A protester holds a flag while in a group that took over the Hollywood 101 Freeway just north of Los Angeles City Hall on Nov. 9, 2016, in protest against Donald Trump's win in the presidential election. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Mario Anzuoni *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-FEA-OPED, originally transmitted on Nov. 10, 2016.

What encourages me about this election

(RNS) As someone who once called himself an evangelical and who has spent the better part of his career studying the history of evangelicalism, I am sure I will have much to say in the coming days.

As a historian, I imagine that at some point, once there is time to gain some perspective, I will write about what the results of this presidential election mean for American democracy, our two-party political system, our failure to meet the demands of an educated citizenry and the future of American evangelicalism.

I am upset by the results of the election and I am particularly saddened that 81 percent of white American evangelicals got into bed with a monster on Tuesday (Nov. 8). But I am also encouraged and have not lost hope.

Here’s why:

Around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday, my 15-year-old daughter, frustrated by all she was seeing on the television, stormed out of the room and announced: “Dad, I am going to bed. I am embarrassed for my country.”

As much as my daughter’s remark brought me pain, I was also proud of her.

She has suffered during this campaign. She has wondered, with a sense of righteous indignation, how the GOP nominee could say the things he has said about women. She knows that Donald Trump’s world is not the world she wants to live in or grow in.

At midnight, I got a text from my 19-year old daughter. She is a freshman in college. This was her first election. We had been talking all night and she shared with me the sadness she was experiencing as the evening went on. “Dad, what do we do now?”

I am grateful that she is asking this question. Indeed, there is a lot we can do.

When I woke up, I found an email from a former student and friend -- a veteran public school history teacher. He reminded me of something I wrote a few years ago.

"A democracy needs citizens -- individuals who understand that their own pursuits of happiness must operate in tension with obligations and responsibilities to a larger community. Citizens realize that their own success, fate and ability to flourish as humans are bound up with the lives of others. Such a commitment to the common good requires citizens who are able to respect, as fellow humans and members of the same community, those with whom they might disagree on some of life's most important issues."

And then he added: “As I attempt to discuss this election and the results today with my students, thanks for these words. As historians, teachers, and humans, we've got work to do. Let's get to it!”

Another former student challenged her Trump-supporting Facebook friends to think seriously about how their support for his candidacy will influence their Christian witness:

“Is aligning yourselves with people who are associated with intolerance, bigotry, racism, misogyny, anger, and countless other inherently negative qualities really the best way to communicate Christ’s love and forgiveness to the world?” she asked.

I told this student, someone I have known to be very quiet about politics, that I appreciated her courage.

Still another former student, one I have worked very closely with over the years, wrote a note of apology to her “LGBT and minority friends and others who will be the most affected by a Trump presidency.”

She added “I am heartsick that Americans, and apparently my fellow Christians, have done this to you. I will do my best to stand beside you as your ally in the coming years. What has happened is not normal and it is not OK.”

And these were only a few of the notes, Facebook posts and tweets I have received or read since Election Day.

Today, I am discouraged by the current state of evangelical political witness, but I am encouraged by its future.

(John Fea teaches American history and chairs the history department at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pa. He blogs daily at www.thewayofimprovement. Follow him @johnfea1)


  1. “Still another former student, one I have worked very closely with over the years, wrote a note of apology to her “LGBT and minority friends and others who will be the most affected by a Trump presidency.””

    You know, you Democrats talk a lot about how you care about us minority folks but I don’t see you guys ever call your own party on anything. This moral outrage over Trump’s sexism, homophobia, racism, and Islamophobia seems to me like you’re just upset your candidate didn’t win.

    A person who TRULY cared in making sure there wasn’t a racist in the presidency wouldn’t vote for a candidate who called black youth “superpredators”.

    A person who TRULY cared in making sure there wasn’t a sexist in the presidency wouldn’t vote for a candidate who called women coming forward with sexual abuse accusations “bimbo eruptions”.

    A person who TRULY cared about Muslims and the discrimination and profiling they go through wouldn’t vote for a candidate who called for using a secret government list that disproportionately affects Muslims as the basis for revoking Constitutional RIGHTS without DUE PROCESS. That’s what “No Fly, No Buy” is. The No Fly List is anti-Muslim profiling at its worse and your candidate wanted to EXPAND it.

