs to the Lord!

    Our pastor died from a glioblastoma – died fighting! He developed pneumonia after his 3rd round of Chemo and was gone in just a few days. His faith never wavered; he was frightened of the prospect of dying, but not of death itself because he knew his destination. The Lord gave him and his family that peace that “passes all human understanding.”

    Bottom line here is NO ONE should have the “right” to take away what they have not given –

  • Why aren’t Christians getting together for a big two hours of praying for Brittany Maynard with her being there? 50,000 Christians praying for her at the same time, asking God do heal her? Oregon State, Oregon and Portland State would have a big enough area in their football stadiums. I believe in miracles and have seen them and I understand she doesn’t want deal with pain with her disease (brain cancer) but I would feel much better having real Christians praying at same time same place with her there for two hours, then it would be God’s decision. I can’t imagine Christians not praying for her, so I see lots of amazing energy which might bring us miracle from God! If there is a place already set up I hope I am be there and just pray with other Christians. I am praying everyday for her and every Christians who knows should be praying for her too. It would be great miracle to see her having a family with her husband with cancer being heal! If everyone known about big praying groups for Brittany Maynard can you please let me know. I will go there just be part of prayer group! We can make miracles if people put this together!

  • Did it ever occur to you that God inspired her to make this choice?

    Who are you to deem what is and what is not God’s wishes?

    A little more love and compassion and a whole lot less judgement will go a long way to help you.

  • Survivorx you may be the hope that Brittney needs. Ebola medicine had only
    been used in animals prior to being used on humans.

  • I live for God not for humans because we are not perfect. I pray one day God will shine his light back In your life.
    Mother Theresa also said

    “God made the world for the delight of human beings– if we could see His goodness everywhere, His concern for us, His awareness of our needs: the phone call we’ve waited for, the ride we are offered, the letter in the mail, just the little things He does for us throughout the day. As we remember and notice His love for us, we just begin to fall in love with Him because He is so busy with us — you just can’t resist Him. I believe there’s no such thing as luck in life, it’s God’s love, it’s His.

  • Can someone tell Brittany that she should try “COLLOID SILVER”? … it often helps people to become healthy.

    COLLOID SILVER kills certain germs by binding to and destroying proteins. And maybe colloid silver is able to kill cancer…
    Everyone can find some articles in the www, where they talk about…). In german articles, you can read that colloid silver kills cancer….

    So, please, if there is someone, who is able to get in contact with Brittany, she should try it, instead of giving up.
    Thanks & best wishes to become healthy.

  • We spread our own love and compassion. If we care about people we do this all the time.

    If you need to believe in various gods in order to do that, please do so.

    But I can’t fathom why anyone needs these god stories.
    What does it add to a beautiful day to claim a little fairy helped to make it?
    Boggles my mind.

  • Brittany has the right to choose the arc of her own life. In Oregon, she can also choose the mechanism of her death. Oregon is one of the few states in this country that makes such a self-determined, relatively painless, end of life possible. In addition to being assessed as terminally ill, one must be a resident of the state, be evaluated by two doctors, be adjudged to be of sound mind, obtain the prescription while still considered mentally competent, and be physically and mentally capable of self-administering the prescription at the time death is desired. Doctors can’t administer the drug nor can anyone but the person who wants to die.

    Many people change their minds, as they are entitled to do. But, the ones that do, and the ones that don’t, at least have had the option of dying by a relatively painless method of their own choice. Some unfortunate few wait too long to decide and become too incapacitated to administer themselves the prescription.

    I hope that few of us has had a beloved relative die of a painful, very long terminal illness, or one who has committed suicide. Both of these are excruciatingly painful to the individual and her family. There are long term negative effects on the family that are ineradicable. Loss of any loved one by any means is painful.

    Best wishes to Brittany and her family on this chosen path in this difficult time.

  • I appreciate the advice you’ve given Brittany based on your own experience. My husband has received chemo for Adenocarcinoma, unknown primary, stage 4 and is entering a maintenance phase.

    I am particularly interested in any details you can provide about Cancer Centers involved in the immunotherapy you describe in your last paragraph. If you return to this comment, I can be reached at [email protected], if private, personal communication is possible. No other responses are desired unless they provide useful information about sources of immunotherapy for cancer.


  • Has the work of these individuals been proven to cure the ailments listed above through an understood mechanism and/or statistical analysis that has been peer reviewed in an accredited publication? Or was it coincidental?

  • A friend of mines Father lived in Oregon and used assisted suicide to end his life 2 years ago. He was 90+ years old, suffered from Parkinson’s for years, got around in a wheelchair and had been told by his doctors that he would no longer be able to feed himself. He was of completely sound mind and was supported by his family and wife in making the decision. This man had lived a full life, raised 5 children and had many grandchildren. He was a deeply loving, generous and compassionate man, a great friend to many. I spoke to him the morning he died and he continued to display his great sense of humor and wit. He died peacefully surrounded by family. I still am in awe of his bravery and dignity in choosing to pass out of this life on his own terms. He was very fortunate to live in a state that allows this. There is absolutely no way that this system in any way represents moral decline of any kind, quite the contrary.

  • Joni has endured a lifetime of suffering and has a right to speak to a girl who would rather die than suffer so I am not understanding the criticism here. Robin Williams ended his pain yet his suicide was viewed as a tragedy, as all suicides should be. The truth is that Brittany does not know what her experience will be nor do the doctors know how long she has to live. I have been in the medical field for 20 years and at least half the patients that I know that have been told they only have so many months to live prove the doctors wrong, even brain cancer patients. “The Doctors” tv program shared a very inspirational story Friday of a young woman who found out she had cancer while she was pregnant. She was told she would die before she had the baby. Guess what? She didn’t! She still has terminal cancer and a beautiful baby boy. That is true courage.

  • God did fill the Bible with useful information. I love science and God and the more I have learned about the human body and disease I have been amazed to find the clues God gave in his early instructions to the Israelites. How are many pathogens spread? Through bodily fluids. The Israelites did not have labs, hospitals, etc but there are instructions that minimize infection in the Old Testament. Many of the instructions on what and how to eat certain foods minimized the risk of food poisoning and parasites. Even the genealogy records which now can be confirmed by DNA are proof to me that God knows what he is doing. (There is a tribe in Africa that always claimed to be descendants of one of the twelve tribes. With Dna they proved it.) I am sorry that you don’t see the connections. It is really neat to see all the clues God gives us.

  • that’s silly. if jesus/god cared about when a person dies then he could easily prevent it, being, you know, all powerful and all. the fact that someone is able to choose must be silently condoned by god, or god would simply make sure it didn’t happen.

    all powerful, right?

  • Dolly, I guess you never heard that “Death is God’s Last Enemy” and one day he will put an end to sickness, suffering, pain and death. He makes that promise to us in the Bible. I also believe that it is the Evil One who causes diseases/plaques/natural disasters/murderous acts.

    I have worked in cancer research for many years (both Pediatric and Adults) and I can tell you that the diagnosis of Glioblastoma (the kind that Brittany has) is a death sentence. Imagine your brain being coated with a tumor that can’t be surgically removed because it looks like it has been painted on with a paint brush. Chemotherapy and radiation can slow down the tumor, but the patient becomes a shell of his/her former self. Brittany looks like she has already experienced the side effects of steroids, – a puffy; bloated face.

    Morphine often hastens death (and isn’t given until the person is in incredible pain and nothing else works to control it), for it slows down the respiratory system, heart, and brain functions.

    Brittany’s best friend is a physician, who will be attending her death and to see to it that the she remains comfortable and the lethal drugs do what they are suppose to do.

    I have seen family members pick the day/time that their loved ones will be taken off of life support. Many were conscience and could still wave and communicate their wishes by writing on a tablet/piece of paper.

    Is Bethany’s choice any different then the one described above? The only difference that I see is that she made her decision early and she is well informed to what her choices are. She isn’t making her family make hard decisions on her behalf, once her treatment stops working (and it will). This is a very difficult transition for most people… up on treatment and accepting death.

    Is she committing suicide as some would suggest? It is a question that wrestles with all of us. How is she any different than someone taking a cyanide pill when captured by a vicious enemy, knowing that their death is imminent; painful; and certain?

    None of us know for sure what we would do, when facing the same circumstances. I would like to believe that I would let nature takes its course, and for my life to end when I take my last breath, when my body gives up my spirit.

    I hope Brittany will re-consider her “death date” should her condition not deteriorate as quickly as she thinks it will, and to allow the people who mean the most to her, to enjoy her, as long as she is willing and knows what she is agreeing to.

  • SurvivorX,

    I know that you mean well, but you really shouldn’t be prescribing a treatment regimen that worked for you to another patient with a different type of cancer! I am sure that Brittany conferred with the best Neuro Oncologists, and perhaps even went to the NCI (the clearing house of all investigational treatments) for a second, if not a third opinion.

    Prognosis/survival is based on Kaplan-Meier estimates, gleaned from every treatment modality available for a given disease. Sure, there can be “outliers”, but to ignore statistics and to EXPECT a miracle is neither prudent nor fair to the patient, and typically gives false hope, which causes immense anger and grief, when the investigational treatment(s) doesn’t work. Most patients who achieve a “cure” (the disease remains in remission for five years or more), obtain this good response after the first treatment regimen, not the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.

  • Atheist Max,

    I have read several of your threads and the one common denominator is your blatant ignorance of the Holy Scriptures. For starters, you condone God for not telling his people about hot water and good hand washing to prevent communicable diseases.

    Please read Leviticus 6:27-28: “Whatever touches its flesh shall be holy, and when any of its blood is splashed on a garment, you shall wash on which it was splashed in a holy place. And the earthenware vessel in which it is boiled, shall be broken.” While these verses describe the cleanness of the Priests’ garments as they relate to spilled blood, one can ASCERTAIN that the people knew how to boil water, kill germs, and to adequately wash their hands! Everything that God commanded his people was relayed verbally through his prophets. For this reason, they chose what to write down and what information needed to be included in the scrolls. There are however, a few instances in the Bible (the Ten Commandments for instance) where God’s finger was said to have written down the EXACT words.

    Another point that I take issue with you is your “interpretation” of what set of laws Jesus ordered his disciples to follow. In the Torah, (the Old Testament) there are 613 commandments/laws. Ten of which were written by God, given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. The other 603 laws were added to this. These laws can be divided into 3 categories: Mishpatim (laws that are self-evident such as not murdering; not stealing; etc. Edot (testimonies commemorating important events in Jewish history) Chukim (decrees/commandments that have no human rationale, but are perceived as pure manifestation of the Divine Will).

