Paula White speaks at her church, New Destiny Christian Center, on Jan. 1, 2017, in Apopka, Fla. RNS photo by Sarah M. Brown

Trump spiritual adviser Paula White says he is ‘raised up by God’

(RNS) — Paula White, pastor of an evangelical megachurch and one of President Trump's spiritual advisers, said on television that the president is "authentically raised up by God."

Her comments, made during a Tuesday (Aug. 22) cable broadcast of the PTL Network's "The Jim Bakker Show," came a day after the president, acting on advice from his war cabinet, said the U.S. will not only remain in Afghanistan but will up its military presence there.

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White heads New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Fla., and has been at the president's side for the rollout of several new initiatives. She likened Trump's election to the biblical story of Esther and how she — an unlikely candidate for queen — became a revered one.

"They say about our president, 'Well, he is not presidential.' Thank goodness. Thank goodness. Thank goodness," White said. "And I mean that with all due respect. Because in other words, he is not a polished politician. In other words, he is authentically — whether people like it or not — has been raised up by God."

Paula White, right, stands behind President Trump as he talks with evangelical supporters in the Oval Office at the White House. Photo courtesy of Johnnie Moore

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"Because God says that he raises up and places all people in places of authority," she continued. "It is God who raises up a king. It is God that sets one down. When you fight against the plan of God, you are fighting against the hand of God."

Both the pushback and the support were immediate. Many were upset White seemed to compare Trump to a king.

"(S)he basically said (T)rump is a king," a woman named P. Berman tweeted. "(P)eople like her are dangerous, willing to support anyone to further their (C)hristian agenda."

But on Facebook, some messages were more upbeat.

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"It was a great great show today!!," commenter Tracy Noor wrote in a posting about White's appearance. "I was so impressed!!! God really touched my heart with the message."


  1. Ah, how wonderful it must be to know the mind of god!

  2. No one need take Paula White seriously, whenever or whatever she has to say. Her gospel is flawed, and her life practice negates any presumed authority she believes she has to teach Christian precepts. She needs to repent and sit under the guidance of a spiritual counselor more adept than she in both teaching and practicing God’s Word.

  3. ESPN has admitted that they pulled a sports reporter, an Asian-American TV reporter, from doing a University of Virginia footall game. (Hat tip to Fox News).

    Why? Because his name is Robert Lee. No joke. This is real.

    ESPN didn’t want to offend any viewers, of course. (Hey folks, this dude, being Asian, doesn’t even look like a Confederate general.)

    People, the PC-Police are real. They ARE fanatics. And they honestly control your national media, even the sports programming. You can NOT trust the PC-Police media to do the right thing.

    Added In Edit: I have to apologize to you readers. I seriously meant to put this post on the “Confederate statues” thread just above, and I thought I was doing so. My mistake.

  4. ESPN had earlier this week offended viewers with a fantasy football video segment of an auction sale of primarily black football players to largely white bidders within the past week (and perhaps I am humorless, but I find that to be of just generally questionable taste.) I am sure one fed the other (over reaction). However, they switched reporters apparently with Robert’s agreement.

  5. You’re confusing ordinary prudence of a business with oppression. businesses make decisions like this every day. It’s no freaking PC conspiracy. It’s business people just acting like business people, kind of like vice principals do.

  6. Trump seems to induce the charlatans in his camp to act like the mercenaries that they are.

  7. Kangaroo and LL Davidson – floydee has just suckered you.
    As does tRUMP, fd has thrown-up a straw man to divert the conversation from White and her direct pipeline to the same psychotic voice whispering in tRUMPS ear.

  8. Sorry, but I never apologize to readers unless I specifically intend to apologize to them. My reader-apology was posted 3 hours before you even showed up around here, and should be considered sincere.
    But, no worries. This thread is about Paula White, and you’re welcome to post about White all you want.

  9. Indeed. In any case, Trump was not “raised up” by God but by the Democrats themselves AND many Republicans who flatly refused to address the issues most important to the people — immigration reform, healthcare reform, tax and budget reform, and jobs.

  10. Well, I guess it’s just common sense that if anybody knows the true will of God, it would be the woman who had an adulterous affair with Benny Hinn.

  11. Paula White’s thumping for Trump means one scam artist promoting another scam artist. As the Awful Oaf in the Offal Office would say, “SAD,” White is a poor excuse for a Christian and Trump’s religion is just narcissistic self-worship.

  12. Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million.

  13. Paula White is vacationing in Greece this week. You might want to find out when this show was taped.

  14. Presidents are chosen by states, not by individuals. Or haven’t you read the Constitution? The Dems and the Repubs handed the presidency to Trump by ignoring the issues and concerns of the people of too many states. And it doesn’t look like they’ve learned much from their mistake, either.

  15. Someone should warn Trump that the people in the photo are Christian in name only. To many people already believe this is Christianity.

