Dr. Shahid Shafi addresses the state Republican executive committee on Dec. 1, 2018, in Texas. (AP Photo)

Texas GOP dispute pits religious freedom against claims of ‘stealth jihad’

FORT WORTH, Texas (RNS) — Lisa Grimaldi Abdulkareem describes herself as a conservative Republican who believes in freedom and prosperity.

“Less bureaucracy, lower taxes and stronger national security — it is simple for me,” said Abdulkareem, the Tarrant County GOP’s vice chair for precinct recruitment and volunteers.

However, some Republican activists in the Lone Star State’s most conservative urban county want Abdulkareem removed from the party's leadership.

The reason: She’s married to a Muslim.

Abdulkareem, a nondenominational Christian, has been caught up in a political civil war that has raged in the Tarrant County GOP for months, pitting Republicans who see the need for diversity in the party against those who see any follower of Islam as a soldier in a “stealth jihad.”

The skirmish first erupted in July, when the county's Republican chairman, Darl Easton, named Dr. Shahid Shafi, a two-term city councilman in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Southlake, as one of the party's two regional vice chairs. Shafi is also a trauma surgeon who is Muslim.

Lisa Grimaldi Abdulkareem and her husband, Hadi. Courtesy photo

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Abdulkareem drew fire for supporting Shafi's appointment. “I spoke up publicly for Dr. Shafi and was immediately targeted because of my husband’s religious affiliation,” said Abdulkareem. Her husband, Hadi, is a naturalized U.S. citizen who served as a translator for U.S. Marines in his native Iraq from 2006 to 2009.

“They also say I am a Democrat," said Abdulkareem, "although I have never voted as a Democrat or for one.”

Dorrie O’Brien, a Republican precinct chairwoman in Grand Prairie, leads a group of activists who have pushed for Shafi to be removed based on his religious affiliation.

O'Brien made news in 2011 when she criticized Bob Roberts, pastor of NorthWood Church, an evangelical megachurch in Keller, another Fort Worth suburb, for inviting Muslims to a "Building Bridges with Fellow Texans" event sponsored by the church. O'Brien called the idea of Christians and Muslims becoming friends or having fun together "repulsive and impossible."

Seven years later, Roberts is among those defending Shafi's right to serve as a Tarrant County GOP vice chair.

"I oppose those opposing Dr. Shafi because they do so on the basis of him being a Muslim," Roberts told Religion News Service. "This is America — religious freedom matters regardless of the religion."

In recent weeks, O'Brien's group has moved to oust others, including Abdulkareem and Easton, who have espoused the Muslim party members' cause, according to emails anonymously delivered to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

On Facebook, O’Brien has repeatedly warned of the supposed dangers of Islam, which she argues is “spread now far more by lies, deception and concocted perception than it is by physical jihad.”

“This is where we are in Tarrant County today,” O’Brien wrote in a recent post. “Divided by those who won’t see the stealth jihad and by those who do. Those who’ve drunk the Islamic Kool-Aid and those who haven’t.”

Many of the county GOP’s precinct chairs have been invited to a Dec. 29 training meeting with former FBI agent John Guandolo, who is known for his anti-Muslim positions, to discuss whether the U.S. Constitution and Islamic law, called Shariah, are compatible, according to other emails obtained by the Star-Telegram.

“Given Guandolo’s history of anti-Muslim bigotry, this training will inevitably incite hatred of Muslims and Islam,” Ekram Haque, acting executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said in a statement.

Shafi, who emigrated from Pakistan in 1990 to train as a surgeon and is now a U.S. citizen, said he won’t allow “this small group of closed-minded people to damage our party that I’ve supported and served for several years.”

“The call to remove me from the party of Lincoln and Reagan because of my religion is wrong for several reasons,” Shafi said in a Facebook post in which he denied any association with the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR or any terrorist organization.

