Inmates at Santa Marta Men’s Center for Social Reintegration reenact the Passion of Christ. Photo by Jair Cabrera

Stations of the Cross in a Mexico City prison (PHOTOS)

MEXICO CITY (RNS) Inmates in the Mexican capital's prisons reenact the Stations of the Cross every year during Holy Week.

The Santa Marta Men’s Center for Social Reintegration is a facility that is located on the city's east side, in the sprawling working class district of Iztapalapa. It houses some 5,000 inmates who come from all over Mexico City.

As in other prisons in the city, the majority of the inmates come from “red zones” or working class barrios with the highest levels of crime, drug addiction and homicide.

Please click any photo below for a slideshow. Photos by Jair Cabrera for Religion News Service (Text translated by Andrew Chesnut)