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Catholic bishops back Obama acting alone on immigration

Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston and seven other bishops celebrate Mass on the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona to commemorate the deaths of migrants in the desert and to pray for immigration reform on April 1, 2014.

BALTIMORE (RNS) The nation’s Catholic bishops are jumping into the increasingly contentious battle over immigration reform by backing President Obama’s pledge to act on his own to fix what one bishop called “this broken and immoral system” before Republicans assume control of Capitol Hill in January.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston and seven other bishops celebrate Mass on the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona to commemorate the deaths of migrants in the desert and to pray for immigration reform on April 1, 2014.

Creative Commons image by Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston

Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Ariz., distributes Communion along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona to commemorate the deaths of migrants in the desert and to pray for immigration reform on April 1, 2014.

In an unscheduled address Tuesday (Nov. 11) at the hierarchy’s annual meeting, Seattle Auxiliary Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, chairman of the migration committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said the USCCB would continue to work with both parties to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

But, Elizondo said, given the urgency of the immigration crisis and the electoral gains by Republicans who have thwarted earlier reform efforts, “it would be derelict not to support administrative actions … which would provide immigrants and their families legal protection.”

“We are not guided by the latest headlines but by the human tragedies that we see every day in our parishes and programs, where families are torn apart by enforcement actions especially,” he said.

During the summer, the president was moving toward unilateral action on immigration, despite warnings that such moves could exceed his constitutional authority or would turn voters against reform.

Then in early September, Obama said he would delay acting on his own, a move that was seen a way to protect vulnerable Democrats from any backlash in midterm elections. On Sunday, Obama told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that he was now “going to do what I can do through executive action.”

“It’s not going to be everything that needs to get done. And it will take time to put that in place,” he said.

Republican leaders in Congress responded by warning they will kill any immigration reform if Obama acts unilaterally. An immigration reform measure passed the Senate with the support of the bishops and the White House but was blocked in the Republican-controlled House.

Elizondo acknowledged that Republicans “might block any kind of initiative that the president might be taking” but said something had to be done.

Elizondo was not the only bishop to speak out on the issue this week. Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Ariz., a leader in the USCCB and a vocal champion of immigration reform, told the Catholic news site Crux that “it may be necessary for the president to step up and to act” on his own.

Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, the president of the bishops conference, also made a point of telling the bishops — and the press covering the meeting — that he plans to meet with Obama and leaders of both parties in coming months in hopes of pushing immigration reform to the top of the agenda.

This week’s public lobbying by the bishops on immigration reform followed criticism by some commentators that the U.S. hierarchy was not following the new course set by Pope Francis, who has put such social justice concerns at the forefront of the church’s agenda.

It also marks a rare expression of support for the president from the bishops, who have battled the White House over gay marriage and the contraception mandate that was part of Obama’s 2010 health care overhaul. Many bishops had privately urged the USCCB to take a more vocal role on issues beyond gay marriage and abortion.


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David Gibson

David Gibson is a national reporter for RNS and an award-winning religion journalist, author and filmmaker. He has written several books on Catholic topics. His latest book is on biblical artifacts: "Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery," which was also the basis of a popular CNN series.


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  • The clergy had best support the plight of the American worker in this strategy by the one percent to use illegal immigrants to flood the labor market and suppress wages.The church still passes the plate and expects American workers to contribute. Maybe they should show the American worker respect.

  • I agree. Cesar Chavez said as much decades ago in support of his American workers whose wages were being undermined by the hiring of low-wage illegals even back in the ’60s.

    I do wonder, though, how the bishops spend so much time on these issues while the pews empty out more and more each year. If they don’t connect the dots soon…

  • You are both full of it Illegal aliens are not undermining wages. Outsourcing and deregulation is.

    Wages are doing just fine, in fact increasing for those in financial markets and management of most industries here. The problem is demand for certain kinds of work has shrunken over the years. The money is there, its just not trickling down in the way 30 years of supply side economic theory claimed.

