Adventist Church President Ted N. C. Wilson addresses Annual Council delegates after a crucial vote on Tuesday, October 14. The proposal presented before Annual Council delegates asked if a General Conference Session agenda item should ask the the question--roughly: Should each division executive committee make provision for women's ordination as they deem appropriate? It passed 243-44 with 3 abstaining. The vote took place on Tuesday, October 14 at the denomination's world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

Seventh-day Adventists to decide in 2015 on women's ordination

SILVER SPRING, Md. (RNS) Seventh-day Adventists opted for a middle-way approach on the divisive issue of women's ordination on Tuesday (Oct. 14), kicking the question to next year's worldwide meeting without taking a firm stance either for or against women's ordination.

Next year's debate will come nearly 100 years after the death of Adventist matriarch Ellen White and could settle decades of disagreement over whether women should be allowed to be ordained in the 18 million-member church she co-founded.

The church's Annual Council voted to refer the matter to the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio. Under the proposal, regional church bodies would be able to decide whether to ordain women pastors.

Adventist Church President Ted N. C. Wilson addresses Annual Council delegates after a crucial vote on Tuesday, October 14. The proposal presented before Annual Council delegates asked if a General Conference Session agenda item should ask the the question--roughly: Should each division executive committee make provision for women's ordination as they deem appropriate? It passed 243-44 with 3 abstaining. The vote took place on Tuesday, October 14 at the denomination's world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

Adventist Church President Ted N. C. Wilson addresses Annual Council delegates after a crucial vote on Tuesday, October 14. The proposal presented before Annual Council delegates asked if a General Conference Session agenda item should ask the the question--roughly: Should each division executive committee make provision for women's ordination as they deem appropriate? It passed 243-44 with 3 abstaining. The vote took place on Tuesday, October 14 at the denomination's world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

“Is it acceptable for division executive committees, as they may deem it appropriate in their territories, to make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry?” is the question that will be asked at the 2015 worldwide gathering in Texas.

Tuesday's 243-44 vote marks the latest step in a debate that has divided the denomination, which time and again has voted to not permit women’s ordination.

Despite the churchwide ban on ordaining women, several U.S. regional groups have voted for women to be ordained. The Adventists' Southeastern California Conference elected a female president, and several of the church’s 13 worldwide divisions have approved theological reviews suggesting that women’s ordination should be widely accepted.

Women pastors have often held a “commissioned” credential without being formally ordained.

More than 500 people attending Tuesday's meeting at church headquarters in Silver Spring heard both sides of the issue after a task force spent two years studying theological questions about ordination.

Artur Stele, who chaired the Theology of Ordination Study Committee, said the 106-member panel gained a consensus on the theology of ordination but not on whether women should be ordained.

“If someone has made up his mind or her mind, it is impossible to change it,” he said. “Very, very little change took place. This really reminds me of our need to be open for God’s guidance.”

Artur Stele is a vice president and director of the Biblical Research Institute, speaks during the 2014 Annual Council on Oct. 12, 2014.

Artur Stele, a general vice president of the church and director of the Biblical Research Institute, speaks during the 2014 Annual Council on Sunday (Oct. 12).

The committee outlined options ranging from outright prohibition to allowing women’s ordination in some regional bodies where it is deemed “appropriate” but not forcing any individual pastor or congregation “to support such diversity.”

Stele, along with other speakers, said the church cannot keep pushing off a final decision.

“Then the task would be an eternal task,” he said. “Even when Jesus would come we would still be in the final sections of the report.”

SDA President Ted N.C. Wilson said the 127-page committee report was endorsed by an array of church leaders. But, in an attempt to move toward a final resolution, those officers also recommended that a question be brought to the 2015 meeting “that is not a weighted question one way or another,” Wilson said.

For hours, the delegates debated whether the question was unbiased, should be changed or would split the church.

Dan Jackson, who heads the Adventists' North American Division, supports women clergy and said “we will not break the church if individual divisions have the right to ordain women.”

Alberto Gulfan is president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division. He addressed Annual Council delegates during the Council on Evangelism and Witness, Friday, October 10.

Alberto C. Gulfan Jr. is president of the Adventists' Southern Asia-Pacific Division. He addressed Annual Council delegates during the Council on Evangelism and Witness on Friday (Oct. 10).

Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, expressed his appreciation for how women serve in many evangelistic and educational roles -- including “Sabbath school superintendents” -- but said his division has not affirmed their ordination as pastors. He, too, wants a final vote by the General Conference delegates.