    You all voted for “superpredators”!! You all voted for “bimbo eruptions”!! You all voted to EXPAND profiling against Muslims!! And you have the GALL, now that you’ve lost, to pretend you CARE about us?!

    The one thing you probably have is that Trump is against gay marriage, and Clinton is not (anymore, at least). But I have to ask you, WHERE was your supposed CONCERN eight years ago?! Eight years ago you elected a man with the EXACT SAME beliefs against gay marriage. At the time I PERSONALLY voted for a candidate that was pro gay marriage, but YOU guys assured me that it wasn’t an important issue a mere eight years ago, and voted for a guy against gay marriage, and put him in office. Where was your moral outrage when faced with Democratic homophobes?? Why do you put on this ACT of moral outrage about the president’s belief when YOU HAD NO QUALMS WITH THIS BELIEF a mere EIGHT YEARS in the past??

    You can be outraged all you want at Trump, just stop pretending like your outrage is based on concern for us minorities. You ONLY care to defend us when it is politically advantageous to you. You had NO PROBLEMS with supporting a candidate who was against us. Your concern isn’t for us, it’s for yourselves. Stop pretending otherwise.

  2. Two parties, two ideoligies, each side fervently believing they are right must get enough votes and will do or say whatever is needed to get support. All ethical and moral decisions have to be weighed against political fallout. That very evident in the Civil Rights Movement and the Kennedy administration as history now tells us.

  3. See, this is why Ed Stetzer’s RNS article, “3 ways to practice civility”, is needed. Fea’s article is merely another hit piece on Trump and those who voted for him (or voted against Hillary on a lesser-of-2-evils basis.)

    Somebody needs to tell John Fea that his fellow Christians on the Trump side of the fence are NOT going to accept demonization anymore. The election is over. Hillary lost. So dial it down.

    Some black Americans (not the majority but some) voted for Trump, so stop mindlessly yelling “Racists.” Some women obviously voted for Trump, so stop mindlessly yelling “Misogynists” and “Sexism.” Stop branding Trump-voting Christians as homophobic just because they biblically oppose gay marriage.

    Tell your students to cut out that mess, or discussions WILL get heated. Choose peace.

  4. Yes, I’m curious. I get the heartache and the categorical reasoning behind it. Yet, what is really being said? Should Hillary have won? Would that have ensured our position as ‘good Evangelicals’? What does that mean for the problems we now face on the horizon of a Trump presidency? With Hillary, we KNEW we were headed for another liberal justice nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, we KNEW that the current heinous stance on abortion would get no better and we KNEW that the ACA (Obamacare) would continue to hobble along for the next 4, or maybe 8 years to the rising premiums and increased complaining of those who are forced to use it – forced by those who don’t have to use it. Don’t get me wrong, many of the things Trump has said is undeniably ‘wacko’ but is the pendulum swung to the other extreme the right answer? I don’t know exactly what SHOULD be done about our immigration policy but I do know that ignoring it will not improve it. I actually don’t expect A WALL any time soon, but it looks like there are some things on the table now that can’t continue to be excused by the status quo – and NO, I did not vote for Trump.

  5. “81 percent of white American evangelicals got into bed with a monster on Tuesday (Nov. 8)”

    81% of evangelicals believe that partial-birth abortion and Hillary Clinton’s support for its legality was the only ‘monstrous’ thing in this election. The rest is partisan hyperbole.

  6. “81% of evangelicals believe that partial-birth abortion and Hillary Clinton’s support for its legality was the only ‘monstrous’ thing in this election.”

    That’s a problem. Don’t evangelicals also believe that greed, pride, lust, lewdness, divorce, and dishonesty are also “monstrous”? Doesn’t their bible teach against those things? So why was it okay to accept those attributes in Trump? Is abortion the only thing evangelicals think about? Evangelicals clearly have no problem with their own hypocrisy.

  7. Ultimately I don’t care if you weigh your options and come to a decision based on compromise and political fallout. Many people did that and I understand it and why they did that.

    What annoys me, though, is the people who do that, who compromise their own decisions, and then feign moral outrage against people who are doing the same thing. So MANY people are pretending to be “concerned” for me right now because people voted for a president that has biases against my demographics, yet the person they endorsed ALSO had biases against my demographics, so it rings hollow!! It feels like they’re just using feigned concern on my supposed behalf to cover up that they really just don’t like that their preferred prejudiced candidate didn’t win.