    Illegals are here because we invite them out of demand for cheap labor. They are filling in niche work that you pays far less than Welfare would to the average American. The native workforce for crap work is shrinking due to greater access to education and lower family sizes.

    They flow in and out of the country depending on the state of the economy. Harsh draconian measures against them do absolutely nothing to change this situation. There is no way the US could possibly create conditions worse than the craphole nations these people are leaving.

    Lets be brutally honest. If your job is in danger of being taken away by a person in the country illegally, whose ability to speak the language is questionable, you are an idiot. You are someone so uneducated that a go-nowhere menial blue collar work is your only option. Someone who can’t even find work in the overwhelming majority of American companies. Its like claiming illegal aliens are the reason why you can’t raise a family of five while working at McDonalds full time.

    If you want to support the plight of American workers, then support things such as regulation of student debt, tax penalties for outsourcing work overseas, increase enforcement of corporate regulation, support public education, and provide mortgage relief to those working and middle class people who got bent over a barrel in the last decade by banks acting badly.

  • Rosemary-Good point. All issues need to be talked about and confronted.
    Ephesians 5:18 says don’t get drunk and 1 Corinthians 6:10 says that all
    drunkards go to hell yet I meet person after person that still gets drunk.
    The wine Jesus made was new wine/diluted/made for symbolic reasons
    not to get drunk plus the Bible says don’t get drunk and strong wine for
    it’s debauchery so people who get drunk with strong wine are also wrong!

  • Wishful thinking Mr. Gibson? You quote one bishop. There about 195 of them, not including auxilliaries.

    It would not surprise me if the position paper manufactory that is the U.S. Catholic Conference did generate something this inane, but it’s uncharitable to behave as if it’s happened before it has.

  • Fair is only fair. – if the Church no longer supports the rule of law which vests the power for immigration in Congress, then Obama gets to make the rules for the contraception mandate too. Sorry, but that’s how it works in banana republics, you don’t get to pick & choose once you subvert the rule of law. Tinpot dictators make ALL of the decisions. The Church chose poorly, now it must suffer all the consequences.

  • “if the Church no longer supports the rule of law which vests the power for immigration in Congress”

    That is not true. Congress may set the rules and guidelines for the overall Immigration Code but the power of immigration is in the hands of the executive branch. Immigration is an administrative law function. The enforcement and interpretations of immigration laws are entirely in the hands of the president and cabinet.

    Btw there is nothing more brain-dead than people who talk about enforcement of rule of law who know nothing of the laws involved. Almost universally the anti-immigration reform types are those who are completely ignorant of immigration laws and how they work. It is why such people talk in generalities about rule of law. They don’t have a clue about anything specific. There is something dangerously stupid in a democracy about grand pronouncements of enforcing laws one is ignorant of.

  • Frankly, If you’re an American who doesn’t have to worry about all those obstacles, and you were born with advantages that come with U.S. citizenship, and you still find yourself losing out to undocumented workers, YOU SHOULDN’T BE COMPLAINING You should be EMBARRASSED.

    Matthew 25:41-46
    When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit upon his glorious throne, and all the nations will be assembled before him.…

    Then he will say … “Depart from me, you accursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

    For I was … a stranger and you gave me no welcome….”

    Then they will answer and say, “Lord, when did we see you … a stranger … and not minister to your needs?”

    He will answer them, “Amen, I say to you, what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me.”

    And these will go off to eternal punishment….


    “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment.

    The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
    The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”

    Matthew 22:37-40

  • The cheap labor lobby always denies that inflating the supply of labor lowers the price for that labor.

    The only reason America ever had the MOST PROSPEROUS economy was because America had the BEST PAID employees and consequently, American businesses had the customers with the most money to spend.   American business owners are SO GREEDY that they are using free trade agreements, immigration, and deregulation to drive down wages and destroy benefits.   In their quest for short term profits, employers are destroying their own customer base and America’s prosperity.

