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Free “Glitter Blessings” to highlight God’s love for LGBTQIA+ people this hi …

25,000 Glitter Blessings expected to be shared this Pride season

NEW YORK — Parity, a New York-based LGBTQ advocacy organization announced today that their free “Glitter Blessings” celebration of Pride has reached 16,000 people – and is expanding.

“As we remember the heroes of the Stonewall Uprising and the generations of LGBTQ pioneers, we look to the next generations to continue to share the good news that all aspects of life, love, and family include LGBTQ people. Especially religion and faith,” said Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen, executive director of Parity. “We claim our place in pews and pulpits, as lay members and high church leaders.LGBTQ people are blessed to be blessings, and this Pride season LGBTQ people and allies will show up and speak out, proclaiming that God’s love does not discriminate.”

To date, Parity has shared over 16,000 Glitter Blessings throughout the United States, and due to high demand and with thanks to a generous donor, will continue to share them for free until supplies run out, shipping included. It is expected that 25,000 Glitter Blessings with be shared this Pride season. Orders may be placed online here.

Each Glitter Blessings glass vial is filled with blessed, frankincense-scented holy oil from Jerusalem and biodegradable rainbow glitter, enough for 100 people to receive a blessing that celebrates LGBTQ people as beloved and created by a loving God.

Rev. Edmonds-Allen continues: “Too often LGBTQ people are rejected by their religion and are even told that God hates them. We know that not only does God love LGBTQ people, but that millions of religious people affirm and celebrate them – and ARE them. We bear witness to the bold, queer news that faith is for all people.”

Glitter Blessings will be at hundreds of Pride celebrations, churches, and faith spaces, at colleges, seminaries, nursing homes and in unexpected places in rural and red States. Says one clergy member who will share Glitter Blessings: “As a queer woman in ministry, I will share love especially with my queer siblings but with all people who need to know the God of Love and Justice loves them and delights in their being!”

Parity is a faith-based organization that works to empower LGBTQ and allied people of faith as they explore the intersections of their spiritual, gender and sexual identities. Parity offers a range of education and advocacy programs for faith communities, adults and youth, and supports new and prospective LGBTQ pastors as they live into their call to ministry.



Marian Edmonds-Allen
[email protected]
(801) 452-3674

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