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White women aren’t being called out, they’re being called in

Who knew a lipstick color could spark great anti-racist work? Lisa Sharon Harper has wisdom to offer and Roxy and Katelyn have whiteness to explore.

NYC is an incredibly diverse city — it’s also an incredibly divided one.

In the wake of so much racial reckoning in this country, Katelyn and Roxy wrestle with their role as white women. What does it mean for white women to be good allies in anti-racist work (without centering themselves)? The hosts speak with author, activist and teacher Lisa Sharon Harper about how to “show up” for conversations on race and Katelyn and Roxy take on her assignment to understand their own family history.

Every step toward anti-racism is an important step. Lisa Sharon Harper has wisdom to hear, and Roxy and Katelyn have whiteness to explore.

  • Honored Guest: The Ruby Woo Pilgrimage — a sacred journey through the intersectional story of the struggle of women for equality in the U.S. Check it out: @RubyWooPilgrim and the #RubyWooPilgrimage
  • Also Lisa Sharon Harper of Freedom Road — former chief church engagement officer of Sojourners and prolific writer, speaker and grass-tops organizer. Harper founded Freedom Road in 2017 and set out to assemble an equally prolific and diverse team of leading experts, advocates and trainers dedicated to shrinking “The Narrative Gap”
  • David Favarolo — Director of Curatorial Affairs at Lower East Side Tenement Museum

There are so many voices to learn from as you seek to understand racism and the role of whiteness in society — and in our own lives — here are 15 BIPOC Christian women Katelyn and Roxy have been listening to and learning from: