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Trinidad and Tobago’s religious leaders call on government to uphold anti-LGBT l …

Religious leaders called on the Trinidad and Tobago government to uphold traditional marriage and oppose LGBT rights during a news conference on June 12, 2018. Photo via Twitter

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago (RNS) — When he was 18, Kerwyn Jordan came out to his family and close friends, and he’s been open about his sexuality for the past 26 years. But it has not been easy. Jordan said that for years he was beaten and bullied by neighbors, strangers and former work colleagues.

“Feelings of it linger on,” said Jordan. “Since then I have been living in … gated communities where I can feel safe. But I still feel vulnerable.”

In Trinidad and Tobago, same-sex relations are illegal, a remnant of colonial-era laws outlawing sodomy, and the twin-island Caribbean nation does not legally recognize same-sex marriage or unions. A regional study conducted by Caribbean Development Research Services in 2013 found that about 60 percent supported maintaining laws that outlaw same-sex sexual acts.

Kerwyn Jordan. Courtesy photo

But Jordan said he is excited about a new ruling that could pave the way for decriminalizing the homosexuality laws. On April 12, Trinidad and Tobago’s high court ruled Sections 13 and 16 of the Sexual Offenses Act “unconstitutional, illegal, null (and) void.” The law makes buggery (sodomy) illegal, even if it takes place between two consenting adults, with a maximum 25-year prison sentence.

The country’s estimated 35,000 LGBT citizens and advocacy groups celebrated the ruling. As Jordan and others prepare to march in the twin islands’ first-ever gay pride parade on July 28, more citizens are openly supporting the eradication of laws that criminalize homosexuality.  

But many of the country’s religious leaders are not celebrating. In response to the ruling, on June 12 religious leaders representing the 90 percent of Trinidad and Tobago’s population that is Christian, Hindu or Muslim held a news conference to ask the government to uphold traditional marriage.

Convened by Port-of-Spain Archbishop Jason Gordon, the leaders called on the government to amend the country’s Marriage Act to ensure that only a biological man and a biological woman be allowed to marry. It also called on government not to amend the Equal Opportunity Act to accommodate LGBT people. The act prohibits specific forms of discrimination and doesn’t currently offer protection for gays and lesbians.

The leaders represented the Catholic Church, Muslim and Hindu communities as well as Seventh-day Adventists, the country’s evangelical council and an umbrella group called the Faith Based Network.

Gordon said the religious leaders joined forces because the “fabric of society was at risk.” When the United States legalized same-sex marriage, he said, it “infected” Trinidad and Tobago into believing such unions were permissible.

The government has not responded to the religious leaders’ request. So contentious is the issue that the new executive of the Inter-Religious Organization of Trinidad and Tobago, the country’s main religious governing body, has put the legality of homosexuality on its agenda for discussion and is expected to make an announcement on it in the near future.

The Alliance for Diversity and Justice, an LGBT coalition, released a statement saying the faith leaders had “lost their way.” Others took to social media to chide the leaders for targeting the LGBT community.

Pastor Winston Mansingh leads worship at Poonah Open Bible Miracle Centre in Trinidad. Photo courtesy Poonah Open Bible Miracle Centre

Winston Mansingh, president of the Faith Based Network, representing 40 religious bodies and community groups, is unfazed by the backlash.

“Their responses does not change the fact that morally and spiritually our position is an accurate one, our position is a healthy one and one beneficial to mankind,” said Mansingh.

He stressed that the religious leaders’ aim is not to trample on anyone’s rights but to protect the institution of the family. He said the April 12 ruling stirred the faith leaders into action.

“The present-day judicial system seems to be trending in this direction,” Mansingh said. “We don’t come into your room, we don’t know what you’re doing in there. Why do you need the court to sanction it?”

Colin Robinson. Photo by Anton Nimblett

Colin Robinson, executive director of the Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation, said the April 12 triumph was short-lived. He said he is saddened by the religious leaders’ response.

“The state is obligated to protect all citizens from discrimination, including in the Equal Opportunity Act, and that faith leaders should call for that not to happen is heartbreaking,” said Robinson.