O’Brien and others raised their concerns about Islam at a meeting last month of the Tarrant County GOP executive committee. A vote on Shafi’s status is scheduled for Jan. 10.

“The very fact that this is in the news at all is embarrassing for the county Republican Party,” said Matthew Wilson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. “I would be stunned if the party collectively actually chooses to remove these people, but the fact that they even have to have a hearing about it … doesn’t do the party any good.

“What’s not clear is how much grassroots support they have behind them," added Wilson, who studies the voting patterns of religious people.

The anti-Islam sentiment — which some say has been fueled by President Trump's exclusionary rhetoric about immigrants from Muslim-majority nations — has historical echoes, Wilson said.

“Once upon a time, there were people who would argue that Catholicism was incompatible with American values,” he said, “and because Catholics had allegiance to Rome, that meant you couldn’t be a faithful Catholic and a good American at the same time.”

Now, Texas has a conservative Republican governor — Greg Abbott — who is Catholic. “And who I’m quite sure wants nothing to do with this ordeal,” the SMU professor said of the Tarrant County dispute.

Republicans across the state have spoken out against Tarrant County's campaign to remove Shafi.

“I urge the Tarrant County GOP to stop this attempt to remove a hardworking county party official based on religious beliefs,” Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, a grandson of the late President George H.W. Bush, said in a tweet. “We must move towards a more inclusive Republican Party and stop tearing down our own if we are to keep Texas red.”

In a similar tweet, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus called the effort to oust Shafi because of his religious faith “disgraceful and un-American” and said “Republicans in Tarrant County should defeat it handily.” Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz added his own tweet, saying "Discrimination against Dr. Shafi b/c he’s Muslim is wrong."

Earlier this month, the Texas GOP executive committee passed a formal resolution supporting Shafi, affirming “every American’s right to practice their religion” and recognizing “the contributions of Republicans of every faith who advance conservative policies and ideals.”

Bud Kennedy, a Star-Telegram news columnist and longtime observer of Tarrant County politics, said he expects Shafi to prevail in a close vote, though Kennedy suggested that any action taken at the state level supporting Shafi could further inflame the critics.

“There is this entrenched opposition that feels like nobody understands what they want, and everybody is trying to guilt them into voting the way the party at large wants them to vote,” Kennedy said.

In November's midterm elections, Republicans prevailed in Texas' statewide races, including Cruz's narrow victory over his Democratic opponent, Beto O’Rourke. But in Tarrant County, O'Rourke edged Cruz by a few thousand votes.

Tarrant County Republicans are worried, said Kennedy: “If they lose control of Tarrant County, they lose control of Texas, and they lose the electoral votes. And they have a real bunker mentality that it’s Tarrant County Republicans against the world.”

As Abdulkareem sees it, Easton made a “brilliant” move by appointing Shafi and Chris Garcia, a Hispanic businessman, as vice chairs this past summer.

“This shows the diversity in our party and (is) something that is imperative for Republicans to do moving forward,” she said.

She praises Shafi as someone who works tirelessly for the Republican Party because he believes in the values it espouses — and who never even asks to be noticed or thanked for his hard work.

“He does it because he feels in his heart it’s important to keep the Republican values at the front,” Abdulkareem said. “Our party should not exclude other religions or races but embrace everyone whose core values align with our platform.

“Nowhere in our platform does it state you must be Christian to participate,” she said. “As a Christian, I was always taught to love everyone as Jesus loved us. We all fail at this task, but we should strive to work hard at it so that when we see him on that day that he knows we truly in our heart strived to live in his image.”


  1. Ah, yes. STEALTH JIHAD!
    Dot’s de richest kind, as Dear Mrs. Olsen used to say.
    Run! Run! Hide! They’re gonna getcha. Boo!

  2. It is called the democratic process.

    Everyone is entitled to a say, to a vote, to lobby for and against positions – even you.

