Pat Robertson on "The 700 Club" on Oct. 2, 2017. Photo courtesy of YouTube

Pat Robertson is recovering after suffering a stroke

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Televangelist Pat Robertson is recovering after suffering an embolic stroke.

In an online news release, the Christian Broadcasting Network, which Robertson founded, says he was rushed to the nearest stroke center Friday (Feb. 2) after a family member recognized the onset of symptoms.

The release says that within minutes of receiving clot-busting drugs, Robertson was awake, responsive and able to move all his limbs.

The Virginia-based network says 87-year-old Robertson is alert and expected to make a full recovery.

In addition to founding the Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson hosts its flagship show, “The 700 Club.”


  1. So patty says it was a miracle drug that saved him.

    Not Jesus, not faith, but a drug produced by actual scientists.

  2. Don’t be mean – you know as well as I do that God guided the path of those who developed the drug, and did so just so that PR could survive this despicable attack which was orchestrated by demons personally dispatched from the devil himself (because he sooooooooooo fears PR).

    I’m sure you know the appropriate way to show your gratitude to God don’t you.

    “My church welcomes all denominations, but my favourite is the five dollar bill”
    – Henry Gibson – Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in – 19whatever

  3. Will he blame his stroke on:
    -The Satanic Temple!
    -The Gays and their weather control powers!
    -The dehydrated food being hawked by Jim Bakker!

  4. I wasn’t being mean, I just was wondering why patty has so little faith in god. How can he expect to convince me when he doesn’t actually believe it himself.

  5. Bennyhinnadryl, it knocks the snot out of your clot.

    Oops! Wrong channel.

  6. How do you know he did have little faith in God, Ben? Were you there with him?

  7. Because he loves me and wants me to be in heaven with him, of course.

  8. I tuned in to this comment board just to see how many posters used the occasion of Robertson’s distress to heap contempt and contumely upon his head. As usual, Spuddie and Ben (in their eagerness to make my point) did not let me down.

  9. I’d be careful of the judgments you levy against those you despise – hatred has a way of going boomerang.

  10. But why should he even bother with that much, Ben?

    You’ve already heard the Gospel anyway, 1000 times over. Salvation, healing, deliverance, freedom, power, new life, heaven, you’ve heard ALL the Jesus claims before. You’ve even met sincere Christians that you could respect, like that one COGIC minister.

    Shoot, you were probably living on the West Coast during the actual Jesus Movement way back when. An actual wide-open, large-scale movement of God. But you rejected it ALL.

    So why should Robertson bother trying to convince you of **anything** now?

  11. I am assuming the Gays were to blame….they are modern day wizards….they can summon hurricanes and everything. 🙂

  12. He has been quite capable of self-heaping without anyone’s help.

  13. And will he give credit to medical science or…”Gawd did it!”

  14. Supposedly…I am told god desires relationship with us…show..ya know…appearing could be helpful.

  15. People generally get the respect they deserve. Pat Robertson heaped so much contempt and hate upon those in distress. It would be impolite not to comment on such actions when he faces his own.

    After all he did specifically ask for such responses. One does not act hateful without the expectation of it being returned in kind.

  16. Yet you are being very judgmental when it actually has boomeranged on those who made a living in purveying hate. Go figure, a hypocrite snowflake.

  17. Why indeed?

    The great commission, of course, a direct commandment from Jesus which, like so many others, Robertson has always felt free to ignore. “Give away all that you have, and follow me” vs. “give me all that you have, and follow Jesus.”

    For example.

    Salvation? Of no use to me, not that I believe in it anyway.

    Healing? I feel fine. Not perfect, but I feel fine.

    Deliverance? From what? An imaginary cure for an imaginary disease.

    Freedom? I have it, despite evangelical efforts to take it away. I’ll continue to fight for it.

    Power! That’s your trip, not mine.

    new life? I’m happy with mine.

    Heaven? An eternity with the sanctimonious. I don’t think so.

    You’re right. I have heard it all before. I almost found it almost compelling, once. But John 3:16, the Central message, eventually showed me how flawed that message was. And for the last 50 years, you and your fellow travelers have been busy convincing me otherwise. In fact, you’re convincing a whole generation of young Americans otherwise.

  18. I didn’t heap contumely on Robertson’s Head, I merely pointed out that his rhetoric and his actions about faith don’t match up. Prayer isn’t an act of faith, it is an act of doubt. Using a miracle drug is an act of with as well: faith in science.

    Would you like me to use actual Robertson quotes to heap contumely upon his head? I can do that.

    What about the time he used the national distress of 9/11 to blame gay people for it, saying it was god’s punishment on America for allowing us to exist and flourish?