Mansingh said the Faith Based Network and the other religious leaders have always been champions of equality.

“We empathize and recognize that everyone has rights that are based on (the) declaration of human rights. But we believe strongly that the push for gay rights is a separate kind of rights. There is a very, very strategic, well-thought-out plan to camouflage gay rights within human rights,” said Mansingh, a pastor.

Jordan said that while the support from some quarters of society for the LGBT community is appreciated, much more needs to be done.

“The voices that are saying that are too silent, they’re not as abrasive,” said Jordan. “We have leaders in different categories that are too conservative around the issue. A guy getting put out of his home (because he is gay) — it is all of our burden to bear.”

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  • Well of course they did, bless their hearts, because that’s what religions do. In every age, on every continent inhabited by human beings, religion has hunted gay people down, stalked us, stomped all over us, cast us out to the margins of society, punished us for being there, and whenever they could get away with it, murdered us, because Jesus.

    He stressed that the religious leaders’ aim is not to trample on anyone’s rights but to protect the institution of the family.

    No one has yet to convincingly explain to me how it is that when gay people get married at city hall the institution of the family suffers. No one. And yet these people have the temerity to deny with a straight face (pun intended) that they’re trampling on other people’s rights? Give me a break!

  • Isn’t this just adorable? Look at the broad smiles on their faces as they hold hands in solidarity with people, hindu and Muslim, who reject the ENTIRETY of their religious belief, including such tidbits as “Jesus loves you and died for your sins and Christianity is the only true faith and all the rest of them are demon worshippers and false gods.”

    It’s adorable! There is just no other word for it.

    Well, there are a whole bunch of words for it, aren’t there? Let’s criminalize sin. Let’s make criminals of people who aren’t, and let’s hide behind sincere religious belief to do it. Let’s say that “get the gays” is far more important than anything else, like the entirety of our alleged religious belief. Let’s pretend is isn’t about bigotry and hate, and using the power of the government to harm people and force our beliefs on people.

    I wonder how the imam and the hindu might feel about it if the same garbage were directed at them?

  • And you make a mockery of what Jesus wanted Christians to be.

    This isn’t about marriage, but about sodomy laws.

  • Oh, now that just won’t do. You should learn from one Purgatrix Ineptiae who used to post unhinged anti-gay rants over at National Catholic Reporter. She used to fume that homosexuality is “the sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance!” Now that’s got flair! If you’re going to be homophobic go for broke and do it with some real vigor!

  • Purgatrix has several names. She quotes that line a lot. So much for god is love.
    Hows trix, gurl?

  • You prefer dogma leading to murder. You are not interested in morals or anything worthwhile in society.

  • Then don’t listen to anything Franklin Graham has to say. He wants to kill all gay people. What was that about “Thou shalt not kill”?

  • Where did he say he wanted to kill homosexuals Charlotte. This should be as good as your discovering the gay gene

  • What makes you think that there is only one? Most human traits are brought about, not only by a number of genes, but whether those genes are turned on or off at the appropriate time during fetal development. But I’m sure that you’re not a genetics expert, you just asked that to be cute, with your trailer house education on the Bible and all.

  • Her husband doesn’t allow her to follow links that might explain more than he allows her to know!

  • I your own mind, my dear, in your own mind!

    It’s funny how you’re the arbiter of everything.

  • Come on now, tell the truth. You’re not allowed to click on links because your husband has said that you can’t.

  • It doesn’t threaten me.

    It shows me how you aren’t allowed to possibly learn something new about this world and other people. To expand your horizons, instead of being closed off, thinking that you know so much more than other folks here that you constantly dispute. You say the same monotonous message over & over as if it’s clever because in your tiny world you know everything.

    It’s sad really

  • Actually the imam and the hindu do NOT reject “the entirety of Christian belief”, for they are not atheists.

    Christians and Mormons have their differences, (and will always do so), but in California in 2008, both groups knew that Proposition 8 was absolutely the right thing to do. Common ground. (Common sense too!)

  • It obviously does threaten you. You’ve brought the subject up three times with me. I get credible information from the Bible, thanks.
    As for repeating it, except in your world, the Bible has been saying the same thing for many years.