    Jesus ushered in a different covenant for God’s people. A covenant that could NEVER be corrupted by human beings, like the first covenant was. Read the entire chapter of Hebrews 8 (New Testament) to learn more about this.

    The one thing that Bible readers should keep in mind when reading the Bible is that it is a “collection of books”. Knowing what kind of book you are reading is a good start to understanding it. So is investing in a good commentary or expository Bible. When readers lean on their own understanding, many important truths and insights get lost or are misunderstood! I have been a scholar of the Bible for over 30 years, and I continue to learn something new all the time! God gave us his edicts/laws to protect ourselves and to understand him for the powerful deity and eternal Father that he is!

  • “imposing a moral burden on others” with regard to others’ assisting one’s suicide makes two assumptions: 1) that there is an imposition and 2) that there is a burden. for example, moral complicity isnt necessarily burdensome. you have more argumentation to flesh out…good luck.

  • So, God decides when a person is to be murdered. Because presumably if God decides the date and time, God must also decide the manner.

  • Do you, or do you not know God? We all have our own special relationship with Him. Evidently you have forgotten that Brittany is a terminally ill adult who is currently in her right mind. My father died of brain cancer. Do you not know that God is all knowing and all powerful? He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He is at all places and all times and nothing can escape His vision. He is the Sovereign Lord. Have you forgotten that all of our names were written in His Book (The Bible) before the beginning of time? Have you forgotten not to judge? Do you not know that there is only one unforgiveable sin in the Bible? Do you not believe that God is still in the miracle working business? Did you not know that God knew in the past as well as the future who will attempt suicide and fail, as who will attempt suicide with completion? The one and only unforgiveable sin I am aware of to my God, Jesus and Holy Spirit is blasphemy against the Hold Spirit? Do you not know that you, yes I mean you have been forgiven of your sins by the Grace of God? You are not God. Why don’t you take a break and let God be God. You are not showing any love to your sister in the Lord. No one has to pick up any mess behind. Brittany will take the pills as she lies in her bed in her home with her mother and her husband by her side. She will fall asleep quietly listening to the music she has chosen, close her eyes and she will see God in Heaven. God loves her. Jesus paid a very high price just for you and for me. Brittany will be cremated. You do know that when one takes his/her last breath or experience his/her last heart beat that only a shell is left behind. Brittany has chosen to live life while she is able; however, all of us one day at a particular time chosen by God leave this earth. It is inevitable. You cannot get around it. Leave bashing God’s people to the enemy. Brittany’s mother and husband do not want to watch her suffer. Christ has suffered for all of us. When she goes home I thank God for giving her peace, quiet, rest and His perfect love that surpasses all understanding. May God soften your heart and give you a new brain. He, and He alone is in charge and don’t you ever forget that. Brittany is precious to God. She does not want to die without dignity. She has rights. I thank God for giving her mother and husband comfort, support and happy memories of their times spent together. Amen.

  • This article hits the nail on the head. I’m a Christian, and because of that, I believe I have the right to tell Brittany Maynard that she needs to die a slow, horrible, painful death while family and friends watch. I know it will be hard, but not for me. I don’t personally have any diseases, nor does anyone I know – but that doesn’t mean I don’t get a voice in decisions like this. Because I like a book called the Bible. It’s true…don’t you know? It even says so right in the book itself (that’s how comes you know it’s a true). If I were a Jehovah’s Witness, I’d lobby to make blood transfusions illegal…but I’m not. I’m a Christian, and so everyone else should be a Christian. Thanks for listening.

  • Don’t be deceived because if people don’t believe what Joni Tada is saying who to will find yourself in a eternal death, what we see is not all there is to see, God is using Joni Tada as a vessel to warn Brittany of what is to come if she creates this action. HELL IS REAL. In this life there is suffering, but if you except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior until the end of time on this earth you will live again, if you don’t you will regret all that Joni has said, take heed to the end times and all the destruction that is happening. This isn’t just made up, its forreal

  • Actually Dirk Diggler, its not about man’n up, this life was not created for our pleasure no way, Christ created every living being and he died for us to live again when we live this earth, everyone is gonna die one day, but reality is did u accept Jesus as your savior???? He didnt give you life to take from yourself. God created Brittany and he can heal her just for her to believe in him. Until you get to know Christ for yourself you will never understand the joy it is to suffer for him. He did it for us so why shouldnt we suffer for him accept him and go to Heaven because if not Hell is waiting for anyone who doesn’t and yes the choice is ours, he have the choice of choosing Life or Death! U better choose Life before its too late, Remember God will say remember when Joni told you about me you didnt listen. Don’t let that be you!

  • The Voice of Reason, God can do anything, and we are all gonna die, its not this death that matters, this suffering does not compare to the suffering that will happen if we depart this life without Christ Jesus and also by hands or medications. Its time people get Gods spirit to teach them his words because Hell is real and there is not death in Hell its eternal. Pray that Brittany accepts Christ as her Lord and savior and live until he takes her to see him again. Stop letting the devil deceive your minds to think that using meds is the way out because its not! Its a trick he uses to take people right where he will one day be. Get in the Word of God and see for yourself.

  • She will be. In Oregon, the patient seeking to end their life must be deemed cognizant and capable of adminitering the drugs themselves. It is very specific and she is following the guidelines. If she waited longer, she may not be able to.

  • God has told her to end her life. Others should respect her personal relationship they share. Many seem to do so when a politician says God told them to invade another country, drill for oil, kill gays, etc.

  • What a horrible woman you are to wish suffering on another human because it doesn’t align with what you think God would want. It makes so sad that there are self centered, judgmental, egotistical people like you giving religion a bad name. Shame on you and your judgment. I only hope you don’t have to make this decision one day.

  • theologically speaking if it is not your time it is not your time ..
    and you will botch your attempted suicide.. With even worse results than
    you had before..

    and if it is your time.. God has so many ways To take you out .. YOU CAN BE ASSURED HE DOES NOT NEED YOUR HELP ..

  • ” the patient seeking to end their life must be deemed cognizant and capable of adminitering the drugs themselves.”

    Someone else still is making the decision to aid in her efforts to commit suicide. Death by medication is not the sole form of suicide one can do. I still find it rather silly that someone has to rely on civil servants to do something your average Japanese teenager does with alarming regularity by themselves.

    “If she waited longer, she may not be able to.”

    She may have to do the deed all by herself, without assistance.

    I know I am being a bit of a jerk about this. But personally I don’t think suicide is an act which requires more than one person. I don’t think it is proper to dragoon others into the role of enabling one to do the act.

  • I am not making a moral argument. I just think its rude to drag others to take part in something you can do all by yourself, without assistance.

    If someone asks you to help them commit suicide, there is an imposition because now you have become party to their most personal decision. You have to decide whether to be the instrument of their demise. Some people won’t have a problem with it, some will. Not everyone will react the same way to such a request. It creates a moral quandry that is unnecessary to the situation.

    Its an imposition because, suicide does not need two people. If one can clearly make the decision to end their lives, they are also clearly able to end it themselves. There are plenty of effective methods of suicide besides taking lethal doses of medication.

  • It is very wrong we need to pray that she will not take her life that is a ticket to hell I know god can change her way of thinking. I wish we could call her she needs a healing in livinging and health all the way amen

  • I agree with you. When did man become so powerful without the help of the Holy Spirit. I have heard many stories of women in Planned Parenthood having a Christian come in and convince them to wait. Than other women did not have someone come in. Many sucide stories of someone with a gun, in hand, was stopped by a friend who just happened to come by, or they turned on their tv and the Christian Station was on, and the Words from the Bible stopped them. Please explain why some get stopped and others do not! My greater concern is that we do not pray for each other as they did in the Bible CONTINUALLY. They prayed for the weak, they encouraged them, and loved them. Love Brittany first then lead her to Christ. We slander our brother’s in Christ before we pray for them. God forgive us! The prodical son asked for forgiveness for what he did, but his brother became angry and disrespected his father. Do we disrespect our Heavenly Father by some of our decisions every day. Our biggest sin is not obeying to Love Our Father with all our heart soul and mind, and that in turn will help the second comman; love others. If I am wrong please pray for me. Thank You God repairs, restores, and gives the increase in everyone of our lives. Pray, pray, pray , and then pray some more for Brittany, and LET GOD send the right person to her.

  • not sure what to think about it..but I will say..its her decision..everyone leaving neg comments needs to walk a mile in her shoes…lets just pray for a miracle for her..

  • Does this woman not understand the difference between disabled and terminal illness? There is a huge difference between having a full life with a disability and suffering from being sick. I watched a grandmother die from stomach cancer and Altzheimer’s I took care of. This was a staunchly Christian woman who believed in preservation of life at all costs–until she found herself in that situation. In her final months I heard her tell me that they put sick animals to sleep, why couldn’t they just inject her and get it over with? HER words to me and several other family members. She was very coherent when she said this. You can chalk it up to the pain making her delirious, whatever. I don’t know; she was the one experiencing it and not me. The morphine she was on no longer worked, some of the family wanted her to live on, others wanted her to just die. I was in the just die camp. I wanted to tear the tubes out of her but it wasn’t my call. Call it a thought of pre-meditated murder if you like but that was my desire at the time. She suffered in absolute agony and kept vomiting up this strange white crap. I have no idea what it was as I’m no doctor but it was cancerous. She spent her last six months in this state begging for pain relief. They had already given her the maximum amount allowed and when she reached her final weeks she could no longer talk. But it was glaringly obvious she was in enormous agony. I was very attached to my grandmother, but my memories of her no longer include all the wonderful things she did for me. Nor do they include remember her as she was before cancer and Alzheimer’s took over her body. My memories of her are remembering the pathetic state she was in in her final months, weeks, and days. This is the image that sticks with me now, and it makes me angry because she didn’t have to die that way.

    It’s completely senseless to live a broken mess because “God” wants to take his sweet time “sending you home”, because he’s apparently inept at easing the person’s misery as it is. I fully support anyone who is terminally ill and chooses the path this young woman is taking. Only the person in that state should be allowed to make that choice.

  • God truly determines when we leave this earth. we serve the Lord Jesus suffered and died for our sins. Paul said all live for Christ with suffer. we didn’t give our selves life therefore we shouldn’t take it. It is up to God when we leave this life Paul said it is but it is but a light affiction compared to the glorious life we enter into. many don’t believe in a life after death until they get there. I hope you find out before it’s too late.

  • 2 Corinthians verse 17 and that’s just one because the Lord Himself said in the world we should have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the your word and it will show you that we have to suffer in order to get into the kingdom of heaven.

