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How We Survived the Great Evangelical Betrayal

We're still not sure whether we left the movement that shaped our earliest faith, or whether the movement left us.

From Jesus Freak to freaked out.

In this episode, Katelyn and Roxy grapple with “the e-word” and why they struggle to claim the evangelical label. Having grown up fully immersed in that culture and going on to dedicate much of their careers to the movement, the two examine their disillusionment and disappointment with its trajectory — and where they go next.

The past five years revealed fractures and hypocrisies that betrayed so much of what Katelyn and Roxy and a generation of millennial Christians grew up being taught. Now they wonder: Is evangelicalism worth saving?

Plus: The two go on an adventure to Washington Square Park to hear what some of their New York City neighbors think about the word “evangelical.”

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