White House senior adviser Jared Kushner speaks to reporters outside the White House on July 24, 2017, after meeting on Capitol Hill behind closed doors with the Senate Intelligence Committee on the investigation into possible collusion between Russian officials and the Trump campaign. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Evangelical leaders rally around Kushner amid Russia probe

WASHINGTON (AP) — Evangelical leaders are rallying around White House senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner as he meets with congressional leaders investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

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A host of Christian leaders, from South Carolina pastor Mark Burns to Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., have been taking to Twitter and releasing statements voicing their support for Kushner as he spends two days speaking with congressional investigators on Capitol Hill.

"I've known Jared for many years. He's a man of integrity, character, and a great, personal friend," wrote Paula White, a gospel preacher and Trump friend who prayed at Trump's inaugural. "(E)nough-is-enough," she wrote.

Falwell released a statement Monday (July 24) blasting the "endless attempts by the media to keep the fake Russia collusion story alive— solely to obstruct the president's agenda."

"In Jared Kushner, they've picked the wrong fight. I don't know a more competent person. He is brilliant and he is a man of the highest integrity," Falwell wrote.

Kushner insisted Monday that he had done nothing improper during the campaign as he met with members of the Senate intelligence committee for nearly three hours behind closed doors. He's set to meet with lawmakers on the House intelligence committee Tuesday.

The coordinated statements are the work of Johnnie Moore, an evangelical activist from California, who recently attended a faith outreach meeting at the White House and tweeted a powerful photo of Christian leaders surrounding the president, heads bowed in prayer.

"We've all had it," said Moore, adding that he and other Christian leaders have become close to Jared over the years. Moore said that he decided on Monday morning that he wanted to release a statement and sent a note around to fellow faith leaders asking if they had anything to add.

"We didn't ask permission. They didn't even know we were doing it," he said of the White House. "For us it was personal."

Trump won an overwhelming 80 percent of the white evangelical vote in the November election, and a Pew Research Center survey marking his first 100 days in office found three-fourths of white evangelicals approved of his performance as president, versus 39 percent of the general public.

Kushner, who is an Orthodox Jew, acted as a liaison to the religious community, said Burns, the pastor from South Carolina, who served as an opening act at many Trump rallies.

"Jared has been a huge instrument in giving us access to the White House. So this is just us showing our love and support back to him for what he has done for our faith-based community," said Burns.


  1. Collusion is not the real stoy that’s being probed. Money laundering for the Russian mob is the real story. The mob is linked to Putin and Trump’s money laundering, if sufficiently proven, would make him a criminal and subject to blackmail by Putin. Why the money laundering accusation? Years ago Trump, a serial failure at business and bankrupt, was turned down for loans by all banks except Deutche Bank’s Private Bank (not its commercial bank). When a private bank “makes” a loan it does not actually lend any money. Instead it arranges a loan from one private client to another and collects a broker’s fee. Deutche Private Bank has many dubious Russian clients. And Deutsche Bank has already been fined $10 billion for money laundering for the Russian mob. And luxury real estate development is the favorite method for mobster money laundering.

  2. Of course they are rallying around a man who refuses to accept Jesus as his lord and savior, just as they rallied around a man who knows all about what happens when two Corinthians walk into a bar.

    They are VALUES VOTERS.

    We vote for the values of power, money, and dominion.

  3. So Falwell knows for a fact that there is nothing to Russiagate? Maybe god told him because reasonable Americans without that pipeline are waiting for the conclusion of the inquiry to know if crimes were committed. Are they going to go down with ship – if it sinks, that is – or will they, like rats, abandoned it.

  4. “From Mark Burns to Jerry Falwell,” isn’t exactly a wide swathe. We saw the cast of characters at the Inauguration. Any with name recognition would be too many, but those evangelicals willing to publicly defend Trump aren’t a huge, huge lot. Some evangelical with a conscience needs to do a youtube video explaining exactly what backing Trump and Kushner means for their reputations. I remember a year ago when they were all upset because Putin threw American evangelists out of Russia in order to consolidate his power over religion through the Orthodox Church. (Just like Hitler did by installing his guy Mueller as head of the German Church.) Now everything is cool with Putin?

  5. They will throw up their hands in dismay, saying, “but we never knew about that. God told us. I guess we made a mistake. It’s a vast left wing conspiracy. Look over there! SQUIRREL!!!!! HEr emails. BEnghazi. Gay people getting married!”

  6. PAULA WHITE the “HUSBAND STEALER” from Mrs. Hinn, should get out of Washington and off the T.V., and pray for Gods forgiveness.

  7. Wikipedia said she married a member of the band Journey in 2015. No surprise there. Lame religion and lame music go hand in hand.

  8. Hey! Journey during the Steve Perry years was a pop culture juggernaut! Millions of people bought their lame albums back in the day.

    But by 2015 they were strictly fifth billed on classic rock nostalgia tours, county fairs and mid range arenas in Belgium. So I guess lame music.

    She didn’t even marry the one recognizable guy, the Philippine fanboy they got as a singer. Lame.

  9. They might want to wait for evidence.

  10. Trial first. Evidence later. It’s the Russian way.

  11. Just more evidence an overwhelming majority of evangelicals are anything but Christian. First item is the behavior of Franklin Graham, just like BG he is a politician not a preacher. Even though BG never held or ran for elected office he was the Master of Ceremonies for Nixon and one of his most ardent supporters. Actions that were revolting to the long standing policies of the SBC.

    Since the takeover of the SBC by the reactionaries and the wholesale dismissal of truly academic professors from the seminary in Louisville the SBC has been on a very steep decent into replacing Christ’s teachings with the anti-Christian positions of the alt-right.

    FG may or may not run for any office, but he is still nothing but a politician with his dirty hands on the levers of power.

  12. I dated a girl who sang soprano in the First Baptist Dallas choir. It was before their smash hit Make America Great Again, does that count for anything?

  13. I know the story. What a unbelievable story, discovered half way around the world on the internet.

  14. How about we just go for civil asset forfeiture?

  15. Kushner is playing the religious “leaders”. They say he is man of integrity, character. But how do they really know him? How can they say he is a man of integrity, character, when they cannot read minds? He has had dealing with Russian businessmen, which is new speak Russian Mafia. Russian Mafia is recruited from the former USSR’s top intellectual and managerial elite (mostly Jewish and Russian Orthodox in origin).

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