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Pagan Pride Day: Earth-based religions celebrate unique identity (PHOTOS)

Puppeteer Bob Barker, also known as "Dragon Bob," performs for children at Pagan Pride Day in Louisville, Ky., on Sept. 12, 2015. Religion News Service photo by Lauren Pond

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (RNS) Founded in the 1990s, the Pagan Pride Project aims to “foster pride in Pagan identity,” according to the organization’s website. One manifestation of this is Pagan Pride Day, an event that neo-pagans in cities around the world celebrate every autumn, around the time of the equinox. Practitioners of a variety of pagan backgrounds gather for a day of workshops, public rituals, charity and entertainment.

Held in Waterfront Park along the Ohio River, the 2015 Pagan Pride Day event in Louisville drew about 650 people, said the event’s organizer, who uses the name of the Irish mythological hero Cu Chulainn. 

It is difficult to estimate the size of the American neo-pagan community, which includes adherents to Wicca, Druidism and Asatru, among other polytheistic and Earth-based religions. Fearing reprisal for their beliefs, many people do not publicly identify as pagan. They remain, as some like to say, “in the broom closet.”

Religion New Service photos by Lauren Pond

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  • I would like to take this moment to thank you for this article and pictures. I hope this helps to show many of your readers that people of all faiths and traditions can peacefully work together with other “Interfaith” organizations in our Communities.
    Louisville Pagan Pride helps support a Local (Louisville, Ky.) Food Bank that works to feed those who are homeless and others in need of good nutritional food.
    This event strives to be a part of that effort. This years event donated 545 pounds of food, and in 2014, this organization donated 700 pounds of food to the Local Food Bank.
    Louisville Pagan Pride participates in many local groups and organizations during the year at local Unitarian Churches, Cultivating Connections to work together during Celebrations of Life, Festivals and Fairs.
    We celebrate diversity and acceptance of all peoples of all faiths. Working together to support our local communities and the world.
    Sending prayers, thought, and intentions of Love to you…

  • Paganism is not a religion. The term Pagan is merely an insult created by Christians, to denote “old believers”.
    Polytheism is much, much more consonant with our experience of reality, than monotheism. We experience conflict and contradiction, order and the chaos.
    Even so called monotheisms, invent devils and demigods to try to explain why a single creator produced such strife!

  • Mocking Wicca and Paganism?

    Spells, curses, covens, black magic, witches, voodooing dolls, hoodooing the results, shadow books, maypoles, god(s) and goddess(es), Gerald Gardner et al??


  • Yes, and the Christians ape them with incense, bells, (to indicate the mystical presence), prayers, chants, and funny clothes!

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