  16. As a former teacher of history and government I am quite aware of how the electoral college works, or, in Trump’s case, how the electoral college thwarted the will of the majority of voters. Whatever the Dems’ faults they are not as bad as those of the party that controls Congress and what is now the Offal Office.

  17. Jim, I understand your point, but, having worked for organizations concerned about their public image, I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse.

    Ignorant agitators like some of the right-wing posters here have no idea what “politically correct” means. They confuse authoritarianism with liberalism or any other ideology they don’t like. My Vice Principal analogy, I believe, holds. The Dean of Girls at my high school counseled a friend of mine who was sent to the office for gossiping about another student who was a lesbian. This was in 1968. The Dean, a short and stout little Baptist woman who took no guff, basically told her the rumors were true, and to shut up about it. Her concern, of course, was peace in the school – the lesbian student was prepared to fight my friend for her gossiping. The same thing happened with the Dean of Boys, a retired Air Force Sergeant Major we called “Strom Thurmond” because of his resemblance to the late Strom Thurmond and identical politics. He barred antiwar kids from wearing black armbands over the Vietnam War because cowboys were beating the $%&* out of them, but he backed down after their ACLU lawyer called him. In both cases they just wanted to keep the peace. Sure, it’s authoritarian, but their idea is to keep the peace, and every middle manager corporate suit and HR Director acts the same way.

    When you think about how some would have been offended at Robert Lee’s name, remember Bob Dobbs’ dictum: “Think about how dumb the average person is. Well, by definition, half of ’em are dumber than that.”

  18. There is no such thing from a federal standpoint as a “majority of voters.” Such majorities only matter within states, which in turn choose the president. Which is why both parties had better learn from Hillary’s snafu and address the priorities of the states that Trump took. As yet, they’re batting a big zero on that.

  19. Majority means majority. Period. And in the crucial Trump states of Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin Trump’s poll numbers have shrunk.

  20. Suzy…You never have any fact based theoretical hypotheses to share. You merely insult those with whom you disagree, and never make an even reasonable analysis of facts, events, or trends. I am fully prepared to be challenged by those who disagree with me when they can forward intelligent arguments to buttress their stance…you, however, never make that thoughtful effort. It is somewhat disappointing.

  21. Sorry but nope. At the federal level majority means a majority of states. And Trump’s numbers shrinking in those swing states (not that anyone trusts polls anymore) doesn’t equal Democrat gains . The main reason his numbers are going down is that with all the obstructionism he hasn’t yet managed to clean up and throw out the Dems’ mess. It certainly doesn’t mean anyone now wants more Dem mess.

  22. And yet, I’m prepared to wager that most Americans are not up to the task of honestly facing the difficult choices and accompanying costs that such reforms require. And none of these reforms can come without hard choices that are apt to make a majority of people squirm. Congress knows this, and if they weren’t primarily interested in protecting their re-election chances, they would more courageously prosecute those aims. But Congresspersons really are just like the average American.

  23. Dems, of course, are protecting their re-election chances. But certain Repubs are blowing theirs. Make no mistake that they are pocketing some MASSIVE corporate bribes.

    Which is why, of course, the people loathe the Washington establishment enough to elect Trump.

  24. Someone should ask Paula White if it follows that every elected POTUS was raised by God. It is significant that she was given time on Jim Baker’s show – but the less said of him and God the better!

  25. Paula White was partially correct: Romans 13:1b says, “For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”

    What it does not say is that the authorities that exist are holy, or righteous, or blessed. Nor does it say that any authority supersedes the Word of God.

    Sure. President Trump is part of God’s plan, but so was Pol Pot. We need to remember that, “no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God,” and pray: “But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, ‘You are my God.'”

  26. ““Because God says that he raises up and places all people in places of authority,” she continued. “It is God who raises up a king. It is God that sets one down. When you fight against the plan of God, you are fighting against the hand of God.”

    I love our president, but this statement by his religious adviser is just a little over the top! It makes the matter of God’s “personnel management” appear like an old grandfatherly figure is moving people about as if they were marble pieces on a giant chessboard.

    In my humble view, God is in the business of growing ALL of us to fill the places where our lives can serve The Kingdom most effectively. In that glorious kingdom, it doesn’t matter whether those are places of authority, or places of lowly servanthood. Each Christian believer is happy to offer their life for the greater glory of God.

  27. Another greedy false prophet. Paula White worships money, how evil and disgusting.

  28. But none of that addresses our need and responsibility as a people and a nation to recognize there are no simple choices ahead; beyond the miraculous hope that we will repent and humble ourselves before God for our corporate and collective sin. We would do well to take a lesson from the example of ancient Israel.

  29. …didn’t know that, J.M.,however an immediate and overWHELMing wave of disgust and severe nausea that hit me as soon as your words registered in my brain:)! in ‘I could NOT get loaded enough to within 100 yds.of that loathsome,repulsive creature, Hinn!!!

  30. Exactly,TM, as soon as she’d spouted that crap about those ‘in authority’ are appointed by God, instantly Hitler, Idi Amin, Ceaucescu et al spring to mind..:..

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