    If someone finds there’s no other option than to vote for a prejudiced person, that’s fine, but if they do so minority groups aren’t interested in hearing about how they did so out of supposed love for them. They voted for THEMSELVES, not for US, and as long as they don’t pretend otherwise, I have no problem with what they did.

  8. It will be interesting to see what happens because all is aligned politically for the Republicans from Trump down. Personally, I expect to see Obamacare to simply go, an erosion of the safety net (Paul Ryan’s budget) and to see the stage set for the rich to get richer based on what I have heard are Wall St. expectations as to eliminating regulatory constraints brought in six years ago in response to the 2007-08 recession.

  9. “That’s a problem. Don’t evangelicals also believe that greed, pride, lust, lewdness, divorce, and dishonesty are also “monstrous”?”


    You really don’t know how this works, do you? All sins are not created equal. All sins are not monstrous.

    Killing an unborn baby with scissors to the back of the head is monstrous. Greed, pride and the rest, not so much.

  10. I guess when we put all our hope in this world and men it is a bit discouraging. We live in a society that watches TV and movies with the very filth we complain about in trump and Hillary..Hillary is just more polished and deceitfull. Trump was always a scary prospect to me but as Hillary paraded her Hollywood crowd on stage it was just another outward hypocrisy of both sides..! Between the music and the movies and the filth we see each day at work, it seems fitting that God has given us candidates that reflects ourselves apart from Him. In the beginning God was the ruler , but man wanted a physical being so we got King Saul. From that pointed gradually slipped away from God and let man rule and here we are still looking for a man to save us when Jesus the greatest evangelical already has. Yet we are so upset by man disappointing us. There is a walk with God that sees past the worlds affairs. Keep looking up and the worlds affabirs will grow dim , we are so geared to focus on the worlds affairs that this effects us more than it should, as if God isn’t aware

  11. We can be sure of one thing politics devide and enrage people..our freedom and constant disobedience to Gods words has destroyed our country…there is a way that seems right to man , but its end is death…Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you…if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, than I will heal there land..

  12. “81% of evangelicals believe that partial-birth abortion and Hillary Clinton’s support for its legality was the only ‘monstrous’ thing in this election. ”

    95% of Evangelicals believe the Earth is only 6500 years old. What they believe and what reality exists are two very very different things.

    Evangelical voters are inherently gullible. Decade after decade they vote for candidates who promise to ban abortion, to roll back social changes, to give Bible thumpers real political power. In the end they always vote for people who ignore them, string them along, and only on rare occasions enact stuff they know has zero chance of surviving legal challenge.

    In 43 years since Roe v Wade, you are no closer to banning abortion than you were back then, or ever likely to be. But you guys keep putting conservative politicians in power who destroy the middle and working class.

    You are useful 1diots. Nothing more.

  13. If evangelical self righteous busybodies cared about the born in general, and the women who make such decisions instead of hysterical fetal worship, then maybe there would be less of a demand for abortions in the first place.

    But you guys don’t so, you can take your distaste of the procedure and shove it.

  14. The were both monsters in their own way, but at least one doesn’t advocate for the killing of unborn human beings.

  15. Actually, we take our distaste of the procedure and vote. And that vote is going to impact the Supreme Court and God willing overturn Roe v Wade. A nation that executes its unborn cannot hardly call itself civilized or enlightened, only selfish.

  16. Yes Spuddie, it’s been 43 years since the evil Roe v Wade decision. Yes, the evil decision is still the law of the land. You’re right about that.

    However, the evil Plessy v Ferguson decision (which legalized Jim Crow) stayed alive from 1896 to 1954 — it lasted 58 years — until the Brown v Board decision finally cracked its armor. (Plessy was never actually overturned, but was slowly defeated by a combination of Brown plus Congressional civil-rights laws. — Wiki).

    So do not imagine that your happily citing a mere tiny 43 years of the ongoing evil of Roe v. Wade, will EVER discourage pro-life Christians from their brave efforts.

  17. Nearly everybody votes for what is best for them and don’t generally worry about the consequences to others.

    All of us have biases, prejudices and even racist views. Some work to identify, undetstand and address them, some ignore or deny them and some just embrace them. It’s the nature of being human.

  18. WOW! You don’t usually get up a head of steam like that, you tend to be a bit more calm and restrained while always cogent. Don’t hurt yourself (sincerely) and I hope you return to your more equable self. Cheers.