  • I stopped reading after you said “wages are just fine” in this country. That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve read all week. I think you should go work at McDonalds. And these Catholic bishops could care less about the working class. They are in the business of selling “faith” not employment opportunities to the middle class. They just want more poor Mexican (usually Catholic) illegals in this country. If I wanted a better expert on the topic of wage deflation I’ll talk to a rock.

  • I do wonder, though, how the bishops spend so much time on these issues while the pews empty out more and more each year. If they don’t connect the dots soon…

    After years of observation, I had to come to the conclusion that a comfortable majority of clergymen want to ‘do ministry’, but are not concerned with the content of it. The priest who described his vocation to me thus: “I wan’t to get to heaven, and I want to take you with me” is atypical. Forthright teaching, sanctification, and governance runs the risk of conflict with parishioners, a critical mass of whom are at home with the zeitgeist. If you’re just there to ‘do ministry’, you’re not invested in those activities and interactions which generate conflict between you and your clientele. If the parish implodes gradually (and you’d expect that of an unserious enterprise), it’s dispiriting but no bother. It’s a sellers’ market for ecclesiastical labor and they’ll send you somewhere else when the parish closes.

    As for the bishops, well, they’re important social services administrators, no? They get to show up for the Red Mass and the Knights of Columbus dinners and hob nob with the Kennedys, no? Otherwise, same deal. Such a bother, all that lousy press coverage, and, in any case, it upsets your cathedral rector, Fr. Gaylord Rogerem.

  • The Church chose poorly, now it must suffer all the consequences.

    Been an absolute train-wreck, this Argentine. If he’d spent his days in his chapel in prayer and meditation and appointed someone like Cdl. Benelli to do the paper work, we’d be much better off.

  • The country will fail if disrespect for the law continues. The Church is welcome to administer to the illegal alien, but it damages the social fabric if it lobbies for the alien to remain here.
    Meanwhile one must ask just what the Church is doing to enhance the lives of the largely Catholic countries to our south?

  • If the Church is going to stick its nose into public policy matters, it’s time to remove their tax exempt status.

  • People waited 11yrs plus yrs to enter USA legally Many still waiting for decades. These illegals cutting the line.
    Wages control? Lol the highest paid worker in my company is undocumented. Illegals also work construction making $120 -$150 cash a day. My wife has a degree and after taxes bring home less than illegal immigrants.

    Obama wants to reward illegal immigrants with citizenship for breaking the law.

    I support legal immigration not illegals

  • Most of that would be true if our economy was as industrial based as it was 60 some odd years ago. But it isn’t true today

    Wages have stagnated across the board for all professions except financial markets. This cannot be blamed on immigrants.

    Most of the professions seeing the most stagnation are white collar workers and professional services. The kind you can’t possibly use illegal labor for. Our education system pumps out tons of college grads with no appreciable job skills and tons of debt.

    You are correct about one thing. Deregulation, the mantra of fiscal conservatives is destroying the economy. It allows companies to undermine wages, benefits and making financial transparency a joke. Our last major economic disaster was created by deregulation and legalized fraud.

  • If we legalize 11 million illegal immigrants today in 5 yrs USA will have 22 million illegal immigrants. Our border is not secured millions will come knowing amnesty is granted ever decade or so.
    secure the border Obama then talk about illegal immigrants legalization.

  • You missed my point. Its not that there is less money being paid out to people. Its that its being concentrated on top. Salaries for securities traders and financial consultants increased by dramatic proportions while engineers doctors and lawyers have largely stagnated.

    The dumbest thing you will read all week will be people who think that immigration, legal or otherwise has anything to do with why the average american worker is being bent over by their management.

  • The country will fall as long as we have nabobs who talk about enforcement of laws they know nothing about. That is the type of behavior one expects in a dictatorship. People blindly supporting authority they know nothing about.

    It is an almost impossibly rare thing to find someone who talks about measures against illegal aliens or curbing immigration in general who knows a damn thing about our immigration laws and system. There is so much bullcrap taken as articles of faith by such a crowd.

  • There is no “line”. You have no idea what you are talking about Barry.