“We are also supporting this recommendation to bring this to the General Conference in session and let the world church decide on the issue once and for all,” he said.



  1. Agreed. Ordination as practiced here is never once addressed in the Bible, not for women nor for men. Biblically, they shouldn’t be doing it at all. But if they choose to do it as an organizational thing, there’s no question the Bible supports both men and women ministering with the full support of the church.

  2. I think it very wise to pose the question to the 2015 GC Session leaving the final decision in the capable hands of the people. We as SDA’s do have a representative form of governance (vs. top-down) and I strongly believe that through prayer God will move among his people, and that the right decision will be made!! No need to fear 🙂

  3. I am baffled as to why this is even something that needs to be voted on. Isn’t the Adventist church clear on ordination is a role for men only? Many high profile Adventists seem to adhere to that, including Doug Bachelor. Perhaps this is one of many things Elder Wilson was alluding to when he said Satan is trying to destroy the Adventist church.

  4. Rob,

    I am Christian and have never voted since Jesus and his disciples never got involved in politics and/or war.

    Their total allegiance and support went, instead, to God’s kingdom or heavenly government as the ONLY hope for mankind on earth (Matthew 4:17; 24:14).

  5. rob is absolutely correct. God’s Word stands, no matter what people vote for or against. Let God be true though everyone one were a liar.

  6. Yawn…
    TOSC went around the globe… burned up enough money to build a stairway to heaven… started with and will end with the same group to vote; yes or no… shuck and jive… same men, same opinions, same mindset… sounds like the definition for insanity… doing the same thing over and over – expecting different results. Anybody ready for heaven yet?

  7. Aaron, Although the “official” position of the SDA Church is not to have women as ordained pastors, several Conferences have “thumbed their nose” at this (which has been voted down TWICE by the worldwide church) and have gone ahead an ordained women pastors, including voting in a woman as a conference President. That is why the vote is to go to the worldwide church representatives for a vote.

  8. Adventists in Poland does not want the ordination of women as incompatible with the Bible. We pray for the GC 2015 that took the proclamation of the message of 3 angels and not to please the world.

  9. Were they evangelists or pastors? Because those are two different things and if they were pastors that does not make them all of a sudden, just because they were in Ellen White’s day, have more authority than the LORD God Almighty and it is arrogant to even bring up history without first bringing up the word of God.

  10. “Ordination as practiced here is never once addressed in the Bible, not for women nor for men. Biblically, they shouldn’t be doing it at all.”

    Have you lost your mind? Do you not read the Bible? Mark 3 where Jesus “ordained twelve? Was not Paul the Apostle ordained? How about all those men who were ordained by Timothy and Titus “in every city” and NOT ONE was a woman. AND this is ALL in the Bible! ONLY MEN ordained and NO WOMEN ordained. Let’s for the Bible and we can only support the ordination of men and have to reject the ordination of women.

    Amos 3:7 says that The LORD GOD will do NOTHING except He FIRST reveals His secret to His servents the prophets!” So shouldn’t we find a revelation to at least one of the Bible prophets that it is GOD’s WILL that women be ordained as apostles, pastors, and elders? Since this has NOT be revealed, EVER, then is it NOT His will and He’s is NOT going to do this at any time, OR He would have already revealed this FIRST to His servants the prophets . . . and He DID NOT. This should end the whole debate as to whether women should be ordained or not.

  11. Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST,yea, even now is the time come where the prophecy of 1Timothy shall be fulfilled chapter4 vs1-Now the Spirit speaketh expressly,that in latter times some shall depart from the faith,giving heed to seducing spirits,and doctrines of devils; Now which is the doctrine of devils?2Timothy3:16,17 the whole scripture is of GOD,now GOD’S WORD is TRUTH John17:17 but when men despise GOD’S WORD and give heed to heresies it is the devils doctrine why?because it is not of GOD..For I had not known truth nor heard anything truth but by the word of GOD….AMEN Keep your faith strong beloved they shall wax worse and worse….Blessed be the name of the LORD..AMEN.

  12. Every Bible doctrine has its own place in the sanctuary which makes it fit perfectly in God’s great plan of redemption. No doubt every gospel truth centers in the sanctuary, if this theology of women’s ordination is to be viewed in the light of the sanctuary it automatically fails. The church should not worry much about people who want to bring such unbiblical theories because the wheat and tares must grow together til Jesus comes to seperate them but let us pray for one another that it shouldn’t be about making up the mind but allowing the word of God to dwell in us, and the Holy spirit to led us in all truth. If it is wrong for one child of God then definatelly it cannot be right for another child of God because the standard is the law of God embedded in the sanctuary.

