roe v. wade
Planned Parenthood faces criticism for a program that provides tissue from aborted fetuses for medical research. RNS photo courtesy

Fetus for ransom? Woman asks for $1 million, or she'll abort

Note: The scheme described below was later revealed to be the publicity campaign for a new novel that includes a scenario of a woman offering to call off an abortion for money.

roe v. wade

A new generation of activists has a new approach and new tools to make their case, including vivid computer imaging that shows thriving babies in the womb and a growing network of counseling centers that seek to persuade pregnant women not to have an abortion. RNS photo courtesy

(RNS) An online offer to call off an abortion in exchange for $1 million has disgusted and fascinated people on both sides of the abortion debate.

The deal, described on a website,, and written in an anonymous woman’s voice, accuses abortion opponents of caring more about oppressing women than saving fetuses.

Titled "How much would you pay to stop an abortion?" the writer challenges the nation's "127 million Americans that identify as pro-life" to give less than a penny each to save an unborn child.

"The backward direction this country is headed in terms of its treatment of women I feel is due in large part to the influence of the religious right disguised as the pro-life movement," reads the one-page post.

The purportedly pregnant writer gives potential donors 72 hours -- the same amount of time a woman must wait in some states before getting an abortion. The author promises that if $1 million is raised, she will put the baby up for adoption and reserve the $1 million for the offspring in a trust fund.

"I'll keep none of the money for myself so if I am to be vilified in this process, it can't be for that. If the one million dollar goal is not met by the end of those 72 hours, any and all donations received will be refunded and I will have an abortion that I have already scheduled for July 10th in my home state," the post continues.

Below, a sampling of tweets on the topic:


  1. Pretty sick. Rather than uniting us, the Left is dividing this country into two camps: the dark side which lurks in the shadows, and those of the light. Very polarizing are these people. When women lose their love, it is over.

  2. Let this pig abort. It’s horrendous that this idea would even enter a human mind, let alone a mother. This is, of course, a by-product of the legalization of abortion, that noble practice that allows mothers to willingly kill their children. Whatever cause she is shilling for, she will be ignored and reviled anyway….so her blackmail only exposes her sociopathic nature. Absolutely disgusting using any measuring stick.

  3. Why is it that the Left always seem to attract people with a few cards short of a full deck?

  4. Why is it that evangelicals drip with this weird combination of smugness, stupidity, and a total lack of compassion for anyone but themselves.

  5. I love it! Quite a few pro-life people really do care about protecting fetuses. But quite a few–especially the Evangelicals don’t.

    If pro-life people were really serious about ‘saving unborn babies’ they would do everything in their power to bring it about that pregnancy and child-rearing didn’t impose a burden on women. They would be campaigning for regulations, and their enforcement, to guarantee that pregnant employees didn’t get fired. And they would push hard for affordable childcare so that having children didn’t disrupt women’s lives.

    And here’s an idea that I guarantee would ‘save unborn babies’: let pro-life people volunteer to be full-time nannies free of charge for children up to age 12 or so.

  6. I’m pro-choice, but this is disgusting. It just fulfills the pro-life wing’s hysteria that pro-choicers are cold, callous and don’t take this issue with any seriousness at all – it’s just a medical procedure like removing a wart. T

    This issue is about life – of the mother, of the nation, and of the fetus that may become a person. It should be treated with serious deliberation, not cheap publicity stunts.

  7. Of course if not for the unnecessary waiting periods in her state, we would not have this story. 🙂

  8. Unless you have a strong Aristotelian metaphysics of ‘potentiality’–which Catholics have but Evangelicals don’t–there is no reason to think that a newly fertilized ovum is of any more interest than any other single cell organism or that an embryo is of any more interest than a slug. Abortion is an animal rights issue. Aborting an early stage embryo IS like having a wart removed–or killing a slug; aborting a late term fetus is like killing a newborn baby. And that is certainly NOT like having a wart removed–and something that should certainly not be done.

    If you worry about finding a ‘bright line’ and decide that that brightest line is birth think about how we view, and treat, non-human animals. There is no bright line between those you would exterminate without a thought (e.g. bacteria, insects) and those you would not kill or use for experiments. In the squishy middle there are, e.g. lab rats, or even worse ‘feeder rats’ kept as live food for snakes.

  9. This woman should be arrested for kidnapping and demanding ransom. Actually, though, they might want to put this woman into a mental institution before she does herself, and her baby, harm. However, before doing so, she’ll need to register as a Democrat in order to qualify.

  10. Abortion is legal as is razzing people online about it. She is making fun of people like yourself. Of course she intends to abort. But why not make it interesting and prove what kind of hypocrites fetus worshippers really are.

  11. Larry you were a little baby in your mother’s womb before you became a young snapper. Would you love your mother today if she did that to you?