  • Are you kidding? Take your butthurt over evolution all the way to the Supreme Court, I dare you.

  • “This isn’t about marriage, but about sodomy laws.”

    Actually, it’s clear from American history that it’s about both. Repealing sodomy laws turned out to be merely Step One towards the gay Main Objective, (the legalizing of Gay Marriage and the corresponding removal of Religious Freedom.)

    Winston Mansingh of the Faith Based Network, has a good understanding. He sees that there’s more — far more — going on than just repealing a sodomy law. “There is a very, very strategic, well-thought-out plan to camouflage gay rights within human rights,” he said. Totally correct.

    Like he said, it’s not about trampling on people’s rights, but simply protecting the institution of the family. So the faith leaders are speaking up while they have a chance.

  • Poor persecuted you. More nonsense. Making me a criminalprotects your family. Does divorce protect your family?

  • Only you could produce a Swiss cheese of rationalization, call it Brie, and stick it into your baloney sandwich in order to call it nine course meal.

  • Gay marriage AND divorce are both clear threats to the family. God clearly says He hates divorce (Mal. 2:16), but He does allow for a couple of Biblical exemptions. (But that doesn’t mean a divorced person will avoid finding out why God hates divorce — trust me!)

    Meanwhile God labels all homosexual behavior an abomination (Lev. 18:22), with NO exemptions or exceptions at all. Jesus refuses to call anything a marriage unless it is heterosexual (Matt. 19:4-5). So both Divorce and Gay Marriage are wrong, and both are threats to the family.

    Government can make the situation better or worse. Ronald Reagan, then governor of California, put “No-Fault Divorce” into their laws. He would later admit it was “one of the worst mistakes he ever made in public office”, but the damage was done, as Michael McManus wrote. Meanwhile, we all know what Barack Obama did regarding gay marriage — and the big national-television lie he told to deceive Christian voters in 2008. So yes Ben, faith leaders need to speak up, period.

  • So is this the part where I repeat “Gay Marriage” 8 times? Or “Gay Marriage, No Exemptions” 8 times?

    C’mon now. We will never agree on this issue, but we can do dialogue better than that. (Well, maybe!)

  • As I have pointed out many times, your Bible only applies to you when it is convenient for her to do so. However, it always applies to people like me who don’t share your faith in the Bible. It’s hypocrisy, and nothing else

  • Your Lord is DEAD, presuming he actually lived for a time, which is debatable. He can’t allow anyone anything.

  • Here’s the dialogue.
    Floyd: I can do whatever I want, ask Jesus for forgiveness, and of course, I am forgiven. The New Testament is for me. Yippee!
    Ben: I don’t believe in your holy book, nor do I grant it authority.
    Floyd: Too bad. The Old Testament is for you.

  • You don’t need to agree. You just need to acknowledge other people’s civil rights, black man.

  • It is about trampling on LGBT+ people’s rights, by not allowing them to have families. Black people should know better.

  • There is no common sense in black people doing the same things to LGBT+ people that Jim Crow laws did to black people.

  • Ah yes, your usual gig of hypocrisy, moral relativism, etc. (And you REALLY believe it too, it’s like the gospel truth to you.)

    This accusation is like #1 or #2 on the Standard Gay Activist Pushback List. I hear it often. The idea (from Gay Goliath’s standpoint), is NOT to persuade Christians to repent of their sins before commenting about the latest RNS homosexual news. Instead the tactic is to shame Christians into totally shutting up, and letting Goliath do all the preaching.

    But your tactic doesn’t work on me. Why not? First, I’ve admitted I’m a sinner and I’m no better than you (Rom. 3:23). Second, when you yell “divorce”, I merely remind you how my entire divorce-and-remarriage situation of 23 years ago was voluntarily submitted, by me, to senior clergy leaders for wide-open Biblical evaluation & judgment. Again, you have no clue how that gig feels, and you’ve never tried such accountability with your own gay marriage.

    So honestly, as far as I know, NO hypocrisy, no “convenience”, from me.

  • While Elagabalus said you’re a sin, I would say you’re a SIN (Sanctimoniously Insufferable Nitwit).

