Armed National Guard Military Police observing the Selma-to-Montgomery march through the outskirts of Montgomery on March 25, 1965. Photo by Loy Williams, courtesy of Southern Methodist University

PHOTOS: Lost images of the march from Selma, 50 years later

(RNS) These vivid photographs were captured by Southern Methodist University student Loy Williams during the Selma-to-Montgomery march on March 25, 1965, but were never published — until now.

When recalling his experience, Williams says: "We didn't know what would happen when we reached the capitol. We were singing the civil rights song, 'I Am Not Afraid,' but, yes, I was afraid."

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  1. They’re color photographs snapped at a time when black-and-white photography was the mode. Other than that, what’s the interest here?

  2. For those of us who held our breath and sat in front of our televisions sets praying and watching for any news of the march, these photos mean a lot. The poignant photo of the little children is especially beautiful.

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