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Slowing Down in the City That Never Sleeps

It's tough to do your devotions when there's so much distraction. Katelyn and Roxy talk to the Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest, about finding some peace and quiet in a city that won't shut up.

Things NYC is: fast, impatient, loud, exciting, sparkly, instantly gratifying.
Things NYC is not: a monastery.

When they moved to New York City, Katelyn and Roxy heard from a lot of evangelical friends and family that the city could be damaging to their faith. Most of those warnings had to do with how secular and hedonistic the city is — all those worldly temptations. But, honestly, what Katelyn and Roxy have found most wearing on their faith is the pace and noise of the city. They long for and value a robust interior spiritual life. But New York is such an exterior city — a show-off city. Who has time for devotions amid all this distraction? The hosts talk to fellow New Yorker Father James Martin about how he manages to cultivate quiet, spiritual disciplines that seem so at odds with the energy of the city. Plus, they learn all about the practice of “sound bathing,” from religion journalist Liz Kineke.

Talking to God in Gotham isn’t impossible. It just takes a lot of intentionality. And maybe a gong.


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