  • Homosexuality, and transgender are mental disorders. This whole idea that they are not is a lie !!!!

  • What do u mean “black people should know better” ??? Black, and homosexual are two different topics !!! I am black not gay(mental disorder) !!!!!!

  • Homosexuality, and transgender are mental disorders, just like bi polar, scizophrenia, etc…. I don’t need faith leaders to tell me this. This whole idea that they are not mental disorders is a lie !!!!

  • Being gay is not a mental disorder, nor is it ok to treat people with actual mental disorders like second-class citizens. Black people should know better. Church blacks are the f*cking worst.

  • Being gay is not a mental disorder, you ignorant f*ck. Check the DSM: i’s more up to date than that bible you keep thumping for attention.

  • Homosexuality is a mental disorder. If u in your mind can’t help but be homosexual than Thiers something wrong in the part of your brain that controls sexual desire, as compared to the hetero population (male and female) The hetero brain is normal….the true homosexual brain is afflicted with mental disorder. I did not say it was o.k to treat people with actual mental disorders as second class citizens. I still don’t understand what u mean by “black people should know better” ? Being black(normal hetero), and being black and afflicted by mental disorder s are two different things.

  • You are affected by a mental disorder: it’s called homophobia, and it causes you to treat LGBT+ people the same way whites have long treated blacks. Interracial marriage used to be illegal, too, FYI.

  • “homophobia” is a stupid term/concept invented in the last ten years by the LGBT lobby to try and gain sympathy 4 itself. Interracial marriage(between opposite sexes), and homosexuality are two totally different topics. The heart of this matter lies in the fact that the LGBT crowd doesn’t want to accept that there is something wrong with them. What they want is to force everyone to think there’s nothing wrong with them….when there is. This is the same thing like people with bi polar, prader Willi, or schzophrenia refuseinng to accept there is anything wrong with them….just because it’s them.

  • If u trully can’t help be be attracted to the same sex, then there is something abnormal (mental disorder), in the part of your brain that controls sexual attraction/desire, as compared to the hetero(normal brain functioning) population. The “reality”, when it comes to this matter is that the LGBT lobby does not want to accept they are afflicted with a mental disorder. They want to force everyone to think they r normal..when they are not. For them to do so is the same thing like people with bi polar, prader Willi, or schizophrenia refuseinng to accept that there is anything wrong with them…..for no other reason than it’s them.

  • The medical community changed its stance(on the surface) in large part due to political pressure. I haven’t set foot in a church/mosque/synigogue/temple in almost thirty years. Religion doesn’t have anything to do with it. What I am….is someone who is not one of these daft/believe anything college kids who will believe anything even if it’s not true. This whole homosexual/transgender is is normal movement is not true.

  • Repeating yourself doesn’t make you smarter. People with actual brains disagree.

    No one wants to force you to think a thing. Obviously, from your comments thus far, it isn’t possible.

  • Yes. That must be it. Political pressure. Which you would wish to reverse with…

    …Wait for it…

    Political pressure.

  • Obsessing over the sex you,re not having by people you don’t know is a mental disorder.

  • Black people should know better, dear.

    It means that for several centuries, until relatively recently, you were defined as inherently inferior, and the laws reflected that. You could be owned as a slave, your family sold off. You couldn’t legally marry. You took your life in your hands if you were seen with a white woman. You could be lynched, and no one would care. You could be denied a seat in a restaurant or a room in a could be murdered with impunity.

    That you don’t see the parallels is simply your ignorance and despite.

  • I never said any of this wasn’t true, but that’s a TOTALLY SEPARATE TOPIC from the discussion on this thread. This whole idea that they are related is invented by the LGBT lobby to create sympathy for themselves/manipulate blacks into backing thier causes.

  • Evangelical colonialism at its most obvious. Murderous anti-gay evangelical bigots like Scott Lively work abroad to have gays imprisoned and/or murdered because they can’t do it here.

  • So the one in 2000 babies born in the US who are intersex are mentally disordered?

  • You’ve been horribly misled. It’s not a lie, prove it is a lie. This claim is yours, the burden of proof in on you.

