Holy handoff: Pope receives pizza in popemobile

Video courtesy of USA Today

Ask and you shall receive.

Earlier this month, Pope Francis said all he wanted to do was “go to a pizzeria for a pizza” without being recognized. A pizza shop owner noted that the pope liked pizza and pulled off an epic delivery Sunday (March 22).

Employees of Pizzeria Don Ernesto in Naples, Italy, posted pictures of a pizza they baked for the pope on Facebook.

The personal pie was made with provolone, mozzarella and ricotta cheese and read “Il Papa” in bread sticks.

As the popemobile made its way down a Naples street, restaurant co-owner Enzo Cacialli hand-delivered the pizza to the pope, ABC reported.

One of the pizza shop owners posted a video to YouTube that shows Francis taking the pizza through open doors of the popemobile.

The caption says, “The delivery of our pizza to Pope Francis fills us with joy and emotion. The one yesterday will remain a date unforgettable for us … Forever!!!”

(Mary Bowerman writes for USA Today.)

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  • OMG!


    “On that day when Thou shalt deliver to thine Vicar of Christ the holy bread ensconced with the gelled milk of the calf and thine crushed fruit of the red bulb as is per the custom on the first fortnight of the 3rd month, though not on the second fortnight of said month, nor the 3rd fortnight [as there is nonsuch since having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit] and then upon the tasting of said slice the pepperoni shalt lie with the sausage in peace!” (Epistle of 1 Peter to the Dingbats 2:33)

    Must be a sign the end of the world is nigh. 🙂