1. I sometimes wonder if there are a few thoughtful political conservatives of active past (like say, Matthew Dowd mentioned here) who wish their movement had not devolved to the National Fib-Fest which now defines political conservatism. It’s unfortunate for the rest of us that if there are any of those, they can’t say so in their real names. It’s hard to try to quit the mob without getting killed, you know?

  2. Well, looks like you ain’t gonna change YOUR little tone no matter what all these penitential pundits do for Lent.

    So, no worries! Let the war continue!

  3. Forty-five years ago, I was 22 and knew a bunch of conservatives who were 20-40 years older than I was then. They mostly behaved in a FAR more fair-minded and mature way than today’s religious and political expressions of conservatism. I keep hoping that those adults can resurrect and come back. It may just be a dream, but I can harbor this secret wish anyhow.

  4. Lets see if the tone of comments on this article about the tone of comments – shows if this lesson has been absorbed.

    Be careful, though. Think about it a bit before responding, again, from the gut. Notice what was said by Peter Wehner, senior fellow at D.C.’s Ethics and Public Policy Center and a veteran of three Republican administrations. Wehner said, his faith obligates him to speak out. “I have no problem calling out individuals with bad ideas. That can be a useful thing. Jesus used strong language.”

    I don’t know how Wehner actually handles that faith call. But I would encourage those who read that comment to consider that calling out the bad idea is not the same as calling out the individual. Be thoughtful about that “calling out”.

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