  • Honey, you simply lack the intellect to see that they are exactly the same topic. YOU are defining a whole group of people as mentally ill AND inferior. They defined YOUR GROUP as inferior by nature.

  • We’re drifting into the category of birth defects/chromos onal I’m balance when it comes to that topic.

  • I didn’t say anyone was inferior, just afflicted with mental disorder. Trust me y’all are barking up the wrong tree with this black/gay connection stuff. The reality is that mainstream America is by for more cordial to y’all(on the surface), at least, than black, and or urban America is directly under the surface. This whole black/urban/gay Union theme the mainstream media puts forth is not reality.

  • So you are saying that homosexuality is a birth defect?
    There are physiological changes, birth defects to use your descriptor, that lead to subsequent onsets of a variety of mental disturbances. The physiology of homosexuals is also altered. A post secondary understanding of endocrinology points this out. Prenatal endocrine influences … just one of several factors in determining sexual orientation.

  • A victim of discrimination demanding equal rights, you mean? One would think that someone with your skin color would appreciate this.

  • Of course, Christians stealing away members of the Gay Religion, works just fine.

    But political pressure doesn’t hurt either. Go Kavanaugh!

  • Well sure, Canis. Here it is: Gay marriage — yes, yours too — rips apart the larger community fabric, and so is NOT good for either me or you, nor the people we care about.

    As a community, we all have a shared moral fabric, a shared inner fabric. The shared fabric can be reinforced, or shredded, by individual/collective actions. The effects of either reinforcement or shredding of this moral fabric, will be felt at one’s individual level, one’s family level.

    For example, USSC Justice Thomas openly predicted that Obergefell was gonna clash with the constitutional religious freedoms that all *individual* Americans enjoyed prior to Obergefell. Turns out he was 100 percent right. So now you see the truth.

    Gay Marriage, (1) preaches the corrosive lie that “Men and Women are Interchangable”, a caustic poison that strikes at the core virtues of both genders, and also strikes at the heart of the human survival-institution of marriage & child-rearing (this is true even if you have no kids!).

    And (2) we now know that Gay Marriage can NOT survive via the Obergefell decision alone, but it ALSO requires government to repeal Constitutional Religious Freedom to stop Americans from defeating gay marriage via simple individual non-cooperation (like Stutzmann, Phillips, and any number of Christian families in the 50 states.) And there you go. We’re ALL affected.

  • The part that irritates you the most, is knowing that the New Testament is for you too, just like it is for me. Equal opportunity Jesus, so to speak. Makes you angry, doesn’t it?

  • I’m equally upset that the Quran isn’t true, I.e. Not in the slightest. I guess I don’t get my 42 virgins that resemble Ryan Reynolds and Zach Efron.

    again, you have a lot of stories about me, gay people, and atheists.

    Keep trying.

  • Sorry for chuckling again, but nobody comes up with the original one-liners that you do. I don’t even feel insulted by what some might construe as a racial insult. I’m just in too good of a mood today.

    I remember we used to analyze questions of the type, “when did you stop beating your wife”, in communication class. It was an interesting exercise. (By the way, do gays talk about domestic abuse issues, Charlotte? It does occur in the lesbian community, you know.)

  • You tell him, Charlotte. All these
    no-good, var-mint, odd-ball,
    foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’,
    tongue-talkin’, bible-walkin’,
    soul-savin’, devil-chasin’,

    uppity Black Christians better cut out ALL their right-wingin’ holy-rollin’ opposition to the Great Gay Goliath, afore Goliath repeals their sassy little Constitutional Religious Freedoms RIGHT THIS MINUTE !!!

  • Intersex (used to be “hermaphrodites”), absolutely ain’t the same as homosexual or transsexual.
    So let’s not exploit them to sell homosexuality.

