Participants gather during a rally celebrating the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling at Ilus W. Davis Park in Kansas City, Mo. on Wednesday (June 26, 2013). RNS photo by Sally Morrow

Supreme Court strikes down bans on same-sex marriage

Participants gather during a rally celebrating the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling at Ilus W. Davis Park in Kansas City, Mo. on Wednesday (June 26, 2013).  RNS photo by Sally Morrow

Participants gather during a rally celebrating the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling at Ilus W. Davis Park in Kansas City, Mo. on June 26, 2013. Religion News Service photo by Sally Morrow

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the United States Friday in a closely divided ruling that will stand as a milestone in its 226-year history.

The justices ruled that states cannot deny gay men and lesbians the same marriage rights enjoyed for thousands of years by opposite-sex couples. Within days if not hours, the decision is expected to trigger same-sex marriages in states that still ban the practice.

The landmark ruling ends a legal battle that had brewed in the states for 45 years, from Minnesota in the 1970s to Hawaii in the 1990s and New England after the turn of the century. The final turning point came in 2013, when the high court forced the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages and allowed them to resume in California.

Had the court upheld gay marriage bans in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Kentucky, it would have jeopardized federal court rulings striking down similar bans in 20 of the 37 states where same-sex marriage has been declared legal. Quickly, the number of gay marriage states could have been cut in half.

Instead, the court's finding that same-sex couples have a right to marry under the Constitution will make gay marriage legal in the remaining 13 states, from Georgia to North Dakota. And it will make battles over religious-freedom and non-discrimination laws the next battleground in the nation's continuing struggle with gay rights.

The decision was written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, who had authored the last three major rulings advancing the cause of gay rights, including the 2013 opinion in United States v. Windsor striking down a key part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

The court had sidestepped the issue last October, when it let stand appeals court rulings against gay marriage bans in Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Utah. Those rulings and a later appeals court decision affecting Idaho and Nevada drew in neighboring states as well. As a result, more than 70 percent of Americans already live in states where gay marriages are legal, and tens of thousands of couples have tied the knot.

But in November, Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton issued a 42-page appellate decision saying the matter should be left to voters, not judges like himself with lifetime appointments. He said lower court judges' hands were tied by a one-sentence Supreme Court ruling in 1972 that "upheld the right of the people of a state to define marriage as they see it."

That forced the Supreme Court to act, and in January it agreed to hear six consolidated cases from Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Kentucky. The cases featured 32 plaintiffs -- couples, widows, even a 2-year-old child -- and raised two questions: Does the 14th Amendment require states to license same-sex marriages? And does it require them to recognize those marriages performed in other states?

Proponents argued that marriage is a fundamental right for any two people regardless of gender, and that the due process and equal protection clauses of the Constitution give gays and lesbians equal marriage rights. More than 75 briefs were submitted on their behalf, including from major business leaders and most Democrats in Congress.

Opponents said the prohibitions have a rational basis, were not enacted out of animus toward gays and lesbians, and are a matter of states' rights. They also said same-sex marriage could harm the institution and is not in the best interest of children. More than 60 briefs were submitted on their side, including from religious groups and Republican officials.

The high court first ruled against same-sex marriage in 1972 in a one-sentence decision "for want of a substantial federal question," and it upheld state laws against sodomy in 1986. But starting in 1996, it struck down laws allowing discrimination against gays, banning sodomy, and denying federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples. Kennedy wrote all three decisions.

Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2003 as a result of a state court ruling. And while it took another decade for the first dozen states to follow suit, twin rulings in 2013 -- against DOMA and clearing the way for gay marriages in California -- ignited a second wave. In the last year alone, the number of gay-marriage states has more than doubled from 17 to 37.

Throughout the battle, a patient legal strategy, savvy public relations campaign and superior financing and organization propelled the gay marriage movement past an outgunned and underfunded opposition.


