Faith groups among those calling for Trump’s impeachment after US Capitol occupation

‘Every moment that he remains in office is a severe danger to our country,’ the groups said in a statement.

Supporters of President Donald Trump overtake the inauguration stage in front of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

(RNS) — Faith groups, immigrant rights activists and Democratic organizations are calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment a mob of his supporters violently occupied the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday (Jan. 6).

In a collective statement on Jan. 6, groups that included Faith for Black Lives, RAICES, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, Progressive Democrats of America, Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism and Transform Network said Trump must be impeached, removed and prosecuted for the violence he helped incite.

“Every moment that he remains in office is a severe danger to our country,” the statement read.

The hourslong occupation began after Trump repeated unfounded claims of election fraud to  demonstrators he’d invited to Washington. Many then surged to the Capitol, pushing through barriers and climbing the building, after Trump incited them to go there as lawmakers debated the electoral votes.

The rampage led to the deaths of four people, including a woman who was shot by the U.S. Capitol Police and three others who died in “medical emergencies,” according to The Associated Press. Law enforcement and Trump supporters deployed chemical irritants during the  occupation before it was cleared Wednesday evening, police said.

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Hours later, Congress returned to the building and officially confirmed Joe Biden’s presidential election victory.

In the statement, the groups also said members of Congress who “joined Trump in inciting (Wednesday’s) violent coup attempt based on baseless, provable lies must be held accountable through censure, expulsion, or other means.”

Other religious groups have also issued their own statements calling for Trump’s removal.

Mormon Women for Ethical Government on Jan. 7 said Trump has failed to protect and defend the U.S. Congress and has “undermined faith in our elections.”

“We solemnly join the rising tide of voices asking for the peaceful and lawful removal of the president of the United States,” Mormon Women for Ethical Government said in a statement

“Though President Trump’s term is nearly over, a failure to apply constitutionally available consequences to his historically egregious acts would set a precedent for future administrations of both parties that any presidential act is beyond accountability,” the statement read. “It would permanently weaken our governing system, and we call on our elected and sworn leaders to act.”

The National Council of Jewish Women in a Jan. 7 statement said Trump “has proven he is not fit to uphold our laws.”

“If President Trump remains in office, we cannot trust that he will not attempt to once again overthrow the results of the election, engage in mass voter suppression, and incite more violence,” the statement read.

“It is time for him to resign or be removed from office before he can cause any more damage,” National Council of Jewish Women said.

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Bishops of the AME Church, in a statement, called for the identification, arrest and imprisonment of all involved in the insurrection, that they described as “American Carnage.”

“This insurrection and desecration of DC and the Capitol was encouraged, planned, and inflamed by Trump, his family, and supporters,” the Jan. 7 statement read.

Bishops also urged for the removal of Trump, “either by the 25th Amendment, impeachment or his resignation.”

They said Trump should be banned from ever holding political office again.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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