  • First of all terminally ill patients who don’t choose physician assisted suicide often end up with morphine pumps and a button they can press as many times as they please. Isn’t that the same thing really? The woman who wrote this article has obviously not ever truly experienced serious pain or watching a loved one wasting away and being poked and prodded screaming unnecessarily. God made us intelligent beings who would of course develop ways to minimize pain or end the pain in ones life if they are terminally ill.
    Let’s get real here.

  • Nobody knows what happens when we die and I do not want to judge anyone particularly not Brittany Maynard but just google for “gloria polo testimonial” and tell then how you feel after reading her story.

    As for the treatment – if doctors say something cannot be cured this only means they don’t know (yet) how to prevent or cure the desease they are dealing with. Then instead of giving up beat the enemy with common sense – as tumors can be compared to parasites starve them to death – Breuss treatment, for example works this way:

    “My wife has GBM IV diagnosed in January 2010. She went through surgery, radiation and 2 sessions of chemo. She was not responsive to the chemo, and they sent her home for palliative care. She did the full 42 days of treatment with freshly made juice (black radish can be found in health market stores). She improved a lot during the treatment, her dexamethazone was reduced from 24 mg/day to 3 mg/day, and she has minimum seizure medication (500 mg kepra/day).”

  • Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17. Brittany needs to hear the whole plan of salvation including the truth about the Law, Sin, Judgement, Hell and Grace. She can visit my website to read how she can be cleansed from sin through repentance and belief in the shed blood of Jesus Christ –

  • Shannon, you may want to research the life experiences of the author before you make these kinds of statements—she’s been through more than most for longer than most. The first hint is in the article itself where she stats “my own cancer, chronic pain and quadriplegia.”

  • Brittany’s condition is truly awful but Joni is right that her condition after death without Jesus, is far more painful and irreversible. Our God has a far more glorious and eternal plan for us than you can comprehend at the moment. It was Jesus who suffered more excruciatingly for Brittany than He is allowing her in this life and He wasn’t obligated to, except for his vast love that extends to us as well as her. We are all destined to some degree of pain, but few of us are destined to a glorious future beyond that, which Christ has made available to us.

  • Amen, Josh.
    God bless the author for what she has shared and for her long suffering. And may God bless this young woman. Tonight, Halloween eve, I will be praying very hard for her salvation and for a change of heart with regards to taking her own life.

  • Joni, I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and how you live your life, and what you do for others is beyond amazing. But Brittany Maynard does not have a “disability”. She has a death sentence with a very short window of time. You may know more than I do about the far-reaching effects of her decision on public policy for the low-income and disabled, and that is something I am going to think about. But your view on hell is off the mark. There is no way Brittany is choosing eternity without God. God has given us minds to think, and experience to draw on. I think in her case, I am grateful she can decide.

  • Doctor walked in room, hiding eyes
    Little time to live, soon you  gonna die
    She was very broke, all in tears
    It was like a dream, there were lots of fears
    Jesus take the wheel of her life
    Let there be your will, let there be your light.

    Time is going by, pain is getting worse
    It was very hard, she couldn’t take it anymore
    She couldn’t take it all the way, suffer and than die
    So saying all goodbyes, she decided to take her  life.
    Jesus take the wheel of her life
    Let there be your will, let there be your light

    She was very close, to end it all
    Than she heard a voice, coming from above
    Child you are Mine, don’t forget
    I am always there, this is not the end
    Jesus take the wheel of my life
    Let it be your will, let here be your light

    Filling love and peace, time has came
    It was time to go, no more pain
    Trusting Father God, His will is done
    Angels came for her, and she was gone
    Up  in heaven she walks, all in white
    That was Jesus’s will
    Jesus gave her life

  • Wow these comments are disappointing to read, no one has a right to judge this poor woman. If you disagree get over it.. It’s not your life to decide what the hell happens. If she thinks this is best then she has my support. At the end of the day it’s her life. If you don’t like it, don’t kill yourself.

  • Well said Mrs Tada…the truth could not be expressed any clearer! Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and no one can come to God without Him. My heart is sad for this young lady who did not proclaim Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Yet, I rejoice with you, one who does proclaim Him with boldness as He alone is our hope, our answer, our everything.

  • Well said Mrs Tada…the truth could not be expressed any clearer! Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and no one can come to God without Him. My heart is sad for this young lady who did not proclaim Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Yet, I rejoice with you, one who does proclaim Him with boldness and truth as He alone is our hope, our answer, our everything.

  • The only “assistance” she received was obtaining the drugs required. There is nothing in the US Constitution that gives the government the right to restrict substances people put in their bodies. She would not have needed any assistance at all if not for the unconstitutional restriction on her obtaining the drugs she needed.

  • “God who alone has the right to decide when life should begin and end.”

    Of course, orthodox Calvinists believe in absolute predestination: this God knew before the creation of the world that Brittany would have a glioblastoma, would endure suffering, and would die when she did.

  • You religious people make me sick!! Worry about yourselves and keep your opinions to yourself! Get a life away from your lord because you are not learning compassion.

  • What are you talking about, Larry? She did the deed ALL BY HERSELF. She obtained the medication and administered it to herself. You keep making this specious argument that someone else is helping her. WHO IS HELPING HER? No one. She did it herself. Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

  • Wow! As Josh said, check your facts first. Some of us have known about Joni for most of our lives, and “the woman who wrote this article” is one of the very, very few whose opinions about this story I’m interested in reading. About 90% of the rest should keep their mouths shut until they have similar qualifications!

  • This poor woman is suffering with the knowledge that her death is not only imminent but a painful slow decline. It is HER life. Who is anyone to say when it should end? It is her call to say when enough is enough. It is wrong for anyone to try to stand in the way of her wishes. Worry about your OWN souls and where they are going!!

  • That is all fine. Why is she on TV broadcasting and advocating her decision. This is what is so baffling to me. I saw a commenter on another page, say that hopefully people will follow her example. Really? I’m sorry, there is something really wrong with that. If Brittany felt she could not endure, felt she did not have a Loving Father who would guide her thru her worst trial, then fine. Make your personal choice, go away and do it. If God inspired her to do it – all the better. I will not make a judgement about her relationship (or lack of) with God, nor will I speak to the aftermath because honestly, who knows. But her public statements, her concerns over her loss of looks, not wanting to be a burden? One commenter above says the man decided to take his life when he could no longer feed himself. Can we say pride? Overwhelming pride? Pride that you’d rather die than be dependent on those who love you the most? I see no good moral from this story. It’s 2-Nov and by now, dear Brittany may already be cremated. This insatiable need for control – that is the real sickness.

  • No kidding. It always amazes me when people comment on articles they’ve clearly not read all the way through. I don’t know how “Shannon” missed “cancer, chronic pain, and quadriplegia,” but sure, someone like Joni Eareckson Tada clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  • Wrong Mike. Christians do have certain beliefs about which they are absolutely sure. But that is not the issue at hand and no amount of conflation will make it so. The issue here is the repeated lie that it is “her” life as if she created herself and has the final say so on when her life should end. There was no pre-determined thought on her part that it was now time for her to live – and if you believe that, then you yourself are advocating some other religion. So let’s can the Christianity bashing every time a Christina proffers an opinion. You need to understand that whatever your belief sets are, they constitute your religion. So her decision is guided by some type of religion, be it humanism, atheism, darwinism, whatever. We can assume that her religion justified her actions and leave it at that. From a Christian viewpoint, this act is not justified. Your religious beliefs do not trump mine but we are able to debate them.

  • So grateful this women had the ability to end her life peacefully and in her own right. So glad no self-righteous, holier-than-thou,- I’m willing to make personal decisions for you based on my beliefs because my beliefs should be imposed on everyone because I know best- religious folks stood in her way. She died in her truth, not your truth. The Christian God God is the belief of some people. That’s fine. They don’t like the religions of others forced upon them, but they’d like to make anything they disagree with illegal. To be sanctimonious and act as if you know better when it comes to an ill, suffering stranger’s death is deplorable. If the author is disabled and doesn’t want to end her life in this manner based on a belief in a diety, that’s fully her choice, not anyone else’s. And if Ms. Maynard decided with the support of family and friends, to end her suffering, these people being critical need to check themselves. Only God can judge in your opinion, but you are so quick to condemn her to hell. If there is such a thing, a loving God wouldn’t put her there. But since there likely isn’t, I’m glad she made the best choice for her. Critical, overbearing Christians need to have several seats. Live and let live. Or in this case, live and let die. We don’t need you policing our choices.

  • A: “god” doesn’t exist
    B: If you don’t believe me, try praying fos someone’s amputated leg or arm to grow back..isn’t “god” supposed to be all powerfull and knowing.
    C; “god” promises to grant your prayers in his “holy” book (the bible)..hasn’t happened yet.

  • Great…I think Christ has what it takes to recognize the choice for what it was. I read about Joni Erickson in the 70’s. Inspirational, but totally not brain cancer.
    Where does the bible say die painfully for months in order to secure your place in heaven.

  • Totally AGREE with you Josh..Joni I has experienced more pain in her life than many of us…I applaud you Joni for writing this….

  • I got a good chuckle out of the title of this article as obviously “God alone chooses the day you die …” Obviously He didn’t, hahahah. Idiots.

  • If they wanted privacy why did they do all this so public, or it was to create all of this mixed emotions? Maybe to get whatever money people magazine gives for interviews? Excuse me but there are many men, children, and women that die of cancer, and they don’t publish their suffering. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Dear friend ( a) ,

    I am saddened by your way of thinking . After reading your statements , I was wondering : who gave life and intelligence to these great scientists to discover these vaccines ? This ability could only come from a supreme being . And on the question under discussion : God says in his word that his plans are not our plans and that all things work together for good to them that love God. It is clear that God has no pleasure in human suffering . The big problem is that we have a finite mind and we can not understand His plans . His standards are higher . God has prepared a place Wonderful for each of us . Says the word that neither eye has seen , nor ear heard, neither have entered into human thought , what God has prepared for us . I encourage you to seek God’s direction , and sure enough he shows you what your plans are for you. ” Commit thy way unto the Lord ; trust in Him and He will do it . God bless you .

  • As an opponent of the “assisted suicide act” or “death with dignity”, I am sad that this woman chose to kill herself. There is no dignity in taking one’s life regardless of the situation. If my sister were to make this decision 16 years ago, we would not have been able to enjoy her wisdom all this time. You see, Linda was diagnosed with STAGE FOUR Colo-rectal cancer and given only 10% chance of survival 16 years ago. Instead of giving into the illness, she, along with our sisters, fought back so hard with prayers and positive affirmations. We claimed victory over the cancer and refused to believe that she was going to die from it. Imagine the doctor’s shock when she survived the cancer and had been cancer-free for 16 years thus far! I worked with an Oncologist while fighting the assisted suicide act and heard a lot of stories he told. He said that although he is a doctor, only God could decide who lives or dies as its out of man’s control. Sadly Brittany fell for the poison and made the decision to kill herself ….

