Call to pause: Evangelical women hit pause on the culture war

July 10, 2018

As President Trump makes his intentions on with the U.S. Supreme Court clear, a most surprising voice of dissent is emerging. A rising chorus of leading Evangelical women is asking America to stop the Senate from rushing to confirmation and hit pause on the Culture Wars. What may at first blush sound counter-intuitive, decades of the Conservative Evangelicals’ strategy to dominate the Supreme Court will result in a loss for the pro-life movement, and for people of color sitting in the only growing segment of the evangelical church — evangelical churches of color. Hard data proves it and Evangelical women are saying enough:

Abortion rates for American women have hit an all-time low, but they’ve increased among poor women because economic hardship is the primary driver of abortion. The way to reduce abortion is not through escalating culture wars, but by reducing poverty. Instead, the conservative court will continue to unravel hard-won rights and freedoms that add to poverty. Rulings have already whittled away voting rights and desegregation, adding to divisiveness across the country — even within our church pews.

This Call to Pause was initiated by author Lisa Sharon Harper, president and founder of Freedom Road, LLC, who garnered public statements from more than a dozen leading evangelical women across the nation and spectrum of evangelicals. The group is calling on all Evangelical women to:

1) Hit Pause by calling our Senators to demand they replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy with a moderate independent Justice. Senate switchboard: 1-(202) -224-3121

2) Fast for God’s discernment after 35 years of a Culture War mindset. We recognize that three things happen in war:

  • There are only allies and enemies, no human beings.
  • You cannot be wrong in war. You are always right. The other is always wrong.
  • There is always collateral damage in war. We want God to show us a path forward toward the common good, humility, and real solutions that will bless all.

3) Listen to the stories and testimonies of the people of color in the pew right next to us.

4) Act on our prayerful, informed discernment.

Read the statements here.



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