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Not Our Faith, Christians Against Trumpism & Political Extremism spend $250,000 ad buy to reach

Pre-election ads remind believers Trumpist-style politics are inconsistent with the core principles of their faith

BOSTON — Not Our Faith and Christians Against Trumpism & Political Extremism are spending a quarter of a million dollars to remind conservative Christians that Trumpism is inconsistent with the core principles of their faith, allying with some of Christianity’s biggest voices to speak out against the spiritual darkness of the Trump era.

In a historic break from the Republican Party and President Trump, a coalition – led by Not Our Faith, Christians Against Trumpism & Political Extremism, and Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden – has brought together some of Evangelical Christianity’s most prominent leaders to reground the Evangelical Church’s approach to political life, and renew its witness to America.

The ad purchases include a one-quarter page placement in the Washington Post today which lists a significant number of Christian leaders who have opposed Trumpism, reassuring them that they are not alone. Other geographically focused ads will run on Fox News Channel and on a number of websites and social media in key battleground states.

“Thousands of Christian leaders and institutions have stood firm on the foundational truths of our faith and against the disheartening embrace of Trumpism,” said Christians Against Trumpism & Political Extremism co-founder John Kingston. “When the history books are written about this era, the principled, committed and courageous leaders who refused to compromise will be remembered, and we are deeply grateful for their stand.”

Movement co-founder Joel Searby, an ordained minister, seeks to encourage these individuals, as well. “As Christians, our peace is not based on circumstances,” he said. “Yet it is helpful to know we’re not alone when our faith feels fragmented amidst the current cultural chaos.”

Not Our Faith founder Michael Wear agreed. “It has been heartening to see so many of my Christian brothers and sisters recognize that President Trump’s toxicity doesn’t represent our faith, and express their willingness to become involved in electing officials who are committed to public service,” he said. “It gives me hope that, no matter who wins the election, Christians stand ready to contribute to a healthier politics and political culture in the days ahead that is oriented toward the common good.”

Christians against Trumpism & Political Extremism seeks to mobilize Christians to stand against the Trumpist culture of predatory behavior, outright lies, poisonous rhetoric and the undermining of American ideals and institutions. Movement leadership will also oppose these tactics whenever employed by political extremists, both left and right. It is an initiative of Stand Up Republic, a 501(c) 4 organization founded by Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn with a mission to mobilize a national cross-partisan constituency to defend and strengthen American democracy.

Kingston, the initial donor to Stand Up Republic, is a lawyer by training and Fortune 500 senior executive by experience, whose faith has inspired him to invest his fortune in awakening America to values that made her a nation unrivaled in human history. Kingston’s book, “American Awakening: Eight Principles to Restore the Soul of America,” was recently released by Zondervan, as part of the American Awakening movement (a “campaign for the soul of America”) he founded in 2019.

Searby, a long-time Republican political operative, left the Republican Party in 2016 to help recruit an independent candidate for president and eventually ran McMullin’s campaign. He has since worked to advance independent candidates and reform spiritual awakening through various initiatives.

Not Our Faith is a new bipartisan super PAC established to convince Trump’s traditionally strong Christian base to not support him in this election, employing a variety of TV and digital ads in these final days running up to the election. Members of the PAC’s advisory council include: Wear; Carolyn Y. Woo, retired president and CEO of the faith-based Catholic Relief Services; Autumn Vandehei, former aide to Texas Republican Tom DeLay; and Rev. Alvin Love, pastor at Lilydale First Baptist Church in Chicago and chair of faith-based initiatives at the National Baptist Convention.

Michael Wear is a leading strategist, speaker and practitioner at the intersection of faith, politics and public life. He served as an advisor to President Obama, and continues to consult with some of the nation’s leading foundations, non-profits, and public leaders, on some of the thorniest issues and exciting opportunities that define American life today.

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