  • Very nicely written!
    People need to hear words of encouragement and hope from authors who themselves are survivors. This world was never promised to be one big happy “Disney cruise” where you get to choose whatever pleases you.
    Those who endure with the hand they are dealt with are heroes and this world needs more heroes.

  • The Bible does not say “die painfully for months” It says to be willing to die for Christ and trust him no matter what happens. The main subject is that Brittany Maynard does not know Jesus Christ. If she did her thinking to take her own life would not have been as it was. She would have trusted God to the end no matter what happens in this life. This is a Biblical principle and command by God. Brittany’s mistake and greater pain is dying without God (She did not trust in Jesus Christ for her salvation) and going to hell. Hell is a far far far worse condition than having brain cancer. Everything in this current life has no value (its all temporary), the only value is in the life to come in Jesus Christ (it is eternal). Trusting in Jesus Christ is our (real Christians) only security to Heaven.

  • Well said, Joni. I couldn’t have put it into words better myself. One must always consider God Almighty in all things, especially those that concern life and death. First of all, there is no telling if God will desire to heal a person if they haven’t asked! And even if He chose not to do so, there is the finality of death. We do not end at death, but we relocate to either Heaven or Hell, solely dependent upon our faith (or lack thereof) in Jesus Christ. Though I have suffered less than most, I am no stranger to it myself. I have seen my beloved grandmother die of cancer, my grandfather die of stroke some years later; I myself am afflicted with scoliosis, emphysema, asthma, and arthritis. Sure, they are not life threatening, but these ailments interfere greatly with the things I need to do and desire to do on a day by day, minute by minute basis. Yet, I know that God has given me these things to help me seek Him, and to limit my sinful potential. Each time I feel the pain, it reminds me of God’s promises of a better world, one free of suffering, sorrow, and tears. Someday I shall see it with my own eyes. Until then, if God decides to allow or give me these diseases, then good — I shall serve Him with these diseases. It’s only a temporary condition. But death and relocation are permanent.

  • Peter Daniels –
    If you were “god”, would you just blindly do whatever your creation asked? Don’t we sometimes make decisions for our children despite their opinion that they are mean & unfair because we understand things they may not? “All powerful and knowing” does not mean wimpy or soft. God is not your puppet, to demand and direct as you so please. It should be clear to most that we (humans) are not running things – we just think we are.
    Also, I can take a sentence out of any book and make it suggest whatever I desire. Please STUDY the “holy” book, before you comment on it.

  • Sadly, this is the sort of personal experience (shaming) I experienced from my childhood growing up in the “Christian” church. I was abused because I didn’t “pray hard enough”? I have cancer now because I’m not good enough? Stop iwth the guilt and shame and accept people where they are! Perhaps then more people would believe there are true Christians and not judgmental people trying to further their own cause under the guise of “their God”.
    I had the opportunity to meet the author of this article as a teenager when my grandmother took me to see Billy Graham. I am saddened at the thought process that still remains today.
    Perhaps rather than judge Brittney for her choice, it would be more helpful to be empathetic and not shame or pour guilt onto her already grieving family. Is that what “your God” would do?
    Sadly, this article validates my past experiences, I honor Brittnay’s choice, I wish her peace beyond understanding, and for her family. I cannot imagine the pain she suffered.

  • God is not obligated to heal or save anyone. He is God creator and sustainer of all things. The thing molded would not say to the molded would not say to the molder “why did you make me this way.” Romans 9:20-22.

  • The one thing I really resent about religious people is how smug they are about not only their world view, but the view they would impose on all the rest of us. No doubt in their minds, no ability to question, no sense that the larger issue at stake is not based on your world view, but on your capacity to expand your mind and possibly, just possibly understand that other people may feel differently from you. I always thought that health insurance should cover “illness by religion.” More deaths on this Earth have been caused by religious zealots whose mind are so closed that they can’t even admit to the possibility that they might be wrong, than by any disease. Why don’t you keep your judgments to yourself and understand that silence, patience and open mindedness work far greater miracles than spouting your rhetoric about God.

  • This is the most pompous, holier-than-thou, you-have-to-follow-MY-religious-beliefs piece of nonsense I’ve ever seen. If someone wants to die on their own terms, what gives anyone else the right to tell them they can’t? Plus the hypocrisy…”the state shouldn’t be allowed to allow people to make their own choices, but should instead acquiesce to religious demands and ban them from making their own choices.” I sincerely wish people would stop trying to control the choices of others, when those choices have no effect on them. Shut up and let people be

  • Did you read anything about this woman? Her mission was very clear. She wanted to promote awareness about dying with dignity. And she did. I guess she can have it however many ways she wanted. You’re a bitter, spiteful, hater. So so ignorant. Read first, learn, and then maybe speak. You won’t be dismissed so quickly.

  • Exactly. These religious people who know what’s best for everyone based on THEIR spiritual beliefs make me sick. They’d have us living in a religious state if they could. They scare me.

  • A God should not decide anything because its the free will of humans to reproduce..

    If we all chose to NOT reproduce.. What would have God done?

    Not to reproduce to make other people suffer for Gods sick plan.

  • Joanna: that was one of the most intelligent comments I’ve read in a long time. The millions of deluded people who think an invisible being is hovering above the earth “judging” us all are entitled to their beliefs, but how dare they judge this brave woman and her choice on how and when to end a horribly painful terminal illness. She was not religious and didn’t believe in “God,” and that’s all anyone needs to know. And she chose to use her last days on this planet to do tremendously important work on behalf of anyone who may at some point find themselves in similar dire circumstances, and who deserves the option to determine their own fate. Don’t like what she did? Then don’t do it yourself when the time comes…just pray to “God” that he will take away the horrible pain caused by a brain-destroying tumor, and see where that gets you.

  • slongo–Actually, Christianity does not say you get to heaven or are secured a place in heaven through suffering. Suffering a a part of life. There is great value in suffering, for the person and for others.

    Christianity is not at all an egocentric religion. Rather, Christianity is living for others. It is through suffering tht we can discover the value of life and also model the determination of faith and the spirit. Very few people ever understand that. On the contrary, many people are formed by a secular humanist ego that strives to do the best for the self and to hell with society.

    Joni has been a great model of how redemptive suffering can become for others and for the self. Her story is more than a “nice little tale.” There are millions of people who suffer quitely in their own families and communities. These people become inspirations to others.

    Joni is correct in her statement that God is the one who makes the decisions. But, this statement is lost on those who don’t understand the underpinnings of the Judeo-Christian faiths. Just read Job for an allegorical insight into suffering and God’s omnipotence!

    But, my argument will fall on deaf ears if you have never witnessed a person’s redemptive suffering. So, therefore, I may preach to the choir…or perhaps plant a small seed in that one person who may want to understand!

  • Joanna, Actually, smugness goes both ways. There is a secular humanist smugness that belittles a spiritual view of the world. When a person with spiritual viewpoints lays them out, it is seen as antiquated and superstitious. Yet, there is validity in the spiritual viewpoint as much as in the secular humanist point. Both Science and religion haven’t a corner on the world perspective market. By hte way, you comment about more deaths are caused by religious zealots is misapplied. While it sounds wonderful and hard to argue, in fact, deaths through diseases and plain old man-made pollutants cause a far greater number of deaths than any religious war. Finally, you also have made an online judgment, as am I about your post! So, take the plank out of your own eye first…to quote a religious figure!

  • Just respect HER decision. Those against her decision need to mind their own business. If you’re so interested in saving lives, why don’t you convince repubs to pass common sense gun laws?

  • Jim M, there is a clear distinction between someone who is spiritual and someone who is religious. I am a spiritual person, but I don’t believe in all the asinine ideas that come from the bible and the different religious institutions because they are in fact antiquated (>3,000 years old). I believe in whatever I want to believe, and I keep those thoughts to myself. In other words, you don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. So please, don’t contaminant spirituality with religion because it makes spiritual people all over the world look bad. Thank you.

  • @ A Believer in Jesus Christ, it is immoral to spread lies. And that is exactly what you are doing. If you want to say that believing in Jesus Christ makes you feel better inside when something tragic happens, then I would understand your point. If you misspoke, that’s okay. Jesus Christ is not truly the way, or the truth, or the life. It truly, really isn’t. You can be a perfectly good person without him. If Jesus was around right now, he would be saddened by your comments…or kinda freaked out by them. I know any sane person would.

  • A. God does exist
    B. God is not a genie who lives in a bottle & gives you wishes when asked. He answers prayers from his children who love Him and He always knows what is best.
    C. God always answers heartfelt prayers, just not always in the way we would like. Sometimes like any GREAT parent He says NO!

  • True Christians do not judge others nor do true Christians push their belief on others. True Christians do share the word with others as this is what God has directed us to do. The greatest thing we can do for God is bring others to know His love that brings peace & joy beyond all human understanding. That is not to say Christians are never sad, angry or unhappy. We are sinners just like everyone else. The difference is that we have found salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. He can & will bring us through anything in life. I know personally He has done that for me.
    He has brought me through a brain tumor, many surgeries & illnesses and now with a degenerating spine that at times causes me untold pain. At one time I was so overcome by pain that I tried to commit suicide. I took a 90 day supply of Amytriptaline, a full bottle of Tylenol 500, and some oxycodone as well. No way should I be sitting here typing this. My husband found me & gave me CPR. I was rushed to the hospital where I was in a coma for 6 days. The Drs. can not explain why I lived but I can. The Lord knew it was not my time or my decision to die. He knew that I believed in Him & He did not want me separated from Him. I do not even have side effects from this, which Drs. also can not explain. I go to counseling to deal with depression caused by long term pain & for my attempt so that I may understand why & how I decided to make that decision. I am so blessed that God kept me alive. During my counseling I was able to help lead my counselor to Christ
    Some days when the pain is the worst it is very hard. I have a wonderful daily devotion called Jesus Calling. It is good for anyone going through health difficulties as well as caregivers. I pray, read and spend time doing what I can to help others. This is why I am telling part of my story here. That someone else may gather strength or help from my experience. Our God is a mighty and very loving God.