  • “In summary, the evidence from prenatal endocrine disorders and from the offspring of hormone- treated pregnancies suggests that hormones may contribute to, but do not actually determine, the course of sexual orientation in individuals with an abnormal sex steroid history during prenatal life.”
    — Gooren L. 1990. Biomedical Theories of Sexual Orientation: A Critical Examination. In Homosexuality/Heterosexuality, ed. McWhirter DP, Sanders SA, Reinisch JM, 71-87pp. New York: Oxford University Press

    “At this time, the literature does not support a causal link between hormones and homosexuality.”
    — Banks A, Gartrell NK. 1995. Hormones and sexual orientation: a questionable link. Journal of Homosexuality 30:247-68

    “In clinical practice numerous patients are encountered with gross abnormalities of their hormonal profiles. As a rule, this does not impact on their gender identity or sexual orientation.”
    — Gooren L. 2006. The biology of human psychosexual differentiation. Hormones and Behavior 50:589-601.

    “So, not only your genes didn’t make you do it, it seems your hormones didn’t either. In sexual orientation, the strongest stimulation appears to come from the mind and the environment.”
    — Dr. Neil Whitehead (quoting the previous snippets, emphases mine), from My Genes Made Me Do It! – Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence (2018), 5th ed, pg. 138.

  • Is “Henderson, Nevada” mentioned in your NBC News article now “in Trinidad and Tobago”? Yes, you actually said, “I see that”!

    Is “Las Vegas” mentioned in that NBC News article of yours now “in Trinidad and Tobago”? Yes, you actually said, “I see that”!

  • Actually, Christians need to stop trampling on the constitutional rights of LGBTQ+ people right this minute.

  • Actually, gays like “Ellen”, DID get legally married, pre-Obergefell, in states that said Yes. But some states understood that men and women are not interchangeable. They realized that something huge and important to all people, was being put at terrible risk. Those states said No.

    In 2004, even Hillary Clinton spoke the exact truth. “I believe marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman … (The) fundamental bedrock principle that (marriage) exists between a man and a woman, going back into the midst of history as one of the founding, foundational institutions of history and humanity and civilization, and that its primary, principal role during those millennia has been the raising and socializing of children…”

    (Unfortunately, Hillary later sold her soul to Mr. Gay Marriage Obama. But the battle continues, even with Obergefell as law. Nobody’s forcing Jim Crow on you; it’s just that Hillary spoke the planet-wide truth on that one issue.)

  • You are promoting the same deadly rhetoric that Hitler used to round up and exterminate homosexuals.

  • OK, total BS. Your actual life is not affected in any way. Your agenda is hate. Got it.

  • I can’t even believe you would take the time to type this shit. You’re a lousy human being.

  • It’s so inspiring to see them stand up against rights and speak out in favor of abuse! This will definitely help them sell their faith to a society that sees less and less use for their twisted doctrines.

  • You sincerely asked for a specific explanation, so I “took the time”, to comply with your request.
    It’s what I do.

  • They’re also intolerant of murder, theft, pederasty, embezzlement, cheating workers, incest, adultery, and fornication.

    And religion is not declining.

  • Of course a “gay” infant or child can’t be identified.

    Nor can a “gay” adult be identified except through self-identification.

    The attempt to equate racism with opposition to same-sex accommodation is a very carefully planned propaganda tool that defies both facts and logic.

  • I see that homosexuality is another topic where you have no clue.

    The “studies” that support your conclusions are preliminary and not final or conclusive.

    But, in any case, if we found a physiology that predisposed one to kleptomania, we still wouldn’t legalize theft.

  • You wouldn’t see it if it slapped you upside the head repeatedly.

    Don’t ask don’t tell. For gays only.

    Marriage bans. For gays only. Not divorced people.

    Adoption bans: for gays only.

    Sodomy laws: in many states for gays only.

    And so on.

  • Once again religions feel they have the “religious liberty” to declare a certain portion of humanity to be less than human. Religion in this case proves itself to be the enemy of humanity.

  • Your comment is a pile of Sincerely Held Imaginary Truth.

    If people are living in accordance with their own innate desires which have no demonstrable negative impact on others, then you have no legitimate business meddling in their lives just because they aren’t living in accordance with a particular ancient book full of ignorance, delusion, lies, and fraud.

    Obviously, if you view gay marriage as a “threat to the family” and “ripping apart the larger community fabric,” the real reason for your suffering is that our marriages are one more major example of your religion losing its dominion over our entire society.