  1. Overall, this decision represents a tremendous victory for the truth of marriage.

  2. Principalities and Powers.

    The Church enters its darkest period perhaps in its history.

  3. “Throughout the battle, a patient legal strategy, savvy public relations campaign and superior financing and organization propelled the gay marriage movement past an outgunned and underfunded opposition.”

    That is called propaganda.

    Truly the tool of the darkest powers in eternity.

    Christians now have a target on their backs everywhere they exist to follow the Gospel and Christian truth. Unimagined persecution is sure to follow.

    But no surprise, the “highest court in the LAND” is the institution that “legalized” the horrific and merciless slaughter of hundreds of millions of human beings in the womb. And counting.

    Darkness reigns.

  4. So now we have Supreme Court dissenters saying that because of “states’ rights” people have the right to force their religious beliefs on others. What do people, four Supreme Court justices included, not understand about separation of church and state? And where have I heard “states’ rights” before? Scalia, Thomas and their ilk have no business being on the Supreme Court. They have made clear they do not understand the concept of equal protection under the law as guaranteed in the Constitution.


    Darkness reigns!!!!!!!!!


  6. Not the support for slavery. Not the religious wars that lasted for centuries. Not the torture and burning of heretics. Not 2000 years of church sponsored antisemitism. Not the murder of hundreds of thousands of so called witches.

    But two guys you don’t know getting married. That’s the darkest period of church history.

    You people are beyond belief.

  7. Be nice. It’s OK for people to disagree.

  8. Since I’m on vacation with poor internet connections, I’ll say only this.

    I positively rejoice in your weeping and wailing, Your Lamentations and your gnashing of teeth.

    I almost wish I’ didn’t love my husband so much. I’d get divorced just for the pleasure of marrying him all over again, and listening to the doc Anthony’s of the world howl and wail.

  9. Disagree? Yes. The First Amendment guarantees you will never have to welcome me in your church. But, neither do you get to deny my husband and I equal treatment before the law.

    Today is a victory for God’s equal love for ALL his children.

  10. No, darkness reigned as your church sanctioned slavery. God’s equal love for all is finally emerging from your reign of divisively sinful bigotry and hate.

  11. Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow.

  12. I AM being nice. If I said what I REALLY thought of these bigots, their hypocrisy, the lies they tell, the slander and revilling they wallow in, R S would ban me.

  13. It was Christians that ended slavery. For historical proof of that, read President Lincoln’s Second Inaugural speech.

    Darkness without a doubt will fall on Christian Churches and denominations that will not bow the knee to the rainbow idol. That the typical mobs of depravity are rejoicing as the proverbial Lot is being surrounded . . .

    Those rejoicing in this are anti-Christ’s.

    Man this is pure prophetic perspective playing out in real time.

    The reprobates are having their season yet again.

  14. Anthony,
    ” …this decision represents a tremendous victory for the truth of marriage. ”

    Not knowing exactly what your reasons were to make your comment, I think that the ‘truth of marriage’ is now higher on the list of important things for all to consider.

    There is perhaps no greater institution that encourages two people to bond together, for all kinds of good reasons, than marriage.

    ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ it has been said and now LGBT’s can partake of that blessing. Married straight folks should see that their marriage is more important than first imagined as so many others can now want to do the same thing.

  15. Oh it simply must be; these are the end times, and all these things must come to pass. As we get nearer and nearer to our Lord’s return, I can’t help but believe that this whole new leftist movement, grounded in the liberal philosophy of flipping all things on their heads, and calling it “good,” could indeed be the Mark of the Beast. It is moving at such a rapid pace, one must believe the devil is hard at work, knowing his time is getting very short. Come Lord Jesus!