  13. what is the need of voting when the Bible is very clear on the subject matter. voting for women ordination is the same as voting against the Sabbath. why? when you vote for women ordination it means you are defying the same Bible that say keep the Sabbath holy. it also means the Bible is no longer our set Principle and the fundamental pillar of our belief.

  14. There are really two significant issues as play here. One is whether men should always have authority over women (and not the other way around) and the other is whether the General Conference should be allowed to dictate when lower levels of the church organization choose to acknowledge God’s calling of someone to his service.

    For those who believe that men should always be in charge (sometimes referred to as “male headship”), this debate is not about whether or not to ordain women, it is about wanting to continue the practice of male domination over women. Don’t believe me? Read his arguments against ordination here which include such things as claiming that women have lower IQs than men and that the woman’s lib movement is run by “angry lesbians that wanted to be men.” Why he is still allowed to preach from a pulpit is beyond me, but that’s a discussion for another day.

    The other issue is about the authoritative, hierarchical structure of the church. Should the highest level of organization be able to dictate the beliefs and actions of the lower levels of the church? Decisions and actions have been taken at lower levels of the church organization under threats from the General Conference of “dire consequences” if they proceeded. This approach makes the SDA church almost synonymous with the Roman Catholic Church which also dictates from the Pope on downward. Ironic the similarities in organizational structure when you understand SDA theology that the Catholic Church is the anti-Christ.

  15. Let God be God, and man not take his position! God will speak and provide the needed guidance that His Church needs. Let’s cease the debates and spend more time in the scriptures and on our knees as we seek God’s directives.

  16. Dear Sister Kramer, please make your case for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry from the Bible. Enough talk about what’s wrong with not ordaining women, male domination/oppression, etc… Again, make your case from the scriptures. My years long experience with this issue is that there is a lot of emotion and opinion but very little, legitimate Bible study taking place among the laity. Thank you.

  17. I’m confused and alarmed by the question that was framed at the Annual Conference regarding WO. I thought the logical process was for the Annual Council to adopt the TOSC final report and recommend that the GC adopt the same as well as recommend that a vote be taken on the three positions distilled out in the report..? Policy and conforming to GC decisions is a straight open and shut case – no-one should be permitted to disobey GC session decisions. In my opinion, the GC should decide on the WO issue and everyone should comply until the next amendment/repeal or whatever. We should never be scared of the church breaking up on account of the truth – it is God’s church and He is more than capable of taking care of it without our Uzzah-like efforts.

  18. No women Pastor for 150 or more, Why now ? May be Division try to Divide our church.?

  19. My dearest sister in Christ Jesus,
    My dearest brother in Christ Jesus,

    Would you please allow me as a common meaningless layman humbly commenting the „Woman Ordination“?

    I am very concern about your close position-Summaries. It seems that “unity” took over “truth”, not really yet, isn’t it? Or you are trying to set “unity” before “truth”? Whereas Jesus says, still today, expressly: “truth” goes long before “unity” that enables salvation.

    John 17:14 I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
    John 17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.
    John 17:16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
    John 17:17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.
    John 17:18 As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.
    John 17:19 And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.
    John 17:20 Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;
    John 17:21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.
    John 17:22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:

    And brother John again expressly says:

    1John 3:18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

    Thank you very much for your kind consideration, compassion and love in Christ Jesus.

    Your brother in Jesus,
    Rusli Dalias

  20. I don’t know why Mr Ted Wilson,will even allow a vote,for delegates to ,review,what GOD, HAS ALREADY MADE CLEAR! For educated people,to be confused by: 1 Corinthians 14:34,35;1 Timothy 2:11-14, is pitiful. Ph.d,and Masters’ Degree holders ,not to understand this simplicity?

  21. This confusion comes from straying,away from thus saith the LORD.Do the editors consider every truthful fact,low quality comment?GOD says that a woman should not teach,nor usurp the authority , of a man! Be silent in the churches…women,that is! How do you vote on that?

  22. Fact:A.D. 321,Constantine changed the written word of GOD.( see Encyclopedia Britanica,11th edition,vol.XXVI,p.95 (Sunday).We as SDA have denounced this change,as man’s change…not GOD’S ! Constantine,was one delegate of Rome.ln 2015,243 delegates,are intended ,to do the same evil,by having men,change the word of GOD.WHAT MAKES THE SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST ANY BETTER THAN ,ROME ? Or is this question considered low quality by the editors?

