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Why Black Lives Matter: African American thriving for the twenty-first century

New book by Anthony B. Bradley

Beginning with a conversation prompted by African American scholars like Dr. Alvin Poussaint of Harvard Medical School in 2007, to the current Black Lives Matter movement, there has been much debate about what led to the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, among others, as well as other systemic challenges that undermine black thriving. Anthony Bradley has assembled a team of scholars and religious leaders to provide a distinctly Christian perspective on what is needed for black communities to thrive from within. In addition to the social and structural issues that must be addressed, within black communities there are opportunities for social change based on God’s vision for human flourishing.

 Covering topics like the black family, hip-hop, mental health, mentoring women, masculinity, and the church, this book will open your eyes to fresh ways to participate in solutions that will truly set black America free. Although the Black Lives Matter movement keeps the church on the margins, the authors in this volume believe that enduring change cannot happen unless God speaks directly to these issues in light of the gospel.

Contributors: Vincent Bacote, Howard Brown, Anthony Carter, Bruce Fields, Natalie Haslem, Ken Jones, Lance Lewis, Eric M. Mason, Rihana Mason, Yvonne RB-Banks, Ralph C. Watkins

 Anthony B. Bradley is Professor and Chair of Religious and Theological Studies at The King’s College (New York, New York) and a Research Fellow at The Acton Institute. He is the author of Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration (2018).



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