  16. To the h8rs, those who thought their version of God was more important than civil liberties, religious freedom, or the necessity to make rational and sane legal arguments before the Supreme Court


  17. I think that this a big day for the civil rights of homosexual couples. While I am morally and theologically against acts of homosexuality, we live in an Enlightenment-based republic that’s aim is for all of us to have different views and yet be able to co-exist side-by-side and be equal under the law. This provision does not force the church to acknowledge homosexual marriage, but what it does do is make a homosexual an equal citizen in the United States of America. Being a Christian is not about taking the moral high ground; it is about following Jesus whatever the cost. For too long the conservative evangelical church has been more “icked out” by homosexuality than sorrowful over the sinners who are embracing an idolatrous identity based on something other than who they were created to be in Christ. This message is true of all of us born sinners; whether straight or gay, religious or not.

  18. Larry, I’ve never believed that homosexual marriage would be struck down by the supreme court, so this is no surprise to me. As for God Almighty, well this is a sad hour for the Holy Trinity, as it will only mean more lost souls, and a sooner return of our Lord. I believe what Justice Roberts said is fitting. This decision has nothing to do with the Constitution, but only emotional judgment on the part of five judges on the supreme court. Words should mean something, and when they no longer do, then what does anything legal mean anymore? Hey, maybe South Carolina will do a repeat, and secede from the union so to get back to laws that mean something.

  19. Check out this ‘heavy duty’ comment made today by Justice Kennedy —

    No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right. The judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is reversed.

  20. Will,
    ” …the sinners who are embracing an idolatrous identity… ”

    But what if we think of all of this gay stuff in the following manner —

    Man’s ways are of the Lord, so how can we understand our own ways?”………..Proverbs 20:24

  21. “his decision has nothing to do with the Constitution”

    Absolutely false. It had to do with bigots using legislatures to give irrational and purely religious ideas color of law in violation of notions of equal protection under the law. The only reason you reassure yourself that it was an emotional judgment is because you were ignorant of the issues before the court.

    You are afraid to acknowledge that your Christian belief is not a valid basis for our laws nor can be used to ban the actions of others. You talk about laws “meaning something” because you didn’t know their meaning before.

    There were no arguments before the court in support of the gay marriage bans which were rational and secular. One of the perks of religious freedom is that all laws, especially those controlling the rights and actions of others, must have a rational and secular basis. Nobody is compelled by law to live according to your religious beliefs.

  22. It was Christians who supported slavery as well. Even found verses in the Bible to justify it. Sorry, you don’t get credit for it without taking the blame as well. Christians also worked both sides of segregation. Despite your yattering to the contrary, Christians worked both sides of marriage equality as well.

    Christians can be counted on to be both supporters and opposition to various forms of discrimination and tyranny. In the overwhelming majority of situations, the oppressors among the Christians outnumber the liberators.

  23. “It was Christians that ended slavery.”

    It was Christians who kept Slavery going strong.
    The Southern Baptist Church was founded in 1831 on the Love Jesus had for Slavery and Slave owners:

    – JESUS
    (Luke 12:47)


    These ancient depravities must die off.
    Good riddance to religion.

  24. @Billysees,

    How did you connect this ‘blessing’ to God?
    This incredible victory against Religious decrees cannot simultaneously be celebrated as a new religious decree – as a blessing by God!

    This victory against religion (not a blessing) is coming from the Supreme Court (Not God).
    This victory is coming from the US Constitution (Not God).
    This victory happened DESPITE God’s laws – not because of them:

    “Kill Homosexuals” – Yahweh (Leviticus 20:13)

    This was not a victory of God’s Blessings! Depriving gays the right to marriage – that was God’s blessing.

    Today is a victory in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the entire nonsense of God.

    To say this victory of Gay Rights is a blessing from God
    is like saying the survivors of the Holocaust were a blessing from Hitler!

    We need to stop apologizing for the imaginary, wicked God of scripture.
    He is either non-existent or evil.

  25. Billysees,

    “The Constitution grants them that right.”

    The Justice puts it plainly.
    The source of human rights is not God but humans themselves.
    To thank a God for such victories is no different than to thank a random leprechaun.

    God and the other leprechauns lost this vote.
    May they continue to keep losing.