    Except, of course, if it’s something to appease one of the special interests groups, such as your Gay Goliath lobby, and then the process is spiked by a Supreme Court decision that disregards the Constitution and invents something out of thin air.

  3. Religious freedom matters regardless of the religion.

    Indeed, or so it should – but not in Texas. In Texas they believe in “religious freedom for me but not for thee.” With conservatives it’s always “my way or the highway.” For them there is never any middle ground, and they never compromise on anything. That’s like dealing with a terrorist.

  4. Promising government by raving paranoia worked to elect Trump in 2016. Did not work so well in 2018, although Trump and his followers sure tried to pump up the paranoia with the caravan invasion. Maybe a few Republicans are finally getting a clue.

  5. Really, does anyone expect intelligence, decency, respect for religion, and so on, in Texas?

  6. Texas Republicans & konservatives have NEVER understood that the way you protect YOUR rights is by protecting the rights of everyone.

    But then again, Texas has demonstrated very amply over the decades that, as you say, it doesn’t care about the rights of others.

  7. Republicans. The American Taliban.
    They are repugnant, and most of all, completely anti-American.

  8. It’s incorrect to think this kind of Trumpvangelical garbage happens only in Texas.

  9. Actually “Promising government by raving paranoia worked to elect Trump in 2016.” is the mantra of the losers in the election.

    The facts appear to be that it was evangelicals, or raving paranoia, or anything of the kind.

    It appears to have stemmed from the nomination of a political hack who was on the record as doing dirty tricks against her opponent in the nomination race, who called Middle America “deplorables”, who showed her contempt by not even visiting states she happened not to like, by a party who built its apparatus around honoring lawbreakers, attacking religions, pandering to the LGBT lobby, and generally making it clear that if elected, Hillary would make Barack Obama look sane.

  10. It is their party, they can run it any damned way they want.

  11. To this point they have not launched an attack on religion under the guise of providing healthcare.

    Even the liberal Supreme Court of Kennedy and Ginsburg wouldn’t buy that one.

  12. You know things are bad when Ted Cruz is on the right side of an issue!

  13. For sure. But from what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s more likely to happen in a southern state, or one that’s mostly rural.

  14. You’re absolutely right.

    But read my message again. I didn’t deny that. You overlooked what I think is a key point in this (and related) matters.

  15. That you don’t like them and how they handle things?

    That is YOUR key point, but then you are a Democrat.

  16. I’m always “impressed” at the way folks like you think they can read the minds of others.

    Actually, your post says nothing about me, but reveals an enormous amount of info about you.

  17. No one has to read your mind.

    You have made literally thousands of posts since joining Disqus on Oct 25, 2016 which illustrate what goes on in your mind.

    The fact that you try to dodge that concrete documented record and write “your post says nothing about me, but reveals an enormous amount of info about you” in deflection says nothing about me, but reveals an enormous amount of info about you.

  18. “…to discuss whether the U.S. Constitution and Islamic law, called Shariah, are compatible…” – they probably aren’t. But neither are the 10 commandments. Having no other gods violates freedom of religion and not taking the Lords name in vain violates free speech. Luckily our constitution is secular so the tenets of any religion are moot legally (outside of free exercise).

  19. Ignore Mr. Connelly. He ignores everything that doesn’t support his bias.Don’t bother to give him a response.

  20. Islam contradicts what Republicans stand for – the Constitution. It’s wrong to let someone opposed to your values as a group to be a leader in your group. If he claims to be a Republican, then he needs to denounce Islam.

  21. Because they are officially the party of Christian Dominionists and have zero regard for religious freedom. We got that already.

    You are not helping the Republicans here. You are making them look far more bigoted than even they are really willing to own up to.

    This is America, nobody ever needs to denounce a religion as part of our political process. You are demanding establishment of religion.

    You are at odds with our American values. You clearly hate the Constitution.

