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Peter Smith

Peter Smith is an author at Religion News Service.

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Shapiro’s big win is a high note amid antisemitism surge

By Peter Smith — December 27, 2022
PITTSBURGH (AP) — Josh Shapiro will be taking office as Pennsylvania's next governor in January after running a campaign in which he spoke early and often about his Jewish religious heritage.

At 50, ‘Immaculate Reception’ still lifts a region’s spirits

By Peter Smith and Jessie Wardarski — December 19, 2022
PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Immaculate Reception crystallized the rise of the Steelers — even as their namesake industry was on the decline, as was the Pittsburgh of compact immigrant neighborhoods with multiple ethnic Catholic parishes.

With searches, Ukraine focuses suspicions on Orthodox clergy

By Hanna Arhirova and Peter Smith — November 24, 2022
KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — An investigation of a centuries-old monastic complex in Ukraine’s capital has underscored Ukrainian authorities' suspicions about some Orthodox Christian clergymen they see as loyal to Russia.

New cemetery chapel honors victims of synagogue attack

By Peter Smith — November 17, 2022
SHALER, Pa. (AP) — What had been an outbuilding at the cemetery of New Light Congregation has been transformed into a chapel with stained glass windows and other mementos honoring victims of the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.

US Catholic bishops worry about abortion views in the pews

By Peter Smith — November 17, 2022
BALTIMORE (AP) — Even as they signaled a continued hardline stance on opposing abortion and same-sex marriage, the nation’s Catholic bishops acknowledged Wednesday that they’re struggling to reach a key audience: their own flock. The members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops rounded out their leadership bench during the last day of public sessions […]

In Pa. governor’s race, faith surfaces in contrasting ways

By Peter Smith — October 28, 2022
CARMICHAELS, Pennsylvania (AP) — The two candidates are appealing to the contrasting religious and ethnic demographics that have supported each side in recent campaigns, with a majority of white Catholics and white evangelicals voting and Democrats drawing on support from Black Christians, Latino Catholics, Jews, Muslims and people of no religion.

Antisemitism decried four years after Pa. synagogue attack

By Peter Smith — October 27, 2022
PITTSBURGH (AP) — For many community leaders, their grief is mixed with dismay over the continued and growing incidents of antisemitism in the United States and beyond.

Moscow patriarch: Russian war dead have their sins forgiven

By Peter Smith — September 27, 2022
(AP) — The assertion, made on Sunday, ratchets up Moscow Patriarch Kirill's already staunch support for Russia's war on Ukraine.

LGBTQ-friendly church OK with getting Southern Baptist boot

By Peter Smith — September 27, 2022
(AP) — 'It’s good when people reject you because they understand clearly who you are,' said the Rev. Michael Usey, the church's lead pastor.

Southern Baptists cut ties with LGBTQ-friendly church

By Peter Smith — September 21, 2022
(AP) — The committee on Tuesday approved a statement that College Park Baptist Church was not in 'friendly cooperation' due to its 'open affirmation, approval and endorsement of homosexual behavior.'

A religiously diverse Edmonton hosts Pope Francis’ visit

By Peter Smith — July 26, 2022
EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — In a sign of cross-religious cooperation, volunteers to help with Pope Francis’ visit have come from the local Muslim community, the Salvation Army and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Anti-Roe justices a part of Catholicism’s conservative wing

By Peter Smith — July 1, 2022
The Supreme Court was dominated by Protestant justices for much of its history. The majority have been Catholic since the 1990s, and for several years in the last decade, the court had six Catholic justices, three Jews and no Protestants.

#ChurchToo revelations growing, years after movement began

By Peter Smith and Holly Meyer — June 13, 2022
(AP) — In recent weeks #ChurchToo has seen an especially intense set of revelations across denominations and ministries.

Woman buoyed by support after viral pastor confrontation

By Peter Smith — June 4, 2022
(AP) — Bobi Gephart wanted the church community to know the truth and had no idea the video, recorded by a family member in the congregation, would generate such a viral response.

Ukrainian archbishop: Minority faiths at risk if Russia wins

By Peter Smith — April 1, 2022
(AP) — Groups at risk include Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox who have broken away from the patriarch of Moscow, Archbishop Borys Gudziak said.
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