  23. It is clear that the same false, unbiblical interpretation that demands, pushes, and presses that women be ordained will not only demand that homosexuality be accepted (is already happening) but it will take the final step of apostasy by demanding a Sunday law. The same emotional submission to culture and the proposing that the Bible does not say anything against ordaining women will also claim that the Bible does not say anything against Sunday as the Sabbath.
    Satan is simply warming up with women’s ordination.This is a test run and at the same time a thrust to break up the church. The church will indeed split but the split will be over much more than just women’s ordination. The Omega of Apostasy is not women’s ordination but includes women’s ordination. We are told that this must happen to purify the church and remove the tares. It made Mrs. White tremble.

  24. There are no examples in the new testament of women leading out in worship despite your ascertions. There are multiple examples of ordination in the bible, all conducted by men and confered upon men. Please correct me (through scripture) if I am mistaken. Why does this matter? Because there is a biblical order or stated in another way God’s order. Christ is the head of the church. The church may never usurp authority over Christ. In a marriage the man is the head of the woman. See Eph chapter 5:24 for an explicit reference. It may be concluded therefore that the woman may never usurp authority over a man in the home or in the church. We should carefully pray that we be on Gods side in this matter and not be following the customs of the world or other Churches. Drink from your own cisterns. The only thing that can come from this issue is division.

  25. It’s obvious to many that God chose E. G. White for His final Prophet for many important reasons …for one..His final words if you will through this humble vessel. Why didn’t He choose a man? There are also many answers to that as well. I see know reason anywhere that a woman can not be a Pastor if she is a true moral follower of Christ. I welcome discussion on this.

  26. I do not see how women’s ordination can be tied to the Omega of Apostasy in any way. The Omega must be related to the Alpha, that is pantheistic teaching and beliefs. The women’s ordination question seems to have been answered in the past with “No”. But some keep bringing the question back, not willing to accept the “No” of the World Church – it has seemed to be the response of a spoiled child. When I was young I desired to serve my Lord with all my heart and to be an evangelist – but I was told there would be no place for me, a woman, to serve in this capacity. Therefore I sought other ways to serve. I have sought to serve in the health field and as a deaconess and as a wife and mother. I believe that women can serve the Lord and the church whether they are ordained or not, and if the church votes not I will still serve him to the best of my ability and I will seek to support and strengthen the men who seek to serve Him. However, this Calvinist concept of male “headship”, has poisoned the water. Let this falsehood go, it is not needed, nor is it helpful in the discussion of the matter. It is not old truth, it is a construction that leads to ruin – in my experience. It had nearly destroyed my home until the cover was pulled off and I saw it for what it is. May God help us to each make Christ the head of our lives and of His beloved church. Yours in the Blessed Hope, Asilia

  27. Just the fact that you are using Ellen White as a reference destroys your whole argument. Was she not a woman leading and teaching the church yet you use her as a reference against women leaders in the church. Quite ironic to me.

  28. The Alpha & Omega was really a coded way for Sis. White to tell us what the apostasy would entail. The Greek symbol omega represents female,last (position), & a large number. Hence, the apostasy will be about females (woman ordination). Men were created FIRST, women were created LAST! The Alpha apostasy was about a single male (alpha=1, Kellogg). Omega means last and the highest plural number (800) in the Greek alphabet (plural & female). Sis White said that the marriage order & establishment must remain to protect us till Jesus comes. The line of demarcation has been blurred with an un-biblical position of women’s ordination & will be obliterated with the inclusion of practicing homosexuals ministers as all lines of Biblical morality are ignored. Study the ancient symbol Omega in history and you will find it deals with female Gods or deities. Hence, false religion which is always tied up with female priest (Jezebel) and pantheism.

  29. who will be required to vote on this issue of women ordination, men only or women and men? when the disciples were choosing a replacement for Judas,were those voting men or women or both?

  30. Just to correct one thing. There is *no* ordination of any kind in the New Testament. Although some English Bible translations still use the word “ordain”, it is a mistranslation of the original Greek word that simple means “to appoint”. Ordination as a concept comes from the early Church Fathers. The earliest reference is found in the writings of Tertullian, who borrowed the concept from the civil laws of Rome, not from Scripture.

    May I suggest this:

  31. The YES vote in GC Session in San Antonio would allow each and every union to decide the matter for themselves, assuming that the divisions are allowed to make a vote for themselves (which is the question asked). Hence, if Adventists in Poland do not want women serving as pastors, you would have the right to do exactly that: have men only. At the same time, those unions who believe in an inclusive ministry (as I do on the basis of the totality of Scripture) would be allowed to have that. Thus, there is no reason to fear that if some unions would have women as pastors, you would have to have them as well. It will not work like that.