  26. Larry we both know that the 14th Amendment was never designed to redefine laws; it was designed only to grant existing laws to the entire human race, and not just the Caucasian race.The fact that the words man and woman used since the beginning of this country in the marriage ceremony had to be removed so to allow for this oddity, and replaced with gender neutral words. That clearly shows how the very law itself has changed, violating the text of the amendment itself. But of course you had 5 lawyers on the supreme court with no regard for the text itself, but only using it as a carrier mechanism to get their nonsense approved.

  27. To those of you here who have fought and waited for this landmark ruling: congratulations! Here’s to advancing civil rights and tolerance regardless of gender, race, creed, sexuality, or any other protected statuses, indeterminate or not.

    To those of you who have fought and railed against it, my thanks to you for when you were civil. As a people, you’ve come a long way from ostracizing, marginalizing, and denying the existence of people of different sexual builds. Here’s to continuing to move those hearts, even if, sometimes, the culture must be moved to help.

  28. Kudos to Scalia, Roberts, and Thomas for speaking so intelligently on this issue.

  29. Actually, us people are belief… If two men or two women want to be recognised under law, go for it. Please don’t have a go at our beliefs though, just to validate your own.

  30. Homosexuality is an abomination of God. I hope that the Prophet Monson will disregard this decision

  31. This ruling will ruin our religion. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. All LGBT Mormons should not receive Temple benefits should leave our religion and form their own

  32. Thank you.

    Be Brave, on the other hand is consternipated. Now that’s something I can enjoy.

  33. Oh, yes, please. come lord Jesus!

    Except, what is it that is getting to you? that would seem to be a good idea.

    But Jesus didn’t come for slavery, segregation, or the burning of witches, the inquisition, the wars between protesteants and Catholics, genocide against black people and Indians, Isis, or the Maurer of 6 millions Jews.

    And you think he’s going to come for two guys TIU don’t know getting married?’?!?!?! You certainly don’t seem to think too much of him, despite the obvious fact that he always seems to agree with you.

    And if he doesn’t come, if you finally admit that all of your prayers to Jesus didn’t accomplish a damn thing, will you ever conclude that maybe God simply doesn’t agree with you, no matter how much you think He does?

  34. If my marriage can ruin your religion, buddy. I have to say, that must mean that your religion is every bit as phony as it would appear to be,

    Prophet monsoon can ignore the ruling to his hearts delight. As much as he may think he is the law in Utah, he isn’t.

  35. Perhaps it is time for God-honoring Americans to form a separate union. “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

  36. I would not call our republic, nor the whole world, for that matter, enlightened at this point in time!! They both keep getting darker, where no real light and/or hope exists…only indicating that we are living in the last days of a wicked era (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21).

    The entire planet will soon be “enlightened” during the millennial rule of God’s kingdom over man on earth (Isaiah 11:1-9), and man can finally enjoy the light and “real life;” not the “fake life” we have had to endure for centuries.

  37. Spoken like a true liberal from the Bay area. The Prophet is a honorable man who leads our religion and its insulting of you speaking to him like that

  38. I can tell all that salty air from the San Francisco bay is corroding your brain.

  39. This is the darkest period in our Church. We need the leadership out President and Prophet to lead us from the evils of liberalism and this court decision.

  40. There is something called the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.

  41. One can’t understand why Humanity needs an institution called ‘marriage’ between two beings to express their bonding, love, fedelity and devotion towards each other…? Incidently, many people live together – outside of the institution of marriage – with utmost sincerity, love and dedication, that would make even the so-called ‘married’ couples jealous and hang their heads in shame…! This being a fact, then one is prone to ask what ‘marriage’ really means, especially when words such as ‘love’,’fedelity’, ‘devotion’, ‘bonding’ etc. in contextual reference to the institution of ‘marriage’ seems no more than a faint memory of an immaterialised dream… a fallacy promoted as reality by age-old social customs…! And, talking of age-old social customs, we have started to re-define and re-draw its boundaries, to suit the ways of the society at a given point in time… which would always be true, for nothing is constant for ever. Everything is changing all the time, social…

