Pope asks world leaders to listen to ‘cry of the Earth’

Pope Francis elevates the host as he leads the Corpus Domini procession at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome on June 18, 2017. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Tony Gentile

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is urging world leaders to “listen to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor” and take measures to protect the environment.

Francis made the appeal Wednesday (Aug. 30)  in announcing that he and the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, Patriarch Bartholomew I, would be releasing a joint statement on care for God’s creation on Friday.

In 2015, Francis designated Sept. 1 as the church’s day for prayer for the environment, framing care for the planet as a moral issue.

In his announcement Wednesday, Francis urged everyone to be respectful and responsible toward the environment: “We also appeal to those who have influential roles to listen to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor, who suffer the most from ecological imbalance.”

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  • After all this time, years, that the pope as well as others have made broad sweeping comments on the environment I have yet to hear specifically what the pope is really asking people. Are we to assume that he is referencing some UN environmental policy and if so he needs to name it. There is nothing that all these environmental/climate change doomsday sayers ever specifically state or ask. Therefore into the recycling bin this goes.

  • Pope Francis. Shame on you for ignoring the spiritual well being of your flock. You sound like a New Age Guru. Come Lord Jesus, and save us from this heretical man who ignores the Salvation of Souls.

  • The “pope” needs to listen to the cries of the sheep he’s supposed to care for, and answer the dubia for the good of souls.

  • I find no fault with the pope’s sentiments; stewardship is a command of God, but that responsibility has less eternal impact than the saving of human souls.

  • It’s not political to speak about caring for the earth. That’s Biblical. And that message Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI also mentioned as well, Pope Francis simply just expanded on that.

  • If we don’t care for mother earth, we’ll have no souls to save. Besides, wasn’t it God who created all of this, claiming it good, and commanding us to care for it? He is only keeping with the Gospel message that is laid out in Sermon on the Mount.

  • The four faithful cardinals, including Cdl. Raymond Burke, and one now deceased, officially presented to Pope Francis 5 important questions regarding basic Catholic teaching because his Amoris Latitia exhortation was purposely written ambiguously to allow mortal sin and the reception of Holy Communion while in that state of mortal sin. That’s probably a lousy explanation, but you can google “Pope Francis dubia” and there’s information all over the internet. I think it’s almost a year and he has refused to answer, because if he is true to the vocation of Vicar of Christ and answers truthfully, he harms his own plan of changing the Church. Again, a poor explanation, so please look up more faithful ones – there are plenty.

  • I agree. Christ didn’t found his Church to save the planet, He founded it to save souls. When a soul converts and follows the teachings of Christ, it is a natural response to then care for God’s creation as he should.
    And if we’re really honest, the world would not be experiencing climate change if its inhabitants lived according to God’s Law. Going green is good, going to our knees in repentance is far, far better.

  • Philosophical ideology and the spirtualization of creation still does not provide tangibles which LS does not go into.

  • I agree with you, Janhoi Mccallum. God is Truth. Science searches for truth and scientists are the new prophets. To treat scientific facts with contempt is to treat a part of God’s message with contempt. To sit back and allow the destruction of God’s beautiful and gracious planet when we can help prevent that destruction is to ignore the prophets God has sent to us. To allow the destruction of millions of homes and villages all over the world is a sin against our brothers and sisters and against God.

  • Benedict resigned when he knew he could no longer carry out the office. Had he not, he’d have likely become a puppet as his voice–and thoughts–would have faded due to his Parkinsonism.

  • Enforcement of Sunday as the Law of the land in América and then in the world thru Laudato SI #237 is here…this is the fulfilment of Revelations 13:17…Get ready, get ready, get ready.