Discover how Saint Peter holds the keys to finding Jesus

SAN FRANCISCO – Nationally renowned Bible Scholar, author and Catholic speaker Dr. Tim Gray hands his readers the keys to a deeper understanding of St. Peter in his new book, PETER: Keys to Following Jesus. Readers will marvel at the insight provided, as Gray lays out Peter’s journey from man to saint and how one can learn and grow in their relationship to Jesus from pivotal moments in St. Peter’s life.

By a remarkable examination of relevant time, places and cultures, the reader is transported into the life and person of St. Peter. Gray beautifully answers the question: Who is the man who would become the first Pope? But Gray doesn’t stop there. He uses his gift of unfolding the deep historical, linguistic, cultural, spiritual and scriptural richness of the passages describing St. Peter, to move the reader to a personal relationship with the first Apostle.

PETER doesn’t merely describe the life of this great saint, but it also draws parallels from his life, to the current day, highlighting lessons for the reader, including: how to become a trusting disciple and “cast into the deep,” how to avoid the pitfalls of living discipleship at a distance, how to repent and receive God’s mercy, and how to become a bold witness to the love of Jesus Christ. Peter wasn’t perfect, but he was faithful. And through the everyday faithfulness of this great saint, Gray shows the reader how they can grow closer to Jesus.

“Tim Gray strolls through Scripture, walking alongside Peter, a great apostle and model disciple. As you read, you will be caught up in the drama and glean insights and instruction for your daily life,” Steve Ray, author of Upon this Rock: Peter and the Primacy of Rome in Scripture and the Early Church, says of PETER.

Ultimately, PETER is a story of hope and mercy. As Gray writes, “Reflecting on Peter the sinful and unworthy man, gives us great hope because we, too, are sinful and unworthy. But God doesn’t call the worthy. He calls and, if we answer, makes us worthy — and tells us not to be afraid.”


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