Michigan doctor to stay in jail in genital mutilation case

DETROIT (AP) — A Detroit-area doctor charged with performing genital mutilation on girls from a Muslim sect will remain in jail while she awaits trial after a judge expressed concern that she might try to flee the country.

U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman took note of the roughly three dozen people who were in court Wednesday (July 19) to support Dr. Jumana Nagarwala. But he said it's a "double-edged sword," suggesting they might help her try to leave the U.S.

"I'm not so sure I can come up with a solution," Friedman said.

Nagarwala is accused of cutting at least six girls at a clinic in suburban Detroit, including two girls from Minnesota. The doctor denies that she committed a crime and says she performed a religious custom from her Muslim sect, the India-based Dawoodi Bohra.

She has been in custody without her passport since her arrest in April. Friedman has overruled another judge and granted bond to others who have been charged in the first U.S. case of its kind, including the owner of the clinic where the alleged acts occurred.

Nagarwala's attorney, Shannon Smith, said the doctor intends to the fight the charges and wouldn't run.

"It's a fight about a sacred religious practice," she said.

Some defendants awaiting trial typically are released with an electronic tether that tracks their movements. Friedman apparently wasn't comfortable allowing one for Nagarwala, who is a U.S.-born citizen.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward said Nagarwala could harm children if released from jail. The judge, however, doubted there would be a risk to the public.


  1. I haven’t seen the moral outrage I would expect from the Left and feminists.

  2. Then you have not looked, regretfully. All genital mutilation, commited without the express consent of the recipent is vile. Note, I reference consent in this, some choose some exceedingly ‘interesting’ (read OMFG WHY would you do that to yourself, you very weird person!!!!) (on a side note. I read an article, about a gentleman who willingly bifurcated his… John Thomas. With a razor blade.) multilation’s willingly, where that is a matter of choice and consent, that isn’t anyone’s beeswax. However genital mutilation of those incapable of offering express consent (note children are incapable of consenting, in this) is, an abuse in almost all cases (I had a partial male circumcision on medical grounds, as a child. That was not abusive.).

    Certainly there is, alot of outrage over this. Unfortunatly there is a rodeo clown, occuping one of the most important offices in your fair land. His antics consume much of the attention, of your religiously (yes that is a pun) “neutral” media. A media so “neutral” it would have a panel dicussion, on the validity of the theory of gravity.

    Politics bear little relation to issue’s like this, I hope we can agree that genital mutilation is abhorant and those forcing it on others need to face the full weight of the law (and a horde of starving rabid angry badgers).

  3. First of all I agree it’s a vile practice and must be outlawed in all states rather than the current 24. I read over a dozen news sources daily ranging from the Left to the Right. Other than the Guardian I don’t see too much on the subject from the Left. The Right media addresses it regularly but their motive is a hatred of Islam rather than a deep concern for women. My concern is that, like the oppression of women in some Muslim-majority countries, the Left’s hesitation to be more outspoken is muffled by their fear of offending Muslims. Then you have the Women’s March ‘s Linda Sarsour’s tweet advocating removing the genitals from Anya Hirsi Ali, a victim of FGM.

  4. Much as with slavery, those who promote FGM can find scriptural “justifications” for it, no matter the religion of the community. FGM’s main purpose is restriciting the pleasure a women derives from sex. During the Victorian era, many notable doctors recommended similar treatments for western women as cure for preceived sexual misbehaviour and maladies.

    Certainly FGM is topic, that is raised often on my side of the pond. Mainly because despite laws banning such practice, girls still are “cut” and there are very few prosecutions.

    As for (insert expletives here) suggesting “removing the genitals from Anya Hirsi Ali, a victim of FGM.”. I think you might guess, I am be repulsed by such a mornonic and vicous statement. I would not seek to condone or defend such. Nor could I, without being reduced to an incorherent blubering mess.

    But FGM is not a religous issue, it is more of a cultural one. As it practiced many of various faiths. There are also varrying degrees of “cutting”,

    Warning spoiler tagged stuff VERY upsetting, not for small eyes

    Type 1 (clitoridectomy) – removing part or all of the clitoris.

    Type 2 (excision) – removing part or all of the
    clitoris and the inner labia (lips that surround the vagina), with or
    without removal of the labia majora (larger outer lips).

    Type 3 (infibulation) – narrowing of the vaginal opening by creating a seal, formed by cutting and repositioning the labia.

    Other harmful procedures to the female genitals, including pricking, piercing, cutting, scraping or burning the area.
    information lifted from http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/female-genital-mutilation/Pages/Introduction.aspx#forms

    Apologies for anyone upset, but this issue should cause at least mild upset.

    As for the outrage, it is there. Many feel it on all sides of the political specturm. But people don’t like to talk about things like this becuase it is difficult, much as with the subject of domestic violence (a subject that is challenging to raise when affects women and many people still deny it affects many men as well (as victims)).

  5. I wonder why there is no concern about doctors who routinely perform male genital mutilation, without even the flimsy e cause of realign?

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