    And furthermore, advocating the full social acceptance of gay people and their marriages strengthens family bonds, and thus it is the authentic pro-family position. It is the anti-gay crowd who are actually anti-family by doing everything they can to tear families apart. So, it is people like you who are the real “threat to the family.”

  • nope. I lead people to life and life more abundantly. If you are “protecting” them from Christ – you are killing them, my friend.

  • Gordon was wrong on one account, the U.S. “infected” the world, not just Trinidad and Tobago. The commingling of terms such as religion and theology, and also doctrine and dogma has come home to roost in the house of equality. The U.S. failed to understand the theology behind “all men are created equal” and they nullified it in 2015 because they wrongly believe it to be man made dogma.The error has since spread around the world. The God of the earth describes this as Armageddon in the Scripture.

  • No. I don’t shame them. If they feel shame, it is because Christ’s word is convicting them of His truth and He is trying to lead them away from the sin.

  • Yes, you do shame LGBTQ+ people just for existing, or for not being Christian enough to please you. No one is obligated to follow your religion.

  • Remember not to publically call other men “honey”, Ben. Bad optics.

    Even gay guys (other than RuPaul, but he and his colleagues got problems), want to be viewed as real men, just like straight guys do.

  • It’s called sarcasm. I use it in that way. It’s the only way I use the word, in fact, except as something to add to my tea.

  • So… the “medical community” has had 45 years to reverse their stance. They haven’t. They never will, because homophobic liars like you are not to be believed.

  • Sexual orientation isn’t a defect, and homosexual behavior is not a crime, you goddamned freak.

  • No one has ever coherently explained how the existence go homosexual people threaten your family. You a$$hats had plenty of occasion to make your case, but a case could not be made. You’re idiotic and you’re bigoted.

  • It’s crystal clear to me that you are not normal. Idiocy is a mental disorder. You got it bad.

  • I was 11 years old when I realized that I was gay. Your attempts to dehumanize gay people are despicable. You have to defy logic, morality and facts to maintain that level of bias.


    George Weinberg, a psychotherapist who, in the mid-1960s, observed the discomfort that some of his colleagues exhibited around gay men and women and invented a word to describe it — homophobia — died on Monday in Manhattan. He was 87.

    His wife, Dianne Rowe, said the cause was cancer.

    Dr. Weinberg was preparing to speak before the East Coast Homophile Organization in 1965 when he began thinking about a recent incident. A group of colleagues, learning that a friend he was bringing to a party was a lesbian, asked that he disinvite her. He sensed not just dislike, he said, but also fear — a fear so extreme that it suggested some of the characteristics of a phobia.

    “I coined the word homophobia to mean it was a phobia about homosexuals,” Dr. Weinberg told Gregory M. Herek, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, in 1998. “It was a fear of homosexuals which seemed to be associated with a fear of contagion, a fear of reducing the things one fought for — home and family. It was a religious fear, and it had led to great brutality, as fear always does.”

    Dr. Weinberg discussed his ideas with the gay activists Jack Nichols and Lige Clarke, who used the new term in a column they wrote for Screw magazine on May 5, 1969, discussing the fear felt by straight men that they might be gay. It was the word’s first appearance in print.

  • You presented no argument for how your own family is harmed by mine. You’re here to parade your bigotry.

  • Who do you think you are to decide what’s good for me and my family? It’s bigots like you that rip apart the larger community, inciting violence against people you know nothing about.

  • I also note you’ve run out of names – Torquemada passed its sell-by date a week ago or so.

    Nor is it a name.

    Tomas may be who you’re thinking of – assuming you think – Tomas de Torquemada.

    That translates as Thomas of Torquemada, Torquemada itself being a municipality in the province of Palencia, Castile and León, Spain.

  • As long as you babble on and on about things you know nothing about it, it will be pointed out.

    Btw, as far tactics go, I may start calling you Atilla.

  • You need to get some education please for the love of God America will educate you if you need help

  • The virus is prejudice, unreason, despite, and possibly even hate. I wonder how they would feel if we showed a group of people doing what they are doing, vowing to criminalize and imprison members of their individual faiths.

    Fortunately, I don’t share their virus.

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