    “Lol the highest paid worker in my company is undocumented. Illegals also work construction making $120 -$150 cash a day. ”

    Wow, that is pathetic. Considering construction has one of the highest injury/fatality rate out there, and the work is sporadic in nature, its not much to talk about.

    If you and your wife think illegal aliens are living better than you do or can live, then you should be ashamed. You can collect unemployment, receive decent medical care, keep bank accounts, collect welfare and envy illegal aliens? There is no hope for you.

  • What a load of bullcrap.

    3-5 million illegal aliens left the country after the economy collapsed in 2008.

    About 2-3 million illegal aliens are people who came to this country legally and overstayed visas. Securing borders wouldn’t do squat for that crowd. Reforming employment visa system to something less exploitative would turn this group into tax paying productive resident aliens.

    It would be nice if people discussing immigration reform weren’t so clueless.

  • Good point, Art Deco. One bishop of 195 spoke inside the meeting although Gibson quotes two others who agree. The only reason US bishops give a damn is because Hispanics are a third of Catholics (“a day could come when a majority of Catholics in the United States will be Hispanic” Otherwise, they’d be just as solidly Republican as they are on every other issue.

  • Mr. Francis, You may want to consider a good brushing, a long Scope gargle, followed by a hand full of Tic-Tac’s to fight back the halitosis that has to be generated by swallowing that load of feces.

  • @ Earold D. Gunter, LMAO, that was fantastic

    @ Reality See I told you there would be something more ridiculous to read this week. 🙂

    The Heritage Foundation like pretty much all nativist groups has unambiguous ties to organized racism/white supremacy. There is not a single “study” from such groups which isn’t loaded with complete fabrications and misrepresentations.

    One of the worst is equating illegal aliens with criminals. There are enough material and vast differences between the criminal justice system and the immigration system to make such analogies libelous. Ironically, if they were criminals they would have greater rights, especially to representation, favorable burdens of proof, greater judicial review, and ability to file appeals.

    “The Heritage Foundation’s study on the supposedly devastating impacts of immigration reform might have had more credibility if its principal author, Jason Richwine, weren’t a proponent of racist pseudo-science with links to white nationalists. His report was so erroneous and misleading that even many of Richwine’s fellow conservatives didn’t find it credible, but that hasn’t stopped GOP politicians from using the salacious report to justify their anti-immigrant rhetoric”

  • They don’t. They support sane immigration policies. Ones which do not create undue burdens in keeping families together and allow human beings to live in a sane fashion here.

    One of the few times they are showing outright humanitarian concern which isn’t backhanded and sectarian.

  • Correction to poster “Reality”,

    THIS is the stupidest thing written here all week.

    “”‘right wing’? you sound like Ernst Rohm, Hitler’s friend and fellow leftist socialist.”

  • @ Larry,

    I think your idea to tax companies who outsource is wrong-headed. It seems to assume that companies aren’t left a choice on where to go; it’s America for them or nothing. But this realistically untrue. Example: Suppose Company X is based in America and outsources work to Indian citizens. Based on your ideas, Company X will have to pay a tax on the entire companies profit because they outsource. Taxes can only be levied on either income or profit, it can’t be levied on spending. (unless you’re talking about a sales tax which will be levied on the foreign employees) (i.e. Company X pays all their foreign employees 20K/yr, in which case they will have to pay a sales tax of 10% on that 20K for each employee) This will lead, I imagine, to some sort of law suit, since this will treat persons as property.

    Anyway…if Company X is charged some amount of money (either through a tax or fines) for having foreign employees, what stops Company X from simply leaving America and setting up shop in India? In that case Company X will escape all of the American’s tax laws, and they could just as easily outsourced jobs to American citizens. In this case, they wouldn’t be under the banner of American regulations, yet still have American citizens working from them. Or worse yet, they wouldn’t hire Americans at all. They would simply get non-American persons to work for them, who are just as talented but willing to work for less. You said it yourself in a previous post (above), that “Our education system pumps out tons of college grads with no appreciable job skills and tons of debt.” If I take this to be an accurate description, then it makes sense that companies would seek citizens from other countries who do teach “appreciable jobs skills.”