  42. You’ll be enlightened when you realize that the return of Christ, and his Kingdom, will be very very different than what the JW’s believe (John 18:36). But I as well am ready for our Lord Jesus, to wake us all up (Mat 24:29-31), before He casts severe Judgment upon the earth. Matt 25:31-46)

  43. To the entire LGBT community, this is validation of sexual behavior. Marriage has little to do with the original movements of Mattachine and Stonewall. Mattachine was about endless indiscriminate sexual encounters and the men that desired them as part of their lifestyles. Stonewall was about youth prostitution that made the place popular. We are entering a weird time. Worldwide was have Muslims trying to take over the world. And homosexuals actually really believing that accomplishing that.

    And people that become or are Christians are targeted for conversion or destruction by both.

  44. Obama supports gay sex for other people’s children but not for his own daughters.Tell us why its good for our sons but not for your daughters?
    Obama is a liar and a hypocrite. Gay marriage is legalized child molesting.

  45. And something a lot more on point here, the 14th Amendment. States kinda lost the privilege to be the final word on civil liberties once the concept of owning human beings as chattel property was no longer considered “state’s rights”

  46. As opposed to a fake atheist. Like fundamentalists who claim they tried atheism once and then became die hard believers in Biblical literalism.

  47. No, you think the 14th Amendment has never been used to evaluate laws for their effects on personal civil liberties. History has shown otherwise.

    You also have no clue what its original intent was or what it was designed for, so please don’t insult my intelligence by pretending otherwise Your use of the term “redefine” is inappropriate The 14th Amendment has been used to strike down laws entirely where they do not justify restrictions on liberties.

    You are just sore that there are no rational and secular justifications for gay marriage bans. So you are left with this silly collateral attack on the concept of equal protection under the law as it has been applied for the last century or so.

    Marriage laws have been gender neutral for about 40 years They were changing long before this issue was legally viable. Bemoaning changes in laws is not a real argument.

    The real carrier here was malicious gay marriage bans. Without them the courts would not be involved at all.

  48. Do you know how many centuries women were considered to be the property of their men, with no rights and no personhood on their own? Up until about 100 years ago. And then, finally, they were given the right to vote. The social conservatives of the time were certainly that his would be destructive to society, marriage, family, and children, and, not to forget, the innocence and purity of the women themselves!!!!!

    Funny, just like the current marriage battle, it seemed that the people who were most upset at the prospect of equality were MEN!!!!!!

  49. The sure sign a Christian is acting like a childish, passive aggressive douchenozzle is when they declare (usually after losing an argument), “you disagree with me, you are going to hell!”

    Imagine a different judgment scenario. You and I are standing in judgment before God. You’re feeling pretty smug since it’s clear that you guessed right. But then God turns to you and says, “So this is how you used your brain, my greatest gift to mankind? You just check it at the door and gullibly believe whatever your religious leader tells you? You weren’t supposed to return that brain with low mileage; you were supposed to use it!”

    Guess who’s going to hell this time..


  50. Well, Greg, you finally put your finger right on the issue. Catholics like you believe one thing, Jehovah’s Witnesses like Fran something entirely different. Each of you is Absolutely sure that you have a direct line to God, what he wants from us, and his message to the world.

    Funny, the only place where you seem to agree is exactly the place where you were certain that God agrees with you. He doesn’t like gay people, and neither do you. Or maybe you don’t like gay people, and your particular, peculiar version of God agrees with you. Amazing!

  51. Larry, you know very well that this was grasped out of thin air. There is nothing in the 14th to justify this.

  52. Ben, the JW’s, like any other denomination which has left the CC, took only the Bible with them (the Bible that was determined and preserved by the CC), and thought they could understand it apart from the Church our Lord established, which has been here almost 2000 years now. But hey, where the JW’s get it right, I will agree, where they have drifted out of bounds, I will let them know.