  19. But according to God’s Word, one unconfessed and unrepented sin is enough to separate one from God eternally. Abortion in any form is, of course, monstrous. But we are not single issue Christians are we (I’m presuming you’re a Christian)? Greed, Pride, Lust, etc, are all sins that need to be addressed and confronted as followers of Christ. We have a full plate.

  20. Have you no information on the vast number of Christians and non-Christians alike who extend help and support to young women who find themselves pregnant unexpectedly? Help which involves providing shelter, educational aid, and basic necessities, while providing a plan and framework to help those women and their children succeed. If so, you’re missing a great deal of information on the subject.

  21. “But according to God’s Word, one unconfessed and unrepented sin is enough to separate one from God eternally.”

    All yours, Dr. John Fea.

    “As someone who once called himself an evangelical ”

    This is your doing. These people are yours now: You have now crossed the line into theology.

  22. Word, sir. Evil must not stand.

    WWJD, they like to say. Fair enough. Show us where Jesus would favor abortion rights, “the right to choose,” as they so cleverly call babykilling.

    No way.

  23. Well said. We do not wish to persecute a mother who confusedly kills her own baby, but there is no natural right to PERFORM abortions.

    Abortion is NOT “civilized.”

  24. Brown v. Board of Ed is more than 60 years old. Maybe that should be overturned too. The anti-abortion platform has raised far more money and political capital than desegregation ever did. What did all that money and effort go towards? Absolutely nothing. It went towards electing politicians who undermine middle and working class economic stability.

    Its all a ruse to get the poor and gullible to vote against their economic interests.

  25. We have information about how the typical anti-abortion voter also is against most forms of public assistance, any “social safety net” issues, women’s healthcare issues, and public education. So no, I am not mischaracterizing the position at all..

    Banning abortion is not even a workable solution. It doesn’t remove the demand or the conditions which lead women to make such decisions. All it does is make the procedure more dangerous.

  26. Definitely do not agree with your position but enough Christians did and so supported Trump. I do not believe in the idea of voting for someone who claims to be pro-life and disregarding their stand on other issues.

  27. Trump ran a negative bullying insult-filled campaign. It is ironic that now he and his supporters want everyone to sing kumbaya.

  28. and constant disobedience to Gods words has destroyed our country…
    Amen to that!

  29. After reading John Fea’s piece here, it’s clear that RNS needs to cast a wide net for some new writers. You can’t sweeten this stuff up enough with Splenda to disguse the fact that it’s garbage. You’ve reached the point where the dogs ain’t eatin’ the dog food, and they can’t even read the ingredients.

    I know some aspiring Christian journalists still in high school, who can beat this.You need an apprentice program to challenges the likes of Fea, and improve your offerings here.

  30. As a starting point, the Muslims here are safer in this “Christian nation” that just elected Trump, than they are in the majority-Muslim countries they come from. There’s been no mass exodos back since Trump raised the yellow caution-flag several months ago in the campaign!

    Muslims here need to examine that false equivalence-thing stored in their brains. The knowledge of what radical Muslims are doing to Christians world wide, makes them fearful we will strike out at them in revenge. Living here for days-to-decades hasn’t convinced them that Christians have evolved to embrace a more advanced ethic.

  31. Amazing to me that the discussion of John Fea’s article mirrors the hatred and semi-Christian posturing of the whole election cycle. The bible is pretty clear on lots of things, including the the idea that sin is sin, with little differentiation or gradation. For example, lots of sins condemned in the Old Testament, such as disobeying your parents, were punishable by death. We don’t punish most of those things by death anymore.

    We also don’t sell women for a bride-price of goats and cattle or thing putting freshly cut branches in front of breeding goats will cause some to have spotted coats. All things that are found in the bible too.

    In the New Testament, Jesus did not teach about abortion or homosexuality, but he did directly address divorce and adultery. In fact divorce and adultery are condemned without question in both Old and New Testament. There is no doubt that those are sins all the way through the bible. Yet we elected an admitted adulterer who has divorced twice and is married to his third wife! Somehow in all of our rhetoric of this election, we forget about all of the other stuff in the bible we don’t like.

