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Trump says evangelicals will be key to his victory

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is seen in a video screen grab as he apologizes for lewd comments he made about women, during a statement recorded by his presidential campaign and released via social media Oct. 7, 2016. Photo via Reuters

(RNS) In an interview with “The Brody File,” Donald Trump said evangelical support will give him the edge he needs to beat Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8.

The interview, which aired on the Christian Broadcasting Network with host David Brody, featured Trump and his wife, Melania, for what he claimed was the ninth exclusive interview.

“They kind of brought you to the dance, if you will,” Brody said of evangelical voters. “They’re the ones who are gonna get you over the top here?”

“If they vote, we’re going to win the election,” Trump responded.

A new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute finds white evangelicals back the Republican presidential candidate by wider margins than any other religious group. Roughly two-thirds (66 percent) of white evangelical Protestant voters said they will vote for or are leaning towards supporting Trump, while only 17 percent say they support Clinton.

This despite Trump’s many ecclesiastical faux pas over the course of the campaign, such as when he called communion his “little wine” and his “little cracker.”

Trump argued on The Brody File that religious liberty was under fire, and the situation would worsen with a Clinton presidency. “If Hillary Clinton gets in, you’re not going to have religious liberty.”

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  • “If Hillary Clinton gets in, you’re not going to have religious liberty.”

    Trump may well lose the election, but Trump’s statement is unavoidably correct.

    Christians, get ready. Get ready.

  • While I believe that Trump is engaged in wishful thinking, I believe the threat to religious liberty in this nation is increasing without reference to Mrs. Clinton. Certain “Progressive” non-sectarian skeptics consider my apprehension delusional, I’m willing to both wait and see, as well as eat crow if necessary.

  • There is a threat to religious liberty. But it is not directed at conservative Christians. It is coming from them. People who mistake free exercise of religion with compelling others to abide by their beliefs. Religious freedom has always extended to people willing to suffer for their beliefs. It never applied to making others suffer for yours.

  • Nonsense. It’s the Repubs whp are on the wrong side on religious liberty issues. They want government to impose restrictions on women’s rights of conscience. They want government to force all taxpayers to support special interest church-run private schools through vouchers. Supporters of religious liberty should vote straight Democratic. — Edd Doerr

  • Actually, I’ve never posted ANYTHING about school vouchers, but now that you bring up the issue, I know of one or two black churches that are really working hard to help inner-city children by creating a professionally-run charter school.

    Working hard to create success for kids that are marked down as “At Risk” and “Fall Thru The Cracks.” Those people are fighting to win WITH OR WITHOUT any government assistance. Taking money out of their own pockets on this.

    They got good kids there. Not going to be C-minus and D-minus kids; they shoot for A’s. Not going to be gang fodder, not going to do drugs, not accepting the usual failure and mess. They’re learning how to do excellence, they’re gonna attack the GOOD universities and get the GOOD scholarships. You hear me Edd?

    School vouchers? THEY deserve it. They may never get one. But THEY deserve it.
    Another reason to vote for Trump !!

  • There is a simple rule when it comes to religious liberty:

    When you are the one being troubled and inconvenienced in service of your religion, its religious freedom. When you are troubling or inconveniencing others in service of your religion its discriminatory BS.

    As for school vouchers, Churches and religious schools are not entitled to government money. Period. The money going to vouchers makes public schools worse by draining money which could be used to improve them.

    ” Those people are fighting to win WITH OR WITHOUT any government assistance. Taking money out of their own pockets on this.”

    Good. They aren’t entitled to government assistance. As long as they can do it on their own, more power to them.

    Privatizing a government’s role in education either by voucher or charter schools have proven to be a corruption riddled disaster. Charter schools on average do not perform as well as normal public schools (some much much worse) and they lack oversight. Religious schools get by because they have no mandate to teach an entire population. They can get rid of poor performers in a way which would be illegal for a public school.

  • Floyd is dead wrong, Spuddie is spot-on. Vouchers and charters are parts of the untra-conservative campaign to undermine and privatize public education and sabotage religious liberty.

  • Religious persecution has occurred on all sides throughout history, though I will apply the so called “No True Scotsman” fallacy. True adherents of Christ neither persecute, nor compel, but contend for their faith.

  • Right now when conservatives use the term “religious liberty” they are referring to two very unconstitutional stances:

    1. The willful entanglement of government with sectarian religious interests.

    2. Using religion as an exception to compliance with laws used to protect the public. As a pretext for discrimination.

  • You’ve hit the nail on the head. Religious freedom is never absolute. No polygamy for Mormons, no ganga for Rastafarians, only native americans can use peyote in religious ceremonies. Californians are complaining about Jews who use kill chickens in a ceremony and sometimes just discard the carcass instead of butchering and consuming it -animal cruelty? Fundamentalists cannot be allowed to discriminate against their fellow citizens or deny them basic civil and human rights.

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