  • The hubris in this article and the comments are really breathtaking. Just breathtaking. There are 33,000 Christian sects all stemming from the same life of Jesus. That is over 16 new sects a year. Christians do not agree on so many things, even this issue. That does not even get into the thousands of other religions and belief systems throughout the world. Yet still, despite this, we have a woman and commentators claiming “to know” and making judgments wrapped up euphemisitically in the form of “advice.” And they are making judgments, make no mistake. i understand the author has suffered and has a viewpoint. But the similarities with Ms. Maynard stop there. In reading the words and listening to Ms. Maynard, she clearly respects the rights of others to have such viewpoints, including Ms. Tada. And she at no time was so presumptuous as to tell Ms. Tada or others why they were wrong. she simply stood up to ask (demand) that others respect her viewpoint and her right to follow her own belief system. Yet there are so many that will not have it or respect it. Is it no wonder why there are 33,000 sects. The words, opinions and judgment of Ms. Tada, in her hubris of knowing she is right to tell others how to live or die, is exactly why Christians cannot even agree with one another let alone those with other belief systems. it would be very said if not so utterly and unabashedly arrogant. Really astounding.

  • I am very sorry that you can not see that we can not have both. I have many children I pray with who suffer from these horrible cancers. Many parents of children who have died or are dying from them. They all have two things in common. They believe deeply in God and they are putting their & their entire family’s lives into getting more money for research and fighting for more awareness of these diseases. One does not cancel out the other
    Many people blame God for the evil and horror of this world while completely ignoring that the devil is also very real & also exists.You can blame satan for all that horrible disease, suffering and horrible thoughts that people have. We call it stinking thinking. The real winners in this world are those who bear whatever life hands us yet continue to thank God and feel blessed for all He has given us. You can have both.

  • There is only one person in the history of the world who has been crucified and rose from the dead three days later. Jesus allowed evil men to kill Him so that He might take the penalty for all sins, for all time.

    Those who come to Jesus and believe upon Him for the forgiveness of their sins and eternal life, are taken immediately into the presence of God at their death. Those who reject the only method by which God can remove our sins and grant us eternal life, have place themselves in an impossible and eternal destiny. Those who reject Jesus death for their sins, at their death, are taken immediately to hell where they await their judgement.

    Jesus explained this in Luke chapter 16. Two men, one who believed and obeyed God’s command to repent and believe in the Messiah, a second who refused to repent and believe.

    One was comforted, the other was fully conscious and in terrible torment in hell. He asked that someone be sent from hell back to his family to warn them about this place. Jesus said no, they have the words of the Bible to warn them, this is sufficient.

    After their death on the earth, both men are alive and conscious; one in hell, the other in paradise. Both men have the ability to feel pain or comfort and perceive their surroundings. They are aware of their previous decisions while alive on earth and how their choices affected where they will spend eternity.

    The rich man is not in hell for being rich but for his apparent rejection of the requirement which God has made, that all men must receive a pardon for their sins by the coming Messiah.

    The poor man is not in Abraham’s bosom because he was poor; he is found in this place of comfort because he apparently received a pardon for his sins, by his trust in a coming Messiah and the sacrifice He would make for all sins.

    What happens after death?

    What we learn from this story about heaven, hell and life after death, is that all men have an eternal soul which lives on past the moment of physical death. Where that soul ends up—eternally, is determined by an individual’s personal decision—either to receive the Messiah or to reject Him.

    All salvation, for all people, for all time, is encompassed in the atoning death of Jesus upon the cross.

    Everyone is saved in the same way.

    Romans 10:13 For “whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”

    You might also be interested in this article I wrote:

  • I’m happy things worked out. Not all cancers are the same and certainly people aren’t the same. Thankfully Ms. Maynard had a choice and decided what’s best for HER!

  • Wouldn’t it have been nice if the “big man upstairs” kept her from getting cancer in the first place?

  • Well said! We had to let our dog go to doggy heaven this week so he wouldn’t suffer. I miss him terribly, but it was the humane thing to do. Why shouldn’t human beings have the same right? I too am in chronic pain on a daily basis and if I felt a need to make the same decision as this young woman did, I believe I would do it as well. Unless you have walked in that persons shoes, don’t judge them. By the way, the bible says “thou shalt not judge one another”, but I hear so many people who do just that. She lived her life the best way she knew how and died the same way, she decided what was best for her and that was delaying the inevitable.

  • Read Peter Daniels quote above… Don’t you think you could put those same smug, close-minded descriptors on that? Both religious and non-religious people are at times dogmatic, inflexible, and harsh in their views.

  • Ken,

    Cancer, sickness, disease, and death are all a result of the fall of man. Before Adam chose to disobey God, no one was sick or died. God created a perfect world with perfect people. It was Adam’s fatal choice, and subsequently all of our fatal choices to reject God which has caused this world of suffering.

    Jesus came to take the curse of sickness, sin, and death upon Himself. All those who put their full confidence in Him, though they will die someday, He will raise them to eternal life.

    This is why it is so important to obey God’s command to believe the good news about Jesus death for us and accept it, before we die. After we breath our last breath it is too late.

  • I have been on the other side and came back. There is a set plan for everyone’s life and we need to have every interaction with who we are supposed to in this life. If we dont, their lives are changed forever and it can’t be undone and can’t make up any of it. They miss out and so does everyone that they were supposed to talk with or meet or interact with. They will miss out on the fullness they were meant to have. She will realize her responsibility then and will be devastated at her own loss. But God will love her through her mistake.

  • Although I do not agree with any of the writers views, I actually think she is coming from an angle that is meant well. She totally driven by the faith she has in the god of her understanding. I actually don’t fault her for her faith. Shenis driven by fear that this woman will be judged by her God amd lose a place in her undertstanding of heaven. And further fears society is going down a path that her God doesn’t approve of in any way.

    Here is where her arguement is flawed. Not everyone believes in the God of her understanding.
    Although she does not think it’s a states right to define or be involved in these policies, infact her motives, one pwrticular faith, is the very reason why religion has no business defining policies.

  • But many of us simply don’t care what the bible says. Even if you want to believe God exists and wrote it and it’s your personal “how to” manual, we don’t care. You believe what you want and live YOUR life the way you want, but leave the rest of us out of it.

    This author is spouting what she believes about someone else’s life. She makes her living doing this and all of you followers happily jump in to criticize and condemn anyone who doesn’t believe as you do. It’s all about HER and all about YOU and it’s nothing more than your opinion which is worth precisely what anyone else’s opinion is.

    I get it, the author has a schtick-it pays well and she may even believe it:

    ” I would tell her how I have felt the love of Jesus strengthen and comfort me through my own cancer, chronic pain and quadriplegia.”

    Her experience offers nothing to anyone. It is personal to her. Just as Brittany’s experience was personal. No one wants to take away the author’s experience but neither does she, or you, have the right to try and negates Brittany’s.

    Fantasies are legal. They may be shared. But they must not be legislated. We have the right to be free from your delusions.

    Do you ever realize or try to understand how sick people are of sanctimonius, self-righeous pronouncements on every aspect of life when it is completely devoid of logic and reasoning and empathy? Because there is certainly no true empathy in any of this. Whether the money making Christian mouthpieces are railing against gay marriage, birth control, feminists, death with dignity, science or anything else, it’s based upon your own interpretation of what you think a mythical being told someone to write down in a language you don’t speak. No one cares what you people think except other people like you. If you don’t like our Godless society feel free to make your own society devoted to worshiping whatever you want, somewhere else so the rest of us can live in peace, making decisions based on logic and reality.

    Just how much was this author paid to demonize this particular person? What’s the going rate for criticizing the painful decisions of a terminally ill young person? As I recall, Jesus truly elevated the poor and rebuked those passing judgment. As others have expressed, I have no beef with Jesus but protect me from his followers.

  • Why are Christians like this author publicly condemning her decision? I see a lot of pride in Christians who believe only THEY have the answers to all the questions of life. You say Brittany should just shut up and kill herself but it’s OK for Christinas to be out in public condemning her and trying to get people to follow what THEY believe. See dictionary, “hypocrite”.

  • God commands us not to murder–that includes others as well as self. Those who continue doing these things will not inherit the kingdom of God. God also commands Christians to make correct judgments. To discern the facts correctly is not wrong.

    Grace, you said you were abused. Sin can happen to people because people are sinners. It can also happen because there is a real Satan who wants to destroy all believers in Jesus. Scripture teaches us that all he does must first have permission from God, because God is truly sovereign. It also teaches that God can and will use even these evil things for ultimate good for His children. You are in the wrong to place the temporal pain of Brittany above caring for the pain she will now feel for eternity, separated from the love and forgiveness offered her by Jesus. Her rejection of Him as Lord is truly tragic, and when you support someone doing this, you become guilty before Him also, and need to recognize your sin and seek Him as Savior. Only He can heal the hurts of your heart.

  • Christians know what is right, not because these are our invented beliefs, but because God teaches us what is right and wrong in the Bible. He revealed to us that murder is wrong. He wants us to have a great life, but that means much more than just physical pleasure. It means having all our spiritual pain and agony (because of our sins and others’ sins against us) fully healed by a loving, merciful, kind Creator and Savior.

  • Christians have a much higher quality than you present. For you, respecting someone’s sin against God is okay. Christians instead are taught by God to love others so much that we help when they may do something wrong; we try to help them find the answers God has provided for them in His Son.

    Jesus suffered not just one brain tumor, but bore the entire pain of all the sins of the entire world, taking the punishment due each individual onto Himself in our place, as our substitute. We should respect HIM as Lord, God, Savior, and learn HIS ways of thinking.

  • You are wrong on the basics. All genuine Christians agree on the basics: that there is only one God, that He is in essence three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We all believe that God sent His Son to mercifully pay the just penalty due our sins in our place.

    We cannot just follow any old belief system. We should want truth. Jesus said that HE is Truth, and that no one can come to God except through acknowledging their sin, repenting, and accepting the gift of His shed blood on our behalf.

    The key issues are that death will happen to all of us, anytime. We can either accept God’s forgiveness now, or He will respect your decision to reject Him, and you will spend an eternity away from Him. He, being all-knowing, tells us that hell is a place of suffering, not someplace you would want to go. He wants to prevent your suffering eternally, and offers you reconciliation with Him if you will repent and believe Him.

  • Humans do not have some sort of “right” to kill themselves, because God commands us not to murder. That includes others as well as ourselves. We do not belong to ourselves, but we are created by Him. We are also sustained everyday by Him, and should be thankful for our very life.

    “Living life the best way she knew how” will not get anyone into heaven according to God’s teachings. He says our best is as filthy rags next to His holiness and perfection. The only way for us as sinners to come into His presence is if we are somehow cleansed, if somehow our guilt is legitimately punished. This has happened for us by Jesus: He paid the price for our guilt on the cross. He then offers to us that cleansing by His blood. And then He also gives us His holy perfection, His own righteousness. He offers to make us entirely new persons, and to have an eternal life with Him, never to die again.