    It seems to me that our policies should be competing with other countries policies to make America the best option for these companies to “call home.” And that’s a lot harder to do when we pass policies that would cost them money. We can only regulate American companies. We are limited in what we can do to foreign companies; we can tell foreign companies that they can’t sell here, but we regulate what they do.

  • What we should do instead of taxing companies who outsource to foreign citizens in foreign countries, is we should fine companies here in America who have undocumented persons on their “under-the-table” (so to speak) payroll.

  • If I were to break a law; any law other than immigration, could I claim immunity from prosecution because such prosecution would “tear my family apart?” Perhaps if I go into the business of robbing collection plates on Sundays I can expect immunity from the catholic church because surely they wouldn’t want to tear me apart from my family.

    This whole notion of “we can’t enforce laws because it will tear families apart” is absurd. If I take my family into harms way, then my family suffers the consequences. Sad but true under any circumstances. And, if these families do not want to be torn apart, then they are free to leave with the deported individuals. No one forces anyone to stay in this country that thinks it is unfair for enforcing basic laws that are enforce world wide.

  • @ JoshM

    Fair enough.

    Really more or less a digression from my original point. That blaming immigration for the situation of the American worker is misguided and misinformed at best. There are forces in play which are completely unrelated to immigration which have done so.

    To be honest I was spitballing a bit on that one. 🙂
    I find deregulation to be a more pernicious force working against American labor.

  • 1. You don’t avoid prosecution due to family hardship waiver. It is closer to a “time served” sentence. Having such waivers is proof that immigration law is not the same as criminal law. All you are showing is how such analogies do not apply.

    2. A criminal has greater civil liberties than an immigration violator. Criminals have a right to counsel, a favorable burden of proof, right to appeal, and a right to avoid draconian punishment which are all guaranteed by law.

    3. The analogy between immigration violations and criminal ones is based on ignorance of the system. They are not the same nor treated the same. By making an analogy between an illegal alien and a thief you are simply telling me you have no knowledge of the actual facts and have to rely on pretending its something else.

    This whole notion of “we can’t enforce laws because it will tear families apart” is absurd.

    Of course its absurd, because that is not what is being done. Quite the opposite. The laws are being enforced AS WRITTEN

    Judges always have discretion as to how the law is applied against individuals. Immigration judges moreso, due to the limited ability of its subjects to appeal and the wide discretionary powers given to them under the laws. It is entirely within their power under the enforcement of our laws to waive harsh judgments which would produce a draconian result. That happens in all forms of law.

  • Art Deco, Not really.

    Although I must admit, my first instinct is to do just that. To do the research that should have been done prior to using the claim. Not just on the claim itself, but on the organization that claims it as well, although I do know this organization quite well, as I have researched them before (a favorite of Cathy Lynn Grossman).

    In the past I would have done just that, then refuted it with, as you put it, “the accounting or methodology” used in it so I could demonstrate to the person using the claim just how wrong it was.

    However, after having read most articles on this web site for what must be a year or more now, and having commented on many, I have become convinced that for some, showing them the errors is more often than not, fruitless.

    The time I spend, which is more precious to me at the passing of each day, doing what they should have already done is still no match for the disinformation machines out the in the world that continually bombard people with this sort of hard line rhetoric, both left and right by the way.

    I have reasoned that people tend to migrate to messages that they have a propensity to agree with and getting them to successfully release the hold they have on that way of thinking, is something they themselves must initiate. Sometimes it is a simple off-hand comment that stirs their minds; minds previously numb from the rhetoric they have been feeding on for years, to seek out other information that leads them to a different way of thinking.

    Not that I suppose Mr. Francis to have an unchangeable mind, but most of the time when someone uses this type of “information”, changing their minds by showing them they are wrong is akin to trying to convince someone like Karla that getting drunk is no big deal ‘-), or Doc Anthony that being gay is alright, or Atheist Max that god is real, or Frank, that this isn’t Twitter and its ok for him to type more than 144 characters.

