John Hagee's New Book 'The Three Heavens' Quickly Hits No. 1

SAN ANTONIO – June 3, 2015 – Only three weeks after launch, Pastor John Hagee’s explosive new book, The Three Heavens: Angels, Demons and What Lies Ahead, topped Nielsen BookScan’s nationwide sales tracking for non-fiction religion trade paperbacks. 

The Three Heavens, a blend of Bible, science and true stories, explores the ongoing battle between angelic and demonic forces. It was No. 2 on BookScan for all non-fiction religion books, No. 11 for all adult trade paperbacks.

The Three Heavens also is the highest-ranked Christian book on USA Today’s best-seller list.

“Readers respond to the real-life stories of people who experienced Heaven and came back to describe it,” said Hagee, New York Times best-selling author and founder of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. “We all are fascinated to learn of the ages-long battle—continuing today—between angelic and demonic forces.”

The Three Heavens paints a vivid picture of this supernatural war, describing its effect today and in eternity.

In the First Heaven, Hagee explores what we see with our natural eyes: the beautiful, mysterious, majestic universe of sun, moon, stars and other celestial objects. In clear, engaging writing, he carries readers to the Third Heaven—Paradise, a place of eternal splendor—with firsthand accounts of people who died, saw the Third Heaven and returned.  

Then comes the question: if there is a First Heaven and a Third Heaven, is there a Second? From extensive biblical knowledge, pastoral experience and a large network of expert colleagues, Hagee explores the Second Heaven—a battleground where an ongoing war between the forces of good and evil plays out . . . affecting us on earth now. 

The Three Heavens is a biblically reasoned, vividly written exploration of how God’s enemies work; how God’s angels protect and defend; and ultimately what awaits those who accept His invitation to spend eternity with Him. 

From Worthy Publishing, The Three Heavens is available now online and in stores.

John Hagee is the author of multiple best-selling books. His most recent New York Times best-seller,Four Blood Moons, inspired a docudrama recently in theaters as a Fathom Event that sold out nationally, prompting a nationwide encore. 

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About Pastor John Hagee
John Hagee is founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, a non-denominational evangelical church with more than 20,000 active members. He also founded and heads John Hagee Ministries, on radio and television throughout America and in 190 nations worldwide. His 34 books include multiple New York Times best-sellers.

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