    Brittany, and all of us, should have approached the throne of God’s grace in our hour of need. Her need was to be right before God, to have her sins taken away. There’s only one way God provides for this: Jesus. He created the world, He could heal us. Or in His wisdom He can see that we will learn more, better, if we go through this experience.

  • Jesus raised Himself from the dead because He is God Himself and could not be held by death. We, however, are sinners, guilty before God, and cannot raise ourselves from the dead. He offers us forgiveness, or, we can refuse Him, and we end up ultimately like Brittany, dead, without hope, in agony, all her choices, her decisions.

    Think about the fact that Jesus actually is God. He alone can offer us help out of our situations! He alone has what we need most: His forgiveness. But that is no longer offered after our death. Choose now for God’s love and mercy through the death of Jesus on our behalf, or you are choosing His wrath, rejecting His love.

  • Amy, where you make your mistake is in not being compassionate about her greatest need, which was to be right with God. God gives us commands, and life is not about doing “what we feel is best.” In fact, God has revealed to us that He hates that kind of pride which thinks we can somehow get Him to accept us outside of what He has already done for us, in giving us His own dear Son to take our death penalty. By His standards, we wrongly define compassion.

    He is truly compassionate, having willingly given His own Son’s life to meet the world’s most important need: forgiveness of our sins. We can only know true compassion when we know Him. .

  • Larry, wanting to sin against God is not a choice we should support in anyone. He says murder is wrong, and that even includes hatred of the heart according to His holy standards.

  • Larry, wanting to sin against God is not a choice we should support in anyone. He says that her act was wrong. Murder even includes hatred of the heart according to His holy standards.

  • You have the perfect text book answers to justify your “miracle in the sky”.
    God and the Bible were created to give man a “moral compass” and laws to govern their life by. To keep ppl under control. Religion. BAH.

  • (Just a sidenote, Max. God says there’s no such thing as an Atheist! He revealed to us that all people do know there’s a God– Read Romans 1. All people know He exists, but they don’t all know that He gave His Son to the world for the reconciliation of the world to Himself, redeeming us, buying us back by purchasing us with His own Son’s blood. All people know He exists and is powerful, but until they turn to Him in genuine sincerity and humility, acknowledging their need of Him, He will not reveal all of His other wonderful qualities or the gifts He offers in the good news of Jesus.)

  • She needed help to get medicine to put her to sleep without pain. The usual way of suicide usually involves lots of pain and blood. And this is not suicide. Using her own word,”suicide is some wants to dye, but every part of me wants to live. But I am drying.”

    For terminal ills, it god decides when they die. Why human keeps on inventing artificial ways to keep terminal ills alive by machines? If human intervention is not welcome by god, how are those machines judged by God?
    How should Godjudge the IVF, the unnatural way of child birth? God never designed women to have eight kids at the same time. Is it evil or good?

  • While I do not agree with Joni, I do know that what she has experienced has not only been physical pain but the emotional pain of being a quadraplegic after diving into shallow water and breaking her neck as a teenager. She has been a huge figure in the evangelical world and I would expect nothing less from her in her post. However, I don’t agree with her at all. I respect the fortitude that has kept her going all these decades but when you are terminal and if there is a god, he has obviously decided the end is near. Why continue to suffer. I wonder if Joni has ever had to put a pet down. It’s heartbreaking but “humane”. I applaud this woman for making the decision she made. It was not suicide. It was a well thought out while she was still competent to not end up in a state where she could no longer care for herself, think anymore, continue with seizures, having hospice reduce her pain until she passed. I think the biblical interpretation Joni uses is skewed but she is a very literal translator of scripture and has been brainwashed by her conservative fundamentalism. Her judgement and perception of this woman’s choice to end her life with dignity is misplaced.

  • So praying not to die from an agonizing death from cancer, and god not answering is what? Mysterious ways? Not heartfelt enough? God only helps those who believe in it?

    Your god can go jump in a lake as it is an evil torturer that causes immeasurable suffering. But I guess mysterious ways and all. I’m sure this lady was having seizures and dying an agonizing death for a good reason. It was probably character building. God knows whats best, and apparently that is dying horribly at 29.

  • What people are failing to recognise is the huge question about what happens AFTER death. Those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour go to Heaven, those who haven’t go to Hell.

  • “Taken together, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, and the witch burnings killed approximately 200,000 people. Adjusting for the increase in population, that’s the equivalent of one million deaths today. Even so, these deaths caused by Christian rulers over a five-hundred-year period amount to only 1 percent of the deaths caused by Stalin, Hitler and Mao in the space of a few decades.” – D’Souza. The great progressive atheist regimes of the 20th century killed close to 100 million between 1919 and 1976.

    Atheism does not forbid genocide (nothing is forbidden), but it is forbidden by Jesus.

  • God does exist. Just because something you believe is a justifiable prayer or request does not mean it is in his plan. Sometimes the greatest testimonies come from awful situations. There is death and cancer in the world because we are fallen and lost, but that doesn’t mean something good cannot come from it. I truly believe that Brittany could have had an amazing testimony through this terrible diagnosis, no one knows what God’s plan is.

    And as for your amputated leg/arm prayer, just because you think it is justifiable and you haven’t gotten a yes to that prayer does not mean God hasn’t answered it. Sometimes the answer is no, because his plan for us doesn’t involve having that or is going to come about from losing something.

  • Slongo…The Bible does not say that and I think it’s tragic that this girl had to go through something as painful as this cancer, but I DO believe that there is a plan within every tragic event as well as any positive event. Just because we may not know the entire plan, doesn’t mean we should take it into our own hands. Some of the greatest and most touching testimonies come from tragic events, like Brittany getting diagnosed.

  • I totally agree with you Jonn. I know first hand that regardless of the situation you are going to be “dragged” down as well. I personally despise this article, people are so foggy eyed by religion that they forget to actually sit and think about things.

  • Have you ever had your son or daughter ask you if they can eat cookies for breakfast? You don’t grant them their wish because you love them and know better than they do what is good for them. God is like that. He is not a genie or a vending machine, doling out anything we wish. He loves you. You can reject that right now or consider what if it were true?

  • May I suggest that you read the bible cover to cover – with an open mind – and glean from that reading the main themes. If you cannot do that, then just leave the offer of God’s love made possible through Jesus on the table. You can reject it and that is your choice.

  • At the end of the day, the question isn’t whether this is right or wrong, or what any of us think about it, but what are putting our hope in, if we have any at all? For Brittany, she had none left so she chose her path. For Joni, she has a storeful of hope so she has chosen life – and offers it freely to anyone and everyone.

  • At the end of the day the question is not about what we think is right or wrong in this case. The question is what are we putting our hope in? Brittany had none left so she chose her path. Joni had hope and she chose her path. You and I can choose what we place our hope in. Christians simply believe that we will stand before God one day, and we have chosen to place our hope and trust in Jesus.

    That is the offer on the table to Sue, Dirk Diggler, VoiceofReason, Joanna St. John, Joni, Brittany, you and me and everyone.

  • It truly is amazing to me how many people react so violently to an article they declare is nonsense. Why does it bother you so badly? I know what I believe. When I read articles I don’t agree with I don’t bash the author. Different opinions are what keeps us in balance. Therefore the only reason I can come up with, is that somewhere deep down you are afraid you might be wrong. That you know there is a God and absolute truth, with a real heaven and only one path to get there. If you were so certain of your anti God pro assisted suicide views, this wouldn’t bother you. You would have quit reading after the first paragraph. Unlike you, your opinions don’t get me angry. They are your right. All I can do is pray you find your way and battle past your demons to the Truth and hope you know that God loves you and is ready to accept him into his kingdom whenever you are ready. The only deadline is death. And that is why Christians are so passionate on this subject.

  • One thing I resent about atheists is that they are so smug about their world view. They would impose this view on others who think differently. Who are the first groups to rush to aid countries in crisis. They are nearly all Christian run. Perhaps atheists should keep their views to themselves? I actually don’t agree with that – I am just trying to show what a ridiculous post the above post is. Personally I think that everybody should be able to state their views without having aggressive responses like the one I have responded to.

  • You’re proving my point yet you do not realize it…. blissful in your hubris. . “We should want truth” you say. Of course, like Ms. Tada, you claim to know the truth just like a million other people that have differing feelings. To say all Christians believe in the trinity therefore means all agree on issues like the one at hand is specious and disingenuous. Let’s put it to the test. Do all Christians feel the same about homosexuality? Evolution? Birth Control? War? Capital Punishment? Hell? Limbo? Do I need to go on? Mormons believe Christ came to America? Catholics believe the communion is a rite involving the conversion of bread and wine to the actual body and blood of Christ? Do you? Yet you are going to stand there and imply that all Christians feel the same about Ms. Maynard? The utter Arrogance. You were failed in your youth, you did not learn Humility as a child. Unfortunately we all suffer for it.

  • Your article disgust me. I hope your foo-foo notions of “God” help you sleep at night. The idea that this woman should die a lowly, painful, death is despicable. This woman is not a “sinner” she is a living being with rights and she has the right to choose whatever end she wishes. You absolutely sicken me and I hope when your “judgement” day comes you are judged rightly so.

  • Um, ever heard of “Separation of Church and State” Caz? The United States is not “Christian run” as you may believe. Hello, United States constitution.

  • ‘A Believer in Jesus Christ’…thank you for putting it out there so plainly and simply. Jesus is the ONLY way, the ONLY truth, and Life, and NO ONE can come to the Father except through Him. That does not make Christians smug, judgmental, or anything else that has been spewed in these comments. In no way are we better than anyone here, we are not uneducated, or ignorant, we just know WHO we believe in and I for one thank God daily that I am His and I know what awaits me on the other side of death. Am I religious? Absolutely not. Am I a believer saved by Grace? Absolutely!

  • I am, and I should say amazed but I am not, having a great deal of difficulty processing this judgemental attitude from those who “believe”!! Why do we have to compartmentalize EVERYTHING into our Christian segments of religious judgement?? Have you, or anyone you know, walked in the shoes of those who move toward this dorection?? And what kind of god are you ‘serving’ that demands that you stand in his place to judge all men by your own standards? I have quit the Christian religion in order to follow Jesus Christ!! I have had more than enough of the judgement of those whose road has not led them down the ‘Primrose Path’ that is expected, demanded, and imposed by a less than perfect ‘following’!! WHEN will you recognize the BEAM in your OWN EYE??? You can condemn Brittany all you want to and support Joni’s condemnation of her choice by comparing it to her own circumstance, but please wake up!! Brittany, despite Joni’s condemnation, had NO CHOICE or FAULT in the circumstance she faced,.. as opposed to, for condemnation sake, Joni, who ‘chose’ to dive that day causing the accident resulting in her life of quadriplegia!! Could anyone join the ranks of Mother Teresa??? ANYONE???
    “In the end, it is between you and God!! It has never been between you and them!”