  32. Officially elected delegates, and they alone, will vote.

  33. Dear colleague in ministry,

    You desire to see a prophetic word for including women in ministry? Then this is it:

    “All who desire an opportunity for true ministry, and who will give themselves unreservedly to God, will find in the canvassing work opportunities to speak upon many things pertaining to the future, immortal life. The experience thus gained will be of the greatest value to those who are fitting themselves for the ministry. It is the accompaniment of the Holy Spirit of God that prepares workers, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, to become PASTORS to the flock of God.”
    – Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church 6, p. 322. Emphasis added.

  34. TOSC discussions revealed that there are three different opinions among high profile Adventist evangelists, administrators, scholars, and pastors. Hence the vote.

  35. Very true. If everyone could see it this way, this sensitive issue wld be put to rest

  36. Drew, I’m with you. Excellent argument. I’m sorry you’re no longer an Adventist. Please come back!

  37. Exactly .to love your enemy is one trait of a follower of Christ.

  38. Exactly. Waste of other people’s money. so frustrating

  39. That position is based on church traditions, not on the Bible, as others here have shown.

    You posted no evidence for your position – only by our own personal opinion.

    Are you so arrogant as to think that your opinion carries the same authority as the Bible? That is very, very dangerous ground.

  40. I can’t believe that this is even an issue! I was under the impression that GOD does not discriminate. HE uses men and women alike for HIS will. I think so many of us “Adventist” have lost site of who is important….THE MAN JESUS CHRIST!!! All of this is just another distraction authored by the enemy. God used Ellen G. White and she was a woman. What is the big deal with having ordained women in our church? I’d love to hear the “professional” argument!

  41. Amber… what do you make of sola-scripture (The Scripture and Scripture alone) as the source of authority in religious matters among adventist? Pastor Richard has backed up his argument and reasoning with bible text but you seem to be clinging on daily life (traditions) practised over the years until they look like they are scriptures.

    Aaron the high priest ordained only males… (however, we find women prophetes, but the bible is silent on their ordination). As a matter of preserve, the Levite males are the ones who were to be ordained to priesthood.

    The scriptures are silent on women ordination, so let the Lord reveal this to us. Amos 3:7

  42. Pastors are Priests, there were no priestesses in Israel mind you. Women Priests are found in pagan worships e.g Babylon Semiramis, India Devka, India ISI, Egypt ISIS, Roman catholic Mary, Diana of Ephesus the list long. These are few examples of high priestesses in pagan worships. Can you give me one woman priest in Israel.

  43. Sorry sir she was not a Priestess in the Sanctuary of Yahwe

  44. Thanks bro, The devil has shut the sanctuary message to soften people’s minds
    The Sanctuary is the template of every Gospel TRUTH. Women ordination is blasphemy to Christ the High Priest. How can we have a woman priest and have Jesus as the High Priest? Christ is in the Heavenly Sanctuary according to the order of Melchizedek a man not a woman, according to Aaron the first High priest not Miriam her sister.

  45. The vote is going to the General Conference in session, representatives from the entire body of Seventh-day Adventists, not the General Conference. This is not a hierarchical decision, but a decision of the entire church. It is our safety against a small group of people making these types of decisions. The President of the General Conference has not made any hierarchical decisions. He is a godly man who loves God and His people.

  46. We are so close to the borders of Canaan. We can sense the “four winds” that have been held back are soon to be released. I agree with the question: Why now? If I desired to be a pastor yet I saw that this was voted down twice, and was a divisive issue… at a time when unity of God’s people based on Biblical truth was vital… I pray I would have the humility to lay aside my wishes for the sake of unity and God’s glory.

  47. Ellen White’s Secretary, Clarence Crisler said about this subject of Women’s Ordination:

    “And may I add that Sister White, personally, was very careful about expressing herself in any wise as to the advisability of ordaining women as gospel ministers. She has often spoken of the perils that such general practice would expose the church to by a gainsaying world; but as yet I have never seen from her pen any statement that would seem to encourage the formal and official ordination of women to the gospel ministry, to public labor such as is ordinarily expected of an ordained minister.
    “This is not suggesting, much less saying, that no women are fitted for such public labor, and that none should ever be ordained; it is simply saying that so far as my knowledge extends, Sister White never encouraged church officials to depart from the general customs of the church in those matters.”—C. C. Crisler, June 16,1916

    It was NOT because Women’s Ordination was against THE BIBLE that she…

  48. For everything there is a beginning and an end. In Gen. 3 Eve ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree. This is the beginning.
    In verse 24, God drove Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden. This is the end.
    Now, some members want to legalize woman ordination of pastors/ministers/elders. This is the beginning.
    What is the end? Please read Rev. 15:1.
    Dear brothers and Sisters, please do not wait until the close of probation; then it will be too late.
    “Woman Ordination” has nothing to do with the soon coming of Jesus.