  22. You know things are better when Spuddie is right of Ted Cruz on an issue!

    Why must you always dwell on the negative? 🙂

  23. Republicans stand for the constitution? They stand for themselves.

    A few weeks ago, Kristen Olsen,former head of the Republican Party in California, issued a post Morten on their demise in California. Here is my response to her.

    I read with some amusement Kristin Olsen’s post-mortem on the Republican Party in California. It is difficult to be both spectacularly spot on and clueless at the same time, but she managed. She said:

    “…to get back to our basic fundamental belief in liberty and responsibility, freedom, economic opportunity and educational excellence.” Which Republican Party is she referring to?

    I am a gay man. I haven’t voted for any Republican since the last time Milton Marks ran as one. The GOP has initiated, promulgated, financed, manned and supported virtually every single attack on my civil rights, my freedom, and my participation in society in the last 40 years, ever since John Briggs thought he could ride on the backs of gay people to the governor’s mansion in 1978. Even worse? This includes both the state and national platforms RIGHT NOW: as explicitly anti-gay as they ever were.

    In our state alone, a minimal list includes George Deukmejian leading the fight against the sodomy law repeal in the State Senate in 1976, the aforementioned Briggs, Pete Wilson vetoing a law protecting us from discrimination, Pete Knight attacking gay people via his marriage campaigns, Republican appointees to the State Supreme Court declaring that inequality was OK if people really wanted others to be less than equal, and Arnold Schwarzenegger promising to fight Prop. 8, and then doing slightly more than nothing.

    Liberty? Freedom? Responsibility? I don’t think those words mean the same thing to me as they do to Olsen.

    This doesn’t even get into the “Fiscal Responsibility” Party’s complete lack of same, as they delivered a $1.25 TRILLION deficit for the fiscal year ending in September, all to fund tax cuts for those already worth millions or billions. Or the toxic rhetoric of the Contract on America in 1994. Or the promotion of religious discrimination and intolerance by pretending it’s all about religious freedom— for some. Or the never-ending personal attacks and obstructions directed at Mr. Obama.

    Or the other very big one for me: their unreserved belief that the “right” to own as many guns of whatever type trumps the right of their fellow citizens to remain alive, go to church or synagogue, enjoy a concert, or attend school. Thoughts and prayers are all very wonderful, and are what well-meaning people do when they don’t want to do anything at all, but don’t want to be called out for it.

    I liked religion much better before it became a political party, and the Republicans far more before they became a religion. Until they actually decide to embrace freedom, liberty, and responsibility, they have nothing to say to me.

  24. John Guandolo does not spread anti-Muslim bigotry. He speaks the truth about Islam and most people don’t like what that is. A Muslim is a person who follows Islam. Islam requires that Muslims only follow Allah’s laws and these contradict the rules of the United States of America. If anyone would listen to what John has to say, you’d find that he’s explaining what Islam is about and has written backup that is approved by Islamic leaders as accurate. If Islamic leaders are stating that this information is correct, why are you doubting it and calling John names and bullying him (and others who speak the truth about Islam as well)? If a Muslim really wants to be a Republican, he/she needs to denounce Islam. Look at the Republican platform and a real copy of the Qur’an and you will see how different they are. For those arguing that people feared the Catholics because they put Rome above the Constitution, where did you get that? Our Constitution was based on Christian values. Catholics are Christian. They believe in the 10 Commandments and laws such as rape and murder being crimes. Mass murder in the name of Allah is murder and not rewarded with 72 re-virginating virgins in paradise. They didn’t change America but assimilated and became Americans. No Europeans or Asians or other group came to America to change it but to be a part of it – to become Americans. Muslims are coming in order to change America to the 3rd world country they came from and to be ruled under Allah’s laws (Sharia law). A member of one group that opposes the values of your group should never become a leader of your group unless they denounce their former group and fully embrace the rules they claim to enforce.

  25. The Republican platform supports the Constitution. If a proclaimed Republican is not following the Constitution, he/she is no more a Republican than a Democrat is.

