Christian publishing company releases live on-demand facetime Bible

SMS live-read Bible provides dramatic readings from actors to create
human connection this Christmas season

A Washington D.C. publishing company has created something that they hope will bring joy to every heart this holiday season. SMS Novel, a faith-based interactive publishing company is releasing what they call a "Live-Read Bible." The Live-Read Bible allows users to facetime, one on one, with a dramatic actor who provides them a personal and dramatic 10 minute reading of the Christmas story. "The goal is all about human connection," the company's founder, Westminster Seminary graduate Jomo K. Johnson stated. "We want people this holiday to know two things; that they are not alone; and that it is a common story that links us all together." SMS has hired over 20 actors to provide free readings for users from now until Christmas. Users can try the Live-Read Bible free at



Jomo K. Johnson
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