  49. Maybe clear minded and spiritually awaken people will discern what’s actually behind this ruse. I am shocked that the GC is even considering to vote on what is clearly not evidenced in the scriptural history of the church. No mater how you view it, Satan is unquestioningly endeavoring to destroy this church. Let’s pray that the leadership will remain loyal to the Church’s REAL founder, Jesus Christ Himself. If these men and women vote against the word of clear word of God, their judgment will not take a vote. Pray for our leaders, that they will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and not the spirit of division.

  50. you are correct ,so what we see here is a battle for an unbiblical practice using the bible..I am amazed that al these phd’s fail to see it.

  51. Well, it is not against any law by choosing women for such ministry, but also not biblical. But if our leaders decided to introduce women as preachers etc…, they will need to be prepared for the inconvenients. As we all Know, women are always too weak against any kind of temptation. The churches of God are taking the risks that Jesus himself had avoided. If it is possible, churches, avoid it. Thanks.

  52. Hi pastor Richard, while the scriptures do not provide for ordination of women, let us consider the matter holistically for it is not appropriate to address one as ‘have you lost your mind’ but guiding as the grace of our Lord Jesus christ assumes. Terri, In the bible; there are many women who served God faithfully but were never ordained as church Leaders…Hanna the prophetess, Miriam,Dorcas and the list is long. The issue is, we have lost track of our main purpose as a people and has agreed to be vexed by the enemy. There is a deliberate effort to reconsider biblical positions and God is not silent whatever the decisions we will take, I wish not prove myself on women’s ordination but the holy scriptures do not support it

  53. Hi sister Melody,
    as your arguments may be right, I invite you to the ultimate guide of all beliefs; The Bible. God is not mistaken, he cannot be now if He has never been when he pointed to Adam his companion at the garden of Eden, He was not when he appointed Abraham in Gen 18:17-19, God is not mistaken when He is asking in Isaiah, whom shall I send, when He uses Moses instead of Miriam. It is simply because God in His wisdom had made a provisional position for both Man and woman until Christ takes over at the advent. Man, Paul say was created in the glory of God and woman in the glory of man. Not that one is better neither the other superior but as Isaiah puts it in Is43:7, they are both created to glorify God in their distinct and unique roles. In His church, christ followed this rule to lay the foundations of our faith,while The Marys, salome and the other women were apostles, they were not directly involved in the ministry. There I urge you to pray and have this clearer

  54. First, I feel it so sad that so many people have chosen to argue over this matter. I don’t think that’s what God wants at all. I feel it breaks His heart to see His church arguing over this matter. We need to pray about this, and agree to disagree, and maintain to the utmost, love and respect for each other. However the conference votes, there’s going to be one side who has lost the battle. I think also we need to take our own personal feelings out of this. This is not an argument about men vs. women. Not at all. This is about God’s plan for men AND women. Working together to bring about His kingdom. Men have always had a chosen path by God, with certain responsibilities. Same for women. Some of those duties overlap, most don’t. One sex is not greater than the other, only different according to God. Study both sides, pray about it, and let God lead the decision. The truth is in the Bible. We just need to put our own agendas aside, whatever that is, and HONESTLY LOOK.

  55. Amen Pastor – “For I [am] the LORD, I change not”…Mal. 3:6

  56. 1 Corinthians 7:

    17 But as God hath distributed to every man, as the Lord hath called every one, so let him walk. And so ordain I in all churches.
    18 Is any man called being circumcised? let him not become uncircumcised. Is any called in uncircumcision? let him not be circumcised.
    19 Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God.
    20 Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.
    21 Art thou called being a servant? care not for it: but if thou mayest be made free, use it rather.
    22 For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord’s freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ’s servant.
    23 Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men.
    24 Brethren, let every man, wherein he is called, therein abide with God.

