South Korean pastor threatens to dethrone God during hate-filled speech igniting criticism from Christians overseas

Christians around the world are speaking out against hostile comments made by overseas extremist pastor gaining popularity.

Christians around the world are speaking out against hostile comments made by overseas extremist pastor gaining popularity.

At a rally to celebrate South Korean Liberation Day in August, Chairman, Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon made blasphemous comments against God that angered many Christians, but ignited the crowd of conservative followers who call for the resignation of president Moon Jae-in. Jun calls for the resignation of president Moon as an order from the Lord and refers to him as a spy for North Korea. 

Pastor Jun has been chairman of the Christian Council of Korea since January, and has already stirred up political discord using religious rhetoric against the president to advance his ultimate goal, to position his Christian Liberty Party as the dominant political party. Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon is set on running for office in South Korea, but his extremist comments such as, “God, if you mess with me, Jun Kwang-hoon will kill,” have local Christians worried he can stain the reputation of South Korean Christians for the rest of the world.

Political turmoil seen in years past in the western world is mirrored in South Korea, as Pastor Jun uses religious views to forge a new stronghold in politics and advance his party. Jun has also been a supporter of US President Donald Trump, where his rally attendees hold up signs saying “We pray for President Trump.” Many of Jun’s religious speeches are more like the “political rallies of a demagogue,” some say. Jeon is against abortion, homosexuality and goes off on racist and xenophobic tirades. 

Although there is a clear distinction within the law between church and state in South Korea, Pastor Jun has made repeated remarks against the current South Korean administration, specifically the South Korean President, Moon Jae-In. Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon is currently being asked to resign from the CCK after his comments at far right political rallies. He has been accused of using the bible for his own political agenda. Comments like, “Jae-in Moon has already been disposed of by God. The Republic of Korea will revolve around Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon for next 10 years,” have caused Korean Christians to worry about his reputation, not just in South Korea but abroad as well. 

Movement HQ: To Correct the Life of Faith, an NGO, is bringing together the midwest religious community January 4th in Chicago IL., to discuss extremist leaders like Jun Kwang-hoon and their impact in the religious world. View a live Petition Here.



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