    But focusing on sin and punishment is not really what the bible is about from end to end. The bible as a whole is about God’s grace – first in rescuing and choosing Israel and then second in the sending of Christ. If Jesus really did change things – as most Christians would agree – then we should really pay attention to what Jesus focused on. Jesus focused on loving neighbors, praying for enemies, and reconciling everyone to God. Jesus did not focus on punishment, calling enemies names, attacking or condemning anyone. He did not focus on what people were, but on loving them and bringing them to God. Turning the other cheek, giving up both coat and shirt, going the extra mile to help someone – these are all things Jesus taught.

    What happened to the actual teachings of Jesus from the gospels?

  32. I think if this were really true, then we’d have been destroyed long ago.

  33. Tom, if you are a male, you will never become pregnant, or be raped and pregnant from that rape, or a be raped by a relative, which is incest, and be forced to bear your rapist’s child. Therefore, do not weigh in on this subject. You will never have the placenta in front of your cervix, start to hemorrhage when you are five and a half months along with a wanted child and have to decide to terminate your pregnancy or die, and have two other children under six, waiting for you to come home with their little brother.
    Tom, there are many reasons, good, legitimate reasons why a woman terminates a pregnancy. Unless you are a doctor you do not know all the medical or surgical reasons why a woman may be faced with this choice. You do not know, some of the reasons because you have not had to make such a decision, nor will you ever have to make that decision. Decisions to abort need to remain between a woman and her doctor.
    Unless you are either a doctor or a nurse you will not have seen a woman die due to a botched abortion that has been self induced. I am a retired nurse, and have witnessed such needless deaths, when I worked in the pre Roe days.

  34. So Trump is “pro life” today, but last year he was pro choice. He pivots on a dime, and can pivot again.
    How “pro life” is someone who advocates for the death penalty or will “carpet bomb” the middle east to get some ISIS cells? How “pro life” is someone who will defund safety nets for the poor, who might wish to keep their babies. How “pro life” is it to defund contraception, that prevents unwanted pregnancies?
    Your president is not “pro life,” he is merely “pro birth,” for now.

  35. Very, very well said. Thank you.

    I worry for vulnerable people, whether they’re not Christian, not white, not straight, not male, not in good health, not citizens, etc. According to the pres-elect’s campaign promises, they are all at some degree of risk.

    America works best when we remember we are all in this together. Really.

  36. I believe in voting for what, not who. I don’t find any other position morally defensible since all humans are fallen; even saints sin. Trump’s carnal sins are between him and his creator.

  37. Yes but a lot of evangelical voters held the carnal sins of John McCain and Bill Clinton against those two men and they were/are more qualified for public office than Trump.

  38. You don’t have to be a parent to stop the murder of someone else’s child.

    As for the difficult but rare issues of rape and incest, to go right to them cheats honest consideration of this painful moral issue.

  39. Uhm, the US military and the fighters we support are inadvertently killing Muslim non-combatants while pursuing terrorists. And here in the US it’s christians (ok not real christians) that are harassing innocent Muslims because of their faith and in retaliation for Muslim terrorists committing atrocities on American soil.

  40. To the extent that the US military and the fighters we support are inadvertently killing innocent non-combatants on the ground, the very same is happening worse from with that conglomeration of combatants that came together to fight for Syria.

    Remember Syria’s using mustard gas on their own citizens, and Obama’s red line in the sand?! That established Obama’s egghead cowardice, and encouraged all the others to come to the aid of Assad.Recall how Hilliary Clinton kept saying, “It’s time for Assad to go,” after saying that Assad is a reformer! I believe the Obama administration’s fingerprint is all over this morass!

  41. Only that God is long suffering and full of love and mercy..that none would perish in there sin…if it was mans way we would have ended it long ago.!! But God isn’t like man , full of judgement and hate and etc….have a great day !!!

  42. If you are really a historian, you should start by rethinking your own biases. If a large proportion of the population wants to alter the status quo by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, you should be asking WHY instead of dismissing the dissatisfied people with the drearily predictable burst of Tourettish insults.

  43. Well, to the degree they held it against Clinton, it didn’t have much effect, after all he completed two terms as President. I grant that “Evangelicals” have had a spotty history in recent years on the very issues you raise. However, I can continue to accept Tom here as a brother in Christ even as we disagree to some extent on how to address other sins beyond the question of abortion. Certainly, evangelicals are going to have to recalibrate their energies with respect to their dependence on political solutions of men, rather than spiritual solutions from God.