  57. Yes, submit. Islam says the same. We’ve come so far, bro. Lol.

  58. As a former christian and Adventist, watching all this from afar has been very eye-opening, even more than when I started to have doubts. After witnessing the many so-called “learned” authorities and general “righteous” members resort to such behavior, it makes me sad, because it only reinforces the disappointed realization that made me leave in the first place-the fact that there is nothing special about this church. Worse-it’s actually mentally damaging. In the world today, with all the disease, despondency, and war ravaging the planet, leaving in it’s wake millions of broken, hurting people, this is what you all choose to fight about. Good luck in the coming weeks-I only hope the useless fighting doesn’t tear you apart and cause even more ruined lives than you already have.

  59. Honestly? I think this whole issue exists as a way for satan to divide the SDA church and/or distract us from our primary mission…getting out the three angels message. We know the latter rain is coming soon, we know Christs’ return is coming soon, so, of course, satan wants to do anything he can to keep us from those central truths. I pray that God protects this church from the potential harm this issue can do.

  60. Sorry folks, but it is a pratice for woman, never was, and never will. As the BIBLE rule all over other ideas, there is no space left for NEW REVELATION on what shall be done. IT IS WRITTEN, this is the main rule. There is no space for woman in this.

    But all of SDA must learn about the correct time, correct laws, that are direct related to Priesthood of Melchizedek, if you read it right, this is the TIME WE LIVE. Jesus and all the followers, are onto this order. Paul is very clear on this. In 1 Peter 2:9 this is more clear onto the correct order.

    ALL PERSON that come after Jesus and was Baptized, are “royal priesthood”.

    This has a lot of meaning.
    1) the word “hierateuma” is related to Exodus in the same order.
    2) All people are elevated now as is within Jesus, this differs from the Exodus 19:6 commandment.
    3) Same status doenst mean same powers. This is direct related to the spritual gifts.

    SO, woman are blessed and is as one with Priesthood, not with ordination.

  61. I am ashamed of the way people when it comes to the ordination issue are dishonoring the name of the Lord. It is not God’s intention that we should focus upon anyone’s representation of what the Bible say but instead go to the Living God for answers. To see pastors within the SDA church put forward statements which sanctify their acting as an authority for others understanding of the scriptures place faulty men in God’s place. To see them disgrace people who do not share their understanding as secular, or promoting gay marriage is distasteful. Do not believe for one moment that God do sanctify this. To utilize the Spirit of Prophesy to sanction own views built upon prejudice discredit not only the Spirit of Prophesy but yourselves as well. In these dealings there is such a lack of the Spirit of Christ seeing that Jesus do not want to throw out people of the church but work tireless save us all.
    May God give that you stop and think for one moment, because I see people who I thought…

  62. Here’s a thought! I think we’re missing the point with women’s ordination. What is ordination anyway??? The only similar concept in the bible was the Jewish system with priests and Levites. In the bible priests could only be annointed if they were from the tribe of Levi. Priests and prophets were selected by God through other priests and prophets. Our process now is very different. First the individual chooses to complete the required education and gain the expected experience. Then they have to go through a lengthy process including evaluation and approval by other leaders. This is not at all what God put in place originally or any semblance of what occurred in the bible selection of church leaders. Why do we then equate ordination with the biblical requirements for priesthood?
    I wonder what others of you think about this.

  63. Allowing each division to decide will be the end of the unity of the Adventist Church. If they allow this to happen we might as well just all go out and do our own thing because we will be no different than any other church out there making up their own church laws instead of listening to the Bible.

  64. brother..i totally agree with you!!!! I’m glad a lot of people have join our church,but a lot of them are bringing wrong ideas,just like when Israel was pull out of Egypt, a lot of Egyptians joined them and brought wrong ideas that caused the Israelites to worshiped a pagan divinity.

  65. When is reading the truth in the Bible and pointing it out to others who fail to see it with their own eyes un- Christlike?????????

  66. One thing im failing to understand is how people read their , there are women ministers, church leader, apostles and prophets in the bible. The problem is that women ordination ha been catholicized.

  67. Pastor Mendoz, please read “Questions and Answers About Women’s Ordination” edited by Martin Hannah and Cindy Tutsch, published by Pacific Press, 2014 (Kindle or soft cover). You will be graciously enlightened by this most excellent Bible study. God Bless you and yours.

  68. Yes, as a matter of fact, Sister Ellen’s Ordination Credentials are posted in full view for all to see on the EG White Estate website. I, a woman, do not seek an ordination vote of ‘approval’ or ‘disapproval’ from any human person(s) necessarily, for I follow Christ, He is my lead. On specific occasions throughout my life as a disciple in (redemptive) relationship with Christ, I have been sent forth (ordained) through Him to go and spread the Holy Gospel, extremely blessed with overwhelming joy and peace by the Light of the Holy Spirit. My interpretation as to why Sister White did not accept her credentials is because she saw them as unimportant, rather ordained and sent by Christ, being gifted with the Holy Spirit, commissioned in His way meant all, in His Love for us, for His Eternal Glory and Peace. Thank you God!

