40 Days for Life bus swings through Florida on final leg of campaign

Photo courtesy of 40 Days for Life

(RNS) The “40 Days for Life” bus tour is headed for Tampa, Fla., on the homestretch of its anti-abortion campaign through all 50 states.

The campaign includes rallies, usually outside abortion clinics, where participants hold signs and pray for people who are considering an abortion. Whenever someone reconsiders, they call it a “life saved.” In its Orlando stop this year, participants said they saved five lives by talking and praying with mothers.

David Bereit, CEO of 40 Days for Life, has been holding the cross-country rallies twice a year since 2007 and said he’s seen 136 abortion workers leave the industry since. This year, three abortion workers have left due to the campaign’s efforts.

Bereit sees abortion as a unifying topic for most evangelicals and Catholics, but also acknowledges that unity over the specific topic might not translate into a unified vote.

“You certainly have a split of people because of their frustration with their choices at the top of the ticket,” Bereit said.

Neither of the choices for president, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, is popular among the anti-abortion crowd. Even though Clinton clearly favors abortion rights, Trump is a recent convert to the anti-abortion stance, and repeatedly mentioned the beneficial work of Planned Parenthood.

For Bereit, Trump has “a very ambiguous record.”

“(Trump) says today he’d nominate pro-life justices, but he has a long history of being a public promoter of Planned Parenthood. The recognition is that there’s not a clear obvious choice of the moral high ground. We have two problematic candidates.”

At the same time, he hoped voters would not use the problems at the top of the ticket as an excuse to refrain from voting on Nov. 8.

“We need, up and down the ballot, to vote for life,” Bereit said.

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  • Too bad the “middle ground” isn’t as well organized and financed as either of the extreme groups. I’ve long been an advocate of adoption. There are still hundreds of great couples who would love those children and give them a good home and a real leg up on a good future. The adoption folks are just not organized and financed well enough to offer financial support to these girls during the 9 months preceeding delivery. Too bad some of the more thoughtful wealthy doesn’t get behind this cause.

    In Denver where I live a Religious Science church undertook the creation of the Florence Crittenden home, where women with unplanned pregnancies can go live and learn their work aptitudes and gain some good job skills. Come time for delivery they get to choose whether to keep their baby or put them up for adoption. You can guess those outcomes! See what I mean about a middle ground, amidst all the shrill judgments and shaming that hardly gives a woman the foundation to become a good single parent, and eventually be married!.

    We also point with pride to Lutheran Family Services and their help in arranging hundreds of successful open adoptions. Here the adoptive couple forms a close bond with the pregnant woman early-on in the pregnancy, then welcomes her to be involved in the child’s life throughout.This is a truly inspiring example of people with the courage to seek a better way.

  • I am well- acquainted with a couple who have now adopted 2 daughters through LSS. It’s gone very well for them and the birth mothers are a part of the girls lives.

  • “Clinton is clearly pro-abortion.”

    Kirkland An is clearly a liar.

    Sec. Clinton has been clear that she’s not comfortable with abortion herself, but does not believe she should be making that decision for anyone else.

    Shame on you Kirkland An.

  • They would get more accomplished if they encouraged and supported birth control and quit trying to interfere with Planned Parenthood. Abortion has been on the decline and will likely continue with ready and free access to birth control and education.

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