  53. In two years, you will be fighting a 500 year old battle over which of you has the correct version of god’s message to the world.

    but right now, youre missing the point entirely.

  54. No Greg1, you are just plain ignorant. Your concession is duly noted.

    Google “Constitutional Law II Outine”. You will realize every law school in the nation learns about the 14th Amendment equal protection clause as I have described it.

    Maybe instead of sounding like a fool on the subject, you try to read the decision you are bemoaning. Maybe you might figure out what was really being argued. 🙂

  55. The part about being “underfunded” needs to be researched a bit deeper. The writer may want to take a wider historical perspective about the money and energy that has gone into preserving hetero marriage. If my memory is correct, in 2008 there was big money (roughly $40 million) & savvy PR campaigning supporting California’s prop 8. Having 20/20 hindsight, wouldn’t that money have been better spent on the poor, the homeless? I know, so christian of me!

    To the people who say ” God’s law has defined marriage between man and woman”………
    Why does your God’s law take precedence over another person’s God’s law?
    The pendulum swings! Maybe in a hundred or even a thousand years your “God’s law” will be back in-vogue, but for now you will just have to get use to the fact that when you see the words, “Just Married” written on the back window of a car, it just might be 2 men or 2 women inside that car, in love, starting off a life-long commitment, just like any other…

  56. “Obama supports gay sex for other people’s children but not for his own daughters.” Of course, Mr. Obama has confided in the likes of you the love he has for his daughters.

    “Tell us why its good for our sons but not for your daughters?” I don’t know, buddy. Why is it good for your sons?

    “Obama is a liar and a hypocrite.” no, that’s for right wing Christians.

    “Gay marriage is legalized child molesting.” Good, then you should be celebrating your impending non-arrest.

    You sure to fanatasize a lot about sodomy and young men, don’t you?

  57. It’s their common complaint– they were underfunded. Hundreds of millions of tax free church dollars have gone into demonizing gay people, gay families, and marriage. and it has all gone for naught. Archbishop Nienstedt produced 400,000 DVD’s opposing marriage, and he lost.

    When they lost in Ireland, it was because none of the political parties supported them. Could that have been because NONE OF THE POLITICAL PARTIES SUPPORTED RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS BIGOTS?

    It’s the liberal media’s fault. It’s Hollywood’s fault. It’s godless secularism’s fault. It’s liberalism’s fault.


    It couldn’t possibly be that the tide has turned, and decent, fair-minded, compassionate, intelligent, kind people could see the bigotry for exactly what it is.

    nah. couldn’t be that at all.

  58. can you please explain in greater detail how you came to the conclusion that Gay marriage is legalized child molesting? I am very curious to understand your thinking

  59. BQRQ is obsessed with young men and sodomy. His hatred is as pure as pure could be. don’t pay him too much attention. Even our resident homophobes think he is way over the edge, though of course, being good Christians, they will never, ever call him out for his slandering and reviling.

  60. We see Jesus’ condemnation of Sodom and Gomorrah (Matthew 10:15), and we know that homosexuality was involved in those two cities. We see Jesus confirming the heterosexual marriage pattern by citing where God made Adam and Eve, male and female (Matthew 19:4-6). Jesus mentions divorce in the context of male and female (Matthew 19:9; Mark 10:11-12)–not male and male or female and female.

  61. I hate to sound like Scalia, but read the text of the 14th. Words actually mean something. Stop muddying the waters. The text is clear.

  62. Of course you want to sound like Scalia. He is notorious for his intellectual dishonesty and results based decisions. He likes to pretend a century of jurisprudence on the subject doesn’t exist either. Its why he is justly one of the most

    We live in a “common law” nation. We rely on judicial precedence for our interpretations of the law. Parsing out the text like you are engaging in Bible study doesn’t cut it.