    I meant no disrespect to Mr. Francis, and apologize to him if he was offended. I suppose it was my attempt to quickly, using humor, try and plant a seed of doubt in his mind that swallowing whole any claim any organization makes without doing some research, not only into what it claims, but the motivation of the organization claiming it may be, may leave a very poor taste in your mouth once you learn what that claim is really made of.

  • Your headline is untrue. The Catholic Bishops’ took no action on immigration and did not support Obama’s coming executive action on the immigration issue:

    “BALTIMORE (CNS) — Though there were no actions on the U.S. bishops’ agenda in Baltimore dealing with immigration, poverty and other public policy issues, the president of their conference said Nov. 11 that he hopes to meet with President Barack Obama and House and Senate leaders soon on several topics.”

    A couple bishops speaking in favor of executive action is not the whole conference and the whole conference is not the Church.
    Why did you use this untrue headline?

  • The Catholics stand to make an intense amount of money from the illegal aliens flooding America and flooding their Catholic churches.

    And don’t forget that the catholic Church is anti Unions.

  • Excellent post.

    But you’re dealing with an organization AND a President that seriously believe they are above the law.

  • I agree with you. I live on long island and the rich people here love the immigrants cause they are cheap labor that can be exploited. They pay them garbage/no benefits/ no pension/ no nothing just a paid slave

  • Art Deco, Sorry to disappoint you, you know your acceptance is the sole reason for my existence. Damn, too humbug again…., but I did it with few words.
    Lighten up, it’s only life.

  • No, we are dealing with people who vehemently support laws they don’t know a thing about and oppose any measure which would actually produce beneficial effects. All because some politicans appeal to their sense of paranoia and prejudices

  • You are wrong about this. Our country is totally broke, with your great grand children on the hook for paying for this. And, once they become “legalized”, they will demand what this country and it’s laid off workers can’t afford. Anyone who is for breaking the law, you are ANTI AMERICAN. THIS IS A TREASONOUS action. The reason the Catholic church is for it, is because they have lost so many, they want these people legalized for the reason that they want parishioners, and the money it brings. Shameful that the church advocates for a president to become a dictator.

  • Agreed! Why create a “mountain” out of two bishops’ opinions? Oh, it is because they are CATHOLIC bishops, and obviously speak for the WHOLE Church.

  • No, see, here’s the catch: the wealthy don’t want legal immigration. Legal immigrants have to be paid legal wages. The wealthy are perfectly content with the system: illegal laborers come in, work for dirt, some get caught and sent home, occasionally a business gets caught, pays a fine that’s a slap on the wrist compared to the amount saved, and in the end, they get a cheap work force that they don’t have to pay fair wages, insurance, pension, or any other extraneous costs.

    THAT is why it’s in the wealthy’s interest to keep the propaganda about immigrants taking jobs alive. They want the legal immigration as screwed up as possible, to give them the largest supply of cheap labor.

    Fix the process, make it easier for people to legally immigrate, and you’ll see a decrease in illegal immigration–meaning ICE will have an easier time tracking it down and prosecuting. And legal immigrants aren’t keen on illegal ones, either, so you’ll shrink the support base for the illegal ones–less places to hide, more people willing to turn them in.

    You’ll get more money dumped back into the economy and an increased tax base. (No, you can’t just legally immigrate and collect welfare as soon as you get your green card–that’s a myth. Immigrants pay more into the system than they take out.)

    But that’ll cost the wealthy more money–and they like their $30 a day employees. Hence the reason they stir the pot with tales of job loss, resentment, and good ol’ fashioned racism. Divided we fall.