    What about the time he used the distress of the AIDS plague to claim that gay men in San Francisco have special rings that they use to cut hands and give people AIDS.

    Just because some perverted, lying, despicable old fossil makes claims to hoiliness doesn’t mean he is entitled to an iota of respect.

    But I’ll take your mistaken judgment about me and my motivations as a badge of honor.

  19. I’d say you should tell that to a good many of the people posting here, as they Levy their judgments against gay people, women facing difficult life choices, liberals, democrats, Muslims, Mormons, SDA’s, JW’s, any Christian who isn’t theright sort of Christian.

    But you won’t.

  20. So it doesn’t really matter to you what medicines or drugs Pat Robertson are given to help him recover from his stroke. You won’t do anything but mock him or attack him regardless of his spiritual or medical choices in this situation. Isn’t that correct?

  21. “I didn’t heap contumely on Robertson’s Head…” you said – then, immediately after denying it, you committed it: “ some perverted, lying, despicable old fossil…” Or maybe you just don’t know what “contumely” means – it’s “haughty and contemptuous rudness; scornful insult…”

    I’m not a big fan of Robertson, by the way — I just don’t believe in piling degradation on top of distress for anyone, not even enemies of the Faith. That will be taken care of — and not by me.

  22. Maybe trying to figure out who or what was to blame gave him the stroke.

  23. Unlike the millions of Americans who do not have the resources, he might also consider thanking God that he had insurance and other resources to pay for all of that medical care. He might see the light and pray for universal health care

  24. My first comment, as indicated, was definitely not contumely. Snarky? Absolutely. I’lL own that, and no problem. But not even close to mean.

    My second comment about that perverted old fossil was definitely contumely. I would say it again. I would have even said that he is a thoroughly despicable human being. He has made more than enough of his special ring type of comments to qualify for thoroughly despicable, though even thoroughly despicable people might object.

    My question is, since you are a good Christian, is why other Good Christians such as yourself are not calling him out for bearing false witness, for slandering and reviling, for being a rich man but better fed than a camel capable of going through the eye of a needle, and having a lying tongue that god so hates?

  25. Pat Robertson has been “called out” within the Christian community over the years for “dumbing down” the faith – but on the basis of standards that differ considerably from your own, so it’s not likely you have seen them, or that you’d give them any credibility if you did.

    I’m not a particularly good Christian. I just happen to believe that the revelation which gave rise to Christianity is the ruling paradigm for all of humanity, and that its scale of values will, in the end, sort and assess all other forms of wisdom and worship. On a personal level, that ought to worry you at least as much as it worries me.

  26. That works for me.
    I wouldn’t say he has dumbed down the faith, I would say he has slandered it and continues to kick it in the groin. But I don’t think the greater Christian community has done much of a job calling him out for that, especially since so many of them like to quote Corinthians at me, but somehow, don’t seem to want to direct that at other people..
    As for the ruling paradigm of all humanity– well, a good portion of all humanity would disagree. For myself, having been almost a Christian in my youth, I don’t think it has quite lived up to the hype. But that’s just me.

  27. Where IS Benny Hinn by the way? He’s been missing in action of late. Anyone? ?

  28. I’m inclined to agree with you, Spuddie; while my faith instructs me to be loving and forgiving of my fellow man (and I strive mightily to do so, LOL!! ?), I have disliked Robertson’s form of”ministry”, if you can call it that, every since he called for late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to be assassinated by the U.S. government. NO genuine Christian has ANY business calling for the murder of any other human being, period!!(That’s why I tell my Roman Catholic friends I dislike Thomas Aquinas; he advocated for the State to put supposed heretics to death; I have not liked him since.)—So, among other reasons, I’m emphatically NOT a fan of Pat Robertson…?

  29. I haven’t agreed with everything Robertson has said either. But it doesn’t stop the huge ministries of CBN and Regent University law school from doing what they do.

    Doesn’t erase Robertson’s track record of getting multitudes saved, lots of food distributed to the needy, and Christians helped via teaching the Bible thru mass communication.

    It’s fun to criticize giants. I do it myself sometimes, especially with the Pope.

    But that doesn’t stop the Pope from leading a billion Catholics. Nor erase the good things he’s done or emphasized in his ministry (like fighting the Sicilian Mafia). Same for Robertson. Can’t erase his history-altering Christian impact.

  30. As long as he supports your agenda, you can give him as many mulligans as tonette Perkins gives to Trumpee. Gay men give aids to other people by means of special rings? kill the leader of a foreign government? Praying hurricanes away?

    Sure why not.

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