    Thanks for proving once and for all you don’t know what you are talking about. You are just being whiny because SCOTUS wouldn’t go the way you wanted them to. It wasn’t even going to be close. Kennedy was not going to overturn his own decisions over something so badly supported.

  63. Spoken like a true blue Bay Area liberal. That salty Bay Area air tends to corrodes the brain a little

  64. I myself think the act of same sex relationship to be high disgusting. And now we will see it more on tv. I hope they start doing thier disgusting acts on the whitehouse lawn. Wouldn’t that be nice. Or may be on the steps of the US supreme court. It is unnatural and a perversion of what is right.

  65. “I hope they start doing thier disgusting acts on the whitehouse lawn.”

    Why? Do you want to watch? Honey, you can download all of the free porn you want at and watch them in the privacy of your own home.

  66. So you are saying that when a supreme court justice (Scalia) who uses the written text of our Constitution to go about his business when making his rulings, is an issue, then you have made a better statement than I could regarding this ruling. I will stick to the text, as the Founders designed it. Nothing more needs saying.

  67. Greg, again, why is it that your vicious, murderous sky fairy thinks it is fair to punish humans with “hell”, burning torture for eternity, because of what ever they could have done in their short lives on earth due to flaws that their supposedly perfect creator really should be responsible for?

    Your god should be incarcerated for human rights abuses if your god existed, which it fortunately and obviously does not.

  68. Greg1, it’s really hilarious that your sky fairy, your “god”, couldn’t just quickly wipe out that “Beast”, that devil, in its early days, rather than have us have to deal with it.

    Your religious belief set is completely fictional and foolish.

  69. Greg, you aren’t sticking to the text. You are perverting it to suit your awful, bigoted and hateful “cause”.

  70. “tends to corrodes” – methinks it is your own brain that is obviously corroded.

  71. Tell that to all the gay animals too shannon. I’m sure you’ve watched some of them already.

  72. That doesn’t make any sense at all. I don’t need to waste my time in a response to that. But i will say that if history had taught me anything it is that history repeats itself. And in world war 2 the gay were slaughtered along with the Jews so what maybe is happening is the government might be giving the gays just enough to hang themselves. Or maybe they will just use a guillotine. Go ahead put your name in a data base saying your a married gay couple. I don’t care it’s your funeral. what does animals have to do with human being. I’m talking morals and you compare Human to rats. When has A rat ever been given the Nobel peace prize. You obvious are not dealing with a full deck.

  73. And you call those of us against gay marriage haters?

    What a hateful thing for you to say.

  74. Not since the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and before that the American Revolution 1775-76, has there been such a determination to correct a wrong. The U.S. Supreme Court in its recent decision redefining “marriage” will test the will of the people to do just that. As far back as the beginning of time marriage has been between a man and a woman (cf. Genesis 2:21-24). But perhaps the court’s ruling did not necessarily redefined marriage. In the narrow 5-4 vote Justice Kennedy wrote: “The court now holds that same-sex couples may exercise the fundamental right to marry.” Can that be interpreted as “marry” in the verb sense, and not having to call it a “marriage” in the noun sense? Saying, for example, married into “civil union” would not necessarily redefine marriage. Might the will of the people want to get behind and reinforce that thought? After all, it is very possible these past months leading up to the court decision the LGBT community may have…

  75. God has the last word on marriage…and all other things, not the supreme court. The Biblical law is right there in the Old Testament with the ones about not mating with your mother, father, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters…etc….and yes, even animals. I what the court has approved, then logically that makes everything else OK also. Obviously, from a Biblical standpoint this practice is immoral..period. Those who participate will pay the price someday. From man’s legal viewpoint…the federal government has never issued a marriage license…only the states. This is a states rights issue and not a federal one. Those states whose laws were against this immoral act should secede from the nation rather than to be told to participate in immorality. If I’m a member of a club, even for a long time, and then they tell me I must accept immoral acts that I know to be wrong…then I’ll quit the club, even if there is a law against quitting.

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