  • Democrats talk about immigration like there was still wagon trains
    heading out to fill the empty west. Like Vegas only has two casinos
    with tumble weeds rolling through the streets, instead of bumper to
    bumper traffic at midnight. Democrats talk as if Lake Mead was nigh
    onto to bursting, for want of people to drink its water. To hear
    Democrats tell it, there just ain’t enough 7 Eleven clerks, Dollar
    Tree cashiers or enough hot dog vendors in NY, and enough people to
    buy from them. And there damn sure ain’t enough lobbyists in
    Washington, or enough dirt scrounging Democrats to suck their blood
    for money.

    I don’t know of a big city freeway in this country that goes wanting
    for traffic at rush hour. Or, a big city hospital wanting more GSWs
    on Saturday night. You hear me Chicago? I don’t know of a food pantry
    wanting for mouths to feed in this country. I don’t know of a big
    city school district where the teacher to student ratio is Too High.
    I don’t know of a police force that isn’t overwhelmed; a Social
    Security check too big for the needs of its recipient, or a tax base
    that does not need relief in the U.S. I have yet to stand packed
    assh0le to elbow, sardine tight on a NY City train, wishing there was
    more people on the damn subway. You may hear Democrats claim there
    are too many good jobs in this country, you won’t hear the people
    looking for work, say that. I have yet to hear of a problem that won’t
    be made worse by adding more people. Yet Democrats act like this
    country just does not have enough mouths to feed, clothe, educate,
    bathe, water and care for.

    Maybe its just a matter of perception. Maybe the country doesn’t look
    as crowded from the back seat of the President’s bullet proof limo,
    when the Secret Service clears the streets for his royal procession.
    Maybe the needs of the common folk don’t penetrate the custom made
    kevlar upholstery on Oprah’s, Clooney’s, Brangelina’s, Bratt’s,
    Longoria’s and Lewsi Gates’ stretch Humvees. Democrats are determined
    to meet the needs of the 21st Century with an immigration policy built
    for the 18th Century. Bayrock Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John
    Kerry, Al Sharpton or John Lewis; I don’t really know who leads the
    Democrats anymore, if anyone. But, Stupidity appears to be their
    guiding principle.

  • Not another penny from me for those who would destroy our constitution and country for a theology that leads us all to poverty and suffering.

  • ” I don’t know of a big city school district where the teacher to student ratio is Too High”

    I don’t know of a single Republican who advocates adequately funding public services to major population centers, supports developing public transportation, supports doing anything for the poor besides letting them suffer and die or has a clue as to how our immigration system works, let alone has ideas about sane reform.

    They are very good at inciting fear, panic and extolling ignorance as a virtue. Solutions to problems, showing concern for anyone not insanely wealthy or can mobilize gullible votes, not so much.

  • After their forefathers got in without a shred of documentation, any talk of immigration, and they are down in the dumps. get the gloves off!

  • The Catholic Church long ago abandoned American citizens…Now they support the trashing of our constitution by Obama. That’s why I quit them. They have become a fanatic Marxixt racket masquerading as a church.

  • They are NOT solidly Republican on every other issue..They are for socialized health care and other leftist redistributionist schemes

  • Amen! Their hypocrisy is breathtaking…whining about the HHS mandate violating their constitutional rights yet urging the trashing of the constitution to care for their illegal alien pets

  • Sorry Pal, but I don’t want to live in Mexico, yet are neighborhoods are being turned into Third World slums. You are either an employer of illegals or live in a nice liberal whiteopia where you don’t have to put up with them With traitors like you we are indeed in trouble.

  • I agree totally….we talk about the cost of illegals in this country but what about the thieves those ultra rich people who have stolen from the middle class and the poor. The bankers, the greed of some not all capatolists, some in our high powered government people or the “pork projects” the list goes on and on. God gave us the world without boundaries we are to take care of the poor, the sick and the underprivileged, ” Love thy neighbor.

  • Larry: Who said:
    “If this huge influx of mostly low-skill workers provides some benefits to the economy as a whole—especially by keeping our workforce young, in contrast to an increasingly geriatric Europe and Japan—it also threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.” Who said this? Obama. So you are less knowledgeable than the president. And black Americans will be hurt the most ( So your concern for the middle class and poorest of Americans is pretty awful.