  44. Weird that this writer says this: ” 81 percent of white American evangelicals got into bed with a monster on Tuesday (Nov. 8).” The monster is Hillary Clinton who wanted to give the right to women that did not understand that they were pregnant until the ninth month to abort right there and then without having problems but just dislike. Just when the baby is about to be born… Hillary is the monster, get it right, and you voted for her!

  45. The election has shown me that Christianity , especially evangelical Christians, support and believe in intolerance, bigotry, racism, misogyny, anger, and countless other inherently negative qualities .
    Not the kind of people I want to be around.

  46. Just another piece of politically correct nonsense.

  47. When a late term abortion is done, and these are rarely done, it is to save the life of the woman! Check it out, it is not done “for convenience.” These types of abortions have to be done by a physician, and no licensed physician would do a frivolous abortion. Please, Gloria, do some research.

  48. Only if you favor political expediency which I think is what happened in this election.

  49. Unlike other medical procedures between a patient and a doctor, abortion involves another human life, in this case the ending of another human life.

    When it comes to ending someone else’s life, society has a right to a say. Murder is murder.

  50. You, obviously, do not know why a late term abortion is necessary. Please, check out some reliable sources, and learn it is to save the life of the woman, a dead fetus, or a severe fetal anomaly that would be incompatible with its life. A doctor must do these procedures, and they are not done on a whim, or frivolously.

  51. Would you sacrifice the life of the woman? Sadly, you probably would do just that.

  52. For a few months, maybe, but to raise a child to adulthood? No, they do not do that.

  53. But that is not your real argument–nor Hillary’s–which is the absolute “right” of a woman to kill her baby for any reason, at any time, before it passes through the birth canal.

    I find this morally unacceptable, as do most all decent people.

  54. Only if you can truthfully say you’d vote for the sterling Mitt Romney over the debased Bill Clinton as a matter of “character.”

  55. Wrong. I’ve seen it many times over if you have not, and that may be the measure of the different type of folks you and I associate with.

  56. She knows that Donald Trump’s world is not the world she wants to live in or grow in.

    And she does want to live in Hillary Clinton’s, where wives, for personal gain, defend their rapist husbands? Hillary Clinton, who would sell any moral or ethical value for a dollar and more political power? Whose standards are lower?

    Apply Biblical standards to both candidates. There were two monsters in this election. Now do what the Lord commanded about that. Pray for the one who will be President after January 20.

  57. This is what Hillary Clinton said in her speech go and read the transcription of the III debate and look for ninth month, you will find it quickly!

  58. Let’s be honest: Hillary contributed to her own Election Night disaster by doing name-calling.

    (You should not be giving her a free pass on it, because the American people certainly didn’t.)

    Remember how self-damaging Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comment was? It sounded like he had written quite a few people off. It hurt his election chances.

    Well, fast-forward to Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment.
    Again, it sounded like she had written quite a few people off.

    And just like with Romney, the “written-off” people somehow showed up on Election Day.

  59. Is that Aaron Paul (the Breaking Bad star) holding the flag?

  60. While I don’t agree the labels put on Trump are true, for the sake of discussion let’s assume they are true. Then ask yourself this question, was it better to elect a “monster” than elect a corrupt evil criminal. Aside from that HIllary, based on her track record, wanted to win to enrich her bank account at the expense of America whereas Trump truly wants to give back and bring this country to its fullest potential. An objective evaluation of Trump shows he wasn’t those labels and it shows that he exploited legal loop holes in the law, much to the chagrin of the average person, to his advantage and is willing to negotiate. He will probably be a very good if not great president for all citizens.

  61. Have you seen the reports ocean ice has increased dramatically and we are likely entering a cooling period. Discounting some radical Trump supporters what evidence do you have he himself is a white supremacist.

  62. And if it comes to the NINETH month of pregnancy and Hillary says “or just been discovered about the pregnancy” the woman should be able to abort if she wants…
    This is the new legislation about woman’s rights to do whatever they want with the being is their belly… this is what Hillary will have brought about if she had won. Nothing to do with the laws ruling now abortion… she was wanting to bring absolut control of the woman… no physicians or regulations: If she did not wanted at the 9th month she could abort it just for the right to do what she wants!!!! Thanks goodness Hillary did not win!!!

  63. No. But even medical professionals indicate that such circumstances are rare. They hardly justify a blanket right to termination of an unborn child’s life.

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