  26. If you had any idea what Islam is, you wouldn’t make such a comment. They claim it’s a religion but it’s a totalitarian system that is seeking to either convert you, make you pay a non-conversion tax, or kill you. Period. It’s in their documents. It’s what their leaders are proclaiming loud and clear in video after video. If someone wants to worship someone they call Allah and kiss a black, stone idol, they can go for it. When they want to convert everyone to Islam and follow Sharia Law (stone victims of rape, cut off hands of thieves, torture or kill apostates, FGM, killing gays, speaking the truth about Muhammed is offensive and therefore punishable as blasphemy, etc.) that is not a religion but a horrific, demonic cult and a governmental organization. You, sir, are blind and I pray that your eyes are open before it is too late. Maybe read the Constitution to see what it really states. It doesn’t state you should be ignorant and let the enemy rule your organization. You are also lying. I didn’t demand that anyone has to be of a particular religion, but Muslims should not be part of the Republican party or have any leadership position in America or any non-Islamic country. They fundamentally oppose our values. But, of course, you have no idea what Islam is really about and have no intention of finding out the truth. Otherwise you wouldn’t lie and claim that I’m the one against American values or the Constitution.

  27. Didn’t bother to read your sectarian screed on why you think members of a given religion should be discriminated against and excluded from the political process here. I never have to give a crap what you think of any given religion. Religious freedom is like that. What people believe in is their business. How they act is not.

    There is never going to be a sane argument “__ religion is evil therefore we must attack them.”. It’s bigoted garbage regardless of whatever religion is the blanks

    You are acting like a stooge for ISIS. They want stupid reactions like yours and these freedom hating republicans.

    As it looks by your own admission, the only difference between the Islamicists and Republican Dominionists is choice of headwear.

    If you really wanted to defend the nation from making religious belief you don’t like from becoming the law, then defend separation of church and state and uphold rule of law. Things which apparently you have no regard for.

    Your hatred of the constitution is duly noted

  28. Yes, the part of the constitution that says money is speech, religious freedom exists only for some, the corporations are people, and the your religious beliefs should have dominion over my life.

  29. If people are thinking, rational, reasoning, logical, mature adults they would denounce all religion and demand it be eradicated.

  30. The man is a bigot who promotes sectarian discrimination. He has been surviving on wingnut welfare by appealing to panicky ignorant fools with no regard for rule of law.

    Your views of the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world are nothing more than sectarian rambling and stereotyping. Nothing anybody has to true at face value or care about. This is America. We have both free exercise of all religion (not just your Christian Dominionist faith) and separation of church and state. If you valued our constitution and free way of life you would not be trying to promote sectarian discrimination as you do but uphold the liberties if all faiths and fight any endorsement of religion by government.

    But from what I get from you, is you prefer religious domination of government and the end of civil liberties. You just want your religion to be in charge.

  31. But if we appreciate a free society with rule of law we must play nice with those who don’t and visa versa.

  32. Conservatives every where and especially in Texas. Expect no better from any other buybull belt shythole state either, and they all are.

  33. I know the law allows their nonsense, but they cause divisiveness, hatred and conflict, over imaginary BS and it makes me mad.

  34. Has there been a history of Muslims who hold office in the US trying to take over and make Sharia Law the governing law of the land? Is there a reason for the paranoia?

  35. Lynn are you a Republican? Do you believe that Muslims should be barred from holding public office?

  36. “Many of the county GOP’s precinct chairs have been invited to a Dec. 29 training meeting with former FBI agent John Guandolo, who is known for his anti-Muslim positions, to discuss whether the U.S. Constitution and Islamic law, called Shariah, are compatible….” Oh, the irony! The U.S. Constitution and the judeo-christian “10 Commandments” are not compatible! The very first commandment violates freedom of religion, because it purports to tell people which god they they must worship.

