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New from author Harold Myra, former CEO of Christianity Today International: Whispers from the Dark Side

Whispers is a Screwtape for right now! It’s a page-turner.” That is one reviewer’s reaction to this “devilish tale of seduction and grace.” In the tradition of C. S. Lewis’ and other authors’ stories of demons cleverly seducing souls and wreaking havoc among us, Whispers pulls back the curtain in the context of our global upheavals and cultural chaos.

The imps in Whispers name a young woman Miss Prissy as they lure her toward the dark side. When a young man listens not to them but to “enemies,” they complain bitterly about “celestial chicanery.” The story mirrors life around us, with rage, lies, temptations, romance and murder all playing out in our human dramas for the biggest stakes of all.

Wrote one reader, “Let your imagination dig a little deeper and recognize a subtle, hostile world. Whispers is a particularly good read…you don’t know when the next surprise will strike.”

Harold Myra started writing imaginative fiction in the early 1960s—before Star Trek and Star Wars— with his space novel No Man in Eden. Years later he published his fantasy trilogy, Children in the Night. As CEO of CTI for thirty-two years, he grew the publishing company from one magazine to thirteen plus a thriving internet ministry. He has written hundreds of magazine articles and more than two dozen fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

Whispers from the Dark Side 
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