  12. Greg1, you blockhead. She has no intention on keeping it. She was always planning on aborting the fetus. This is just razzing hysterics like yourself. Its not you guys would pony up money to ensure she comes to term. You guys prefer coercion by force of law instead.

    Greg1, My mother chose to have me. Choice, agency, liberties These are things you don’t understand.

  13. If there was any chance the money would be raised there’s no way she would have done this. Pro-lifers can pretend they care about the life of the child but it’s actually about controlling women – this will be demonstrated when nothing is donated by the people who say they care.

    That being said, it’s a bit of a easy cheap shot at pro-lifers and not in the best taste.

  14. What does it mean to “have a..metaphysics?”

  15. Larry, this is heartless, and you are exhibiting the same quality. The Left are as emotionally dead as a body in a coffin.

  16. Said the man who wants his hate given color of law, who engages in petty sectarian sniping, who absolutely detests everything about living in a free society.

  17. what a diabolic joke and of course from an anonymous source. completely unreliable. I honestly don’t get the point of this. a scam perhaps? This sound pretty much as an extortion does it make me feel hopeless. It might be prosecuted by the law. This do not proof any point and the argument is brainless. How in the eartg some people can say this is clever? sound like terrorism… money or life pffffff!!!!!

  18. people won’t donate a penny because this looks like a scam or a joke. Lets think is a real girl…at the end of the day I will never ever trust in a person who anonymously put price at her child head? not a chance.

  19. WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE WITH CONTRACEPTION CAMPAIGNS! this is the root of the problem. Not fair to have to justify such horrific practice as the abortion because someone had what they call : “an accident”. . I think pro-life people is right. they dont want to control women’s bodies. Women and men have the right to make decisions on their bodies.. a tattoo, a piercing, smoke, even being alcoholic or drug addicts, yes this is a personal choice. But when we talk about abortion we are not talking about the guest (female pregnant) we talk about the rights of that new human bean in gestation. Yes, that unborn innocent child!!! then is not more the women right to chose but the right of that third party. which is in fact a third party! Abortion is completely wrong for the baby and the women.

  20. I’m pro life and there’s no way around it. This is extortion.

  21. The “innocent” fetus. Because the “not so innocent” woman is not worthy of any consideration. She is insulted, minimized and ignored by people like yourself. S1ut shaming and flat out lying about facts is key to the anti-abortion position.

    There is no 2nd or 3rd party here because only one person has the ability to keep a fetus alive. Its not the father of a fetus or some mouthy outsider. The mother’s will is the only thing that actually matters here. You labor under the misapprehension that your views or will must be commanded when it comes to a woman’s personal existence. As if acting like a self-righteous loudmouth grants you the authority to make decisions for how what people do with their bodies.

  22. I agree 100%. I am pro-choice as well…we thought out, carefully made choice, not a plublisity stunt with a potential life. Ending a pregnancy this way is discussing, and an insult to every descent person on both sides of a hard decision

  23. Sounds like something ISIS or AlQaeda would come up with.

  24. If that’s the Catholic view, it’s dead wrong. Eclessiastes 11:5b “holy the bones (are) in the womb of a pregnant woman” . Also, remember that while Mary was with child (the consistent language of the Bible) the angels visited her. We know from everything we are taught in the Bible that God knew us before we were born. That little foetus has a destiny, and has never been considered a mere animal by God, whether you acknowledge it or not.

  25. The baby’s innocence is worthy of consideration considering the mother wants to kill the child. Not avoid bearing, not avoid the pains of child-rearing, not avoid having sex in the first place, but KILL. This is what always must be considered when approaching the topic of abortion.

  26. The link for payment was supposed to go live this a.m. It didn’t. I didn’t make sense to me that a woman that wanted an abortion would sacrifice giving birth to a child to prove how “evil” pro-lifer’s were. This makes sense…that the abortion will go on anyway, if any of it is real to begin with. I was ready to pay…and to pay for 4000 other pro-lifers with my 4000 pennies.

    I am a mother who has held a child in my arms and heart for over 21 years because of the sacrifice his mother made. I couldn’t NOT pay. Do you understand? To offer a baby a chance at life…to be a part of it …she was giving me a gift!

  27. Your feelings of “innocence” and “guilt” are of no consequences as to whether someone has a right to make personal, private decisions concerning their body and what is inside it. Any such subjective labels are merely used to minimize or ignore the person whose decision really matters. To engage in s1utshaming and ignore any consideration of the only person on the planet who keeps a fetus alive.

    You may not like the decisions a woman makes with her pregnancy, but you are in no position to make demands on her. Her will keeps it alive, her will matters. It is the height of narcissism to think you have any say in that.

    Another problem with the anti-abortion crowd is the utterly dishonest equivalence made between a fetus and a born child. Any adult human is theoretically capable of keeping born child alive. Only the mother keeps a fetus alive. Failure to appreciate that difference renders anti-choice arguments invalid on their face.

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