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Science of Identity Foundation announces monthly meditative Kirtan concerts

Hawaii, United States – October 28, 2017 – Science of Identity Foundation announces an ongoing monthly kirtan event that will be broadcast online. The Sacred Sounds Kirtan Night will take place every month regularly and will be live streamed for free viewing on YouTube. The viewers can allow themselves to be swept up with the heartfelt singing of sacred mantras. A combination of mellow chants and rock-out kirtans will create an uplifting and transformative spiritual experience.

Kirtan is the practice of yoga meditation based on the hearing and repeating of sacred mantras, usually accompanied by musical instruments. Intertwined with lively guitar riffs and upbeat rhythms, the repeated chants help deliver the mind from worry and anxiety and bring about a state of calm and relaxation. Regularly participating in kirtan can help awaken and cultivate one’s inner wisdom and spiritual love.

With the regular participation in Kirtan, one will begin to experience a deeper sense of inner peace and ever-increasing insights to help illuminate their path in life. Some people experience an extreme sense of joy while repeating the mantras, and others report feeling a sense of freedom from time. With time, a person’s attraction to this practice will grow and grow.

Tune in each month in the comfort of your own home for this monthly mantra night to experience the powerful effect of chanting with others. As one person leads with a mantra, others repeat it back, creating a wonderful atmosphere of spiritual happiness and harmony. The experienced musicians in these kirtan performances bring a special flavor to the night with their sometimes slow and mellow, sometimes rocking tunes for a fun and uplifting spiritual experience. Sing along and let go of stress and anxiety as the peaceful mantras wash over you like a soothing waterfall, resting your mind and heart in sacred sound.

About Science of Identity Foundation

Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda established the Science of Identity Foundation in 1977. The mission of this not for profit organization is to teach the practices of meditation and kirtan in combination with timeless yoga wisdom. Science of Identity Foundation serves to guide individuals to enlightenment with tools and education that help people achieve greater spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.

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