  • Death with Dignity Act is a deception. I am sorry to see that there is a such a law like this. We as human beings are created to live eternally. We are only passing through this earth. Our next life will be determined by our choices that we make here. We will be either entering heaven or hell after this life. It doesn’t take a long time to get transferred to the other side of life. It doesn’t take years, months, hours, or minutes. It is a matter of seconds once we died physically. This is where the deception is with the Death With Dignity Act. It says it will induce death for people to escape pain, but that is not the case if the person is going to hell.

    As soon as the death is induced, the person will be transitioned to hell where the pain is more intense; magnified several times, more than what he/she is experiencing on earth like Brittany had experienced. So the Death with Dignity Act is really a way to quicken anybody to enter hell.

    God tells us not to kill people, even ourselves. God looks at every death situation and He judges it. However, when a suicide is decided with a good mind, reasonable mind in which the medical providers make sure that we have before making a medical decision, then that is not good regarding Brittany and others that were/will be doing it. That is committing murder and murder is one of the laws that if we broke will take us to hell if we don’t repent before we died. Death with Dignity Act is a deception, all it does is quickened people with medically induced death to access to hell where the pain will be more magnified and eternal. There is no way out. My hope is that Death With Dignity Act doesn’t spread, but reversed. Jesus came and died for us all and no human being has to go there. Hell was made for Devil and His demons, but if we reject Jesus Christ, then that is where we go.

  • Larry,
    We all have right to choose, but there are consequences to things that we choose. God has given us that right to choose and He will not violate it. With that, I am sure He impressed on her heart to choose his way, but Brittany had th e right to make her own decision which has consequences as well. I am sure all of us are aware of it. Everyday we have choices that are right and wrong. It is the same thing with her. Not all choices are good. I have suffered some bad ones and learned from it.

  • We are social beings. What we do here even though privately, affects the world. The scripture does say, if you love the world, then obey the laws of God. Love is the fulfillment of the law of God. That is why a repentance is needed. When we break the law of God which holds God’s creation together, we sinned against God and our fellow human beings who are created in the image of God. So we can not just say, I have the right to choose. Really we are created to live right. Our physical body attest to it, our emotions is attest to it, and our spirit. Our whole being attest to the that fact that we are created to right living. When we do wrong, we do things that are damaging to us. We can attest to this also. So even though we are given the right to choose, we will suffer the consequences to the wrong choices.

    We have prison, right? Thank God, we still have a sense and see the need to execute judgement on wrong behaviors. God who is righteous will not allow evil or wrong/evil things into heaven again. So he sent his son Jesus to make things right for us. To make us born again so we can born with the new body that know on sin and can access the kingdom of God. Our new body is coming soon, but we are given the Holy Spirit of God, the deposit given to us through Lord Jesus Christ saying, with that, I am guaranteeing you that you will be given the new body at the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who don’t have the Lord Jesus Christ will not have that privilege, but will go to hell where all the evil, satan, and his demons are. Choose wisely, next life is eternal. If you have access to heaven, I strongly advise to choose it.

  • Shannon,

    No, that is not a same thing. With the assisted suicide law, it makes more people doing the wrong thing. Instead of just one person, it involves the doctor who prescribed the overdose, the whole state and perhaps others. So It is not the same thing.

  • I think Shannon made a legitimate point that we need to address. Does God care about the suffering of human being, and how does he want us to handle it. If assisted suicide is wrong, in which it is, then what is the alternative? Let me hear your points. I will make mine later. If we are saying to the world, this is wrong, but we also need to offer them an alternative. We need to be able to say, this is way, walk ye in it.

  • Judgment aside (I have no right), I am just heartbroken and so sad about this. The anguish Brittany must have felt humbles me – I don’t face such pain or fear in my own body today…someday I might have a terminal illness and can better gain perspective. My father in law is suffering with the same diagnosis as she, and I would be devastated if he chose to suicide because of this (and I will stand up to that word)…but I would try to understand. What I do know and can definitively understand is that life without HOPE – the hope of Christ is unfatjale to me…..that is what makes me even sadder than all of this is that question of whether or not she had that hope…..I feel she may have made a different decision if she had that – her outcome may have still been death….but death with the promise of eternal life in Paradise at the right hand of He who created life is different than death to pain on earth. It feels empty to me. I know that Chriatians are not immune to depression, horrible illnesses, and yes, suicide in some cases….but hope, my friends….hope is such the integral part of that. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (‭Hebrews‬ ‭11‬:‭1‬ NIV)

  • And Joni – if you are this, you have inspired me all my life. I was born the year after your accident and learned about you as a young girl. Your faith and art and work are all inspirational! Thank you or teaching me all my life that God is faithful and that He uses all things for His good. XO

  • I would have to disagree with you “Rob”, I do not believe that God chooses when someone dies. God does not take people to be in heaven, that is just insensitive to put God in a killing mode.

  • NONE of us have the right to judge Brittany. No matter what our title, no matter what our place in society, no matter what we preach. Judgement is done by God and only God. None of us know whether or not He will forgive those who take their own lives. I’ve watched my mom battle lung cancer and in the midst of chemo and radiation, enduring all the pain and side effects, I’ve heard her say she can’t do it anymore. Being with her through all the pain and side effects, I could understand why she felt that way. I also spent nearly every minute of every day for ten days with a woman I loved very much, and watched her suffer until her body decided to give out after a tumor in her brain exploded. Brittany’s family is going through enough without all the negativity being put into print. People shouldn’t use their beliefs to make other people feel bad about theirs.

  • Children having cookies for breakfast occasionally is not the end of the world. A wise parent knows this. There is no evidence god exists, and to further that belief, no one’s prayers are answered, at least the big ones. The fact that god has decided that she/he/all that there is can’t be troubled to heal the lame makes it a quite unloving parent. No one should be have this false hope thrown in their face.

  • Dont you people study history? Hitler wss not an atheist. He made the comment multiple times that “he was doing god’s work”. His underlings were made to pledge their allegiance to god. Put a fork in the atheist Hitler crap.

  • Ellen, I sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he gets better. I have read and heard stories of people who got healed from glioblastoma. I do know God cares about you guys. What type of church do you guys go to?

  • Danette

    Do you know that we will be judging the world on judgement day? Yes, God has appointed us to be judges on the day of judgement. You are right in a way though, we do need to have a compassionate heart. My heart breaks for Brittany even now. I spent my Saturday praying for her and against the Death Dignity Act. I felt though however that with her situation, it needs prayer with fasting and I didn’t fast but just prayed. I repented before God and felt very bad about Brittany. My hope was that God heart my prayer about intervening Brittany while transitioning. I believe God will do that. Jesus did say that if pray and ask anything in His name, He will do it. So standing on what Jesus said, I can say that He heard my prayer. Many times God answered my prayers, so I know He hears me. He communicate with me and so I am confident in Him hearing my prayers.

    I wanted so bad to get in touch with Brittany, but wasn’t able to find a way to get in touch with her before she killed herself. I did read some messages to her from other Christians before she died and I am glad that at least some communication was made regarding God. It kind of saddened me also, that she didn’t even consider God when all else have failed. God is the one says, if we call on him, He will save us. He came through for me many times when I call on Him. So I know He is alive. The question is, did Brittany call on God? I doubt it. It looks like she was more committed to promoting the Death Dignity Act. Now, Jesus meeting her on the way to the other side of this life is my hope. Thank you Jesus. I know you love Brittany.

  • Can you imagine if the Son of God would have committed suicide rather than face the cross? HE refused drugs to dim the pain as they did offer him wine laced with drugs at the crucifixion. Your conscience tells you it isn’t right to kill yourself, otherwise why does one feel the need to get approval?

  • To quote the article heading “God alone chooses the day you die, not you”

    If He created everything, and “has a plan for us all”, didn’t He in the end, choose the day she died after all?

    People die in unnatural ways all the time. Does God choose people to die in car accidents? In war/violence? Lightning strikes? How can you truly say He didn’t want her to die on November 1st?

  • That may be true here in this world, but the next world has a whole other set of rules of which we have been forewarned about. in this world one can murder or commit all sorts of terrible things and pretty much get away with it unless caught by the authorities. Perhaps those people when they die were never prosecuted for anything they ever did because they weren’t caught. However, standing before the Son of God at the judgment seat of Christ is a whole other ball game, everything is accounted for. Perhaps she MAY attain mercy since she was dying anyway or perhaps she won’t. Following the Robin Williams suicide and now this one, will probably enlighten others to commit more suicide and become the best commercials you could ever run for it, to me that’s the problem. Some people just are not strong enough or they don’t know the outcome on the other side and that is sad. Why do people feel they have to publicly make it known unless they’re trying to advocate killing yourself is cool with God? IF so maybe John the Baptist should of killed himself and never had had his head cut off, maybe Paul the Apostle should have killed himself then he wouldn’t have been beheaded, maybe Steven who was stoned in the street should have killed himself, maybe all the Prophets should have taken anti anxiety drugs, and perhaps the Son of God could have avoided the cross all together by killing himself or accepting the drugs he was offered on the cross and He refused. I think it’s beguiling to give death the upper hand for by saying it’s your right to die, death is waiting was anxious open arms for you. Running to death is never a good idea in my book.

