Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - August 26, 2016

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Christians Countering Anti-Muslim Rhetoric – With suggestions of banning Muslims from coming to the US, “patrolling Muslim neighborhoods” and questioning whether Muslims are qualified to be president, there has been much negative rhetoric about Islam this election season. Kim Lawton reports on efforts in Nashville, Tennessee to counter the rhetoric through building personal relationships between Christians and Muslims. One of the leaders of the movement is Rev. Josh Graves, pastor of an evangelical megachurch. (Original broadcast #1935, 4/29/16)

Affordable Heart Surgery - In India, there is a heart surgeon whose centers provide world-class care at a fraction of the cost in the West, surgery that even India’s poor can afford.  Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty’s secret is a combination of highly efficient hospital care and an insurance system that charges just ten cents a month.  He tells Fred de Sam Lazaro that “If a solution is not affordable, it’s not a solution,” and sees no reason the most sophisticated surgery cannot be available to all the world’s poorest people. (Original broadcast #1901, 9/4/15)

Belief & Practice: Laughter Yoga – A growing new spiritual practice combines the breathing techniques of yoga with laughter. Practitioners say it helps them achieve joy and spiritual well-being. We watch a Laughter Yoga session at Washington National Cathedral and speak with leader Diane Cohen, who says Laughter Yoga releases “that inner-essence that we don’t always let out.” (Original broadcast #1906, 10/9/15)