  37. No religious “laws” of any kind are compatible with our constitution.

  38. Exactly. That’s why it’s ironic that people who would (presumably) claim that the U.S. is a christian nation and that our laws are based on the so-called “Ten Commandments” are making a fuss about Islamic law being incompatible with the Constitution. It’s a case of pot calling kettle black.

  39. What makes Shari’a incompatible with the Constitution is the laws it incorporates rather than the religious nature of the source.

  40. This is incredibly stupid. Yes, most Muslim sects include teachings that, taken seriously, makes those sects’ followers dangerous. But there’s no indication in the opposition’s statements that either this doctor or any mosque he might attend are taking those doctrines seriously—or even holds to them. More is needed than a blanket accusation of “he’s a Muslim.”

  41. This should help clear up the issue for those of Y’all saying that telling the truth about Islam is bigotry:

    This is interesting that our great Obummer of a President supporting his Muslim brothers and turning a blind eye to Islam by violating The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. Yes you can find this in USCIS web site. In Section 212 Chapter 2, Prohibits entry into America Aliens belonging to an organization seeking the unlawful overthrow of the federal government of the United States by force, violence and other unconstitutional means.
    Islamic immigration would be illegal under this law. Why? The Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam. To which are against our values and violate the Constitution. Muslims who attest to the Koran in their life’s guiding principle subscribe to submission to islam and its form of government.The law does state that Aliens affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited”
    So is obummer violating the law by letting Muslims into America? OR is Islam just a
    peaceful religion and fall under the 1st Admendment. Let the debate begin
    Sourse USCIS.

    Islam is a system of oppressive ideology that governs all aspects of your life.

  42. Not only a sectarian bigot but entirely scripted idiocy.

    Obama was not Muslim. That was old hat in 2008.

    Comparing the entirety of Islam to ISIS is like comparing Christianity to Fascism. Hyperbole based on hate. Nothing more. Plus it enables radicals and terrorists by denying us the best weapon against them. Freedom loving members of the same faith.

    You are no more a scholar on the Islamic faith and its people then I am the Dalai Lama

  43. So you agree with the sentiment and the anti democracy bigotry employed here. You just think they have the wrong person in this instance.

    If he was observant you would be joining in the lynch mob here

  44. So it’s like the Christian Dominionism which is pervasive in the “Religious Right”.

    Which is only a problem for those with no regard for Separation of Church and State. When all government established religion is prohibited, one never has to worry about such details and differences.

  45. christians makes these phony, empty, baseless claims in the ope of giving the appearance of legitimacy to christianity. It has none and neither does any other religion.

  46. But it’s base is rooted in religion, where problems and hate is born.

  47. As if the goals of christian dominionist are that much different. All religions are a system of oppressive ideology that seeks to govern all aspects of our lives. Religion harden hearts and enslaves minds. Religion is the birthplace of hate.

  48. Anyone who participates in and promotes any religion is an enabler so they share the guilt, blame and fault.

  49. Christianity and Judaism do NOT promote rape and murder anywhere in their texts.

    Read a bible or Torah and then compare with the Koran before regurgitating your professors anti western talking points. Where it not for the Church YOU would not be sitting here today with medicine (Hospitalers), Art (Sistine Chapel), literature (Bible printing) and enjoy the luxury of philosophy.

    The Church preserved these institutions behind their walls when the Muslims were running amok in Europe the first time.

    You are a protected “taker” because of men and women like ME. Our military sacrifice allows you to sit home and ponder some imagined evil you must fight because we fought the true evil.