  • Truthster, in your last post you said that Jesus is God himself. So, God didn’t sacrifice “His own dear Son”, if that said Son is God Himself. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Just because God doesn’t act the way you think God would act does not prove in any way that there is no God. If the purpose of life is for humans to enjoy themselves and always be happy then it logically follows that an all loving all knowing and all powerful God would do whatever it takes to make that happen. And seeing as how there is so much suffering it would be logical to conclude there is no God. but of the meaning of life is not happiness or full time enjoyment for humans but rather the purpose of life is for us to Know and Glorify our Creator then it makes perfect sense that there would be suffering in the world. I don’t like suffering, but suffering is one of the most effective ways to make humans realize that we are not complete in and of ourselves and neither is the world. If we are willing to seek the truth we will find in fact there is a God and He has made Himself Visible through creation and we will realize that He is the only thing that can complete or fulfill us in this life or the next. Suffering is not evidence against the existence of God, and there is far more evidence For the existence of God then against. I dare anyone reading this to take an objective look at the world around them, think about what it would really mean if there was no God, there would be no meaning to anything in life and there would be no such thing as objective moral values. Feel free to email me if you want to dialogue about this: [email protected]

  • David,

    David, I am you have heard of the Trinity? Three in one? God who created this earth is a Trinity. If you read the bible you would have encountered it already. There is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.This is where the founders of this nation got their idea of the executive, judicial and legislative branch from – the bible. They are three separate beings, but one God. Yes, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I

  • David,

    I am correcting what I said earlier about God being the Trinity. There was some grammatical errors that I made. Anyhow, God who created this universe is a Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit of God. They are three separate beings, but one God. If you look in the creation of this earth, they were doing it together to bring about this universe. Jesus has different names. One of them is the Word, the Son of God, Son of Man and others. He is God. There’s a lot that can be said here about God, but just know that the Christian God is a Trinity. Founding Fathers of this nation took their concept of the three branches of the government from the trinity idea in the bible. Anyway, you can learn more about God if you go to the bible and read and talk to God about it. He is there and He knows yours desires and concerns. Talk to Him.

    You have a good weekend.

  • Atheist Max – first, Christians do believe in science (just not junk science). Learn about some of the most famous, influential scientists of history and you’ll discover that many, many of them were Christians/Catholics. Second, no matter how much Ebola “evolves” (which really in this case only means “mutates”) it will never become an entire independent thinking, living, breathing human being. With that said, there is actually a place for evolution within Creationism and many atheists have backed off the Big Bang theory precisely because of the irrefutable evidence they’re discovering regarding the Intelligent Design behind it. Just curious – did you know these things?

  • Joanna,

    Have you actually read this post by Joni? If so, why don’t you engage her arguments? Have you considered whether you are as open-minded as you think others should be? Is it possible that you might be wrong, or does it work only one way?

  • I said I will make some points regarding God’s care and love for us. So I am doing it tonight. Let me ask you a question. Do you believe and know that God loves you? Do you believe that He loves you so much that you will be willing to suffer to obey his laws? In the midst of trials and tribulations, will you be willing to suffer to keep his commandments? There are many examples of people who suffered in the bible and yet obeyed God’s law. I know if you are a Christian, you most likely are aware of Job story where his wife told him to renounce God for all the pains he went through. Job continue d to obey and love God and God didn’t only heal him, but blessed him several times more than he was before his excruciating skin condition. We can also look at Joseph, Jacob’s son who got sold to the Potipher (not sure of the spelling), and yet with all the suffering he went through he upheld the laws of God and in God’s timing he was honored and became the 2nd man in Egypt. Through his relationship with God, God was able to use him to save the Middle East region from the 7 years famine. Considering what Egypt was during that time, we can say that Joseph was made the second most powerful man in the world.

    Another group of people that we can learn from are the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. After they started preaching the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. We know that a lot of them went through great suffering. They went through beating, stoning, imprisonment, crucifixion, and cutting off of their heads. I love Stephen’s story in the book of Act where they were stoning him. He looked up to the heaven and saw the Lord Jesus Christ sitting at the right hand of the heavenly Father and prayed, God forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing. I believe God heard that prayer. Shortly after that Saul got converted and became a Christian. I believe that Stephen’s prayer was having to do with that. Jesus Christ met Saul who was on his way to kill more Christians. Jesus intervened and Saul became a Christian. Stephen made a pivotal decision. Instead of renouncing God, he made a prayer to God that made a major impact on the world. Saul became an apostle that used by God to preach the gospel. Anyhow, there are many others who suffer, but they refuse to keep up on God, but seek Him and continue to love God. Joni Erickson, in our modern time, is a great example of that also.

    God says he will not allow us suffer more than what we can handle. Any suffering that we go through, He has the grace for us to go through it we go to Him for it.

    Our Lord Jesus Christ is a great example. In fact, He came to show us the way – to live a crucified life. Based on what our nature is, mostly likely we will be crucifying ourselves everyday. After the fall of man, we acquired the sinful nature. So we will be constantly fighting our flesh. That will be a continual battle until Jesus returns and we will be given a new body that know no sin. So while we are on this earth, we will have battles everyday. Battle of all sorts, emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, and etc. The fact that Satan is here on earth causing mankind all the problems, we will fight until the devil is tied up and thrown into the lake of fire.

    In the heaven there is no sickness, no poverty, no sadness, no loneliness, no anger, and no sin. There will be more of peace, love, righteousness, joy and all of the good things. God is not the one that is causing all the suffering we are having. Devil who wanted to rule heaven, got cast down to earth because of his pride and wanting to rule God and heaven, is the one causing all the suffering we are having. God is love. In everything that He does, it is out of His loving heart. Devil is destructive. Everything that he does is to destroy. That is his nature – kills and destroy. So the last thing we need to give in to devil’s lies.

    Looking at the Death Dignity Act, that is one big lie from the devil. Let me give you the picture of it. Devil cause the sickness on the person and then say, if you kill yourself, all your suffering will be gone when in fact the devil knows that you will suffer more. Devil knows that in disobeying God’s law, one will be going to hell where he/she will suffer more. Devil and his demons will be in hell giving one more suffering. That is his nature. He can not do otherwise.

    Laws of the land is to protect. My hope is that it will protect people in the life we have now and the life to come. The sure way of protecting us is not going against the laws of God. God gives His Word to protect us for the current life and the life to come.

  • Erica, this is a christian woman writting.. So, your comment is out of place.. Read the Blible, then come back.-

  • Lol, dumbest thing ever.. GOD is so real through JESUS in my life and of many others… HE certanly needs your opinion!!!

  • Brittaney, wish you RIP. and thank you for your advocacy. It’s important that people have choices. Those opponents to die in dignity, you can choose the way you want to die. Mind your own business!!!!

  • I am completely at peace and happy knowing that Brittney is at peace from her torment. It would be very selfish of me to want her to stay alive with her pain and torment. for any reason I may have. No one should be forced to live.

  • Rob and Kathy, apparently you guys have not been reading the posts on here, but just airing your opinions. We are all responding to Joni’s article here. She mentioned to pass life and go to the other side without God is not good.On the other side is hell without God if it is not heaven. Our translation to hell happens quickly, in a matter of second. So when one killed himself/herself to escape death, it really doesn’t mean that he/she will escape pain, but will be more intensified. If the person is going to hell, then there is no escape but intensified pain, greater sadness and hopelessness. Hell is a place of pain and despair.Therefore, when we induced death, which is really murder, we will go to hell. It is in the book of Galatians of the bible. If you don’t believe in hell, let me ask you, why? God loves us and He provided His Son Jesus Christ for us so none of us will go to hell. The option to come to God and go to heaven is there, but one has to choose it. I recommend seeking God and His truth out. He said, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No man can come to God except by the Lord Jesus Christ.

    If Jesus is the only way, then there is no other way. No, there is no other way. I know on Oprah Winfrey, she talked about other methods, but no, there is no other way. If there is God, then His way is the only way. Righteousness that God demands can only be given though His Son Jesus Christ. Buddha will not be able to give it to us. Haregrishna will not be able to give it to us, not Sun Yeung Moon. Hinduism will not do it. All religions and methods will not be able to do it, but can only be done through Jesus Christ. New clean and righteous body can only be given through Jesus Christ. As Jesus was telling Nicodemus in the book of John the gospel, you must be born again, born with new body that know no sin. One day soon, there will be no more sicknesses, no more sin, no more pain, but more of good things. Love, peace, joy, riches, and all the other good things. Since humans are created to live eternally, one really should look into what will happen to me after this life and find a way to resolve this question before it is too late.

  • True Christians don’t rely on their own understanding but the Words of the Father in Heaven. We are not our own. The Lord says ALL Souls are His.
    This child does not have the right to take her own life. It is God’s to take when He wishes.
    While she is alive there is the promise of Hope. When she is dead the is no longer any thing for her. The Lord says seek Him while He may be found call upon Him while He is near. THAT means WHILE you are alive because when you are dead there is NO MORE chances.

  • While you may have a valid opinion for non Christian’s, you’ve no understanding of the dilemma this causes for Christian’s. I’ve also got cancer and although have been told they’re only prolonging my life as they know they can’t cure me, my quality of life now is nearly nonexistent. I’d rather stop all treatments and leave it up to God to decide my fate but am worried He sees it as passive suicide. Can you answer that ?. If not, your post does nothing to assist the questions of those who truly love our Lord and don’t want to dishonor Him in any way. Please consider this when making such judgment’s, especially if you’re not facing the same medical situation. God Bless and protect you and yours. Amen

  • God does not cause illness, satan does. God will allow it to happen but when He does, it is always to bring glory to Him. I am also a cancer patient, no cure but doc’s are prolonging my life as long as possible. While I’d never commit suicide, I’m ready to stop all treatments and leave my final outcome to our Lord. If you’ve an answer for Christian’s as to whether this is passive suicide, you’d help them more if you could answer that one. Doctor’s are trying to make us live to 100 when most have no quality of life. But the bigger ? for us is, is it a mortal sin if we finally refuse treatment. I’ve already gone through 3 yrs, a minimum of 5 more to go IF my body can withstand chemo all those yrs. and that is very unlikely. Most doc’s wouldn’t take the treatments themselves that they prescribe for us, nor would they encourage their own family member’s to do so but have an obligation to patient’s due to the oath’s they take. But the part of do no harm, doesn’t usually become the reality. The treatments for cancer alone, usually do far more harm than the illnesses themselves.

  • I find so many of these comments horribly judgmental. Belief in a god is not necessary to live a moral life. Guess who is underrepresented in prisons? Atheists.

    Brittany Maynard was a beautiful person, and she will have an important legacy. I think the author of this article is an impressive person in her own right, but she is disabled, not dying. There is a huge difference.

  • I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor – multiple operations, extremely painful
    procedures and radiation for six weeks every day that did not work. I ended up
    having to have a double mastectomy. I am currently in remission. NOT ONE OF US HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE THE DECISION OF SOMEONE ELSE
    US WHO IS DYING A HORRIBLE DEATH. If I recall, doesn’t it say in the Bible, “do not judge lest you be judged’? LET THIS GIRL REST IN PEACE.

  • Of course Joni has experienced chronic pain. She has been a quadriplegic for more than 40 years and had breast cancer. Maybe you should watch the film about her life story and then comment on how much pain you think she has endured! Your comment is laughable.

  • God is real, and he sometimes doesn’t heal the physical body-look at joni, peter daniels. not tryna make you angree andd turn of your ears toward me and make it sound like yak yak yak yak, but he truly loves you. And sometimes people that have a disability he uses them to help others know about him! Cool, if you ask me.