  69. Brother Frank,

    Please obtain a copy of “Questions and Answers About Women’s Ordination” edited by Martin Hanna and Cindy Tutsch, published by Pacific Press, 2014 and read it. This very enlightening book addresses every argument and question on this issue in a completely scriptural manner only. It is unbiased and extensively researched. I cannot thank the Seventh Day Adventist Church enough for the incredible efforts they have made to get to the bottom of this debate, opening up the heavy door to the vault of truth that has been trampled over for far too long, to let in the Light of Christ, the Love of our Father and phenomenal gifts of the Holy Spirit, so we can be ready as children of God to live and reign with Him in Peace, hallelujah.

  70. Thank you so much for your Christian service, Asilia, and your courageous post. I agree “male headship” is most certainly a male construct that leads to everyone’s ruin, a wickedly destructive lie never, ever in any way espoused by Christ. Satan’s primary choice is to oppress woman, because he knows the mind of men. The tragedy is that men, by perpetuating the oppression of women, oppress themselves, it is the most fundamental sin. Sin causes violence and this sin has very deep, very rotten roots, being propped up to look like something other than what it is, the most divisive, ‘highly’ superficial, totally false (institutionalized) preaching. I pray the Light of the Holy Spirit and Love of Christ reaches into the hearts of these deeply ailing and confused men and convicts them it is never too late to let go of the chains of bondage they grieve the world and the Word of God with. Pray for their repentance. They are not forsaken, they are Loved.

  71. Appreciate General Conference President Elder.Ted Wilson’s divine leadership to Seventh-Day Adventist Church!
    1 Corinthians 14:33
    No more ordination for women in Adventist Church!Period
    Please take a look at Jesus earthly ministry and life and teaching of Sister E G White! Our church welcome women’s ministry! GC appreciate very much,so do i.
    Let us work hard to preach the 3 Angels message to Pershing world!
    I love Adventist Church for the English Boarding Schools for the poor!
    There is no Church like Seventh-Day Adventist in this world!

  72. Its sad though that we have to subject a biblical decision to a vote instead of thus said the Lord. Its like voting whether to allow practising Gays to hold office at church or not.

  73. I look through scripture and I have not seen any examples of Black or Hispanic or African individuals male or female being ordained as ministers. I am asking, because there are no examples of such individuals being ordained as ministers in scripture, where did we get the authority as a church to authorize such?

  74. BEFORE VOTING ON EITHER TRADITION OR DOCTRINE, ASK “WAS MY RELIGION REVEALED OR WAS IT REVEALED BUT WE NOW HAVE A RIGHT TO MODIFY IT? I’m an Eastern Orthodox Christian whose church does not, and never will ordain women to the priesthood. We view our priest as “an icon of Christ.” We believe that our faith was revealed to us and is not man made. Therefore, no one, neither clergy nor laity, can vote on doctrine. This is a very wise policy if you examine what has happened to the ECUSA (Episcopal Church) whose constitution was modeled on the U.S. constitution. They are no longer a religion, but a political organization. They’ve lost about 34% of their membership.
    Christianity is declining in America because so many mainline churches no longer hold to the doctrines and practices of the early church. Please don’t add your name to the list.

  75. Please read my reply much further down. Christianity is a REVEALED faith. Neither doctrine nor tradition should be changed by a vote, because man cannot change God’s revelation for “the better.” I’m an Eastern Orthodox Christian who left the Episcopal Church because they denied the revealed Christian faith, which started in Jerusalem, was persecuted, regrouped in Antioch, then went through several hundred years of elucidation by the Church Fathers, who assembled the canon and wrote commentaries on scripture. We rightly split with the Catholic Church in about 1054 over the supremacy of the Pope. The Orthodox Church did not have a Protestant reformation, and although the most persecuted church by both Communists and Muslims, it is still the second largest sect in the world and is rapidly growing in the United States.

  76. I am no longer Episcopalian, as they have gone totally secular. I know of one episcopal church where there is NO MALE PRESENCE at the altar. The “priest” is a priestess. The deacons are women. And the “altar boys”are altar girls. By excluding men from leadership, the national Episcopal church has lost about 34% o their membership. Don’t go down this dead end road. From an Eastern Orthodox Christian friend.

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