Former President Carter teaches during Sunday school class at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Ga., on Dec. 13, 2015. (AP Photo/Branden Camp)

Former President Carter writing book about religious faith

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Carter is working on a book about his religious faith.

Simon & Schuster announced Wednesday (Jan. 17) that Carter's "Faith: A Journey for All" will tell of how religion has sustained him and what role it plays in society.

Carter, 93, said in a statement that he wanted to explore faith's "far-reaching effect."

Carter has been a prolific author since leaving the presidency in 1981. He has written memoirs, fiction, poetry and policy books. His memoir "An Hour Before Daylight" was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2002.

"Faith" is scheduled to come out in March.


  1. Good for Mr. Carter. He is the best informed Christian leader in North American histiry. K Bagnell.

  2. Jimmy Carter should have become a lay preacher instead of running for president in 1976, since religion is so important to him.

    I believe his prolific writing of all kinds of books is just his attempt to keep his name in circulation to erase the vivid memories of Americans from that era of the fact that he was such a poor president.

  3. Spoken like a true Democrat!

    So David, what kind of penance do you suggest for crooked Hilliary and her husband-of-convenience Slick Willy, both of whom took BILLIONS of dollars in their pay-to-play schemes with corrupt foreign dictators? Hilliary even took several mil for her special scheme in even when she was taking taxpayer money in the official capacity as Secretary of State?

    FYI, I’m not a Republican. I’m an independent voter who spent 27 years as a consultant in the business community, specializing in helping good companies do it better by focusing on cultivating good corporate cultures and business ethics.

    And your credentials?

  4. Do you get your “news” via Faux News? My friend, you’re talking more nonsense.

  5. Jimmy Carter sits in the BEAST govrrnment pew with Billy Graham who vehemently objects to the Initial Pentecost Event as today speaking in heavenly Tongues as a work and act of the Devil in Graham’s book The Holy Spirit. President Carter ordered CIA Bush, Sr to shoot on site the Boston Minister preaching you must be Perfect to go to heaven and that no Christian could be in the military. When they realized Jesus 2 and Coming was indeed in play in that many others under this minister were being by the Pentecost Indwelling of God with Evidence of Speaking in Tongues were being made in the exact image of Jesus and Perfect sinless able to manifest Gods presence in love and power and judgment. 3 Presidents after Carter continued the shoot on site order for this Boston Minister who preached in secret not publicly. So killing Jesus on site was USA and European policy for 20 years. Carter. Reagan, Bush. Sr. and Clinton. Faith in what Mr. Carter you Fake Christian.

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