Election Aftermath: Faith & The Common Good
Election Aftermath: Faith & The Common Good

Election aftermath: Watch the discussion

December 13, 2016

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(RNS) Now that the bitterly contested presidential election is behind us, how can we bring the country closer together?

On Dec. 7, Tom Gallagher, the newly appointed Religion News Service CEO and publisher, assembled an expert panel to discuss this question. Panelists included RNS columnist Mark Silk, Fordham University ethicist Charles Camosy, filmmaker Tom Scott and communications professor MaryAnn Murtha. RNS national reporter David Gibson moderated.

The discussion, co-sponsored by St. Catherine of Siena Church in Riverside, Conn., took place at the parish in front of some 200 people.

Cory Hodson, a Yale Divinity School graduate student, managed the Facebook Live streaming video and live-tweeted throughout. Kathy DiGiovanna, a professional photographer, snapped photos.

Photos from the event

View the original press release (Nov. 17, 2016)


  1. This is an effort that’s overdue. A more proactive organization that seeks to reach the majority Christian audience, as well as their Jewish and Muslim readers, could have begun this long before the results of the election became known, as it is the same need, regardless of which side won! This is a good exercise for RNS, as they probably wouldn’t bother with a healing process with the unwshed Trump supporters, had the Dems won!

  2. An ” expert ” panel ?

    What a joke !

    Four of the five panelists have a professional religious affiliation. So the division in the US has been caused by religion – right ?

    If I have a leaky pipe – I don’t call a cleric. If I have a broken political/social/cultural system I don’t call upon the so-called “experts” who are PART OF THE PROBLEM !

    There were no minorities and only one woman on your ” expert ” panel – shame – for shame….

    Corrupt politics/religion/greed and a surplus of testosterone are the problem. We can’t blame this on the women as so many religious are wont to do.

    The attendees in the photo are also responsible for our problems. They are the ones who elected our politicians for (by their ages) the last 40-50 yrs.

    Why didn’t you have this discussion in a college or high school ?
    Where were the youth of our country represented on your ” expert ” panel ?

    We (I’m 78) are leaving our youth a totally broken political/social/cultural system. Institutional religion for all its feigned authority and self-glorificatiuon is a cancer.

    Let us get the hell out of their way. We and our existing ” experts ” and ” leaders ” of every stripe need to get-the-hell-out-of-their-way !

    Any voter 35 + should hang his/her head in shame for the debacle we have caused.

    We have done so much harm worldwide that I’m not sure my grandchildren will find this earth habitable for the next 3-4 generations.

    No more of your ridiculously represented feel-good panels ! ! !

  3. I see this is the usual Robust Debate in which all participants agree that good people need to be EXTERMINATED. The discussion is a sort of auction, bidding up the degree of EXTERMINATION needed. Reserve value is 100% of good people, and by the end of the auction the price has reached 10000000000000000000000000000000% of good people.

    Wake me when you have a discussion with more than one side, a discussion in which normal humans are allowed to exist for at least a few microseconds.

  4. Well, we’ll never know thanks to voter suppression, James Comey, Vladamir Putin, and the mass psychology of fascism.

  5. I read many ridiculous things in comments section but this one tops the list.

  6. I can tell you this… the election has proved to me and millions of others that Christians, especially evangelistic christians are the most Hateful, gun toten, non-Jesus like individuals on earth.. They spend most of their time looking for things & people to hate and kill…They fear everything due to ignorance and have no free thought. Terrible… Terrible People who use their religion to destroy others and feed their own egos.

  7. You sad Democrats are still grasping at any available straw to justify the fact that you got your butts kicked rather soundly by Trump on election day! You migh as well admit you had a badly flawed candidate who’s hubris dept her from realizing how no one believed her feeble defense of that email server, or even how unpopular she was with her own party! Joe Biden would have won it!

  8. Possibly so re: Biden. The ret: bull. We didn’t lose but by 87,000 votes in WI, MI, and PA. Trump has no mandate. He enters his term a minority elected fluke. The Democrats are doing fine, thank you. We are resilient, reviving and the force of redemption and we will provide massive resistance to his extremist agenda. It profits the forces of repression nothing to have won on a technicality here.

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