    “ De Opresso Liber “

    From a Better Man……

  50. BS. Any writings about religious BS is BS too. No rape and murder in the christian buybull? You must have skipped that part. Ancient mythology, ignorant primitive superstition, and silly supernatural nonsense is the only thing religion has promoted by brain washing, indoctrination, force, torture and death. Religion is nothing but a leech and parasite, a hanger on that claims responsibility for the progress of humanity-more lies in a desperate attempt to legitimize the myth of god and the scam of religion. Legitimize, justify, make excuses, deny, lie and lie about lying. It’s how religion survives. Nikola Tesla who perfected alternating current did more for humanity than any imaginary gods or religion ever did. Why were you in the military? Why Didn’t you trust your imaginary god to protect you? I like the way christians poured out of their churches in the buybull belt to start the civil war so they could keep their slaves, almost destroyed America, killed 650,000 fellow christians, then went right back to church and in their sickening, syrupy, phony southern drawl proclaimed “Weeeeeeell, we ain’t perfect”. Phony, pretending, empty, bankrupt, immoral, hypocrites and liars who just go RAH, RAH, RAH, pump’em up, get’em emotional and teary eyed and blow smoke up’em ’till they can’t see with their god an flag garbage and phony patriotism. Don’t forget our brave christian troops who raped, mutilated and massacred 3 to 5 hundred Vietnamese at MY Lai. The massacre is not the real issue. It’s the parades and signs i saw by good christians in the buybull belt demanding Lt. Calley and the soldiers go free and not be punished and that’s what happened. I saw it with my own eyes. F’king immoral liars and hypocrites.

  51. Islam is not just a religion but a totalitarian system that condemns all non-Muslims, but mostly Christians and Jews. When a religion completely contradicts the values of your organization, you should not let them be voting members or leaders of your organization. It’s completely irrational.

  52. Muslims should not hold office in any Western civilization. Islam contradicts what Western cultures stand for. They should hold office in a Muslim country – where their values line up. They see women as worth half a man. Do you really want to go backwards when it comes to women’s rights? Muslims toruture and kill gays/lesbians in their culture. Do you want that here? They cut off your hand if you steal something – with no court to prove that you are innocent. Maybe that would be a good thing. It would certainly stop theft – or at least slow it down. But I still think there are better ways than that. A Muslim who wants to leave Islam gets rewarded with death. Women who are raped are stoned b/c they weren’t married. This is what Muslims really do because this is what Islam dictates that they do. And before you start arguing that they aren’t doing it here, they are – just not to that degree yet. First they need to take over and have control of political offices and then they can be in the open about it. They are openly cutting up little girls and calling it a medical procedure (FGM) and getting by with it. Nurses and doctors aren’t allowed to report it as abuse when they have to correct the damage done. Yes, this is really happening in America. This is what Muslims in office with enforce. There are already Muslim Community Enforcement officers in official-looking police vehicles – enforcing Islamic law (Sharia Law). Do you really want to endorse this? Yes, I am a Republican and Christian standing up for the Constitution of the United States and for the Bible. Muslims are people and there is hope for them so pray for them to be saved. Islam is evil and I will not support it in any way. And for those Muslims who are not practicing Muslims, who are they going to support when push comes to shove and we’re sitting here defending our families from rape and murder? That will determine if they really are Muslims or not.

  53. How ironic. You want to adopt totalitarian position in support of your position. To single out people on the basis of your feelings about their given religion and treat them as subhumans. You want a theocratic political party. How very Talibanish of you.

    You are making it clear the GOP is an organization for bigots who have no regard for a free way of life and rule of law.

    You are not fighting totalitarianism, you are extolling it. You are nothing but an ISIS stooge. Your comments are shameful to anyone who lives in a free society.

  54. Too bad you have no respect for the separation of church and state. It solves most of the problems you are talking about.

    Too bad you have no respect for religious freedom either. You apparently hate the Constitution.

    “There are already Muslim Community Enforcement officers in official-looking police vehicles – enforcing Islamic law (Sharia Law). ”

    No there aren’t. Citation please. I am calling you a liar. By all means prove your statement here.

    “we’re sitting here defending our families from rape and murder? ”

    No you aren’t. You are attacking what keeps you and your families free because you are a panicky bigot. Who do you think is coming to rape and murder your family here?

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